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Welcome to vipprogrammer
freshness created a topic: An Introduction To Run A Cell ... 08/14/2017
If you have all the know-how, skills and the resources to run it,here is a complete guide to starting Run A Cell Phone Repair Business, This article will simplify the steps and help you to understand the Run A Cell Phone Repair Business,Now I will give you some tips to help you. [image] You can offer the below 6 services tools in your cell phone store Phone Repair Tools Phone Replacement Parts Sockets and Adapters Phone Rework Station Universal Ic Chip Device Programmer ...[More]
freshness created a topic: How to Replace broken iphone L... 08/10/2017
iphone screen problems are often encountered in our daily problems, when we encounter this problem, we don't know how to do, even if someone wants to DIY, but also do not know what tools to fix. Now vipprog can introduce you some tools and solutions to fix your iphone. Maybe you can fix back well your iphone. Tools You Needed: Thin metal blades Plastic spudger Opening tool Tweezers Pentalobe screwdriver : which you'll use to remove the phone's tamper-resistant outer-case sc...[More]
freshness created the forum vipprogrammer 07/21/2017
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