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Title:repair guide iPhone 7 Plus does not display after boot
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  • Registered: 10/19/2017
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We got a faulty iPhone 7 Plus, the fault phenomenon is that it shows big current when connect it to DC power supply , and it has no display after boot. After disassemble the iPhone 7Plus, we found this iPhone has been repaired, the USB control IC has been soldered, now it is directly on it. As shown in picture 7-10-1.

Remove the USB control IC, and then connect the DC power supply, it shows a large current of about 700mA, it has short circuit. We touch the CPU, it's hot, now we are sure the faulty is on the CPU, soldering rosin on it. As shown in picture 7-10-2.

Connect the DC power supply, we found that the CPU upper was short circuit; in this case, we only can remove it.

However, it's difficult to separate the CPU upper, the glue in the middle is hard glue. To do this, just take it slow and need experience and technology. Remove the upper and the CPU, as shown in picture 7-10-3 and 7-10-4.

Remove the upper, and handle the CPU well. As shown in picture 7-10-5.

Power on and test it, short circuit problem has been solved, the current was jump around 60mA.

Finally, replace the new CPU upper, and assemble the iPhone 7 Plus. After booting, the LCD screen can display normally.

Date Posted: 10/19/2017 02:44 AM
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