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Title: You are needed !
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(Date Posted:05/12/2015 1:25 PM)
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As you well know, the cost of advocacy can get expensive.   We also work completely on donations from our members here at United Veterans.

We made a trip to Washington to advocate for equal benefits among the pre 11 and post 911 veterans.  The trip was somewhat successful.

We feel the senate bill of Sanders/McCain of 2013 should not have been tabled and should be brought up once again.   This bill would ensure that every veteran from every war be treated equally monetarily  regarding education, respite, caregiving and life insurance .  The bill was discussed with several legislators and the Presidential Medal of Freedom Award for a Korean Veteran was proposed as well.   The receipent would be a 90 year old vet who has accomplished much and still getting out the vote. The proposed receipent is Dr. Ferguson Reid, Sr. of Virginia.  He was a MASH surgeon during the Korean war.  He also served in the Virginia assembly during the Jim Crow era.  He paved the way to Equal rights and an equal rights icon.

The cost of the trip was 1400.00. This cost covers gas, transportation,lodging and food only.

We can only depend on these expenses to be offset by people who care about these issues.  We as always pay out of pocket with hopes to regain some of our personal finances that was spent on these efforts.  Thank you in advance and just hit the button above to give what you can.  All funds are tax deductible and transparent. 



Amanda Kato

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