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Welcome to The Messiah
  • TheDiamondDoll TheDiam
  • Topic Matt Carson 01/01/2018 13:28 PM

    NON Wrestler Stats form

    Real Name :  Matt Carson
    Ring Name :  Matt Carson
    Related Too :  Related to Nik and Eli. He's their brother. He's the brother-in-law to Alexandra Carson and Kaitlyn Blanchett.
    Face Used : Jay Reso
    Occupation : Not Available.
    If managing/Valet : Krystal Kage or his siblings
    If  entrance theme :  Normally, will enter with Krystal and use her music. There are times that he may decide to come out with his siblings, so if he does that, then he'll come out to their music.
    Biography : We will be here forever, most people already know this character.
    Image result for christian cage pinterest
  • TheDiamondDoll TheDiam
  • Re:  @ThePuppetMaster 08/28/2017 19:08 PM

     @ThePuppetMaster Eli Blanchett
    Somehow, I became Mister Popular and got myself a match.
    - - - - - -
    Just posting for him
  • TheDiamondDoll TheDiam
  • Re:  @ThePuppetMaster 08/23/2017 13:36 PM

     @ThePuppetMaster 'Jah Blanchett
    My wife is the hottest woman. #MyWomanCrushEveryday

    Just posting this for him
    - - - - - - 
    In reply to Kaitlyn @IamKaitlynB
    @ThePuppetMaster 'Jah Blanchett
    Good. I'm glad you are here. UWR would have made a mistake in not signing you. #ShesTheSinCitySubmissionSpecialist

    Just posting this for him
    - - - - - -
    In reply to Krystal @KKage
    @ThePuppetMaster Eli Blanchett
    Hey Krys, doesn't Ozone remind you of Goldilocks? @KKage
    Perhaps, you and @JMarks should come with duct tape so you two can stop your yapping, Ozone. #ShutUpOzoneAndJasonMarks

    Just posting for him
    - - - - - -
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