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Stomachache Cafe
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Title: Water Intoxication-Water bloat
Stomachache Cafe   Stuffing and Bloating
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Registered: 01/13/2005
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(Date Posted:04/08/2012 11:56 PM)
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Hello all, i'm def new to this website but i've been looking through the pages to see you have a lovely forum here.
But i did have a serious question about bloating. I like to water bloat, i've never tried stuffing, and to be honest, gaining terrifies me, and if anything, i like how water bloating makes you less hungry the next day. But i have an important question.
Last wednesday night i tried water bloating. I drank somewhere between 3-4 (probably more towards 3.5 or 4) Liters in about 2 hours. My belly was fantastically bloated, making it difficult to even get up to sit down. I love walking around and feeling like i'm carrying so much weight around when i do that..(i normally weight around 130lbs and i'm almost 5'8) but i've got wide hip bones..i'm about size 11 in most pants.

Anyway, my tummy was HUGE. and when i would lie down on my bed, it probably extended 5 or 6 inches above my hip bones, which usually lies flat when i'm lying down. Then i had the marvelous idea to take a shower with my bloated belly, so i did. And i massaged it with lathered it with my loofa and warm water hitting it.

By the time i got out of the shower i was about ready to go to bed, so i peed to let most of the bloat out..but in about 10 minutes i started i to feel really oddly. My head started to feel funny and my left side of my neck was really stiff, like my juglar was getting rather swollen. It was also hard to breathe.
this continued for the next 90 minutes. My neck got worse, and the entire left side of my neck and the back of my neck i could hardly move. My head started to feel funny, and i would get weird sensations throughout it. I was getting rather scared. This went on for about 2 more hours until i called my boyfriend because i was so scared. I thought my jugular was about to explode, i could also tell my heart felt weird. While i was talking with him on the phone, i started to change feelings, but still bad, going into feeling rather confused and dazed...with a different in my pulse and blood pressure. I ended up going to sleep at almost 5am because i was so terrified.

I woke up that morning at 10am because my boyfriend called me to make sure i was okay..and i decided to go to the campus nurse. I woke up and my pulse was 108, and i was so weak and my blood pressure wasn't normal.

Yes, i had PLENTy of salt while i was drinking fluids. I actually drank probably about 2 tablespoons of soy sauce on top of salt to make sure i didn't freak out my body. One of the Liters was a powerade zero.

The week previous i had water bloated almost everynight..and the previous day, 2-3 times. On Saturday night was the first day i started again...and i had bad effects from that as well. My heart started pounding, i started feeling very scared and disoriented, and i had a headache whenever i put my head down on my pillow to go to sleep. I could feel my head felt hot and sensations like chills running up and down my spine. I actually called 911 that night. I drank only about 128oz that night as well.

After that other night, i was terrified i was going to die. I asked my boyfriend to make me promise never to water bloat again..even though i enjoy it, because i was terrified. It's taken me almost 2-3 days to fully recover from that...and even today, i know i messed up my potassium and magnesium levels in my system. I really should go to the doctor and get this tested.

Anyway, have any of you ever experienced this with water bloating? Or perhaps other serious effects from stuffing? It frustrates me that my body seems so fragile with only 3-4 liters, when i see girls on youtube drinking 6 L!! But then i worry about their health..and don't think it's worth dying for :(

That being said, i do love bloating...but would love to find a healthier way to do it that was sure of no dangerous effects. I was thinking of trying sugar free jello and eating lots of that with maybe 1 32 cup of water? Thoughts?
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From: USA
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Re:Water Intoxication-Water bloat
(Date Posted:04/09/2012 4:32 AM)

 Dear heavens, please, for your own sake, don't try that again.
There's so many people here who scare me talking about doing water bloating when altogether I think it's a really bad idea. It's good that you took precautions, but that much liquid at one time is /not/ good for you in any way, shape or form.
People try to excuse it by saying "Oh water intoxication is so rare, it won't happen to me," and I'm sorry to be the one to break it to people here, yes it /can/ happen to you. Like you said, it's not worth dying for!
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Re:Water Intoxication-Water bloat
(Date Posted:04/09/2012 5:58 AM)

 I'm going to second it, and I'm going to be a lot more firm.

Do NOT do that again.  It's possible you've reached some dangerous threshhold and possible you've done some long-term damage.  I would advise you to get checked out, and again - Do.  Not.  Do.  That.  Again.

I'm not even sure how far to trust many of those You Tube videos.  Like a lot of the stories that get posted, some of those just seem so...  implausible and staged.

If you want to stuff with something healthy, try fruits, vegetables, beans.  You can drink a little with it, but no more than you'd normally drink with a meal.  

I don't think you have to be concerned about your weight, but if you're concerned - hey, exercise is another great kind of high!
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Re:Water Intoxication-Water bloat
(Date Posted:04/09/2012 11:05 AM)

 Thanks're right. It's definitely something i've realized i need to control :/ It sucks that i'm so masochistic. I also used to be a cutter and would see how deep i could go with that. Or things like restricting my diet at times...gosh :/ My poor body.

Might try some fruits and veggies. But i think i should stay away from water, but it's so hard! I think i'm going to try and go see the nurse so i can go to the doctors. Thanks for your care and advice.

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Status: Writing a new story. ;)
From: USA
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Re:Water Intoxication-Water bloat
(Date Posted:04/10/2012 10:32 AM)

Oh my...If that ever happened to me I would be so fliping scared.
Yeah, don't do that again, please. And above all, take care of yourself.:)
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I'm trying to write more and improve my writing so story requests are OPEN! :D
For fanfics, hit me up for a list of the fandoms I write for. I also write original fiction.

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Rank:Silver Member

From: Scotland
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Re:Water Intoxication-Water bloat
(Date Posted:03/29/2017 2:54 PM)

 Guys, is water bloating from the other end safer? The enema style.
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