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Title: Bellyache at Work
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(Date Posted:02/20/2012 10:49 AM)
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With a large, round belly, Linda's eating habits were very unhealthy and she ate whatever she wanted whenever she wanted it. She often had McDonalds for breakfast and continued her days with takeaways, heavy fatty foods and lots and lots of snacks. This led to a whole lot of bellyaches, often at work, and she had a bit of a reputation amongst her work colleagues for making herself sick with too much food.

Linda had started her day like any other. On her way to work, she went through the McDonalds Drive Through and ordered herself a couple of their breakfast items that she ate in her car in the carpark before driving the rest of the way to work. Eggs often didn't sit too well in her digestive system, but this morning she really fancied a Egg McMuffin, so had had two, along with some hash browns and an ice cream to wash it down. By the time she reached work her belly had bloated a little so that it felt full but not uncomfortable. Linda had been putting on a bit of weight recently, though, with so little self-restraint, and so this slight bloat made her skirt a but uncomfortable.
By the time her mid-morning snack of two packs of crisps came around Linda's stomach had deflated again and she carried on happily with her day. At lunchtime a few of her work colleagues popped out to the local deli for sandwiches, but Linda told them she was going to the Supermarket instead. Secretly, she went to the local Mexican.

With only an hour for lunch, by the time she got to the restaurant, Linda only had half on hour until she had to leave. In a rush, she ordered her large nachos, two burritos with double cheese and an extra dollop of chilli and salsa to all come at once. The restaurant was strangely busy today, though, and so service was slow, meaning she eventually had to wolf her lunch down in ten minutes. Having paid for her meal, Linda headed back to work, telling her colleagues she'd got chatting to an old friend at the shops.

Settling back into her afternoon's work, Linda noticed that her belly was feeling a little uncomfortable. Things were busy in the office, though, so it wasn't for a little while longer that the pain from her skirt digging into her expanding stomach began to distract her from what she was doing. Linda shifted around in her seat and ran her fingers under her waistband, trying to relieve the pressure on her tight tummy a bit.

As the hour passed, the pain built up slowly as her stomach expanded with gas. By 2 o' clock Linda was gently rubbing her tummy. Alternating between rubbing the tender, burning area above her belly button through her blouse and the gassy, achey lower belly through her skirt. In her own office, Linda let out the odd moan as she shuffled in her seat every few minutes to try and find a position in which her stomach was a bit more comfortable.

By 3 Linda had a really bad bellyache. Her blouse buttons were pulled tight, a little bit of flesh visible between some of the buttons, her stomach had expanded so much, and her skirt was now so tight part of her belly was hanging over her skirt. She decided she would have to go to the toilet and see what she could do to help her tummy, perhaps rubbing it a bit better with her skirt down. However, just as she was preparing to shuffle to the bathroom, hoping no-one would notice and make fun of her tight belly, the secretary rang to tell her the client had arrived.

Horrified that she had forgotten she was showing a client around their other offices this afternoon, Linda broke out in a cold sweat. He tummy ache was very distracting and so bad she could barely stand up straight, but there was nothing else she could do but press on. She put on her jacket to cover the tightness of her blouse and moved slowing to the lift to take her to reception.

Having met the client, she took them out to the car and they were driven to the other offices. Every corner, roundabout and road bump caused her belly more and more torment, gas bubbling, food churning. Linda tried to keep up conversation about work or other more trivial matters, and when the client wasn't looking she rubbed her belly from side to side.

Somehow, Linda managed to conduct the office tour, though each step made her want to moan out loud. However, by 4pm she couldn't bear it anymore and excused herself to use the toilet. Once in the cubicle, she painfully pulled her skirt around to reach the button. Undoing it was difficult, as her belly had swelled so much the material was tight, digging into her flesh. After much poking and pulling that made her tummy feel so much worse, she managed to undo the button. Dropping her skirt to the floor she released her poor tummy. It had a thick red band around it from where the material had been, but the relief felt great. Linda quickly undid some of her shirt buttons too, for even more space for her poor belly. She wasn't sure how she was going to squeeze her skirt back on, but by now she had such a bad bellyache that she didn't care, she just wanted some relief.

Sitting down on the toilet, Linda lent back and ran her hands gently across her tight tummy from side to side at first and then up and down on either side. This brought some relief, although, to her horror, she noticed that her tummy was beginning to swell into its increased space, becoming tighter and rounder. Despite the bellyache and all that spice, she couldn't use the toilet, but stayed to rub her belly. Suddenly, she had a sharp pain around her middle that caused her to lean forwards and clutch at her belly with both hands. As another pain swept through her middle, she couldn't help but let out a moan. 'Oooooh, such a bellyache' she said, grateful that no one else was in the toilets to hear her.

'My poor, poor belly' she moaned, hoping talking about it might somehow help.

She sat, moaning about her 'awful tummayche', 'terrible stomachache' and 'bad bad belly' for another ten minutes or so, before she began to worry what the client might be thinking about how long she was taking.

She stood up carefully, the weight of her tummy making it ache worse now that her legs were no longer supporting it. After a lot of tugging and pushing of her fingers into her large, tight belly, she managed to refasten her skirt, though the increased pain brought tears to her eyes.

Dressed again, she made her way out of the bathroom to meet the client and take him back to their first offices. However, as she approached him, another strike of pain through her belly made her stop, bending forwards to hold her belly. As another wave came, a small moan slipped from her lips again. 

As soon as the sharp pain passed, Linda's face burned red with embarrassment, she didn't want her co-workers to know, and she didn't want to do her job badly.

However, despite her insistence, the client went back to the offices alone and paid for her to take a taxi home. He told her he'd seen her rubbing her belly and holding it as she gave him that tour and that he thought she must have had a pretty bad bellyache.

Despite her embarrassment, Linda was relieved to be travelling home, rubbing her belly as it ached terribly in the back of the taxi.

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Re:Bellyache at Work
(Date Posted:02/20/2012 6:16 PM)

 I like this story- please write more!!!! But make what she eats a bit more extreme please. More junk food!!
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Re:Bellyache at Work
(Date Posted:02/20/2012 8:03 PM)

 That story was epic
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Re:Bellyache at Work
(Date Posted:09/09/2016 8:27 PM)

 sexy write some more
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Re:Bellyache at Work
(Date Posted:09/20/2016 10:41 AM)

 Great story!! Write another!!
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