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Title: belly troubles
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(Date Posted:02/25/2011 6:32 PM)
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so, the last time i posted on the board i told about how i am having frequent belly aches with lots of gas, bloating and indigestions. while they come and go my belly just does not feel healthy, and i had gone to the doctor. well turns out the doctor didn't really find anything or pay much attention. he just said i had gas. 

so i decied to get kinda a second opinion about my belly. i asked my friend who is studying to be a gastroenterologist to examine my belly. he is a very good friend and i feel comfortable around him although he doesn't know i have a medical fetish. plus i knew i would get a much more detailed exam, the doctors exam maybe lasted 7 minutes tops.

so i called him and he agreed to come over. he was very professional about it and didn't feel uncomfortable at all. he asked me to remove my shirt and shorts, which i did, and laid on my bed. then he started by just looking at my belly and asking me questions about what i eat, go to the bathroom and how my belly had been feeling and what times do i usually get belly aches. he mentioned that my usually flat belly looked a little bloated and tight. 

next he pulled out this stethoscope and warmed it up in his hands. he had me lay still and he listened to several parts of my belly going in a wide circle around my navel and then right under my navel. he listened to each spot for about 2 minutes and then listened below and above my navel while tapping my belly lightly. 

next he tapped up and down my belly from one hip to the next listening to the precussive sounds coming from my belly. then he laid his hand lightly on my belly and made me push out my belly muscles. he had me hold it while he felt the muscles lightly for signs of hernias and then checked my navel pushing his finger in it and pressing and then opening it up and looking at it.

he then started palpating my belly, pressing gently but deeply. he said first he would feel my organs around my intestines and then try to feel my intestines. he continued trying to feel my liver, spleen, kidney's and bladder. he said everything felt ok. then he moved on to feel my stomach and my intestines. he pressed deeply with both hands, tracing my stomach and small intestines over my belly, then he traced my large intestines again with both hands deeply. 

at the end he said my stomach and small intestines seemed fine but that the valve that connected them to my large intestine felt a bit hard and he also felt my gas filled colon and noticed i had a few hard spots in my large intestine. he suggested that i might have some blockages starting to appear and that i should get it checked out. 
i might have to make an appointment with my doctor again. i'll let you guys know
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Re:belly troubles
(Date Posted:02/25/2011 11:31 PM)

 I really hope that everything turns out alright for you. It definitely sounds like you have a wonderful friend there. Someone that would spend that much time and energy to make sure you're fully alright. Not many doctors will do that for someone. It sounds like it would have been a good experience just having someone spending that much time touching your belly. It would be nice to hear back from the doctor that everything is fine and that your belly aches will subside soon.
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Re:belly troubles
(Date Posted:10/30/2016 8:26 PM)

  I enjoy the time spent on my belly in certain situations. Having a belly exam is important to feel any problems with the multiple organs that remains unprotected. I have been to a GI for stomach ache concerns and she spent a lot of time with her hands all over my soft belly. I didn't want her to stop. First she had my lay down and lift my shirt and told me to let my belly fill up as I breathed in. She asked me to describe my stomach aches to her. 
  She massaged my full belly and told me that she enjoyed taking care of my stomach. She described how to rub my belly but told me to come once a week so she could do some belly healing work. She pumped the food out of my stomach that felt like a brick and bloating my belly. 
   I'm looking forward to feeling her belly work 
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