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Title: New boyfriend, new belly
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(Date Posted:10/10/2017 3:59 PM)
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I went out on my first date with my new boyfriend. We had a meal out in a pub. I was full after the meal. Not uncomfortably full, but full enough to be satisfied. We decided that we would go back to mine and chat, get to know each other a bit more. We left the pub. As we were walking a homeless man approached us. He was a few feet away and I could hear his stomach roaring. He was really cute, sexy, good looking. He asked if we had any spare change. He was really polite. I reached into my bag to get some change. The date I was with grabbed my arm to stop me. He looked at the homeless man said get a job and then you will be able to afford like me, then he patted his stomach, said see nice and full, the homeless mans stomach growled again. I told my date that he was not being nice. I pointed out that the man was really hungry. My date was still being rude
 He was saying he shouldn't have to help others. I said if you don't want that's fine but please just walk on, there is no need to be rude. I told him it would not work between us, he ended up leaving. I told the homeless Person, Tony I had just eaten but I would like to invite him around to mine for something to eat and a shower. We got to mine. I took his coat, put it in the washing machine, left it there in.the machine ready to be washed, as he went in the shower I prepared some food he came out the shower pajamas I said he could wear there were big on him and an open bath robe 

Just as I was putting the food in the front of him his belly growled again and this time I could see his belly vibrate

I asked him how long he had gone with out food he said 9 days 

He hate the food 

We sat and talked awhile later his tummy was really loud, I asked if be was hungry he said no, I asked if he was ok he said yes the noises carried on. His belly made an extremely loud long rumble he put his hand on.his belly, I knew he was in pain, but I still asked. He said his stomach was really hurting and said he thought his stomach couldn't digest the food he needed to get used to eating again.

I spent the next few hours rubbing his belly 

We are together now

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