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Stomachache Cafe
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Title: Bellies touching
Stomachache Cafe   Girl Bellies
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(Date Posted:12/17/2016 10:55 PM)
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Amber and Misty had been best friends since primary school they were now in college. Misty had short black hair and pale skin. Amber had long blonde hair and a bit of a tan. Both girls were size 8s with flat stomachs. They both enjoyed going to the gym a few times a week. They never over ate. They ate a healthy 3 meals a day. They always stopped eating as soon as they felt full. 
It was a weekend. It was raining. The girls were bored. Amber came up with an idea, let's eat until our bellies are about to burst. Misty didn't seem sure about it. Don't worry amber told her. I will rub your tummy after you will be okay. Misty agreed. I think we should measure our stomachs now and after so we can see how big we can make them. The girls measured amber was 27 inches and misty was 28. The girls dissuced what to eat. They decided chinese. They order chicken fried rice prawn crackers spring rolls chow mein noodles aromatic duck chips egg fried rice shrip with noodles. When the food had arrived amber said they should eat in their nickers and bra s. The girls undressed and began eating. They were not even half way through the food and their bellies were feeling full and starting to stick out. Misty put her fork down and a hand on her stomach and gave it a little rub. You can't give up now, we have to eat it all, but I am full, I will take care of your belly. Amber was full, she started to slas comfortably full. She had been purposely eating a lot slower than Misty. She knew Misty had not noticed. The food was gone.Misty tried to lean back, she rubbed her stomach it was so full, it hurt a lot. We have to measure again. Amber measured her belly it was bigger by 2 inches, come on I need to measure you, misty leaned forward she held her belly, she thought she would throw up, it took her awhile to be able to stand, her belly was massive, she looked 9 months pregnant, she put one hand near her belly button and rubbed and the other end her stomach holding it up. Come on hands up I need to get to your stomach, she slowly moved her hands, her belly ached the measurement seemed to take forever. She was 7 inches bigger. She leant forward doubling over in pain. Amber suggested they lay diw


Amber rubbed her belly as promised. Misty cried her tummy hurt so much. 

Misty's belly stayed bloated and sore for two days. 

Misty asked amber how come her belly didn't get as a big, amber confused she ate slow because she wanted Misty to eat more because she had always fantasized about giving someone a stomach ache. Oh right said misty but you know all that food did really hurt my tummy, it took ages to digest and it was so noisy and painful. Amber said sorry. Misty said let's forget it but how could she forget two whole days tossing and turning waiting for her belly to get better. Misty said nothing for awhile, then she walked up to amber and punvnched her as hard as she could in the stomach. Amber bent forwards gripping get stomach ouch, Misty pulled her up punched again amber went down misty kicje her stomach like it was a football Amber's body moved and she yelped in pain misty kicked her again amber cried her tummy hurt so bad.
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