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Posted on 10/25/2014 3:00 AM

Just want to let you all know that i am still here, where are you guys?
ok i want to share a few abt my experience in my fetish adventure throughout my life

I have a friend (22) and he's tall like 1,8m or so, have a slight muscular build and little hairy on his chest and belly, and i love to hear his tomach growl. One day he take me on a bike to a restaurant on a windy night, and he wear no jacket or sweater. When we arrived, he didn't eat much as he do. "Why? Are you okay" i asked him. "Ugh, im okay, *burp*, oh sorry, looks like there's gas" he said, smile warmly. I blushed. "okay".
RIght after we back home, he took off his shirt and lay on his back on my bed, sleeping. I think he was so tired from the day. His muscular belly looks a little bit bloated, and i want to hear it so badly. So i curled near him, gently put my ear on his belly.
And this is what i hear :
1. Squeaky peristaltic sound from his intestines, and liquid juice that he drink, and large glorps of gas, a LOT i mean, a LOT of gas trapped in his lower belly. #shroooh... *glorppp *squeeaakkk...
2. His stomach make a hungry, sharp growls, clearly he has no appetite when we eat, and now his stomach demanding for food.

when i was overjoyed being able to listen his belly noises, he grimaced and waking up! and he sees me!
I was so ashamed, afraid being caught like that,.. and im afraid he would say im a freak and,...
he stroke my hair! smiling at me! "hehe.. you like that? my belly very,very uncomfortable right now, and your head on it make me feel a good,..thank you sweetie.." he said, and go back to sleep..
OMG i blushing so hard and i love him.. and soon after that night, i became his girlfriend! :p

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