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Stomachache Cafe
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Hello everyone, long time no talk to,
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05/22/2016 10:32 AM

Re :   Easter Belly Ache

 Yes, it was.  Holidays almost always bring me a round of bellyaches.  I guess I have no restraint.  Next big eating celebration will be the Fourth of July with watermelon, ice cream, burgers and hot dogs, bratwurst and potato salad, chips and dips, corn on the stomach is groaning at the thought but I can't wait :)

04/17/2016 10:08 AM

Re :   Cramps Game - SHARONA

(Nobody's offered yet. Feel free to message me if you'd like to begin.)

04/11/2016 4:06 PM

Re :   Easter Belly Ache

 Honestly, that sounds like an Easter well spent!  You got an Easter-ache!

The thought of all that food crammed inside one stomach - ouch!  No wonder you had such a stomachache!

Was it worth it, though?

04/06/2016 11:02 PM

Re :   Ice cream stomach ache

I like how you describe it - it's very detailed.  It's a shame it's so hard for you to find someone like that.  I think it sounds like a lot f fun.

How often do you get these belly aches?  Do you kind of enjoy them?

04/06/2016 10:59 PM

Re :   Cramps Game - SHARONA

 (Sorry to interrupt - have you already recruited someone to play along?  Are the rest of us just spectators?)

04/06/2016 9:49 PM

Topic :   Cramps Game - SHARONA

Image result for let's play a game
Let's play a game!

You're living with your girlfriend Sharona. You come home one day to find that shark week has begun.

It's up to you to try to make Sharona feel better, but her stomach is always one step ahead. Roleplay as Sharona's boyfriend (or girlfriend) and do everything you can. I, meanwhile, shall roleplay as Sharona herself.

04/04/2016 8:49 PM

Topic :   Easter Belly Ache

Maybe it was the three hardboiled eggs or the two chocolate bunnies or the package of peeps or the peanut butter eggs (oh so delicious) or the big ham dinner with potato salad and sweet potatoes and deviled eggs and ice cream sundaes or the two more peanut butter eggs or the couple of Cadbury eggs but I ended up with a huge belly ache Easter evening.  I probably ate too much and had too many sweets and hard to digest things but oh, man, my belly was so swollen and hurt so bad.

I was so sick I ended up stretched out in a recliner holding my belly and rubbing it while I moaned and groaned.  My boyfriend said he had a little tummy ache but nothing like me.  I had such strong pains and some cramping.  It was one of the worst.

03/30/2016 1:29 PM

Topic :   Ice cream stomach ache

   It's been awhile since I have filled my stomach till I felt it stretch. I lay here now with my belly needing to be rubbed as I push it out. Thinking about how I wish I had some one to take care of my stomach aches, and looked after my belly when it hurt. Good hands to rub my belly, and push the food out of my stomach, and trace it through my intestines. Massage my belly at any time. Some times pressing deep in my stomach to break up the food. Others just feeling my belly rise. 
    I ate alot of ice cream, and my stomach is bloated and hard. My belly is bulging out. My stomach can't handle much pressure right now. Just watching my full belly rise, and my stomach feels like it is holding cement. A heavy stomach ache. I will lay with my hands holding my belly and rubbing it. 

02/23/2016 10:50 PM

Re :   stomachache at awkward moment

 i think someone else had a tummy ache to

12/08/2015 9:14 AM

Re :   give yourself a stomachache

 wow hearing you saying it just gives me a stomach ache already haha

12/08/2015 9:14 AM

Topic :   Stock Footage

I found my new favorite stock footage! I love the way the woman in the footage presses very low on her tummy in a vain attempt to alleviate her pain.

11/25/2015 4:57 PM

Re :   give yourself a stomachache

 Eat onion rings with a banana split.

Or try eating at a breakfast buffet and overdoing it with biscuits and gravy, pancakes, bacon, sausage, etc.

Eat an entire apple pie.

Eat a whole supreme pizza.

11/15/2015 12:44 PM

Topic :   Prednisone haiku

A Prednisone haiku

by me

Food Food Food Food Food

Food Food Food Food Food Food Food

Food Food Food More Food

10/27/2015 1:25 AM


10/24/2015 1:05 PM

Re :   give yourself a stomachache

 actually tried everything.... my stomachache only last for few hours LOL. the milk, I wouldn't dare tho hahaaha. I even eat a lot at the buffet... nah nothing works, i'm just the girl that can eat anything ;P I think I really enjoyed having stomach ache because it lets me poop. 

10/19/2015 1:04 AM

Re :   give yourself a stomachache

 Depends on what kind of stomachache you would like!  :)

For instance - if you drank a a large quantity of milk, it would give you an INCREDIBLE stomachache...  but it would come with severe nausea.  You'd have to fight very hard not to throw up, and you'd have the sickening smell of milk in your throat.  Plus, you'd feel very cold.  Anyway, you'd be very gassy, with devastating cramps.

You could just eat a lot of hard-to-digest foods.  That would be pizza, cheeseburgers, steaks, chocolate brownies...  Eat a lot of all of those things, and you'll just get severe indigestion for a few hours, without the nausea.

10/17/2015 10:08 PM

Topic :   give yourself a stomachache

Try this. would this give you a stomach ache? Instant noodle with chicken curry? what food would make you have tummy ache?

10/15/2015 8:48 AM

Re :   how to control fart?

 Oh yeah I fart all the time with a stomach ache.

10/06/2015 9:34 PM

Topic :   how to control fart?

do you guys fart when you guys have stomach ache? ahh my tummy hurts, oh I eat this again.

09/14/2015 11:39 AM

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