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Topic :   Boyfriend's bloated Belly

I have a new boyfriend called Peter. He is tall and slim. He has a flat Belly. He is really shy. He's sweet and romantic as well. 
He went out one night with 3 of his friends. He texted me during the night and said his stomach was hurting. I told him get a taxi home and I will rub your belly for you and kiss it to make it feel better. He called a taxi and texted me awhile later saying just got into the taxi the seat belt is really tight my belly is really bloated. I asked him what made him so bloated. He said I ate too much and ended the message with a kiss. 

when he came home I helped him to get his coat and shoes off. He laid down on the bed, I opened his jeans. I put my hand on his belly, it was really bloated, I wish I could have taken a photo to show everyone. I started rubbing his belly. I asked him what did you eat. He started crying. He kept saying his belly really hurt. I kept rubbing it for him. 

He threw up. 

He said his stomach felt a little better but it still hurt. I kept rubbing it for him. I rubbed it for him nearly all night. 

He told me what happened. His friend got given vouchers for mcdonalds and wanted to force fed someone so that they would have a bloated belly. He said that Peter should be force fed because he was the thinnest. 

They forced him to eat 5 big macs, chips and ice cream. Peter is lactose intolarant. 

His stomach was still not back to normal size the next day. 

I kept seeing him putting his hands on his belly and rubbing it. 

07/27/2015 5:00 PM

Topic :   Boyfriend's bloated Belly

I have a new boyfriend called Peter. He is tall and slim. He has a flat Belly. He is really shy. He's sweet and romantic as well. 
He went out one night with 3 of his friends. He texted me during the night and said his stomach was hurting. I told him get a taxi home and I will rub your belly for you and kiss it to make it feel better. He called a taxi and texted me awhile later saying just got into the taxi the seat belt is really tight my belly is really bloated. I asked him what made him so bloated. He said I ate too much and ended the message with a kiss. 

when he came home I helped him to get his coat and shoes off. He laid down on the bed, I opened his jeans. I put my hand on his belly, it was really bloated, I wish I could have taken a photo to show everyone. I started rubbing his belly. I asked him what did you eat. He started crying. He kept saying his belly really hurt. I kept rubbing it for him. 

He threw up. 

He said his stomach felt a little better but it still hurt. I kept rubbing it for him. I rubbed it for him nearly all night. 

He told me what happened. His friend got given vouchers for mcdonalds and wanted to force fed someone so that they would have a bloated belly. He said that Peter should be force fed because he was the thinnest. 

They forced him to eat 5 big macs, chips and ice cream. Peter is lactose intolarant. 

His stomach was still not back to normal size the next day. 

I kept seeing him putting his hands on his belly and rubbing it. 

07/27/2015 4:59 PM

Topic :   (Requested) Supernatural - Hunger Fic

(Hi everyone! Before you all read this, I just wanted to mention that this wasn't my idea, it was a request, so all I can take credit for is the writing. All credit to characters and setting things go to Supernatural creators. Enjoy!)
Sam Winchester was on his laptop, sitting at the finished, wooden table in their motel room. He looked over at Dean, laying on his belly and clutching his pillow, still asleep. Sam went over to wake him up.

"Dean?" he asked to see if he was awake. No response. "Dean. Get up."

The older brother pretended to be sound asleep to catch a few extra minutes, but Sam knew how he was. Dean groaned and rolled onto his back, struggling to open his eyes.

"Morning, sleeping beauty," the taller one joked. Dean sighed and used all of his groggy strength to push himself up. He glanced over at Sam's stuff, figuring he had been doing research all morning, like he usually did.

"So I got more on the horsemen. We already smoked War, but we don't know what else is coming. The other three are Death, Pestilence, and I'm pretty sure what we should be looking out for now is Famine," he informed Dean. He swung his legs off the bed and walked over to where he was, grabbing a T shirt and pulling it over his shoulders before speaking up.

"How do you know that?" he asked, his voice a bit husky. Sam pulled his desktop over to where his brother could see and pulled up an article on it.

"Here, it says that one usually followed. After Pestilence was War, then Famine and Death. So, we should be expecting it." Dean was not looking forward to this.

"What do we gotta do to find this guy? More importantly, how do we know it's him?" Dean asked. Sam shrugged.

"I guess the same way we found War. He had on a ring."


The boys packed their weapons and left, heading straight for where Ellen was to tell her about this horseman thing. On their way, they noticed things weren't as bad as they had been, but people were flooding the stores in the area. They walked in to investigate what the hell was going on.

After walking into one of the markets, they noticed everyone was eating like crazy, stuffing bag after bag of food in their mouths. They began to wonder if they were too late. The cash register closest to the door was hiding underneath his stand in fear, and the brothers walked over to him.

"Sir? Sir, we're Federal Agents. We aren't like them," Dean assured the man.

"What happened?" followed Sam.

The man stopped shivering and mustered enough courage to speak. "They're monsters! I don't know why but they can't stop eating. This has been going on all morning!" he wheezed.

They began to see what was going on, but they had no way of knowing who Famine was using as a meatsuit. "So all they've been doing is eating?" Sam asked.

"Yes!" the man whimpered. They looked at each other and stood back up, looking at the ravenous mess of people. They decided to leave to do more research on the topic. On the way out, both of them started to get hungry...


"So it says here that Fa-" Sam started, interrupted by a low moan coming from Dean's general area. "Dude," he chuckled, "was that your.. Stomach?"

Dean cringed as it sounded again, leaning over a bit. "Yes," he whined. "I'm starving, man."

"Uh, yeah. Sounds like it," the youngest said, scoffing. He shook his head before trying to get back to his research, when his stomach rumbled loudly as well.

"You don't sound too good either," Dean remarked. Sam held his stomach, surprised at how loud it was.

"What the hell?" he stuttered, listening to the heaps of growls coming from both of their stomachs. "You don't think famine- got to us? Do you?"

Dean pondered the thought, hardly able to think over his unbearable hunger pangs. "What if he did?" he figured, wincing in pain as his stomach let out another painful, empty gurgle. "Well, we gotta eat something," he got up and started to the door. Sam followed him.

"Stop, Dean," he called out. Dean rolled his eyes and turned around.

"What is it, now?"

"You saw what happened to those other people. I read up on it. Lore said the more people ate, the more food was taken away. If we eat, we'll just get hungrier and hungrier until we eventually die from starvation."

"Dude. You can't possibly believe that crap. Listen to you! You literally sound like the living portrayal of an Ewok," Dean said, referencing to how loud Sam's stomach had gotten.

"I'm a bigger guy, Dean," he said, putting his hands on his hips.

"By what, a few inches?"

"Whatever. We're not eating."

Dean still hardly believed him, but it was probably worth it this time. He was already in misery. The last thing he wanted was to have it worse.

(Sorry I had to end soon. Please tell me if you want the second half. Thanks!)

06/14/2015 11:27 PM

Re :   Reply To Saraiya

Reply to Saraiya (06/11/2015 6:44 AM)

Ooh, for Supernatural, maybe one of the boys get cursed to be perpetually hungry until they can break it?
Or for Marvel, Tony Stark being so busy with tinkering in his lab that he forgets to eat? 

Thank you for the requests! If anyone wants to read them, I will be posting them on the Stomachaches Future board. ^-^

06/14/2015 10:39 PM

Re :   my crushes upset tummy, update, will do imagines, etc

Ooh, for Supernatural, maybe one of the boys get cursed to be perpetually hungry until they can break it?
Or for Marvel, Tony Stark being so busy with tinkering in his lab that he forgets to eat? 

06/11/2015 6:44 AM

Topic :   my crushes upset tummy, update, will do imagines, etc

I have a lot of ideas in my head, so there will be a few stories in this topic :).


I was at a party over the summer with a lot of my friends, one happening to be the girl I like (I am a female as well).
It was a sleepover party so the girls got to stay over. We had eaten a lot beforehand, but I somehow managed to not get a stomach ache. My crush, however, had managed to.

She put her sleeping bag next to mine about an hour earlier as we set up the sleeping bags, which was adorable for me. It also meant she was quite close to me, about a foot away. I was obviously still awake, just staring at the ceiling, when she moaned a bit. I looked over at her, and she had her hand on her tummy, wincing very slightly. I tapped her to see if she was still awake, and she opened her eyes a bit.

"You okay?" I asked her. She looked over at me.

"My stomach hurts," She groaned. I lifted the blanket off of her to reveal her belly, now a bit rounded. She may have been bloated. I took my warm hand and rested it on her belly. I couldn't hear much of it, but I could feel her tummy's small bubbling noises.

"I could lay on it if you'd like," I asked. She nodded her head and I proceeded to help her soothe her belly ache. I lifted up her shirt a bit more to expose her plump tummy. I then positioned myself to lay my head on it. She let out another soft groan as the pressure of my head squeezed her stomach, causing it to rumble a bit. I used one of my hands to push on her lower belly a bit. With every press, her tummy gurgled in protest.

"Mmh," she exclaimed quietly. I continued to rub small circles around on her belly. Every once in a while, it grumbled quite loudly, and I could feel it against my head. At one point a few minutes after she had fallen asleep, her tummy settled down a bit, still gurgling and bubbling quietly underneath my head. I decided to stay there just in case it start to hurt again. My friends were a bit confused when they woke up and saw my head resting on her belly.


This one isn't really a story just fantasies.

This is something that actually happened: I was at my friend's house and we were on her bed scrolling on our phones. We hadn't eaten much before, so that didn't make this too interesting, but I got to rest my head on her soft belly. Every here and there it gurgled a bit, but I didn't get to hear much. It was cute though.

I also heard in the stomachaches future section a lot of people want fanfiction on here, which I can totally do. You can request, but I can't promise I'll do all of them.

Here are my requirements and such:
- I do Supernatural, Marvel, and can do YouTube things
- I don't really like vomit stories, so more sounds and ache things are fine
- I might not get to all of them, but if you stress the urgency of this imagine, you may have a better chance

Thanks! Also ignore my old posts, I just came back after a long break and everything was fake. Yeez...

06/07/2015 7:21 PM

Re :   Chat??

 mine is WCM10862...feel free to message me!

03/23/2015 9:34 PM

Topic :   Chat??

If anyone would care to chat, I have made a yahoo account! 

Let's chat :)

03/05/2015 10:06 AM

Re :   too full to move?

 Something like this:

03/03/2015 2:25 AM

Topic :   New Site

Hey everyone if you can, join this stomach site too!

02/06/2015 9:25 PM

Topic :   Work Overload

I stared blankly at my computer screen for minutes until my head started to tilt to the left. I jerked upright to stay awake. This wouldn't have been the first time I dozed off at my cubicle. Since I got to the office at 8.30, there has been little action on the work end. I reverted to sneaking in Facebook feed scrolls in between pretending to look engaged on a client project. No one had given me any work to do lately. My Outlook mailbox was dead. I wasn't in the mood to ask a second time around if the team needed help on anything. They all were pretty good with their tasks.  Being an intern wasn't the most exciting thing sometimes. 

Around the eleven-fifteen mark things started to pick up. I was just planning to take another long, arbitrary trip to the bathroom in attempt to  kill some time, when my manager stopped by my desk. "Hey Aria, can I get your help revising these scripts for our Dunkin Donuts campaign?" Her words vibrated through my head until they made sense and I was able to enthusiastically respond, "Of course!" 
"Great! Thanks so much, I'm going to send them over right now." The scribbles in my legal pad were nothing short of illegible, but I understood the gist of what I needed to do. I turned to my desktop awaiting my manager's email. Ping! A new message arrived; but it was from Marissa, my coworker.  Marissa was working on a project for Community Partnerships and asked if I could aggregate all the video assets for her into an excel sheet. Seems easy enough, I though to myself.  At the very end of her email before her signature was a line that lit fire under my butt: It should be great if I could have this EOD today. Thanks!

That's business talk for end-of-day. Now I really had to get a move on. I exited out of BuzzFeed and my personal email account tab and opened up some files from the master shared drive. Yes, I finally have things to do! I thought to myself.  Better get a move on too. I hustled to get the layout for Marissa's spreadsheet done. Once all the categories were listed and all I had to do was go through and cross-reference each one with the videos in the drive, I could send this off. After about 45 minutes of hastily working, I had to pee (forreal this time.) I figured I was at a good enough place to take a bathroom break so I left my desk to go towards the ladies room. 

I didn't even take forever like i usually do, using my phone as a distraction in the stall. I flushed, washed my hands and checked my phone in the vanity room before leaving. It was a few minutes after noon. "Wow, it's almost lunchtime," I thought to myself. I thought about the delicious spread of food I packed for today's meal. Leftover BBQ baby back ribs, rice pilaf and string beans. I got happy just thinking about it, my mouth started to water! The vanity area had two large full length mirrors. One stood vertical on one side of the wall while the other went horizontal along the counter area where most women did their makeup in the morning. Of course I had to check myself out before I went back to my desk. A beautiful young woman with flowy dark brown hair and tan skin looked back at me. I smiled. I'd say I'm pretty damn attractive! Standing a mighty 5 ft 2, on a slender frame with round boobs. Petite has always been a word to describe my figure, but I had a few curves in just the right places- and the dress I had on today showcased them flawlessly! It was a black body-hugging turtleneck dress made out of ribbed fabric material and had gold accents. I had on nude tights and black bootie heels. I swept my hair to one side so it rested gracefully on my left shoulder. A smile played across my face. A stunner, no doubt. 

Upon returning to my desk, I found a note on my computer screen. Immediately, I thought, "Oh no, I did something wrong, I'm in trouble!" The note read: Please stop by my office ASAP. -Sid 

I rushed quickly to Sid's room, located in the far right corner. I crept in after politely knocking on his opened door. "You wanted to see me?" I asked as I entered. Sid's smile eased my nerves. "Yes! Come in please, sit!" I did what I was told. "I'm going on a meeting at 2.30 with Jim Schriber. I would love if I could get your help doing some background research on a few companies before we go," he began. Oh no. He gave me a list of about twenty companies and I had to look up their corporate responsibility initiatives. I accepted the task ( like I actually had the option to decline) and went back to my desk. That really pushed me to get a move on. I minimized the Community Partnerships stuff and opened Google Chrome to begin the research. 

I worked quickly and diligently, typing the names of companies, copy and pasting their CSRs and adding in links to a nicely formatted blue document. It was a lengthy process. At about 1 o clock I dashed to the kitchen to heat up my lunch. I usually take my break from 1 to 2, but I had too much to do, so instead of taking it easy for my hour, I went straight back to work researching companies. 

In between Google searching, speed reading, typing and trying to keep an eye on the time, you lose track of how much or how fast you are eating. My whole body must have been in rush mode because I was scarfing down heaps of meat and rice in to my mouth while keeping my eyes glued to the computer screen. Click. Once i finished the last company on Sid's list, I lifted my hand of the mouse (and my other hand off my fork) I was done through with all of food and it had only been a matter of 20 minutes. I usually try to stretch my eating to at least 40. It was a combination of the stress I was under, considering there was an apparent time constraint and I had to get it done. I double-checked the document, printed two copies, which were three pages each, and stapled them. I breezed to Sid's room and handed him the files. He was very pleased.

Whew! I did it. One down two more to go. I headed back to my desk, this time, much slower. The food had prevented me from walking at top speed. I plopped down into my seat. The clock on my phone read 1:55.  I looked hesitantly at the remainder of my lunch. An almost empty container if it weren't for the few grains of rice stuck at the bottom. I slumped in my chair. "Ughh," I moaned quietly. I looked down. My slender, once 6-pack midsection, was now a pronounced ball sitting in my lap. It wasn't huge, but definitely obvious that i had overeaten. And it wasn't even that i had eaten too much! I had the normal amount of food I do every day, it was just that this time, I had eaten it way too fast. I was consumed in my work that I didn't pay attention what was going into my mouth. And of course i completely forgot that I had a dinner meeting tonight with my mentor. I sunk deeper into my chair. Nooooo. I placed a my right hand on my taut belly. It was firm and round. YuckWhy today of all days

I had never met my career mentor before in person. She was assigned to me through this business organization and we had only emailed back and forth a few times. We arranged to meet in the City at this French restaurant called Le Petite Dame at 5.30. At this point i wanted to back out. I wanted to call her and tell her that I couldn't make it tonight. One reason being that I was nervous and afraid I wouldnt make a good impression on her and second, because I definitely wasn't hungry now! I tried to push the thought out of my head and focus on the other workd I had to do. Community Partnerships was finished in a beautiful spreadsheet, organized into titled columns and rows, and color-coded. 

"Marissa, please see attached," read my email. Sent! Next, I worked on the Dunkin Donuts scripts for my manager. "Man, I could go for a donut right now", i thought.  Here I am with a stomachache and craving a frigging donut- what kind of sense does that make! While my belly gurgled in unrest trying to digest my lunch, it still hurt and was very uncomfortable, but I was begining to get hungry again. Know what i mean? Like i was hungry, but i knew I shouldn't eat. I'm actually a really healthy person. I eat balanced meals and make working out a regular part of my life. But during the holidays, i ease up on my strict healthy lifestyle and let myself enjoy all the delicious foods without worrying about my gym membership. Everyone needs a break sometimes. I looked down at my tummy once more in hopes it had deflated by now. Nope. It was still stretching out my super tight black dress. I took a deep breath of air in and held it for a second longer, my tummy looked like a small beach ball. I wrapped my arms around myself and closed my eyes. I cant wait to get home and snuggle up in my cozy blanket on the couch. I sipped on my water and continued to type. 

Near about 4 o clock, i begin to shut things down and prepare to go home. I sent my manager what I had done with that scripts so far and assured her the remaining three would be done first thing tomorrow morning. I had to skip out early to meet my mentor in time. I had never been to this French place before, nor was I that excited to go at this point, but i made a commitment so i had to honor it.

I slipped on my white snow boots and took my backpack and jacket to the ladies room one last time for a quick pee. Before leaving, i looked in the mirror like always, and was horrified. 

I looked like I was two months pregnant! Like i mentioned before, I have a slender body, but now it was obvious that I had eaten too much. Even so, here i was, about to go eat again. This should be great.

I left the huge skyscraper building and walked for 20 minutes in NYC to Le Petite Dame, finding it solely based on my stellar navigational skills. I had developed a knack for walking in the City. You have to keep it moving at all times, swiftly weaving in and out of tourist pods, and never EVER stop to talk to people who whistle at you. Tricks of the trade and now im a pro. Boy did I jet down those streets! So fast that i had to slow down at one point because the swift movements had shaken my tummy and made me not feel so well. 

Finally, i reached the restaurant. The warm air greeted my frozen cheeks. The host, took my coat and offered me a seat. "Table for two please," I said. He seated me at the center of the empty restaurant and there I waited, checking my phone every minute, for 17 minutes until a woman appeared at the door, with a very happy expression on her face. Her name was Anna. "So nice to meet you in person!" she exclaimed, hugging me- squeezing a little too tight. We sat down and began to discuss our career paths and how we ended up working in the City at our respective companies. 

The waiter returned after pouring us our glasses of water. "What will it be madames?" He sort of had an accent. I barely understood the menu. It was all in French. At this point, I wasn't super full and had a little bit of an appetite. I ordered the beef bourguignon and Anna got french onion soup and escargot.  I usually eat slowly when in the company of others, but Anna mad me feel so comfortable talking to her, that it felt like we had known each other for years. Again, I lost track of my eating and finished the whole bowl of beef stew. It was thick and heart and soo filling. (At least I wasn't cold anymore.) I sat back and reclined as much as the wooded chair would give. 

"Would you like any dessert? Coffee? tea?" The waiter approached us again. I looked at Anna; she looked at me. "If you want something else go ahead," Anna encouraged with a smile. I wanted to say no...but then I remembered that this meal was on her. I was never one to pass up free food. Within minutes, a mall stack of crepe cakes, three large cream puffs with dark chocolate sauce, and a vanilla creme brulee were at the table, with my cup of coffee.  I suggested that we share the dessert. Anna agreed at the time I ordered it all, but after one cream puff and a bite of the creme brulee she put her fork down. I could tell she was done eating, but we continued our delightful conversation about our short term and long term goals. I was enjoying the food so much, it was too delicious to stop! While i was eating, I didn't even feel super full because I was going at a nice slow pace (unlike earlier today at lunch.) 

I put down my fork after the last slices of crepe cake and washed it down with s huge gulp of coffee. I knew my belly had expanded far past the dimensions it was before. My sexy dress was so stretched in the middle that the gold loop belt had unwoven from the side seam. As soon as I stood up, gravity took hold and all the food cemented into my lower belly like a heavy anchor. I could barely move, but I had to get home. 

Ana and I said our goodbyes and parted ways at the corner of 5th and Delilah Ave. I made it to the bus station after 10 minutes of walking in the cold with a horrible tummyache. All the sloshing of my dinner was making me queasy. I managed to make it to the bus terminal as the 6.45 bus was boarding. I climbed on to find all of the seats taken. Great, now i had to stand the whole ride.  I sat my backpack down and reached my right hand upward to grab the ceiling rod to keep my balance. Unknowingly, my left hand was placed on my pronounced tummy. "Excuse me ma'am, would you like to sit down?" asked a homey-looking, middle aged man. I looked at him puzzled, but quickly took his offer. He removed his stuff and let me take his seat while he stood. "I'm sure sure you must be excited since you're expcting." He smiled brightly. I was in no mood to correct him and tell him that I was in fact not pregnant and that I had just overeaten to the point of having an awful stomachache and just wanted to get home as fast as I could to sooth my tummy. 

Finally, I made it home and when i opened the door, my boyfriend Favad was laying on the couch watching soccer. He was in his jogging pants and a tight fitting sleeveless tank, legs propped up on the ottoman with a beer on the end table next to the sofa. He looked at me and his facial expression instantly changed. "Honey, what happened! Are you okay? You don't look so well." He said concerned. I could only manage to moan as i waddled to the sofa, and he knew what that meant. He hopped up to bring me over to the couch and help me sit down. Favad was always so caring. He urged me to lay down and placed two pillows behind my back. "I ate too much babe. Now my tummy hurts." I explained, grimacing. He placed a warm hand on my belly and his eyes widened. He was speechless at how big i had gotten. "Let's get you into something more comfortable." He carried me up the stairs to our bedroom and laid me down gently on the king size bed.

He rustled through the top two drawers where i keep my sleep clothes and then turned to me. I had fallen back, eyes looking to the ceiling, arm stretched out flat. "You look like a mini mountain babe" he said chuckling. I couldn't even lift up I was so full; so I instead swiveled my head around to the side to glare at him, but couldn't hold back a laugh. "Hahah- oww... It hurts to laugh." Favy came over to me and lightly kissed me on my forehead, then on my basketball of a belly. He took off my heels and placed them under the bed. He then lifted my sweater dress above my head to reveal the thin tank top I had on underneath. 

He took a step back and looked at me. Smiling. "You're so cute, you know that?" Here I am reveling with angry fury (at myself) and sheer embarrassment over gorging on food because I wasn't paying attention and had zero percent of control, and he's telling me how cute I am. "C'mon let's go back downstairs and i'll nurse your poor tummy." he recommended.  

Again he carried me down the steps then placed me on my feet. He led me to the open kitchen area and turned on the teapot. I only made it to the counter when i had to stop. I bet over the island counter in the center of the kitchen and watched him cut thin slices of ginger and add it to the teapot. I must have looked miserable, standing there half-slouched over the counter, in nothing but my heather grey tank and red panties. I was spilling out of my tank top too! It had risen up a few inches just hitting my belly button mark. The next thing I knew, Favad was hugging me, cupping my belly from behind me. "You smell so good, Aria" His face burried in my hair. He began to squeeze a bit harder until i let out a sharp yelp. "I missed you too hun, but not too hard. At any moment, I could pop like a balloon."

Favad was so sweet when I didn't feel well. He LOVED to take care of me. The ginger tea he was making helps aids indigestion. As much as I wanted to protest putting anything more into my tummy, I knew it would help me feel better. He brought my mug over to the couch in the living room and made me take a sip before i laid down. He rolled out the futon and put the pillows behind my back again so I was positioned long-ways, like a patient in a therapist's lounge chair.  He laid on his side right next to me, his back to the backing of the couch. "Tell me about your day," He said in a calm voice.  I began to explain how I went from no work, to a ton of work, to eating way too fast during lunch, then going to dinner with my mentor and eating my weight in french food, all in a matter of 10 hours. "It was crazy." I honestly just wanna cuddle now- AH...AAOWWWW!" I screamed. It was a spasm. "Where does it hurt baby?" Favy asked concerningly. I grabbed his hand and pressed it into my tummy so hard. "Right here," I said through clenched teeth and tightly shut eyes. He began to massage in small circles right around my  belly button. It felt heavenly. 

Then he got pretty into it, he started using both hands and went in a larger clockwise motion. He lifted my shirt (higher than where it already was due to my distended tummy.) "Babe, don't take this the wrong way, but you kinda look pregnant." I snapped out of the trance I was in from his massage. "EXCUSE ME!?!?" was what I wanted to say, but then I remembered the old  man who offered me his seat on the bus because he thought I was with child. I broke out in laughter, i almost rolled off the couch. I told Favy the story and he found it humorous as well. "You know....this is kinda like practice for when we have a baby, Aria. I mean you'll look like this, and I'll wait on you hand and foot, and..." I silenced him- with my lips. I reached up as high as I could and welcomed his tongue into my mouth. I don't know where the sudden strength came from, but I was able to straddle him. I grabbed his face and ran my fingers through his hair, he wrapped his arms around me tightly. My round belly pressed against his chest. The pressure felt glorious. He quickly put his hand on my ass and squeezed. He teasingly pulled down my red panites just a tiny bit, then grazed down my thighs with his fingers. The inner sex goddess was released from her chambers.

I then thrusted Favad down on the couch so I was on top and began to grind on his member. Our movements quickened in ryhthym. I was getting so wet, until I felt neasuous from all the motion. "um..okay, thats enough for now..." My tummy let out a loud sickly noise in agreement that Favad and I cease our fun. "Haha, yeah, the main thing is to get you feeling better. You lay back down and try to relax." He handed me my mug so I could take another sip of tea. I turned to my side and we watched Tv as we spooned. His body was so warm and mine always cold. I loved when his hands lay on my tummy. I knew he could feel all the sloshing around in there, the digestion going under way from all the food I ate today. But if this is what it feels like, then I'd do it again in a heartbeat. I was about to drift off to sleep. It was nearly midnight. "Pst, babe," he whispered. I responded in some audible mix of moan one could not make out into words. "We're naming him Dylan." he said softly. 
"NO WE ARE NOT." I said loudly. He laughed. "Haha, sure babe, whatever you say."  His hand still circling my belly. He never let go of me that night. 

01/27/2015 9:02 PM

Topic :   Hungry Tesa Rowan

n 1/23/15 My teacher couldnot have lunch becouse of a bad student and she was starving. i whould love to listen to her stomach but dont know how any Ideas? 

01/24/2015 4:21 PM

Re :   new fourm

01/07/2015 5:34 PM

Re :   new fourm

 I cant get the link to work!

01/04/2015 9:57 AM

Topic :   work tummy ache

I looked at the clock 6:55 only five minutes until I was allowed to take my break. I don't usually order off of the menu but working at a pizza a place makes me really hungry sometimes. I scrolled through all of the sides and decided to go with the salad bar and the steak fries (my favorite). I used my discount and paid for my food. By the time my fries came out I was able to take my break. I took my fries over to my booth and set them down and began my trip through the salad bar. I loaded the tiny plate to its maximum and sat down. I began alternating between a bite of salad and a steak fry. By the time I was down to my last fry my stomach felt super full. I thought it would be silly to not eat one fry so I polished off the last fry. And I immediately regretted it. I felt the pain start in my lower tummy right bellow my belly button. I slowly got up and took the dishes to the back room. I felt my full tummy complain at the movement. I began mopping the floors. By the time I got to mopping the bathrooms the pain was unbearable. I quickly went into one of the stalls and sat down. I gently rubbed my aching tummy in poor attempt to make it better. After I realized I had been in there too long I begrudgingly left the stall and continued mopping. With every move my stomach ached and cramped more and more. By the time I finished mopping I thought the pain was too much to bear. Trying to hide my aching tummy I returned the mop and bucket to its place and got myself a sprite in desperate hope it would help. It helped just barely enough for me to finish my shift. But the whole time I wanted nothing more then to go home curl up on my bed rub my sick tummy. 

12/31/2014 4:44 AM


12/30/2014 5:44 PM

Re :   chat?

 Hey Id love to chat with you! I am on quite often! You can message me and I can give you my gmail too if that works better.

11/24/2014 9:48 PM

Re :   chat?

 Sure, I do! When are you free? 😃

11/17/2014 11:13 PM

Re :   Stomachs and aches in movies, music, etc.

 Well, there's so many deleted posts here, I'm probably pretty safe in posting this one. :P There's a song by an artist named Voltaire, called "Snakes." The opening verse goes "You set the snakes loose/Inside my belly/They're done with my supper/They start on my endocrine lining." It's one of my favorites of his, anyway.

11/14/2014 1:27 AM

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