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(Date Posted:07/02/2010 1:16 PM)
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My friend is obese.  I love her belly.  We are not lesbians but we sit on the couch late at night and rub each other bellies.   We like to get a full belly and then massage each other.   The problems Dana over eats a lot and gets a bellyache.   I love to rub her aching belly.  She moans and sighs while I rub her massive belly and it really turns me on.  I feel the gurgling of her insides trying to handle all the food she ingests.   She is very vocal and descriptive about her belly  - she says hit helps the pain go away faster and for me it is an extra turn on!  One night she came home holding her belly.  She went right to the couch and took her shirt off.  Then she took off her bra.  She called for me.....and said she had just come a buffet restuarant and that she and a couple of her friends had an eating contest.  Then they went to someone house and drank soda and mentos.  My belly hurts really bad and I can tell I am going to get a whopper of bellyache tonight....oh....its starting already.....look at is very distended"... she took her hand off her lower belly.   I could see the distention.   Then she said, "look at it from the side - I am blowing up....god, i am already so bloated and I only finished eating a little while ago...."  She unbuttoned her jeans and moaned as the bulging belly came out.Then she let out a moan.....oh it is...the whopper bellyache...slowly she rubbed her belly in a circle.  She rubbed slowly and deliberately but as the pain increase she did it faster....oh how it aches OOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!  She turned onto her side and rubbed a lot...I watched her rubbing trying desperately to rub the pain away.   But I knew this was going to be bad...she can handle a bad stomachache or upset tummy but when she said she was getting a whopper of a bellyache I knew she had the worst bellyache she ever had!!I haven't even started digesting she told me.  It is all just sitting in my stomach...I asked her what they had eaten.   She started with Chili, then wings; french fries; bread with butter; mashed potatoes and corn.  Then they had pizza.  She had six slices.  Then they went out for dessert and a local diner.   After all that they went to  indulge in soda and mentos.  Oh my God I said....your going to have a long night!!!OOOOHhhhh - she moaned.   The chili is on fire and making a lot of gas!!!  Oh what a belly ache!!!  Such a bad bellyache...Oh.....this is hell!!   She held her stomach and grimmaced...There is sssssooooo much food in there...its all churning together into a large massive feels like a bowling ball inside of me....its growing....I feel it expanding in my stomach...I watched her rubbing her belly with both hands.....big circles hoping to alleviate the self inflicted aching.   I asked her if she wanted any medicine and she said no....the only cure is to digest the food and survive the massive amounts of food and gas.   "My belly has a lot of work to do....will you massage my belly to help me digest?"  Oooohhhhh she moaned before I could answer......then she started rubbing small circle around her belly button and pushed in deep to move the food around.She put two pillows under the small of her back and took off her jeans.  Wearing just underwear and covered with a blanket she lied there moaning and rubbing her aching belly.  I went over to start rubbing for her....Feels so good....rub deeper.....faster....I've got to digest this food or this bellyache will NEVER go away.... Dana looked at distended belly.  "What have I done?"  My belly hurts so is a WHOPPER BELLYACHE!!!
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(Date Posted:07/02/2010 1:57 PM)

 I wish I could have rubbed your friends belly.  Sounds like a bad one!!! I would have put pillows under her back too.  It helps expose the bulging belly and make it easier to rub.  I think it stretches the body and gives more room for digestion.   In any case, sounds like really it was a whopper!  How long did it last?  How did you massage such a big belly?
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(Date Posted:07/09/2010 5:49 PM)

 I'd like to be your friend!  That's just the kind of thing I do, eat WAY too much too fast and then get a huge bloated tummy ache.  I am not a lesbian either, but I don't care who rubs my huge tummy when it's stuffed!  People are funny about it.  Some of my friends think it's gross and some love to help my tummy aches.
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