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Title: The Princess
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(Date Posted:01/17/2011 1:12 AM)
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(This story contains massive stuffing and bloating. Don't like, don't read! Trust me, there are a trillion better things you can do than read something that doesn't interest you, and a trillion and one things better than complaining about it. :p To each his own.)


A long, long time ago, there existed a prosperous kindgom with a benevolent and kindly king. One of his decrees was that when young adults came of age, a large party would be held and a lot of food would be eaten, to ensure prosperity and fertility. The more food the person ate, the more prosperity it would bring. So it went without saying that he arranged for a very large party for his own daughter's birthday, and invited many people...


“Princess, are you ready?” the maid asked, looking the young woman over carefully. The princess herself was dressed in a beautiful dress that reached the floor, and her hair was done up nicely. “It's such a shame your father can't be here to see your party!”

“It's okay,” said the princess, tying a large ribbon around her waist to complete her look. “I understand it's busy work being a king!”

With that, she walked out of the room and down the long spiraling stairs. As she passed the banquet room, her stomach growled hungrily. “I don't suppose it will hurt to eat a little snack before the party,” she thought to herself, ignoring her servant's warnings, and she snuck inside.

She sat down at one of the many seats next to a long, long table covered with many different appetizers and dishes, taking a plate and piling it high with food. She nibbled at it for some time, losing herself in the different tastes of her kingdom's food, some savoury, some sweet, and all delicious.

By the time the first guest knocked at the door, she was feeling much less hungry, in fact, she was feeling quite comfortably full. She hid the empty plate under the table and summoned a servant to open the door and greet the guests. One by one they filed in, wishing her a happy birthday, and setting big, full platters of many different foods on the banquet tables. Before long, the whole room was full of conversations and laughter, and the mixed scents of the foods of over 40 different nations.

“Oh, my...” she mused, looking a bit worried, “Maybe I don't have to eat too much...”

“Princess!” an old man from a not-so-far away kingdom hailed her with a big smile, pushing a rather large plate of food into her arms. “You must try this! It was made especially for you!”

She smiled at him genially and tried to make her escape, saying, “I'll save it and eat it later!” bu the man took her arm.

“Nonsense! It won't be any good reheated.”

Thinking it couldn't hurt to eat a little bit of it, she took a bite. It was so good, she ended up eating the whole thing. When she finished, a servant took the plate away and replaced it with a new one, full of new and different food.

“Wh-what's this?” she practically whimpered, her stomach beginning to feel a bit more full than it should.

“It's the next dish, your highness.” the servant bowed away, disappearing into the crowd.

She looked around and realized a few people were watching her. Not wanting to offend her guests, she gathered a forkful of food and popped it into her mouth. This dish was very good, a creamy, chunky potato dish with dill and pepper. She ate a bit more, feeling her dress start to tighten around her slowly growing belly. A dull ache started to emanate from her midsection, and she lowered the fork, looking at her guests. She didn't want to insult anyone, so she took up another bite and ate it. Things continued on that way for quite some time...


“Ohhhh...” the princess moaned, lazily dropping another empty dish to the floor. Her belly bulged out from under her bodice, looking massively pregnant. One hand was rubbing her aching, gurgling belly even as she accepted a big bowl of soup. She dropped the spoon and began to drink from the bowl, some soup dripping from her chin onto her dress. The crowd had mostly dispersed, it being hours after the party had started. The only people who remained were the dignitaries who had not yet had their dishes eaten, customarily waiting for the princess to eat them before they left. They didn't seem to mind the princess's bloated state, as in their minds, the larger the belly, the more prosperous their kingdom would be.


Hiccoughing loudly, the young woman set down the now empty bowl, a tired look on her face. Her head was swimming, and her belly was a huge, sick, churning ball resting in her lap. It had grown much too large for the dress to contain it, as the fabric had torn, exposing the dome of aching flesh. She was sitting down now, the weight of her belly too much to bear standing. As she dropped the bowl, her belly let out a long, sick sounding gurgle, and she clutched it with both hands, leaning forward and moaning loudly.

“Ooh... I don't feel so good...” She tried to stand, to excuse herself, but her belly sloshed and groaned, and she had to sit back down as her tummyache got worse and worse. “My belly... ohh... it's so full... I can't eat another bite... urp...” She covered her mouth, blushing embarrassedly, though nobody seemed to notice.

She looked around at her surroundings, at all the many empty plates and bowls, and the still full ones, turning a bit pale. “I can't believe I ate all this...”

“But princess! You haven't even touched my dish!”

“Or mine!”

“Or mine!”

She sighed as she straightened her posture, sitting up to accept yet another dish. There were only a few left... she could do this, she thought to herself...


It took three servants to help her up from her chair after everyone had left, and three more to help her up the stairs. Her bloated belly swayed from side to side as she walked, sloshing and bubbling, groaning and gurgling loudly. She looked beyond pregnant, huger than anyone in the kingdom had ever been. Both of her hands gingerly clutched her aching stomach as she stumbled almost drunkenly to her room. She was barely paying attention as they laid her down in her bed on her back, too distracted by the intense nausea and pain in her overly stuffed belly to argue even though it was early still.

“You look a bit green, Princess.” said her maid, gently patting the royal's swollen belly.

“Oohhh...” her belly made a loud gurgling sound, and she massaged it tenderly, unable even to fit her arms around it. “I feel so sick... I'll never eat so much again... my poor, aching belly...”

“Nonsense, Princess! There will be another party for you tomorrow!” the servant grinned almost maliciously as she helped the princess into her bedtime clothes.

“Hic!” she tried to pull the shirt over her belly, but it wouldn't fit. “Ohh... hic! My belly... it's so big and full... so queasy... so sick...”

“Don't worry! I'm sure you'll feel better tomorrow.” the maid said, as she walked to the door. “You'll be getting up bright and early to greet the other half of the guests who couldn't make it today!”

“Oh, no!” But her cry was no good, as the servant closed the door and left her all alone with her awful tummyache.


(That's the end of my story. I want feedback if you want me to write more. It would be even better if someone else would write me one back! Thanks! -maysk)

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Re:The Princess
(Date Posted:01/17/2011 1:37 PM)

 please write more
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Re:The Princess
(Date Posted:01/17/2011 7:01 PM)

I loved this. It'd be really cool if you could write more :)
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Re:The Princess
(Date Posted:01/17/2011 8:32 PM)

 Its so good that I read twice
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Re:The Princess
(Date Posted:01/18/2011 9:28 AM)

This was great :) Love to see more!
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Re:The Princess
(Date Posted:01/25/2011 12:42 PM)

This was really good! It was different and the fact that it was about a princess caught my attention :p
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Re:The Princess
(Date Posted:01/25/2011 7:20 PM)

 such a turn on, i might masturbate to this later! :D
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RE:The Princess
(Date Posted:05/14/2011 11:48 AM)

Plllllleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssseeeeeeeeeee please please write more!!!!!
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