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Title: Too much food! (My stomach is bloated)
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(Date Posted:12/31/2009 9:08 AM)
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Oh, my stomach hurts today! I went to a party last night and had way too much to eat. My boyfriend kept cheering me on eating. I ate 3 Chicken legs, green beens, 4 rolls, 8 glasses of water, 7 cookies, 3 slices of cake, and 3 slices of pie! I was feeling queasy, so my boyfriend took me home. I was in so much pain, he had to carry me to my room. He lifted up my shirt and rubbed my aching tummy. It felt soo good! He spent the night rubbing my stomach, and i spent the night moaning, groaning, and rushing to the bathroom every hour or so. Then this morning a few of my friends took me out to breakfast at IHOP. i LOVE IHOP but it always either a) makes me sick, b) makes my stomach hurt so bad, i can't move and i have to lie down, or c) i bloat really bad.So i ate only 4 pancakes with whipped cream and strawberries on top. It was so good, i decided to get 4 more. Big mistake. When i left, i could feel all the sweetness of pancakes churning in my stomach. It felt AWFUL! I was lying at home, rubbing my aching belly and trying to realive all of the gas in me. Never again will i go to another party for at least another week.
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Re:Too much food! (My stomach is bloated)
(Date Posted:12/31/2009 1:35 PM)

How bloated did your tummy get?  Could you hear the pancakes churning inside?
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Re:Too much food! (My stomach is bloated)
(Date Posted:12/31/2009 2:43 PM)

 Oh, ouch. That was a lot of pancakes and sugar to put inside a tummy that was already aching and sensitive and trying to recover from the night before. Is it feeling better now?
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Re:Too much food! (My stomach is bloated)
(Date Posted:12/31/2009 6:55 PM)

 I have given myself a bad tummy ache.  My friend had an open house today.  I was so busy helping pass food trays and making sure snack dishes were full that I didn't have time to eat anything.  After the guests left I stayed to help clean up.  Then I started to eat.  I was finishing all the foods left on the snack trays.  My friend noticed and started giving me more to eat so she wouldn't have to put it away.  After about an hour we had the house all cleaned up.  I sat down on the couch and my tummy made this really strange noise somewhere between a whine and a groan.  When I looked down, I couldn't believe the size of my tummy.  It groaned again and began to hurt.  My friend sat down next to me and put her hand in the middle of my tummy.  She patted it several times and it sounded like a drum.  She wanted to know how my "garbage can stomach" was feeling.  When I said it hurt, she rubbed it for awhile. 
It is still pretty bloated but I have to go out in about an hour.  I hope I don't eat too much tonight!!
Happy New Year!
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Re:Too much food! (My stomach is bloated)
(Date Posted:01/01/2010 7:06 PM)

 After dinner I was still hungry so I got out the bowl of onion dip that was left from last night, a bag of pretzels and a big glass of Sprite.  I was watching TV and absently munching when suddenly I realized I had eaten the whole bowl of dip and most of the pretzels.  I had finished my Sprite so I got another glass and drank that. 
Sometime my tummy doesn't like onions and tonight is one of those times.  My tummy is hurting and complaining and it is very very distended.  I think I will be in the bathroom soon.  Ouch!!
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