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Title: Ice-cream tummy ache
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(Date Posted:08/13/2009 12:57 PM)
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Ok, I can't really take credit for this story.  It's one my husband made up a few years ago when I attempted to explain to him my fascination with tummies.  It was a really sweet effort on his part, though and one I've never forgotten.

     Lynda sat with a huge bowl of ice-cream with chocolate syrup, peanut butter sauce, M&M's, and tons of whipped cream.  This was not just a cereal bowl size of ice-cream, this was a large fruit bowl size of ice-cream and she ate every bite.
     A little while later Lynda felt very full.  She put a hand on her belly and groaned in pain.  "Ohhhh, my tummy is so full!"
     She looked down at her belly that had grown at least three times it size.  All that ice-cream was just sitting there in her tummy, doing nothing but making her a little chilly and giving her quite a bellyache.  She tried rubbing her extremely stuffed stomach, but couldn't reach everywhere it hurt.
     Lynda decided she needed to go to the hospital.  This tummy ache was much too painful for her to deal with alone.
     When she got to the hospital, Dr. Bob saw her in the hall and said, "Oh my goodness!  Look at her belly!  Bring her into the examination room right away."
     "Ohhhhhh!" Lynda moaned.
     As the doctor placed his stethoscope on her belly, he asked, "And what have you had to eat today?"
     "Ooooh, ice-cream," Lynda grunted, "just ice-cream.   But a lot of it.  Ohhhh, my tummy!  It hurts!"
     "Ice-cream!" exclaimed Dr. Bob.
     "Yes.  Ohhhhh!  Is that bad?" Lynda asked between groans.  "Mmmph, my stomach is killing me!"
     "Of course it's bad when you eat too much ice-cream," Dr. Bob answered.  "Nurses, come over here!"
     Two nurses ran over and Lynda wondered what was going on.
     "What's happening to me?  OOOOOOOH!" Lynda asked as she got a belly cramp.  "Ughh, I have such a tummy ache, I can't stand it anymore!"
     "Is it freezing, Dr. Bob?" Nurse Kelly asked.
     "I'm afraid so," answered the doctor.  "This young woman ate so much ice-cream that not only did it give her a stomachache, but it's begining to freeze inside her belly instead of digesting.  If we don't rub her belly quick, she will have a giant, frozen block of ice-cream inside her tummy."
     "Oh no!" Lynda moaned.  "I can't take this bellyache much longer.  Ooooh!  Ooooh!  OOOOOHHH!"
     "Don't worry," Dr. Bob soothed, "I think with all of us rubbing your belly, we can warm your tummy and get that ice-cream to move along."
     Dr. Bob lifted Lynda's shirt and exposed her overly stuffed tummy.  He placed both his hands on stomach and began to rub her belly softly.  Nurse Kelly and Nurse Ginger also put their hands onto Lynda's aching belly and massaged in gentle circles.
     Lynda moaned and groaned at first in pain.  Her tummy was beyond full and even the slightest pressure hurt her belly terribly.  Pretty soon, as the ice-cream began to melt and the ache to subside, Lynda started to feel a little better.  After a while Lynda was still groaning, but not with pain now.  Her soft moans were that of pleasure from three sets of hands on her tummy.
     "Mmmm, harder," Lynda breathed as she grabbed Dr. Bob's hands and pushed them firmly into her belly.
     Dr. Bob saw that Lynda's expression had changed from pain to something else entirely.  He said to the nurses, "I think we're finished here.  You can stop now."
     "All right Doctor," they said as they left the room.
     Dr. Bob took one hand away from Lynda's belly, but she cried, "No!  Don't stop!"
     "Do you still have a bellyache?" Dr. Bob asked.
     "Yes," Lynda said in a husky voice, "my belly aches something awful."
     "Your stomach isn't cold anymore," he told her.
     "No, because your touch warmed my tummy.  If you stop rubbing my stomach, I might get cold again."
     Dr. Bob explained, "No chance of that.  The ice-cream has moved from your belly now."
     "Please," Lynda moaned as she pushed his hand hard into her tummy, "please rub my belly some more.  I have such a tummy ache, but your hands feel so good."
     Dr. Bob looked at Lynda's sexy belly and decided that maybe some more tummy rubbing would be just the thing for her.  "Well, if you have a bellyache I suppose I could continue the massage."
     "Oh, I do.  I do.  My belly is hurting so bad," Lynda insisted a little too eagerly.
     "I guess I'll just have to keep rubbing that aching tummy for you then," Dr. Bob smiled.
     The doctor kept massaging Lynda's stomach until she felt one hundred percent better, much, much later that night.
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Re:Ice-cream tummy ache
(Date Posted:02/06/2010 9:57 PM)

I know how Lynda feels. I wish I had doctor Bob here to rub my belly.
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