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Title: Bride With A Bellyache
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(Date Posted:09/06/2012 9:21 AM)
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When Barbie got nervous, she ate...a lot.  On her wedding day, her nerves were jangled so she got hungry.  Dressed in her white dress and pretty veil, her tummy rumbled so she snuck down to the reception hall.  She admired her wedding cake but ate the groom's cake, a double layer chocolate cake being very careful not to get chocolate on her dress.  Then she ate a bowl of salted peanuts and another of mints.  All of sudden her tummy felt very full and not very well so she went back to wait for her attendants.

By the time the bridesmaids showed up, her tummy hurt.  Her over stuffed tummy ached with a continious pain and cramped in protest to being so crammed full.  THe peanuts made sharp pains through her stomach and she'd eaten enough her stomach stuck out.

Barbie put her hand over it and it felt hard as a rock.  "Ohhhh" she moaned.

What's wrong?

I've got a tummyache.

It's just nerves, her bridesmaid said. You'll get over it by the time you walk down the aisle.

Barbie didn't tell about the cake or other things.  But by the time she started down the aisle, her tummy hurt so bad she wanted to cry.  Terrible cramps knifed through her stomach and midway down she dropped her bouquet to clutch her tummy and moan.  WOrse pains hit and she bent double as everyone stared.  "My stomach, my stomach, my stomach," she moaned.

The wedding had to be postphoned.  The groom thought it must be her appendix so they rushed the bride to the ER but when the doctor heard what she'd eaten he called it an ate too much bellyache.  Her groom watched her writhe on the exam table and afterward, he took her back to the church alone.  "How's your stomach now?" he asked.

"It still hurts a little."

"I have a confession," he told her. "I love watching girls with bellyaches.  So you turned me on with your tummy trouble.  I thought now you could eat the wedding cake and see how bad it makes your stomach hurt.  We can always get another one."

Her stomach tightened at the idea. "I don't want to," she wailed. "It'll hurt so bad."

"I insist," he said. "I'll help you and get a bad stomachache too if you want."


So thirty minutes later, the three tier cake was gone and they lay on the floor moaning, bellies stuffed and swollen.Barbie thoght she looked pregnant her belly was so big now.  "It's the worst bellyache I've ever had," she moaned.  "Oh my god it hurts so bad."

"My stomach's killing me," the groom said with a grin. "Want me to rub your belly?"

Anything would be worth a try and so he did.  And after awhile, her tummy calmed down but she knew she had a lifetime of belly pains ahead of her now. 



I'm rubbing my belly 'cause I got a bellyache again!

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