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Title: How To Copy/Paste Cheat Sheet For Backgrounds
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(Date Posted:07/17/2017 5:04 PM)
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  Highlight the Cheat Sheet you want to use
 Click on Ctrl and C buttons on your keyboard to Copy it
 Click on New Topic just like when you are going to post a message
 Click on Ctrl and V to Paste it
 Click on HTML in blue on top of your message box
 You will then see all Codes like there in the box
 Now go to your Photobucket Album and under the Tile you want to use Highlight the Direct Link there and Click on Ctrl and C to Copy it

 Go back to your message box with the Codes in there and in the 1st layer of the Cheat Sheet Code you will Delete all words out from inside the Brackets

 Click your Mouse Cursor in between the Brackets and Click on Ctrl and V to Paste the Direct Link you Copied from your Photobucket Album

 Repeat these Same Steps for each Layer Code in the Cheat Sheet using what ever Tiles and Glitters you want there
 When all Layers in the Cheat Sheet have been filled with your Tiles and Glitters Click on Back in blue on top of the Cheat Sheet box
 You will now see your finished  Background you have just made
 Add Proper Copyright Credits to your Background then Click on Post reply to Send it.

 Tut written by ┬ęPauline/2008. All Rights Reserved. Do Not Take or Rip Apart.

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