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Title: FAQs & Copyright questions
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(Date Posted:03/28/2012 10:12 PM)
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We all make mistakes, we all need to learn from them.
Do not hesitate to ask any question you might have about copyright.
The only stupid question is the one that it is not asked.


All tags posted here MUST have a copyright.
There is no such thing as artist unknown.
If you don't know who made it, do not use it.


Trademarks: Coca Cola, Disney, McDonalds, cartoon characters, celebrities pictures... NO-NO.  A celebrities image is now trademarked. Courts have decreed that a celebrity is just that - a celebrity, due to the work and money they put forth to create their persona. This means that their likeness now falls under trademark laws and may not be used without permission.

Photographs: use only the ones from sites that specifically allow its usage.
Do not use a pic you found on google; those are copyrighted to the photographer!

The copyright symbol is ©, not (C).
You can type it by pressing the alt key and 169 on your numeric keypad.

The © goes ONLY before the artist name.
Whoever TUBED the image is NOT the copyright holder.

Stick to each artist TOU (terms of use).
Go to their website, if you do not see the TOU, you can mail them or post a question in a thread that I will create specifically for copyright questions.
The artists allow us to use their work under certain conditions. Respect them.

License numbers: when you buy tubes from the different licensing companies, the license number has a specific format. Do not display your license the wrong way.

Legibility: the copyright must display the ©, artist name, artist URL and your license number. And it must be CLEARLY LEGIBLE.
If I have to squint to find it and read it, then the tag will be deleted.
Make it in a contrasting colour so it can be read against the background.
Use a gradient glow or a drop shadow.
And if you are going to resize a tag, place the copyright AFTER the resizing. Blurry copyrights will get your tag deleted.

Your watermark: Of course we want to know who made the tags! PSPers also deserve credit for their creations. But you can't use the © next to your name. Use tagged by, made by, whatever phrase you might think of... but not ©.

**Credit Exception:  Avatars measuring 200 by 200 pixels or less are only required to have:  ©Full Artist Name &  (your license number).

**No URLS are allowed on tags that do not belong to either the Artist or Background owner.**

When you use a tube, you HAVE TO credit the artist with a © symbol, name and URL. Be it PTU or FTU.

If you use a scrapkit you MAY credit the kit creator adding "scrapkit by" - no © or URL.
If you use a stock photo or a render you HAVE TO credit it. Refer to the Crediting photos thread for details.
When the only element used in the tag is the stock photo you HAVE TO use the © symbol.

Basically every tag has to have a © , be it the artist that made the tube, the stock photo site, yourself or the creator of the elements you used (for example Rainbow Coffi)

Hope this is clear enough. And PLEASE check your spelling when you add the copyrights.


Q: I belong to what is 'supposed' to be a copyright tube group on yahoo. They send in A LOT of deviantart stuff which is great, but when I go to the artists site, most of them don't have any terms of use listed. These artists are not listed on the msn copyright list either. So my question is, how does one know what is 'really' safe and what isn't?

A: Well... I usually check their deviantArt site, especially their journal. They usually have a webpage or myspace page, I check those too.
If nothing comes up there, I go to The Zone Groups.
They have lists of artists that give online permission, others that require that you mail them for permission, and such.
Do not take their lists as a bible... they might need updating; but it is a good reference.
If you do not find any info about a particular artist, then ask us to mail them asking if they do allow the use of their art. Better safe than sorry!


Q: If we have recieved tags from PSPers in an MSN group, and they don't have the URL on them, are we still allowed to post them here? And also, I have a couple tags that have the (C) on it, am I allowed to post them? Or do I have to delete them? Becuase I got them along time ago, so I didnt want to post them if they weren't allowed...I have heard from some that CILM allows you to use a tag that has (C) on it, but you should make that person aware that that isn't acceptable..(but you dont have to delete iT and if it doesnt have a dash, you dont have to delete it, but again, make sure the PSPer is aware they have to put a dash on their future tags...

A: Until now most of the PSP world went through msn groups. So most of the tags you siggy piggies collected after becoming copyright aware will not have the URL. They can still be used here, but all new tags MUST have the ©symbol and web address


Q: On Hellonlegs site if you scroll down the index there are Ratanga's Tubes. She has her TOU there. Can we use her tubes also? Thanks so much.

NOT anymore ...  Hellonlegs REVOKED


Q: When I read the copyright rules I see where it says we can't upsize the tube make a close up.So what about the tutorials we do that uses close up images in these little frame. Like if you have three frames and you put as artist in one of them is this not allowed?

A: It is allowed as long as you don't resize it to make it bigger.
Remember the tutorials are just a guide, some people uses uncredited stuff, some others even supply uncredited images...
Some artists in CILM and MPT provide closeups of their tubes. Some come with the tube as bonus, some you purchase separately. If you have those, fine. Don't confuse closeup with a part of the tube... when you paste your tube inside a frame and show just a portion of it, that is not a closeup.


Q: How does a person go about contacting the artist of an image they found to get permission to use their work or ask for a copy of their TOU!

A: We usually try to get permissions for the whole group. Post here what artist you want and mail or url of the site if you know it, so I can mail the artist or at least find out if they give permission or not.


Copied from Patricia Naughtrish HERE


The usual ... PLEASE read & sign ....
If you have any questions ... post here!!



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Re:FAQs & Copyright questions
(Date Posted:03/29/2012 11:27 AM)

 Read and Understood

I have a question in regards to Tube licenses ....

What if the artist offers old tubes from CILM in CDO do we use the new license or the old one?

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RE:FAQs & Copyright questions
(Date Posted:03/29/2012 2:42 PM)

Read and understood, thank you Shelli
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RE:FAQs & Copyright questions
(Date Posted:03/29/2012 3:08 PM)

Ashna if you bought the tubes at CILM then you need to use the CILM license

If you would like to use the CDO license & you have your receipts from CILM

send them  to customer service at CDO and ask for a license exchange

The same applies with MPT and PTE tubes & Licenses

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Re:FAQs & Copyright questions
(Date Posted:04/01/2012 1:30 AM)

 Read and understood
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[center][IMG][/IMG][/center][center][I][FONT family=Tahoma color=black size=16px]"Of Increate Power infinite formed am I. That deathless as themselves, I do not die. Justice divine has weighed, the doom is clear. All hope renounce, ye lost, who enter here." [/FONT][/I][/center]

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RE:FAQs & Copyright questions
(Date Posted:04/08/2012 7:52 AM)

Read and Understood!
With the exception of celebrities.
The PTU tubes (such as Johnny Depp, true blood characters, twilight characters etc)  Those are allowed correct? But not like from the various sights from news, Internet etc.....?  That part wasnt clear to me. With so many artists doing their images now, I want to make sure. 
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