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Title: A guide to basic PSP
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(Date Posted:03/26/2010 11:00 AM)
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There are a lot of helpful links here for beginners :)
Question: I just received PSP and don't know what all those things are for, can you help?
Answer: Consulting your help files will give dozens of answers.  If there is something specific, go to the 'key' and type in your term.  In addition, please visit this site:
Question: I am completely new to Paint Shop Pro. Where do I start?
Question:  Is there a good site where someone who just received Paint Shop Pro can go to learn the very basics?
Answer:  Please visit these sites:
Question: I don't understand anything about the formats for graphics. What does it mean?
Answer: Please visit this site: (Graphic Formats)
Question: My images are always too big. What can I do?
Answer: Please visit this site: (Changing Image Size)
Question: I don't understand how to use gradients or textures or floodfills, help?
Answer: Please visit this site: (Creating a New Image)
Question: How do I use the text function of PSP or create an oval selection?
Answer: Please visit this site: (Creating Oval Selection/Button with text)
Question: I am confused about settings and techniques for the paintbrush and airbrush.
Answer: Please visit this site: (Using your paintbrush and Airbrush in PSP)
Question: I don't like the colors in the palette. Is there anyway to make my own?
Answer: Please visit this site: (Creating Custom Colors)
Question: I would like to practice with some special effects. Know where I can find something to help me?
Answer: Please visit this site: (Cutouts)
Question: I try to use screen capture but it doesn't work for me. Why?
Answer: Please visit this site: (Deform, Filters and Screen Capture)
Question: What is the selection tool and how do I use it?
Answer: Please visit this site: (Using the Selection Tool)
Question:  I've seen so many pretty backgrounds, how do I make them?
Answer: Please visit this site: (Seamless Background/Tiling)
Question: I just don't understand layers at all. How do you use them?
Answer: Please visit this site: (Basics of Layers)
Question: None of my backgrounds stay transparent. How do I do this?
Answer: Please visit this site: (Creating GIFs/keeping images transparent)
Question:  I downloaded a filter but I can't get it to work for me. What can I do?
Answer: Please visit this site:
"For some plugins you'll need the following dlls
If these files are not in your windows-system directory, you may download them from our files section at the PSPMadeEZ Yahoo site.
Question:  I just got Super Blade Pro and I want to know more about it. (Basics of Super Blade Pro)
Answer:  Please visit this site:


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