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Title:New Bee's Questionnaire
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Krissy's New Bee's Questionnaire

Hello and thank you for your interest in joining our group, before we can approve you we need a simple form filled out so you understand the type of group your joining and some of the requirements for the group.

First off if your joining this group just for the HTML lessons then you have joined the wrong group.  HTML lessons are taught after you have learned the Paint Shop Pro program.  We teach you how to create graphics so eventually you can put them on those great pages you will be creating.

If you can't add grahpics then there is no point in learning HTML because if you take it from another site to add to your pages then its stealing.  If your not interested from this point then please let me know so I can remove you.

So if you interested in learning it all then let's move on.

I need the following information please. If we do not recieve the information within 48 Hours of joining then we will deny you.

To be considered for membership in this group, PLEASE ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS!

Just click on reply and place an X in the box that it applies to and type your answers to questions in the box that it is associated with.

Not Sure
 1. Do you own a version of PSP?   
 2. Do you want to learn HTML?   
3. If yes on HTML are you willing to wait until all PSP classes are completed?   
 4. Are you willing to be on individual emails in the group?   
 5. Are you willing to send at least one lesson every week?   
 6. And if you are unable to send at least one lesson every week you will notify the instructor with reasons?   
 7. You understand you can not be set on Daily Digest or Special Notice in this group?   
8. Once approved you must join our forum are you willing to do that?   
 9. If no lesson is turned in by the first week a grace period of an additional week will be given.
If we don't hear from you then you will be removed from the group.
Are you willing to accept those terms?
10. Are you a previous Bee?   
If yes please explain why you left.
11. Team Viewer is a program that the instructors use to remote into your computer if your having issues
It allows them to see what your doing wrong or right
Are you willing to upload it?
Not Sure
12. Do you know how to use the Layers palette?   
13. Do you know how to use the Materials palette   
14. Do you know how to use all the PSP tools and presets to the tools?   
15. Do you know what tubes are?   
16. Do you understand the layers within the tube?   
17. Do you know how to install plugins and use them?   
18. Do you have winrar?   
 20. We have many levels within this group. Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced
If you feel your are above the beginners then tell us which one you would go into and the reason why.

26. Full name:  
27. Yahoo ID:  
28. E-mail address:  
29. Website address if you have one:  
30. How did you hear about our group?

Once approved you will see an email that says important information. Please keep it. It has your passwords and directions for lessons.
We look forward to seeing you in the hive.

Queen Krissy's New Bees

Date Posted: 07/20/2011 12:56 PM
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