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Title:How to Sign up
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If you are not a aimoo user than you will need to follow this process if you are already a member of aimoo then skip down to step

Step 1 Click on sign up now

Step 2 the directions are easy with this one just fill out what you need.  When you get to the bottom
were it says to type in the verification if its to hard to read just click on the "to hard to read" wording just like I have below.  Keep clicking until you can read it.  It gets easier.  LOL

Step 3 - Once you have registered a page will come up for options just click on the one that says go to forum.

Step 4 - You should see something like this:

Step 5 - Click on Join and you then get this window:

Click on Submit to join and your good to go.

You will not see anything until approved on our end.  If you don't hear anything for a couple of days then please let me know.



Date Posted: 07/21/2011 4:19 PM
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