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Title:Adding Drop Shadow
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1. Go to the honey shop or the last link in baby bees says tube shop it is the same thing.

2. Pick out a tube you want to use then right click on it and save target as and save to your desktop.

3. In psp open your tube and then shift + D to duplicate it and then close the original.

4. Open a new transparent image 400 x 400

5. Pick a color out of your tube you like then floodfill your image. Keep in mind you want it to match nicely.

6. Go up to selections and select all. Keep this selected.

7. Go to layers / New raster layer. Now you will see a blank layer on top of your floodfilled background.

8. Go to your tube and make sure you are on the tube layer and not where the watermark or background is if it has one. Then go to edit copy then back to your blank layer and Edit/ PASTE INTO SELECTION

9. Now go to Selections/ select none.

10. Now lets add a drop shadow.

see my images on how to find the drop shadow then look at the settings.

No go back to drop shadow and we are going to do a reverse drop shadow where we change the horizontal and vertical to -3 and leave the other numbers the same.

Now see how it looks like it just jumped out?
Ok now layers / Merge flatten

11. Ok lets add a small border. Go to Image / Add borders
select another color that is in your tube and put it in the box that comes up in borders. Now make the numbers 5 in all 4 boxes make sure symetrical is checked.

12. Now add your watermark.

Either post your challenge under results in this catagory or email to the group for credit.

Date Posted: 07/11/2011 6:19 PM
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