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Title:Thursday seventh stage of the Vuelta al Tachira 2014 race
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The seventh step of the XLIX edition of the Vuelta al Tachira bike will take place on Thursday between Coloncito and Columbus, the two populations of Tachira entity , with a distance of 117.8 kilometers .

cycling jerseys women The scene , with mountainous areas of 103 km , will begin at 09:30 in the Plaza Bolivar Coloncito , Orope will pass and ends at Columbus Plaza Sucre.

For emergencies during rotation are enabled health centers Coloncito and Colon.

The winner of the sixth stage of the Vuelta Grande de América , against the clock to 22.9 km between cold and Coloncito , the two populations of Tachira , was the Italian team André Dal Col , Neon Yellow , with a time of 27 minutes 39 seconds ( 27.39 ) .

In the Vuelta al Tachira 16 participating teams : 10 Venezuelans six outsiders .

The national team Lotería ( Royal Nike) , Kino Tachira Foundation ( Royal Bike) tachirense athlete, Bolivarian government of Tachira , Trujillo Bolivarian government, Fundación José Gregorio Hernández, Petroleos de Venezuela ( PDVSA) , Governorate of Mérida and Sport Foundation and Leisure Merida ( Fundemer ) state are the 10 teams representing Venezuela.

Two teams of Colombia ( Bogotá Formesan - Empas huamana and Santander) , two from Italy (yellow Blur Pro Cycling and KVIS Trevigiani MG) , one from Spain ( Spanish selection of Castile and Leon ) and the selection of Cuba, foreign training are present competition.

Vuelta al Tachira 's , which opens the international calendar of the International Cycling Union ( UCI) America Tour will award points for participation fashionable way Ponferrada Spain World Championships.

 bicycle helmets The route will cross the roads and Portuguesa , Barinas , Mérida and Táchira competition and will travel 1282.5 miles in ten steps with 35 sprints and 13 high mountain.

In 2013 , the title fell into the hands of the rider Yeison Delgado, Tachira lottery, with a total time of 31 hours , 30 minutes, 47 seconds .

Date Posted: 01/16/2014 02:27 AM
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