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Title:Kill five bodyguards of a Spanish rider in Pakistan
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A Spanish citizen was injured in an attack in western Pakistan in an attempted kidnapping when it was cycling in the province of Baluchistan , as reported by Spanish diplomatic sources . The Spanish , identified as Javier Colorado and from Madrid , was injured in an attack in the west of the country , which killed five Pakistani soldiers and 10 people were injured .

The attack occurred at 10.00 local time ( 05.00 GMT) when an unknown group fired on the Spanish tourist traveling by bike and escort ' Levies ' paramilitary force acting in border areas, in the town of Mastung , province Baluchistan, said Police Inspector Shafqat Shahwani Mastung .

The city, which was slightly injured and has been discharged from the hospital , he was going around the world by bicycle , as explained by his sister. cycling monton Diplomatic sources have said the Spanish Embassy in Pakistan is following this issue since learned that is in contact with the Pakistani authorities.

This is a non-resident tourist who was not registered at the Embassy , pinpointed the sources. A family has registered Efe that was going around the world by bicycle , on a journey that began on 1 October in Madrid , which has taken him to more than ten countries .

The tourist, who entered Pakistan from Iran by train, carrying with him a GPS device with which the family knew its location.

Colorado Family , 27, a graduate in Chemical Engineering, has been reported through the social network Facebook that they plan to continue the journey . In a statement the deal thank the Spanish Embassy and the Consulate , but make no mention of the policemen killed in the ambush , which has drawn criticism in the mentioned social network.

The Foreign Ministry advises against travel to Pakistan " except for reasons of extreme necessity " and remember that there is " a serious risk of kidnappings of foreign nationals occurring throughout the country."cycling T-shirts

In its travel advice website, Foreign claims that the " large number of terrorist attacks and sectarian violence , and the existence of areas of open confrontation between the army and the Taliban , discourage tourism in the country " .

Especially advised , among others, to avoid the area of Baluchistan, where the tourist was injured and road travel in or out of Pakistan or from Iran and Afghanistan.

Date Posted: 01/23/2014 01:42 AM
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