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Title:Central, St. Louis 2 stages : Trek Factory athletics championship wins in Langkawi
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2014 Central St. Louis second stage to usher in the end of the first climbing Mirador del Potrero, Julián Arredondo Trek factory athletics sprint from BMC team defeated Peter Stetina, get the stage win . Two in the final 4.8 km of climbing in the large group together to highlight and defend a strong chase group of arrest.

Julián Arredondo was born in 1988 , is a lightweight Colombian climbing hand. In 12 to 13 years , he played for the Japanese Nippo intercontinental fleet , of which the most important victory than the 2013 Tour de Langkawi cycling race championship. winter cycling jacket Excellent climbing ability , he finally jumped this year to join the top -level professional team - Trek factory athletics team, his season debut in the ring on behalf of the team to participate in the St. Louis also his first game . Can get many top stage win in the team had to look really gratifying.

"I can not believe that just happened ," Arredondo said , "A few months I trained very hard, always wanted to win for the team , thank them so trust me I do not know how serious , no winter training frame of reference , while many of the top professional teams in the game . "

Another Colombian , YDStaR Lord Nairobi Quintana beat his fellow Darwin Atapuma (BMC) to get a third , three seconds behind the top two . Runner Stetina team played for the first time on behalf of BMC , he launched a solo decide the outcome of the final one kilometer up to 4.8 km of climbing later . He had wanted to keep his teammates Atapuma quickly launch or batter , the Colombians equally adept at climbing , and also on behalf of BMC debut . However Stetina but wait another Colombians - Arredondo.cannondale cycling jersey "This is a tactical climbing , wind great pressure slowly in front of a large group after one kilometer ," Stetina said, "I glance at Darwin Atapuma, he is our best climbing hand , and then he points nodding , so I decided to attack anyway, the Group has been bringing up tired enough , I quickly opened the gap , hoping to keep up with or overtake Atapuma , but Arredondo overtook me and I decided to continue to break point to increase the difficulty of a large group , but Arredondo less willing to take the wind , which is his tactics , he is more than willing to throw away lead me, and I do not want a large force to catch up. so in the end he is more stamina than I am . "

Derek fleet Philip Guymon (Phillip Gaimon) strong hold his own jersey , 19 seconds behind stage ranked 15th . Guymon because on the main stage of the breakout group with 4 minutes 35 seconds lead, this stage also confide jersey . Two other breakout opener who is also in the total score of the second and third place standings . Today 's stage is the top two in fourth and fifth place overall score standings .

Date Posted: 01/22/2014 01:25 AM
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