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  • Topic Quintana is very close to the title at t... 01/26/2014 00:17 AM

    Colombian cyclist Nairo Quintana (Movistar Team) was on the verge of being crowned as winner of § 8 Tour de San Luis after the climb to the Mirador del Sol in Merlo in which he was third . cannondale jersey The sixth stage of the competition was held by Julian Arredondo ( Trek Factory) , who after 4 hours and 16 minutes achieved his second win in the test, Ciudad Bolívar attacked in the final stretch , less than 500 meters and was with partial .

    The stage that began its journey in The Farms had an early leak which appeared Dehaes Kenny ( Lotto Belisol ) , Lawrence Warbasse (BMC Racing Team), Jens Keukeleire ( Origa GreenEDGE ), Anthony Delaplace (Bretagne Séché ), Juan Arango ( Team Colombia ) , Gregori Brenes ( Jamis Hagens Berman) and Richard Mascarañas (Set Uruguay ) .

    This group of 7 men exceeded Naschel sprint goals and Villa Larca Mascarañas and Dehaes where the most important points were distributed , although none of them endangered the green mesh that holds Julian Gaday ( Buenos Aires Province) .

    After connecting the escapees , the group began to decline while the rise hardened. In the first selection were 40, then about 15 units , there attacked José Serpa ( Lampre Mérida) , but was later surpassed by the men who made the podium, who defined in the final meters and to a crowd who scaled the 1,450 m of Viewpoint Sun

    Quintana (Movistar Team) now has a lead of 35 seconds over Gaimon (Garmin Sharp ) and almost 2 minutes over Sergio Godoy ( San Luis Somos Todos ) , who is also the best Argentine .movistar cycling kit

    This Sunday the final stage between San Luis and terraces Portezuelo , a partial 148.1 kilometers that will be from the center of San Luis is played . The ultimate goal of the international event will be at the Bicentenary Hito .

    The world capital of cycling

    The eighth Tour de San Luis had the participation of 152 cyclists from around the world. 12 professional teams who live only for cycling and are present in the best competition in the world were presented. All were presented in the Tour to complete the preparation being made since the early days of the season.

    For a few days San Luis was the capital of the cycling world with seven challenging stages , which are lived in full with thousands of spectators from the start to the finish.

    The heat played a key role in the test , it was a torture for several riders who are not used to compete in the high temperatures that prevailed in our country in the last week .

    All had to endure more than 40 degrees and some of them had to be treated by health specialists .

    Today is the last 148 kilometers run , Colombian Nairo Quintana is close to win the title , but a lot can happen in today's test for the quality of brokers who are involved in the fight for the title. The final stage will start at 13.15 .

  • cyclingwear cycling
  • Topic Introduction to Ponferrada Cycling World... 01/24/2014 01:09 AM

    The Cycling World Championships 2014 Ponferrada internationally will be released tomorrow in Fitur , the International Tourism Fair .

    cycling monton The event will take place on the center stage of the stand of the Junta de Castilla y León ( Hall 9 ) and will feature the maximum local authorities , local, provincial and regional , as well as former cyclist Perico Delgado , who will act as ambassador, and Javier Minguez, national coach . Javier Ares , prestigious sports journalist , take control of your presentation.

    Taking advantage of the excellent opportunity that represents Fitur, the organization of the Cycling World Championships 2014 , with the town of Ponferrada in the lead, give tours internationally known and all the details of the tests to be held in El Bierzo between 21 to 28 September.

     cannondale jersey It will be the seventh time that Spain hosts the great event of the cycling world , after Lasarte (1965 ) , Montjuïc (1973 ), Barcelona (1984 ) , Benidorm (1992 ), San Sebastian (1997) and Madrid ( 2005).

  • cyclingwear cycling
  • Topic Kill five bodyguards of a Spanish rider ... 01/23/2014 01:42 AM

    A Spanish citizen was injured in an attack in western Pakistan in an attempted kidnapping when it was cycling in the province of Baluchistan , as reported by Spanish diplomatic sources . The Spanish , identified as Javier Colorado and from Madrid , was injured in an attack in the west of the country , which killed five Pakistani soldiers and 10 people were injured .

    The attack occurred at 10.00 local time ( 05.00 GMT) when an unknown group fired on the Spanish tourist traveling by bike and escort ' Levies ' paramilitary force acting in border areas, in the town of Mastung , province Baluchistan, said Police Inspector Shafqat Shahwani Mastung .

    The city, which was slightly injured and has been discharged from the hospital , he was going around the world by bicycle , as explained by his sister. cycling monton Diplomatic sources have said the Spanish Embassy in Pakistan is following this issue since learned that is in contact with the Pakistani authorities.

    This is a non-resident tourist who was not registered at the Embassy , pinpointed the sources. A family has registered Efe that was going around the world by bicycle , on a journey that began on 1 October in Madrid , which has taken him to more than ten countries .

    The tourist, who entered Pakistan from Iran by train, carrying with him a GPS device with which the family knew its location.

    Colorado Family , 27, a graduate in Chemical Engineering, has been reported through the social network Facebook that they plan to continue the journey . In a statement the deal thank the Spanish Embassy and the Consulate , but make no mention of the policemen killed in the ambush , which has drawn criticism in the mentioned social network.

    The Foreign Ministry advises against travel to Pakistan " except for reasons of extreme necessity " and remember that there is " a serious risk of kidnappings of foreign nationals occurring throughout the country."cycling T-shirts

    In its travel advice website, Foreign claims that the " large number of terrorist attacks and sectarian violence , and the existence of areas of open confrontation between the army and the Taliban , discourage tourism in the country " .

    Especially advised , among others, to avoid the area of Baluchistan, where the tourist was injured and road travel in or out of Pakistan or from Iran and Afghanistan.

  • cyclingwear cycling
  • Topic Central, St. Louis 2 stages : Trek Facto... 01/22/2014 01:25 AM

    2014 Central St. Louis second stage to usher in the end of the first climbing Mirador del Potrero, Julián Arredondo Trek factory athletics sprint from BMC team defeated Peter Stetina, get the stage win . Two in the final 4.8 km of climbing in the large group together to highlight and defend a strong chase group of arrest.

    Julián Arredondo was born in 1988 , is a lightweight Colombian climbing hand. In 12 to 13 years , he played for the Japanese Nippo intercontinental fleet , of which the most important victory than the 2013 Tour de Langkawi cycling race championship. winter cycling jacket Excellent climbing ability , he finally jumped this year to join the top -level professional team - Trek factory athletics team, his season debut in the ring on behalf of the team to participate in the St. Louis also his first game . Can get many top stage win in the team had to look really gratifying.

    "I can not believe that just happened ," Arredondo said , "A few months I trained very hard, always wanted to win for the team , thank them so trust me I do not know how serious , no winter training frame of reference , while many of the top professional teams in the game . "

    Another Colombian , YDStaR Lord Nairobi Quintana beat his fellow Darwin Atapuma (BMC) to get a third , three seconds behind the top two . Runner Stetina team played for the first time on behalf of BMC , he launched a solo decide the outcome of the final one kilometer up to 4.8 km of climbing later . He had wanted to keep his teammates Atapuma quickly launch or batter , the Colombians equally adept at climbing , and also on behalf of BMC debut . However Stetina but wait another Colombians - Arredondo.cannondale cycling jersey "This is a tactical climbing , wind great pressure slowly in front of a large group after one kilometer ," Stetina said, "I glance at Darwin Atapuma, he is our best climbing hand , and then he points nodding , so I decided to attack anyway, the Group has been bringing up tired enough , I quickly opened the gap , hoping to keep up with or overtake Atapuma , but Arredondo overtook me and I decided to continue to break point to increase the difficulty of a large group , but Arredondo less willing to take the wind , which is his tactics , he is more than willing to throw away lead me, and I do not want a large force to catch up. so in the end he is more stamina than I am . "

    Derek fleet Philip Guymon (Phillip Gaimon) strong hold his own jersey , 19 seconds behind stage ranked 15th . Guymon because on the main stage of the breakout group with 4 minutes 35 seconds lead, this stage also confide jersey . Two other breakout opener who is also in the total score of the second and third place standings . Today 's stage is the top two in fourth and fifth place overall score standings .

  • cyclingwear cycling
  • Topic Started eighth Tour de San Luis 01/17/2014 02:50 AM

    The eighth edition of the Tour de San Luis , Argentina , starts next Monday with several professional teams in the elite European and Latin American teams , which will be part of a total of 152 riders from 32 countries.

     cycling team jerseys The competition , which is now part of the global calendar and has become the best on the continent, will have 12 sets of high category road race (World Tour), five that make up the second international division ( Continental ), four most belonging to the next level ( hence the local San Luis Somos Todos lie and Buenos Aires Province) and finally , three Latin selections , as will that of Argentina , Cuba and Uruguay , looking to experience.

    If many of the best teams in Europe are here , so does the top runners .

    There are stars on everything. Vicenzo Nibali Italian , Kazakh Astana team is the winner of the Giro d' Italia 2013 and was 3rd in the 2012 Tour de France . His compatriot and team -mate , Michele Scarponi , is not far behind . Then comes the best sprinter in the world , Britain's Mark Cavendish ( Omeha Pharma) , which will compete in that specialty with Peter Sagan ( Cannondale ) .

    There are also Spanish Itching Rodriguez and Dani Moreno ( Katusha ) . A last minute another figure , the American Tom Danielson , for years referred to as the successor to Lance Armstrong joined . Nor miss the Latin jewel, the Colombian Nairo Quintana (Movistar ) second Tour de France 2013 , a specialist in climbing.

    Cracks come to the country to escape the cold European , looking for the best set-up for a very hard year.

    bianchi clothing The Argentine credit will be Daniel Diaz, winner of the 2013 edition of the Tour. Salta , at age 24 , has international categorical and is highly respected . Is the leader of San Luis Somos Todos team comprising six riders after a big fight to conform .

    Buenos Aires Province , with Walter Perez (Olympic gold in 2008 ) and the Argentine national team , with Juan Ignacio Curuchet , son of Olympic gold Juan, are other sources of care. The teams are arriving and Saturday will be the press conference.

  • cyclingwear cycling
  • Topic Thursday seventh stage of the Vuelta al ... 01/16/2014 02:27 AM

    The seventh step of the XLIX edition of the Vuelta al Tachira bike will take place on Thursday between Coloncito and Columbus, the two populations of Tachira entity , with a distance of 117.8 kilometers .

    cycling jerseys women The scene , with mountainous areas of 103 km , will begin at 09:30 in the Plaza Bolivar Coloncito , Orope will pass and ends at Columbus Plaza Sucre.

    For emergencies during rotation are enabled health centers Coloncito and Colon.

    The winner of the sixth stage of the Vuelta Grande de América , against the clock to 22.9 km between cold and Coloncito , the two populations of Tachira , was the Italian team André Dal Col , Neon Yellow , with a time of 27 minutes 39 seconds ( 27.39 ) .

    In the Vuelta al Tachira 16 participating teams : 10 Venezuelans six outsiders .

    The national team Lotería ( Royal Nike) , Kino Tachira Foundation ( Royal Bike) tachirense athlete, Bolivarian government of Tachira , Trujillo Bolivarian government, Fundación José Gregorio Hernández, Petroleos de Venezuela ( PDVSA) , Governorate of Mérida and Sport Foundation and Leisure Merida ( Fundemer ) state are the 10 teams representing Venezuela.

    Two teams of Colombia ( Bogotá Formesan - Empas huamana and Santander) , two from Italy (yellow Blur Pro Cycling and KVIS Trevigiani MG) , one from Spain ( Spanish selection of Castile and Leon ) and the selection of Cuba, foreign training are present competition.

    Vuelta al Tachira 's , which opens the international calendar of the International Cycling Union ( UCI) America Tour will award points for participation fashionable way Ponferrada Spain World Championships.

     bicycle helmets The route will cross the roads and Portuguesa , Barinas , Mérida and Táchira competition and will travel 1282.5 miles in ten steps with 35 sprints and 13 high mountain.

    In 2013 , the title fell into the hands of the rider Yeison Delgado, Tachira lottery, with a total time of 31 hours , 30 minutes, 47 seconds .

  • cyclingwear cycling
  • Topic The study found the private parts of a w... 01/14/2014 01:34 AM

    Lead: The study found that cycling is not only a relationship with male erectile dysfunction , also might be interested in female sexual health hazard. If the handlebar position is below the seat , the female perineum soft tissue will be under more pressure to feel the pelvic floor will be reduced.

    Like riding a bike or exercise bike women sometimes numbness , and this feeling sometimes occur on the traditional bicycle saddle . Bicycle seat design makes most of the body weight falls on the front seat in a prominent position , like this put pressure on nerves and blood vessels in the genital area .colnago cycling jersey For men, this increases the risk of erectile dysfunction . Previous one pair of male bicycle patrol police research team also recorded similar results.

    However , so far no detailed study on women riding bicycles . 2006 Yale University researchers have found that compared with the reference group of women runners , cyclists female genital feeling relatively weak. Therefore, some scientists believe that women and men cyclists , like similar risks may exist on the issues.

    March 5 published in the " Journal of Sexual Medicine " (The Journal of Sexual Medicine) a study journal believes that cycling is not only a relationship with male erectile dysfunction , also might be interested in female sexual health hazard. Currently, researchers are studying whether they would ride a bike female sexual health threat .

    In the latest study , Yale University researchers try to determine whether the female rider numb pain is often caused by a specific factor . 48 weekly ride at least 16 kilometers ( a lot of people over this distance ) women participated in the study .

    Female riders with their own bikes and the seat went private laboratories . Researchers bike fixed on a machine. Female riders according to their preferences after adjust the seat position to start ride bicycles . Ride bicycles in the process, women riders to report whether they are sitting in pain , numbness, or tingling in the seat , but with a feeling of pelvic floor measuring device .

    Notably , the position of the steering wheel seems to be the most critical factor.monton cycling jersey If female riders adjust the handlebar position is below the seat , perineal soft tissue will be under more pressure to feel the pelvic floor will be reduced.

    The researchers found that the lower the position of the handlebars relative to the seat , a woman more likely to lean forward , so that the proportion of perineal exposure to the greater weight . When riders leaning forward , back straight , or for more aerodynamic hand on the bend of the track cycling position, the problem is more likely to occur.

    The results of this study will help women riders attention problems faced by cyclists , but it still needs more long-term studies . Previous research on male bicycle patrol police officers showed the best way to reduce or even eliminate the pressure on the perineum is the use of the front part of the seat without protruding . The researchers also suggested relevant police and other staff to use the front seat of the bike is not obvious , so in turn put pressure on the sciatic instead of soft tissue. If the weight is not force this , it does not generate pressure.

  • cyclingwear cycling
  • Topic Cannondale team joined the French Jean- ... 01/09/2014 01:40 AM

    Cannondale Pro Cycling Team has announced the addition to its ranks of Jean -Marc Marino , the first French rider of the Italian squad .

    Jean -Marc Marino, 30 years old, was born in 1983 in Castres, at the foot of the French Pyrenees. short Cycling Jerseys Professional since 2006 , has played for teams like Credit Agricole and Sojasun , completing three laps (two Tour de France -2012 and 2013 - and Tour of Spain -2007 -) .

    "I'm excited to face this new experience with the Cannondale Pro Cycling ," Marino said. "I am very grateful to the team for giving me this opportunity. Since the demise of Sojasun I've been waiting for a chance to compete at the highest level . Cannondale Pro Cycling is a great team with strong leaders and promising talents . 'll Be one of the pilots more veterans group and I intend to share my knowledge of the sport with the rest of the team, " he says.

    " When I talked to Marino for the first time I really appreciated the desire I had to wear the jersey of Cannondale ," said team manager Roberto Amadio .

    " Our team for 2014 has many young cyclists and wanted to complete the list by adding an individual capable of ensuring the skills and team spirit . Marino has the right features for our team ."

    Jean- Marc Marino with the full team a list of 28 runners.monton cycling shop His addition to the squad is scheduled for the concentration are scheduled in Tuscany during the second half of January. Marino debut with Cannondale competition Maxima in Rome in March.

  • cyclingwear cycling
  • Topic Esteban Chaves and wears the uniform of ... 01/08/2014 01:30 AM

    The Colombian rider is ready to tackle the 2014 season.

    After a bitter 2013 after injury that has not stopped racing since his fall on Feb. 16 Laigueglia Trophy , which broke his collarbone which forced him to go under the knife twice , the Colombian cyclist Esteban Chaves already has the uniform of the new Australian team Orica , in which premieres this season .cycling clothing for men

    Chaves signed with the World Tour squad without having fully recovered from the serious injuries that the accident occurred in Italy and almost stop him in cycling due to a serious movement in the affected arm.

    " The idea is to gradually finding the ideal shape. We recovered a high percentage mobility of the limb and that has me happy, " Chaves said.

    Esteban Chaves was champion of the Tour de l' Avenir in 2011 and won a partial victory on the queen stage of the Tour of Burgos a year later.bicycle helmets

    The accident occurred when the Bogota rider was part of Team Colombia , which he left to go to Orica .

    " I did my first camp and I really liked the team , the group . Objectives are well-defined ," said Chaves.

  • cyclingwear cycling
  • Topic Spain happens to have 55-33 riders in th... 01/07/2014 00:57 AM

    The Spanish squad in the World Tour withers . In 2014 there is only one team, Movistar, and will go from 55 runners in 2013-33 . Besides , the average age is the highest of the highest caliber : 30,5 years. That is, there are fewer cyclists in our country, and are older .monton cycling jersey The future does not look good , since Itching (34 ) , Valverde (33) or View (31 ) face their last campaigns . Samuel ( 35) has not signed with anyone after the disappearance of Euskaltel , the other was training in First.

    The number of riders in the World Tour is reduced one-third , and 21 of the 33 have 30 or more years : In this 2014 a very sharp reversal will occur. Last season , Spain was the second nation in number, just behind Italy ( 68). This season has dropped to fifth . And the lace puts age : 30.5 years national cyclists exceed by more than two to Germans ( 28.3) , Italy (28.3) , French ( 28) and Belgium ( 27.9) , the other larger groups .

    But there are more negative data . Only five former Euskaltel, Landa (Astana ) , Anton 's Izaguirre and Lobato (Movistar ) and Snow (Sky ) have found a place in the elite. The Caja Rural will remain in second , while the third will continue in Euskadi . There are no structures or a generational shift emerging. Doping and the economic crisis have done much damage .

    The Tinkoff Contador is the oldest , the Argos, the youngest

    The Saxo - Tinkoff Alberto Contador, who turned 31 in December , is the oldest of the 18 teams in the World Tour in 2014 , with an average age of 29.43 . I could still call at the structure of Oleg Tinkov Samuel Sanchez , 35 . The youngest will be the Argos, with 26.06 and a particularity: in their ranks run the only Malaysian Loh Sea Keong , 27 . If the average is 28.06 First , the Movistar is just six tenths above : 28.69 . The number of countries represented is reduced from 44 to 2013-41 . colnago cycling jersey Debut 92 cyclists and France became the country with more runners ( 78), to snatch the top spot from Italy (68 in 2013) . Another significant change for 2014 : the number of training has fallen from 19 in 2013-18 , and last season 's Katusha Itching was readmitted in first after the International Cycling Union (UCI) to exclude him in the selection process licenses.

  • cyclingwear cycling
  • Topic Four Spanish this weekend at the World M... 01/04/2014 01:50 AM

    Four Spaniards take part this weekend in the World Championship Cyclocross Masters, to be played in Gossau (Switzerland). cannondale jersey It is the Spaniard Juan Carlos Gomez (35-39), the Spaniard Marco Antonio Prieto (40-44) and Borja Bergareche Madrid (60-64) and José Simães (65-69), all leading specialists nationwide .

    Located near Zurich, Gossau has enabled a distance of 2500 meters, mainly grass, in which eight-three tests played on Saturday and five on Sunday, bringing together so many categories, and six male female in age groups five.

    Simães be the first to compete (at 13.00 am), while Bergareche will do two hours later.movistar cycling kit The other two Spaniards will do the second day: Prieto, at 12.00, and Gomez, an hour and a half later.

  • cyclingwear cycling
  • Topic The ConBici coordinator requests the Gov... 01/03/2014 02:31 AM

    The defensive coordinator of the bike ConBici has sent a proposal to the Ministry of Education to collect the LOMCE cyclist training in primary and secondary education.

    The coordinator , which groups 54 cyclists associations throughout Spain , wants the government to reconsider the inclusion of cycling training in the educational curriculum of primary and secondary school as a teaching tool and as a target to improve road , health and environmental education . cheap cycling jerseys

    The proposal is born of the realization of the fact that in many European countries the bicycle is included , unlike in Spain , in educational curricula as a way to promote this sustainable mode of transport , in addition to the recent increase in the use of bicycles in many Spanish cities .colnago cycling jersey  

    ConBici , with permanent headquarters in Terrassa ( Barcelona) , will fight for students to complete their primary knowing cycling and Secondary able to travel on the environment.

  • cyclingwear cycling
  • Topic Ponferrada final preparations for the Wo... 01/02/2014 01:37 AM

    One of the major events of this year in Castilla y Leon is ready. Ponferrada has pretty much prepared to celebrate the World Cycling Championships . cycling undergarments From 21 to 28 September will become the international benchmark of sport on two wheels to celebrate the twelve test - and counterclockwise - route , consisting of the championship.

    The mayor of the capital of El Bierzo , Samuel Folgueral , noted that in addition to racing in Ponferrada, will be held in Villafranca del Bierzo , Carracedelo Cacabelo Camponaraya and , in order that the appointment is "a county project ." In this regard, he stressed that the world will be a perfect excuse for El Bierzo " to move forward ."

    The Toralín environment , where the so-called ' Bubble ' is located , and the Rose Garden will be the hub of the World Cycling berciana capital, the outputs of the various tests from the avenues of Asturias and Freedom . So , Ponferrada be central to the development of road tests and the time trial is the inclusion of Villafranca del Bierzo .

    global impact

    In addition , Samuel Folgueral emphasized that the initiative should serve to rally the tourism industry in the area, and thanks to the international impact that will have , for the promotion that will take place throughout the year , the name of Ponferrada will be heard in every corner of the world.

    In this regard, said the goal is to leave the League revenues of between ten and twelve , through hotel reservations, transfers and restoration.

    To promote the image of Ponferrada, the Hall has signed a collaboration agreement with the company Nautalia , which will be responsible for making available to visitors Nautalia tour packages sold through its 200 branches and its partners abroad with "a business strategy and development to support the needs of each delegation and all their fans ."

    To publicize the event , the World of Ponferrada had the best possible , ' godfathers ' some of the best Spanish cyclists in history , such as Miguel Indurain , " Perico " Delgado , Oscar Freire , Abraham Olano Ignacio Astarloa or who noted that the course is " fast and selective , which will be difficult to finish in a sprint to occur ."

    The circuit consists of distance is 18.2 miles, and in the male category will fund a total distance of 254.8 miles in fourteen laps.cycling clothing for men Thus, the route is marked by rising five kilometers to the Montearenas and rapid and prolonged down to this swamp Barcena and precisely finds its most dangerous point on the curve there immediately upstream of the dam.

    A competition in which the president of the Spanish Cycling Federation , José Luis López Cerrón stressed its hardness, that " insurance will see a great show and you will make the capital of El Bierzo , Castilla y León in Spain and more top of world cycling . "

    The ' tick -tack ' clock has already started the countdown, and all residents of Ponferrada are already eager to arrive on September 21 . Until then, the website " www.mundialciclismoponferrada.com " offers the most complete and all possibilities.

  • cyclingwear cycling
  • Topic More than one hour of riding such a prac... 12/30/2013 01:35 AM

    Professional riders training 20-30 hours a week on average , each year riding distance of 20000-25000 miles , which is far more than the average American annual driving trip. Many people mistakenly thought that want to reach the pinnacle , but also need to do this amount of training .cycling wear But if you train more than 40 hours a week , and then cramming additional 20 hours, you will eventually exhausted and not by leaps and bounds . Excellent results from good training , which includes different distances and different durations .

    Long-term , steady effort is particularly important, which helps promote the growth of a network of capillaries of the circulatory system , the cells absorb more nutrients and oxygen to enhance the body fat burning capacity. Do not overlook the less than two hours of outdoor training. Sports Science shows that 30- 75-minute train ride allows you to increase speed , improve cadence , and enhance endurance. In order to achieve the training objectives to be mixed : once a week to conduct long-distance riding - For most drivers, training three hours is enough - at least another day of rest .

    Speed ​​training , warm up for 10 minutes, increase the speed , reach and 40km time trial as sustainable pace ( intensity about PRE7). Adhere to 15 minutes , then downshift relax 3 minutes , was repeated twice more. With in-depth training , your body becomes more and more strong build , the need to increase training time , reduce recovery time , and finally increased to 1 hour . You will be more effective when climbing to shorten the gap with rivals - and be able to maintain a high -intensity physical output . Speed ​​training causes cells to produce energy efficiency becomes higher , improve physical limits , and enhance endurance.

    Lunch break , find a few friends , preferably lunchtime sneak out about endurance training . Different queues riding : You can separate , you can also try the double row or single and double combination . Challenge each other to see who is the king of sprint , who was climbing champion. tour de france jerseys And such a small team riding , you can exercise balance, riding technique , endurance , interpret the opponent's ability to predict , and team race strategy . In addition, it is also full of fun.

    Steady state at moderate (RPE6) riding over one hour . Want to maintain this intensity down very difficult. Ensure breathing evenly , no burning sensation legs . This method improves the ability to use fat , reducing the dependence on carbohydrates and sugars , and enhance endurance. Gradually, you'll ride farther , even without deceleration feel more comfortable, stable speed will be faster.
  • cyclingwear cycling
  • Topic Taxes cyclists sparks debate in Chicago 12/27/2013 01:53 AM

    The first flurries , freezing rain and freezing temperatures of winter have not been enough to prevent a surprisingly high number of cyclists in Chicago continue to roll through the streets, thanks in part to the city government is so concerned address them he has made compact snow plows to clear the bike lanes .

    The operation to remove snow is just one of the most recent measures have lavished the cyclists and city officials ranging from a growing number of bike lanes to the second largest network of bike sharing in the United States, stationed around Chicago and ready to use .

    This support urban cycling , however , has also posed a question to this and other cities around the country with deep financial problems : Who is paying for all this official support for the bike?

    In response, a city councilman recently proposed institute an annual tax of $ 25 cyclists , which sparked a debate across the city : Some voices spoke in favor , feeding the resentment of motorists towards cyclists that pass traffic lights red and stop signs . Several blogs near cyclists replied that perhaps the local government should levy a tax for pedestrians to use the sidewalks.

    " Will they have special bike cops to arrest offenders ? Or cameras and how would you make (to enforce this tax) " asked Mike Salvatore , owner of Heritage Bicycles , a business in Chicago that combines a cafe animated with a workshop to create a custom built bike nineteenth century .

    Chicago is by no means the only place in America where the temptation for authorities to take cyclists as a possible new revenue grows, but these plans have met with both equity issues as how to collect tax .

    That is putting under test targets some mayors that are transforming large urban extensions with bike lanes and other services, in the search for relevance , vitality and livability , with funds that are never enough.

    Two or three states are considering bills each year to create some kind of public bicycle registration and fees , with stickers or miniplates , said Douglas Shinkle , policy specialist at the National Conference of State Legislatures. winter cycling clothing This year were Georgia, Oregon, Washington and Vermont. The Oregon legislation , which failed , was looking even apply to children.

    "Legislators are trying to be as creative as possible and as open to any possibilities to fill funding gaps . Everything is on the table," Shinkle said.

    It is not a new idea. Netherlands, where the biker life style has been the norm , had bicycles taxes between 1924 and 1941 , when the Nazis removed in an attempt to win over the Dutch.

    Hawaii has had a bicycle registration law in the state for decades, and the city of Colorado Springs, Colorado, although in both cases these taxes charged once and all proceeds go to the bicycle infrastructure .

    In the case of Colorado Springs, the proposal came from the cycling community. Since 1988 has been in effect a tax of $ 4 per purchase of a new bike and nobody seems to care. The tax raises only up to $ 150,000 a year , but it is useful because the federal government adds equivalent subsidies. It has also given advocates of cycling a strong argument to push for more projects in support of cycling .

    The government of Portland, Oregon, is pushing full cyclists traversing the center of the city, angering some companies lanes.

    Robert Huckaby , who owns a moving company , tried unsuccessfully to raise a million dollars to include on the ballot statewide Oregon a measure that sought to consult the public on whether he supported the idea of ​​charging a fee to Bicycle registration and licensing .

    Huckaby was mobilized after the city government finally closed a street which was the main entrance to your business. Cyclists traveling along that street ignored a high total signal at an intersection and were struck by vehicles came round .

    " The sad thing is we want to be known as the American city more friendly to cyclists, but no one listens to 'Juan Pueblo ''' , Huckaby said . " They're basically just listening to the mayor of Portland and cyclists , "he added .

    In Chicago , Mayor Rahm Emanuel has prioritized the ciclocarriles and bike sharing programs , in the belief that it will make the city center in an attractive location for bright and innovative young companies.cycling bandanas  More bikes means less pollution, less traffic congestion , virtually no deterioration of city streets and a healthier population .

    However, the idea that cyclists are not paying their fair share has echoed elsewhere in the population, but many cyclists are also car owners who pay the fuel tax , which helps fund road construction , or homeowners who pay property taxes and are intended in part to road construction .

    The city councilman was not done any favors by trying to convince others about your idea of ​​putting a tax on bicycles to say it was a good alternative to raising the tax on cable television : the whipped Their opponents , accusing want to subsidize people who crushed the time on the couch watching television at the expense of healthy cyclists passed .

    Good or bad idea, some cyclists feel that the debate on the bike announces tax resurgence of cycling in the life of the whole country.

    "Who would have taken ( to the council ) really 10 years ago? " Asks Salvatore , 32 . "Really ! 10 years ago there were only a handful of crackpots who used the bike to travel on Chicago ."

  • cyclingwear cycling
  • Topic Cycling - enjoy a comfortable life 12/25/2013 00:59 AM

    Cycling is a fair sport , it will bring happiness to all people, including the ability of any age and any person .

    Per year in the long road along China often can see a lot of cycling trips travelers , who come from different places , speak different languages ​​, with varying beliefs , riding from one end of the other end of the journey in search of his own direction . And record the moving text and images.

    Modern society developed transportation, Aircraft trains, cars . Transportation connections. Why travel to ride it ? Why to suffer so much , weathered why bother? Exercise ? Monton cycling wholesales Perseverance test it? Table talk is to increase it? Look at the scenery it? Taste different cuisines do ?

    If by plane , train car travel, travel target is the point , then the line is the bike tours , bike tours will feel more pleasure travel , the more truly appreciate the magnificent scenery. More detailed experience local culture everywhere.

    Some people think that this is the experience of an experience . A mood, an attitude of life or a life 's pursuit.

    Like the feeling on the road , this is the most simple expression of a bike ride every person . See the end of the road in the open riding . Liberal riding, want government stop . Want to stay away . Toward the goal. Do not care about the end of the trip , cares about is the scenery and enjoy the scenery along the way mood . It is a fully integrated nature of travel , the most real sense of freedom .

    Although Kulei , but very happy and free. Comfortable ride free world , love the feeling of exile in nature . Feel the freedom of riding without beam. Record some of life's most memorable experiences . Learn to cherish my friends , learn to work together collectively .biking shorts Perception of the essence of life , we are full of yearning for the infinite life and power . Cherish the journey bit by bit. Between the end of State Road , snow-capped mountains , days are for bed , the vast sky, the desert next door , while the South China Sea is full of bike ALICE figure.

    Young friends need to experience . You can ride a bike trip to constantly feel and comprehend . Only personally feel the pain and suffering in order to truly appreciate the happiness and joy. Arduous travel experience is a valuable asset in life. Every experience will make people get spiritual sublimation. Know how to calmly face difficulties , how to use willpower to overcome difficulties .

    Bicycle travel is the best way to achieve self . You can find the speed, energy, passion , independence , cooperation, and beautiful bike trip .

    just do it a bicycle , a luggage, plus a happy mood , ready for the road , my friend.

  • cyclingwear cycling
  • Topic Cycling - Alonso and team would have a m... 12/24/2013 00:39 AM

    Fernando Alonso recently said the president of the International Cycling Union ( UCI ), Brian Cookson, would form " a great team " to stage its cycling project in 2015. cycling team jerseys Important cycling To sign giving name and ensure the team wins , the champion the world of Formula 1 would have already closed sponsor Arab Emirates, which financially support the team for the next five seasons .

    This information is published in the newspaper 'ABC' , notes that this economically endorse sponsor the team and the pilot " has worked with runners citing first person , traveling in search of sponsors and arranging meetings with key sections of cycling ."

    The companies that Alonso would have gone " from Google to Fly Emirates " , again according to this information. Latter airline company is the main sponsor of Real Madrid and other major football clubs like AC Milan or Paris Saint- Germain , so their links with the world of sport is very strong.

    zero tolerance

    The advance notice by the Madrid daily also speaks of the anti-doping policy chair the team , discarding recruiting riders , technicians, advisors or staff of any kind that have been linked to doping : "We do not want to hire any consultant , director , doctor or rider that at some point in their lives has been involved in a doping process .cycling bandanas  Therefore it is not safe in the presence of Rubiera project " literally says such information.

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  • Topic Spain monopolized the prizes awarded by ... 12/20/2013 02:03 AM

    Cycling speaks Spanish . " This statement of the Minister of Education , Culture and Sport Jose Ignacio Wert, great summarizes the 2013 season , at least as far as the ranking of the International Cycling Union is concerned. Its President , Brian Cookson, was yesterday at the headquarters of the CSD to deliver the prize to the best rider of the year Itching , the third classified Valverde ( Froome was second), the more powerful the Movistar team , and better nation to Spain .

    " Spain is a very important in the history of cycling country," said Cookson . cannondale jersey Itching , which gave a concentration to be present , appreciated the significance of his third award for best of the year ( 2010, 2012 and 2013) : "It is an award to more regular , but this year has had over the excitement that only me worth winning in Lombardy to be and I did it. " Also felt its impact : "In Spain we have at present great athletes and cycling seems to have missed something this season by not winning a big one. But it's very difficult. Or should we say that Alonso has a bad year being second World F-1 ? . "

    Better training . The Movistar team was one of the protagonists . Alejandro Valverde finished third in the rankings and the team was the best squad of 2013. " This award is very important for several reasons . The first is that it is an award for how well the team worked . From runners until the last assistant . But also from a commercial point of view , it is a good way to return to sponsor the bet he has done for us, "said Eusebio Unzué , manage team . For Navarre , the Quintana- Valverde duo will continue to lead the squad , "With Nairo we are fortunate to have a great champion project , which experience should serve to know Valverde take that responsibility."movistar cycling kit He also spoke of the new additions as Igor Antón , which he expected to show " their ability to do great things " and other frustrated as Alejandro Marque, with which Movistar broke the contract after the positive in the Tour of Portugal: "It has been a disappointment . "

    José Luis López Cerrón , president of the Spanish Cycling Federation , received the award at Spain as the best nation and wished to 2014 " to be close to these awards, the Spaniards reach the podium in the Grand Tours , and the success of the World Ponferrada . "

    Meeting with the estates of cycling

    In the busy schedule of Brian Cookson was also space to hold a meeting with the different levels of Spanish cycling. The presidents of the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation ( RFEC ), José Luis López Cerrón ; Council of Professional Cyclists ( CCP) and Spanish Organizations Cycling Association ( AEOC ), Marcos Moral , of the Association of Professional Cyclists Equipment (CPE ) Alfonso Galilee, and the Association of Professional Cyclists (ACP ), José Luis Santos , spoke English on the present and future of cycling . This is the first meeting of this kind that makes Cookson , elected in September last UCI president Pat McQuaid replacing outside the agency's headquarters . His message on his visit yesterday was clear: " My main job as head of the ICU is to restore credibility and confidence in the sport."

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  • Topic FEPACI positive rate of the 2013 cycling... 12/18/2013 02:39 AM

    The Panamanian Cycling Federation ( FEPACI ) scored positive the 2013 season developed in the country , with both riders locally and abroad.

    2013 began with children's activities in the capital city and in the province of Chiriqui, this hotbed of betting on sports and in the future will be the relay Panamanian cycling.

    In the province of Chiriqui, in the first months of the year was held at Happy summer special event for children three years and older who participated for several Sundays in races according to their ages. cycling undergarments This event was developed by the Provincial League Cycling Chiriqui .

    While in Panama , the Provincial Cycling League in conjunction with the company Rali and other sponsors, made ​​the Rally Kids, in which children of different ages were given the opportunity to compete in racing bikes suited to their ages .

    As for recreational cycling different activities throughout the year were performed , which highlight the Ocean to Ocean , an event that allows a route from the Atlantic province of Colon to the Pacific in the province of Panama , this activity each year with the presence of more than lovers of this sport .

    On the other hand , in competitive racing events such as national individual time trial championships and route were performed . In addition, the Tour of Central Provinces was developed.

    Other major events at competitive level was the classic mountain classic Chiriquí, classic U23 , great background Ciclismo507 , Vuelta a Chiriquí Masters , Racing League executives Panama , Promaster , ACIMACHI , radio and Tour of Panama Vuelta a Chiriquí.

    Activities such as mountain bike national championships were also developed , and the Shimano Short Track.

    The Panamanian attended cycling competitions outside the country such as the Tour of central Mexico, Return to Nicaragua , Central American Games , Shimano Short international Tranck .

    Our riders also saw action in international cycling. cycling clothing for men Yelko Gomez with Caja Rural Spain , Ramon Carter III with Vini- Fantini and renewed with the Italian squad for the 2014 season will be named Yellow Fluo .

    Another Panamanian who had a good season and good feelings left was Jury chorrerano Cristofer ran in the juniors category with Batcho team in the Spanish cycling and also participated in the World of Cycling. By 2014 , the Jury will be part of the training center UCI , which will open the door for it to be seen by professional teams increased the possibility of getting a major contract in professional cycling .

    For the 2014 season , is expected to Panama cycling in various forms continue development, and training new technicians, judges and commissioners . And that private enterprise creates in this sport and can invest in the ciclismos various events organized during the season.

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  • Topic Cycling Ribeirão conquer the National Ra... 12/17/2013 01:25 AM

    The 2013 season will conclude with the celebration cycling team of Ribeirão Preto (São Francisco Health / Sugar Caravels / Gold Meat / Botafogo / SME ) . For the second consecutive year, the stream - pretano team consolidated itself as the best of Brazil to become champion of the National Rank in Category Road .

    The end result was announced on Monday ( 16 ) CBC ( Brazilian Confederation of Cycling ) , confirming the 2,460 points scored by the team of cyclists in Ribeirão sum ​​of all the evidence of 2013 , the last being held in November. winter cycling jacket In all, 33 teams competed for the Brazilian ranking.

    " The title shows the strength of our team and the seriousness of the work we are doing . Earn National Ranking is very difficult and could repeat the feat for the second consecutive year, " coach Marcelo celebrated DonnaBella also highlighting the conquest of 2012. On occasion , Ribeirão totaled 2,819 points - 274 more than Sorocaba .

    This year , the 50 steps , Ribeirão Preto participated in 24 , scoring points in all . Vice - champion of the season , the FW Engineering of Rio de Janeiro , was 390 points behind current bicampeões .

    " We kept the base last year and hired reinforcements helped a lot in this achievement . The staff kept the regularity and reached the podium in most of the evidence of the National Ranking "said DonnaBella .


    Danilo Earth, technical director of the team of Ribeirão Preto , celebrated the conquest and was keen to point out the difference able to generate as many good results during the season .cannondale cycling jersey " We are doing some serious work . We have a multidisciplinary team of psychologist , physiotherapist , massage therapist and nutritionist . That makes a difference to the athletes , "he said . Before being champion , Ribeirão occupied more distant positions : 9 ( 2011) , 7 ( 2010) , 10th (2009 ) and 21th (2008 ) .

    The individual , four athletes of Ribeirão are among the top ten

    In individual ranking the CBC , the stream - pretana team managed to put four athletes in the top ten of the season . The best was Gideoni Monteiro , fifth with 462 points . Following , in sixth place , was Rodrigo Nascimento , with 380 points accumulated. Antoelson Dornelles was seventh with 344 , followed by Nilceu Ali , who finished the year with 307 points .

    Brazilian final ranking of 2013


    1 RIBEIRÃO BLACK 2,460
    2 St. Mary Magdalene ( RJ ) 2,070
    3 São José dos Campos 2,052
    4 Cascavel ( PR ) 1,394
    5 Sorocaba 886
    6 American 646
    7 Santos 344
    8 Suzano 339
    9 Paragominas (PA) 325
    10 Macapa ( AP ) 320

    Gallery of champions


    2013 BLACK 2,460 RIBEIRÃO
    2012 BLACK 2,819 RIBEIRÃO
    2011 Pindamonhangaba 2,712
    2010 Pindamonhangaba 3,309
    2009 3,318 American
    2008 Santos 1,356

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