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Title:daily Turkey tours
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Antalya airport was once a local airport where only domestic flights were made. most visitors after nearly 30 million visitors are coming from Istanbul, where Turkey
It comes to the city of Antalya. Therefore, direct flights are made from Europe and the world's largest cities. We had arrived in Antalya with direct flights with Pegasus.
in a very short time after the passport control. Antalya is located in a very large number of coves. We stayed at the 5 star hotel in LAra beach and bay.
Already all of the hotels in the city of Antalya, 5 stars at least 4 star. Private airport Antalya We arrived at the hotel after the Transafer Lara. The hotel is built on the slope.
We watched the Mediterranean landscape from everywhere easily. I could not go on without saying that breakfast and dinner in the morning and evening was much more enjoyable to eat at breakfast. eventually
The reason for preference for families is the private children's pool and the water parks for entertaining children. There was an enormous pool surrounding the hotel all around.
We had private beaches like our hotel as it was the public beaches that people went to in Antalya. Antalya sea is extremely clean salty and wavy. People can dive everywhere.
In the evening we are going to the castle which is located in OldCity of Antalya. There is a historical diving museum around Antalya castle. Here is a history of at least 5,000 years
as well as wandering through the wrecks of the wrecks, we took pictures of them underground. Already the historical port of Antalya and the storms that occasionally occurred here earthquakes
the wrecks were formed there. I can not go without telling a lot of dawn I saw the number of yachts I saw in Antalya harbor and these luxury ships together.We were in Istanbul Airport and after our passport check we got our suitcases. Escalator for subway which is just under 1 floor of Ataturk Airport
we arrived at the last stop of the metro and we arrived in Aksaray tranway transfer to Kabatas ferry pier in 1 hour. We were extremely comfortable and very economical after a trip.
There is an island ferry service every 45 minutes. We used istanbul card here and we waited here in the waiting room. The expected ship approached the pier and
we are binders of other passengers. We were on the 2nd floor of Bindik, and the magnificent view of Istanbul from here was great. 1.5 hours after passing Oldcity bosphorus and Maiden's Tower
we made the journey. We arrived at the island ferry pier and following the officer from the hotel we stayed here, the hotel is close to the Adalar municipality and the wonderful island view.
We stayed 3 days. Believe the island is very difficult to tell and the words are inadequate. It is not even told and especially the place where the evening of Adan has its own entertainment. At the sea
found fish restaurants and live music was a wonderful duo. Because the island is a wooded area, there are picnic areas where people feel comfortable here. Troy is one of the top destinations on its own. Immediately afterwards, we had the opportunity to see Gallipoli where a story of salvation was written. Believe in lacquer GAllpoli
There is only Canakkale Strait in the city center of Canakkale. But it seems Troy is so far away. I think after a rather boring trip http://www.trturkeytours.com
we found ourselves at the Troy museum. Free guides are allocated by the museum to groups of 10 people who come to the Troy museum. First of all, GAllipoli is the canal's throat, here
Latin or other name is the Greek name Dardanel. We started our tour with a map showing Troy's location. The place we first found was marked
There was a 3D model. The places we will visit are pre-arranged and short historical information is provided by our tour guide Medet Bey. Troy is about our relationship with Troy after he knows the wonderful legend
over. In the first hours of the day we immediately took ourselves to the peninsula of Gallipoli. Already when you enter here you have the same pride and sadness. Here for Gallipoli
you see the documentary and the books you read before you see the movie. Anyway, if you are trying to express this in all written and visual publications, the Battle of the Last Gentlemen
the best description for this place. We are more aware of the land battles between the black Anzac and the Turkish military. The Battle of Gallipoli is literally a naval battle. This war
eventually suffered a great pain and a defeat here where the great chimney of the great British and French Naval Forces all of the battle ships have sunk this in the Bosphorus
they have all been sunk and have suffered great damage, and they have not been able to continue the war.
We traveled by bicycle to the church garden, which is at the top of the island. It's all under your feet here.

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Date Posted: 03/31/2018 09:08 AM
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