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Title: No proof Maddie seen after SUNDAY - Discrepancies start TUESDAY Twins'Nanny sees her ONCE
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(Date Posted:21/08/2015 9:37 PM)
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Have you been told to 'Read the Files'? One doesn't 'read the files' individually.  Each witness statement read individually means very little, however, once they are compiled together the discrepancies and contradiction jump out at you. When you have  no proof that a child was seen after Sunday lunchtime and MANY MANY discrepancies start on has to ask WHY?

I compiled hundreds of timetables and timelines based on the witness statements and put them together to compare. They are the FACTS from the files.  When viewed it is possible to see that the MANY discrepancies and contradictions (not attributed to memory) started to happen on TUESDAY.  None of these discrepancies are 'manipulated', they are exactly as each witness claimed.  Each statement comments sorted into 15 minute intervals throughout the 'holiday'.

I also compiled all of the witness statements that claim to have seen Madeleine during the holiday. Once listed, I highlighted the portion relating to seeing Madeleine.  I checked for credibility of their work time in relation to their seeing Madeleine.  I checked each one for credibility of whether Madeleine would have been in the vicinity of them claiming to have seen her.

I checked whether they mentioned her specifically or whether they may have been mistaken, as, at the time the photos released were of a much younger Madeleine as the 'Last Picture' was not released until May 24th.

We know for a FACT that at least one person thought they saw Madeleine (Miguel Mattias from the Paraiso) when in fact the child was likely one of the T7 Madeleine was not at the Paraiso Thursday afternoon.

The ONLY credible sighting of Madeleine that I could find was by the cleaners daughter who saw them at 1.15pm outside their apartment just after she had finished her work shift.

So... All of the above is based on FACTS from the files (except Miguel Mattias who can be quoted) 

WHY would discrepancies start on TUESDAY?  Don't contradictions and curiosities suggest there may be something that someone was trying to hide?  What would they have been trying to hide on TUESDAY?

Why is there not ONE specific and credible sighting (with a known time) of Madeleine after Sunday lunchtime?

One person that we WOULD expect to give a credible acknowledgment of seeing Maddie would be the twins' nanny.  Surely she would have had the opportunity of seeing  Madeleine when she was with her parents dropping them off or picking them up?

They are the OFFICIAL POLICE INVESTIGATION FILES from the Madeleine McCann disappearance, compiled by the Portuguese Police with the help of the UK Police.  (UK police files are not available) but we do know from a Wikileaks FOI  "Without delving into the details of the case, Ellis admitted that the British police had developed the current evidence against the McCann parents, and he stressed that authorities from both countries were working co-operatively."
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