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Title: HiDeHo's Message to Matthew Oldfield
Madeleine McCann CONTROVERSY   WELCOME to HDH Controversy & Info
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(Date Posted:12/03/2015 6:55 AM)
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A message posted in 3A approx 2008.  There was no intention of it being any more than a regular comment to a thread but was published on many blogs and apparently a copy sent to the hospital where Matthew worked.... I wrote it from my heart...


I realise that sometimes memory can play tricks but recognising Thursday May 3rd as such an important day, I'm sure that a day or so later it would not have been difficult for you to remember the main details and there would be no reason for them to not be consistent with your other friends.

Therefore I ask you this....

Chivying the Paynes
You claim to have gone to chivvy the Paynes just prior to 9.00pm May 3rd.
You claim to have passed the at the top of the road...

May 10th -The deponent added that DP, FP and DW were still not present – and as he could see their apartment lights burning – he resolved to go to them, clarifying that he did not reach that apartment as those people were already on their way to the restaurant. He clarifies [further] thathe met them near the living quarters, at the corner next to the main door of the McCann apartment.

Fiona claims to have passed you outside 5A
David Payne claims to have passed you by the swimming pool
Dianne Webster was absolutely sure you weren't there...
Until the Rogatory interviews when she says that David and Fiona reminded her.....
Who is lying?

Mens Social Tennis

You claim to have seen Kate and the children when you arrived and the other women and children joined them later.

when they arrived at that meeting GM was already there, with KM and her children watching the match, the rest of the women and children joining them [KM and children] later.

Kate tells us she didn't go to the tennis courts.  Madeleine was tired and Kate and Gerry carried Madeleine back to te apartment at 5.40 when you were still down at the beach.

You say you finished at 7.00pm and you, David and Russell went back to your apartments, but David did not make it back to the tennis courts until  6.45pm at the very earliest as before he started playing he stopped at Kates apartment nd saw the children including Madeleine.

Where was he? With you or at Kates apartment?

Are you lying or is David lying?

Thursday lunch

You claim to have gone to Paynes for lunch on Thursday.

Fiona says they had lunch alone and you had lunch with Rachael, Russell and Jane.

I would consider that easy to remember so who is lying?

Fiona or yourself?

If so, then why?

Checking the children

You claim to have left the table with Russell at 9.25, (justifying two of you checking 3 apartments).  You walked up to the top of the road and went to your apartment next to the McCanns.

After checking you went to Russells apartment where his daughter was crying and had vomited.  Russell decided to stay and look after his daughter so you walked through his apartment and left through the back way as this was the shortest route for you to check te McCanns children.

You went  a short distance inside the apartment, saw the two cots, noticed more light in their room than in your daughters room next door and you then left.

You claim to have returned to the tapas restaurant at around 9.30pm within 5 minutes of the time you left. 

I would question whether that was possible, considering it takes a couple of minutes to walk the distance to the front doors of the apartments, added to going into your apartment, closing and locking and then visiting Russell and walking through his apartment and through the back gate, up to the McCanns apartment, in through the sliding doors, back down and walking back to the restaurant.

I would guess it took a little longer than less than 5 minutes...Important to be precise as the timeline is important considering Madeleine apparently disappeared around that time. 

It is more likely that you did not return until at least 9.35pm and told everyone that things were fine.

May I ask you.....Were you REALLY checking the children as you say?

Why did you tell Kate you would check on Madeleine?

Why not her 'children'?

I believe that you went on that holiday with the belief that your children would be looked after properly while you shared time with your friends for the evening meal.

I feel there is no question that you love and care  lot for your little girl.

I don't believe that you would leave her alone in the apartment.  I think you all had arrangements in place for the children to be watched.

You were apparently 'ill' on Sunday night,  Rachael was apparently 'ill' on Wednesday night (there is also a question as to whether she was 'ill' on Tuesday night also).

Your apartment was right next door to Kate and Gerry's and only 2 doors away from Russell and Janes apartment, so it would have made so much sense for you to share watching the children and, I believe you did!

How were you to know that something terrible would happen to Madeleine?

Did Gerry tell you straight away or did he wait until he hd figured out what he was going to do, and then ask for your support leaving you no time to think straight or realise the repercussions.

I'm sure he made you feel confident that he knew what he was doing and to trust him.  All you had to do was to avoid discussing the obvious and to just follow the plan.

I am sure you were shocked and devasted about what had happened and probably had many questions that maybe, to this day, remain unanswered.  

Had this situation happened to you, it would have been handled differently and there must have been many hours of discussing this with Rachael (and maybe, Russell and Jane).

You followed the 'procedure', for that night, hoping that you were doing the right thing but what option did you have?

I'm sure there was a lot of pressure to follow the plan as everyone else was, and goodness knows what would have happened had you 'broken ranks' and contacted the police, but you were probably assured that everything would be OK.

You had not done anything wrong and you maybe, didn't know all the details and it all happened so quickly......

I think it was you (or Russell) who did not want the media contacted.  Gerry and Dave wanted to, so you probably had no choice in the matter.

You had no idea of the repercussions from your decision to 'support' Gerry and Kate.

You 'trusted' this man (that you actually found quite boring) but he abused your trust and  because of his arrogance and subsequent greed your life has been devastated.

You didn't deserve that.  You made a mistake and you will 'pay' for it for the rest of your life.

If you could re-live those moments again, there would be no question you would have handled it differently.

I wonder whether its too late to make a difference....

You have tremendous pressure right now to remain quiet about everything that happened.

You are living with the knowledge and you, as well as Gerry and Kate and the others are hoping that the information contained in the police files and the videos of the dogs finding cadaver scent on Kates clothes and behind their couch and in the car, are not going to make headlines in Britain.

You, of course know that once they do, your life, and that of Rachael and your daughter will not only suffer the consequences of what those in the general public will know about your part in the simulated abduction but don't forget what is most important to you......

Can your family and friends have the same respect for you ever again?

Can you imagine a life where you will never again be trusted and the hurt you will have imposed on all the innocent members of your family?

The information WILL become available, you know that...

You wish for it all to go away but you know it won't....You have far worse to go through yet.

There are millions of people all over the world that care about Madeleine, many of them do not know the details that the police report revealed.  You can read it all here...

A report by Chief Inspector Tavares de Almeida to the Coordinator of the Criminal Investigation

Where he concludes, after analyzing all the evidence gathered, that the child is dead and the parents were responsible for cadaver occultation, and the entire GROUP was lying since the first day of the investigation.

There are thousands of people that have been privy to reading all the details of the police investigation.  

Unlike Kate and Gerry, who used 'public money' to be able to read it, the files were translated freely by wonderful people that care enough about Madeleine to put their heart and soul into seeking the truth.

All of these people have put in millions of hours.  They would have willingly helped Kate and Gerry in their search for Madeleine had they been asked, at no cost to anyone!

Unfortunately, Kate and Gerry didn't ask anyone to help.  Everyone knows why and so do you...

Matthew, am I underestimating you?

Is the support of Kate and Gerry worth more than your own self respect and the respect of your family?

I know you have the courage to do whats right.

Your family will be proud of you and people all over the world will one day, maybe, be able to forgive you for lying.  You probably felt it was the right thing to do at the time and after that, you thought there was no turning back, but you can make a difference now....

It will not be easy and you will be taking a step that will place you in the line of fire from everyone that has been deceived up until now, but in the end you will have, at least, a little peace,  knowing that regardless of a bad decision you made three years ago in Praia da Luz you will finally be able to hold your head up high.

If you can find it within your heart to free yourself of the pressure by doing what is right, and when the truth is made public, you will find that you have the support of thousands of members from forums dedicated to finding justice for little Maddie.

Only then can Madeleine be laid to Rest in Peace with the dignity and respect that she deserves. 


Do it for yourself, do it for your family but most of all do it for precious little Madeleine...

She no longer has a voice and she needs you.....

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