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Title: McCanns paid £100,000 to TRANSLATE Police Files - Volunteers did these FREE!
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(Date Posted:04/04/2015 10:33 AM)
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Have you been told the Portuguese police did 'nothing?


View the files below... In 11 days more than 1,000 diligences had been carried out!

Scroll down this page to see EXACTLY what was done in the PJ effort to search for Madeleine.

THOUSANDS of diligences!

Have you been told they didn't follow up on sightings?


Read the Apensos below with nearly 4,000 files detailing the followups to the sightings, keeping in mind also that if a sighting was in another country, the local police force followed up and reported back to PJ.

Have you been told they were slow to respond that night?


Did you know that by 1am there were 13 officers attending the scene and many of them off duty or raised from their bed?

Have you seen Goncalo Amaral the coordinator of the investigation DISCREDITED?

Gonçalo Amaral's role as the CO-ORDINATOR in the investigation was not to  get up in the morning and go out alone to solve the case!

He was not only the coordinator of the Madeleine case, he coordinated the whole CID.  His job was to coordinate the Criminal Investigation Department of the PJ's Southern Directory. There were other cases, other investigations at the same time.

In the Madeleine investigation, as  with Scotland Yard, there were several lines of investigation running simultaneously and approximately on the fifth day of searches there were approximately 180 Policia Judiciária, 60 GNR officers and approximately 20 civilian volunteers on the ground, investigating the case. He assigned their duties for the day and after they reported back to him he would relay the information back to his superiors in Faro and Lisbon.

At one point there were 250 officers on the ground.

Hundreds of 'sightings' came in from all over the world 24/7, and each one had to be dealt with and coordinated.  The PJ had to decide what was worth checking out, and then relay it to Europol or Interpol if the sighting hadn't taken place in Portugal. There were hundreds of people to question, ground searches to execute and coordinate with the appropriate country and their police force. .

None of them amounted to anything worthwhile, there was not one result from the hundreds of sighting,  except that they served the purpose: to distract from the investigation and to reinforce the abduction theory
To portray Gonçalo Amaral, after his 28 successful years in the PJ, as incompetent, and to discuss as if he was solely responsible for the investigation is beyond  comprehension.  


Click on any one of them to learn more about the INVESTIGATION!


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RE:Portuguese Police Files - An EXTRAORDINARY response to SEARCH FOR MADELEINE!
(Date Posted:04/04/2015 10:39 AM)


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RE:Portuguese Police Files - An EXTRAORDINARY response to SEARCH FOR MADELEINE!
(Date Posted:04/04/2015 10:54 AM)

Thanks to The Maddie Case Files for the TABLE OF CONTENTS

Original documents also available here:

(This does NOT include the SIGHTINGS follow ups - See APENSOS)

*PROCESSO VOLUME 1a - pgs. 1 to 217 - 

MAY 4th - 6th 2007

Pages marked in blue are not translated.

1—Opening of volume I
2 to 10—General Background information on disappearance with copies of Madeleine’s passport see also Vitor Martins report
11 to 23—Photographic report from 5A
24 to 25—Fax and confirmation page from the PJ
26 to 31—GNR correspondence to PJ regarding details of disappearance with copy of Madeleine’s passport, picture/flyer of the child and other notices
32—Fax and confirmation page from PJ asking for information to be released to press 
33A—Written correspondence from PJ 
33b—Draft of pictures and details of missing child to be released to the press 
34 to 41—Witness statement of Gerald Patrick McCann 2007.05.04 
42 to 51—Witness statement of Jane Michelle Tanner 2007.05.04 with details of sighting, drawn map, and photographs of street/location where individual seen 
52 to 57—Witness statement of Matthew David Oldfield 2007.05.04 
58 to 65—Witness statement of Kate Marie Healy 2007.05.04 
66 to 68—Witness statement of David Anthony Payne 2007.05.04 
69 to 72–Witness statement of Fiona Elaine Payne 2007.05.04 
73 to 76—Witness statement of Rachel Mariamma Jean Mampilly 2007.05.04 
77 to 79—Witness statement of Dianne Webster 2007.05.04 
80 to 82—Witness statement of Russell James O’Brien 2007.05.04 
83 to 84—List of calls made/received from Kate Healy’s telephone up to May 4, 2007
85—List of calls made/received from Gerald McCann telephone up to May 4, 2007
86 to 103—External Diligence of OC staff with passport copies of crèche workers
104—List of Mark Warner staff
105 to 118—Sign-in/check-in Warner/crèche lists119 to 120—External diligence carried out re: Jeremy Wilkins
121 to 125—External diligences carried with OC staff (a-g) followed by copies of passports
a) Jeronimo Tomas Rodrigues Salcedas 
b) Svetlana Starikova Vitorino 
c) Miguel Salcedas Coelho 
d) Joaquim Jose Moreira Batista 
e) Joelson Fabio Soares Santos Lúcio 
f) Ricardo Alexandre da Luz Oliveira 
g) Maria Manuela Antonio Jose

126— Luz Ocean Club Registration/Check in form 
127 to 128-External diligence at A22 GALP
129—Fax request to GALP for CCTV images
130 to 132—CCTV images obtained from the GALP station
133—Letter 04.05.2007 indicating Gerry and Kate shown CCTV images and did not recognize the child in the photos
134 to 135—External diligence in Lagos and Odiaxere 
136 -138— Witness statement of Denise Ashton
139—Photographic Identification Report (Denise Ashton)
140 to 144—Service information regarding older man seen with child in petrol station with CCTV images
145 to 147—Service information regarding Derek Flack sighting also here
148 to 153—External diligence related to Flack sighting with pictures
154 to 160—External Diligence regarding possible sighting in Sagres with pictures
161 to 167—Witness statement of Nuno Manuel Lourenco De Jesus 2007.05.05
168 to 170—Investigation carried out on a car seen in De Jesus’ deposition
171 to 180—External Diligence in Lagos regarding above referenced car
181 to 191—Faxes and further information from Interpol regarding Polish couple
192 to 195—External diligence carried out at the Beach Bar in Burgau with CCTV images of Polish couple
196 to 197—Witness statement of Nelson da Silva Martins
198 to 199—External diligence at Ocean Club 
200 to 204—Witness statement of Derek Flack
205 - Sketch of the man described by Derek Flack
206 to 207—Information from PDL residents regarding sighting of suspicious individual
208 to 210—Witness statement of Lance Richard Purser with photo-sketch 2007.05.06 (p. 210 - sketch)
211 to 212—Missing pages
213 to 217—Messages between PJ and Interpol Lisbon regarding Polish couple
Last page—Closing of volume I on 06.05.2007

Processos Volume II, pgs. 218 to 520 -  


May 6th - 7th 2007

218 to 219—Opening of volume II on May 6, 2007
220 to 222 —Witness statement of Lyndsay Jane Johnson 2007.05.06
223—Copy of Lyndsay Lane Johnson's passport
225 to 227—Witness statement of Stacey Portz 2007.05.06 
228—Copy of Stacey Portz’ passport
229 to 231–-Witness statement of Amy Ellen Tierney 2007.05.06
232—Copy of Amy Ellen Tierney’s passport
233 to 238—Witness statement of Jeronimo Tomas Rodrigues Salcedas 2007.05.06
239 to 241—Witness statement of Nuno Goncalo Marques Vicente Ramos Bernardo 2007.05.06 
242 to 243–Witness statement of Joao Pedro Ramos Agapito 2007.05.06 
244 to 247—Witness statement of Sarah Elizabeth Williamson 2007.05.06
248—Copy of Sarah Elizabeth Wiliamsons’ passport
249 to 251—Witness statement of Leanne Danielle Wagstaff 2007.05.06 
252—Copy of Leanne Danielle Wagstaff’s passport
253 to 256—Witness statement of Catriona Treasa Sisile Baker 2007.05.06
257—Copy of Catriona Treasa Sisile Baker’s passport
258 to 260–Witness statement of Joaquim José Moreira Baptista 2007.05.06
261 to 263–Witness statement of Maria Manuela Antonia Jose 2007.05.06
264 to 265—Witness Statement of Nuno Filipe Guerreiro da Concericao 2007.05.06
266 to 268—Witness statement of Ricardo Alexandre da Luz Oliveira 2007.05.06
269 to 271—Witness statement of Tiago Filipe Pinheiro de Freitas 2007.05.06 
272 to 274—Witness statement of Natalia Pasa 2007.05.06 
275 to 276—Witness statement of Eduardo Joao Oliveira Martins 2007.05.06 
277 to 278—Witness statement of Cecilia Paula da Firmino do Carmo 2007.05.06 
279 to 281—Witness statement of Pedro Alexandre Gonzaga Ribeiro 2007.05.06
282 to 283—Witness statement of Alice Maria Velhuco Ciríaco Guerreiro Silvestre 2007.05.06 
284 to 286—Witness statement of Ana Marilia do Carmo Silva 2007.05.06
287 to 289—Witness statement of Jorge Alberto Bandarra Rocha 2007.05.06
290—External diligence carried out in Marina de Lagos, Lagos 2007.05.06
291 to 292—External diligence carried out at Millenium Restaurant 2007.05.06
293 to 300 - Pages missing 
301 to 302—External Diligence Dolphin restaurant 06/05/2007
303—Photo-fit of suspect 
304 to 305—Diligence carried out in Burgau 2007.05.06
306—Message to PJ Interpol from Warsaw 2007.05.05
307— Letter from Leicestershire Police constabulary regarding Lori Campbell’s suspicions re: Murat (in English) 2007.05.07
308—Portuguese translation of above letter
309—External diligence carried out in PdL regarding blind repair 2007.05.06 
310—Invoice/Maintenance order for blind repair 2007.05.01 
311 to 312—Interpol correspondence translated from Lyon 
313 to 314—Email with image attachment of Aneta Jarosinska 
315—Further and fingerprints of Aneta Jarosinska
316—External diligence carried out in Ponta da Piedade re: black bag on cliffs 2007.05.07 and here
317 to 320—Photographic report and summary of black bag found on cliffs 2007.05.07
321—External diligence carried out in Ponta da Piedade re: collection of bag 2007.05.07
321 to 322 PJ external inquiry re: bag bound in Ponta da Piedade
323 to 327—Photographic report of collection of back bag
328 to 329—External diligence carried out in Portimao with GNR elements regarding tip about R. Murat 2007.05.07
330—Fax to Director of Portuguese Railways
331 to 333—Witness statement of Vitor Manuel dos Santos 2007.05.07
334 to 340—Copy of Mark Warner room property arrival lists 
341 to 343—Witness statement of Jose Duarte Nunes de Oliva Novo 2007.05.07 also here
344 to 345—Witness statement of Maria da Graca Guerreiro Alao Goncalves 2007.05.07 
346 to 349—Witness statement of Marina Paula Raposo Baptista Castela 2007.05.07 
350 to 352—List of arrivals from Thomas Cook
353 to 354—Witness statement of Teofilo Manuel Furtado Castela 2007.05.07 
355 to 356—Witness statement of Silvia Maria Correia Ramos Batista 2007.05.07 
357 to 359—Witness statement of Joao Manuel Marreiros Viana 2007.05.07 
360 to 362—Witness statement of Custodia Maria dos Reis Espada, 2007.05.07 
363 to 364—Witness statement of Maria De Fatima de Jesus Morgado 2007.05.07 
365 to 366—Witness statement of Celeste Conceicao Antao da Silva 2007.05.07 
367 to 369—Witness statement of Dina Maria dos Reis Rocha 207.05.07
370 to 371—Witness statement of Luis Filipe Monteiro Ferro 2007.05.07 
372 to 373—Witness statement of Bernardino Abreu Pereira da Silva 2007.05.07
374 to 376—Witness statement of Emma Louise Wilding 2007.05.07
377—Copy of Emma Louise Wilding’s passport
378 to 381—Witness statement of Charlotte Elizabeth Alice Pennington 2007.05.07 
382—Copy of Charlotte Elizabeth Alice Pennington’s passport
383 to 387—Witness statement of Kristy Louise Maryann 2007.05.07 
388—Copy of Kristy Louise Maryann’s passport
389 to 391—Witness statement of Maria Francisca de Jesus Viegas 2007.05.07
392 to 394—Witness statement of Maria Julia Serafim da Silva 2007.05.07 and here
395 to 396—Witness statement of Maria Bernadette Calado da Gloria 2007.05.07 
397 to 399—Witness statement of Shinead Maria Vine 2007.05.07
400—Copy of Shinead Maria Vine’s passport
401 to 403—Witness statement of Tiago Pires Luz da Silva 2007.05.07
404 to 405—Witness statement of Ivo Roberto Gaudencio Guerreiro 2007.05.07 
406 to 408—Witness statement of Pedro Louro Serrao 2007.05.07
409 to 410—Witness statement of Pauline Frances McCann 2007.05.07 
411—Copy of Pauline Frances McCann’s passport
412 to 414—Witness statement of Carlos Miguel Goncalves da Costa Palma 2007.05.07 also here andd here
415 to 416—Witness statement of Jose Maria Batista Roque, GNR Officer, 2007.05.07
417 to 419—Witness statement of Nelson Filipe Pacheco da Costa 2007.05.07 
420 to 422—Witness statement of Sandro Miguel Moreria Sampaio da Silva 2007.05.07
423 to 426—Witness statement of Susan Bernadette Owen 2007.05.07 
427—Copy of Susan Bernadette Owen’s passport
428 to 429—Witness statement of Maria de Fatima de Sousa 2007.05.07 
430 to 432—Witness statement of Hayley May Crawford 2007.05.07 
433 to 434—Witness statement of Vera Lúcia Rodrigues de Aimeida Valerio 2007.05.07
435 to 436—Witness statement of Sergio Antonio Sandoval Janini 2007.05.07 
437 to 438—Witness statement of Virginia Vieira Monteiro 2007.05.07 
439 to 441—Witness statement of George Robin Crossland 
442 to 447—Background information on Robert Murat and Michaela Walzuch
448 to 451—External diligence carried out on Júlio Manuel Madeira Campos de Carvalho 2007.05.07
452 to 453–External diligence carried out re: suspected sighting of an individual 2007.05.07
454 to 456—Interpol documentation form London offering their help in the case
457—List of individuals who gave witness statements with interpreter names indicated
458 to 459—Communication letter asking for the names and details of interpreters used 
460—Letter requesting information for release of information 
461 to 462—Letter detailing anonymous denouncement of Robert Murat
463 to 464—External diligence carried out at CESPA service station, A22, Lagoa, 2007.05.08 
465 to 466—Correspondence between Leicestershire constabulary and PJ re: Polish couple
467 to 468—Details of Madeleine as released to the media 
469 to 470a—Witness statement of Maria Manuela Martins da Silva 2007.05.08 
471 to 473—Witness statement of Arlindo Epifano Goncalves Fernandes Peleja 2007.05.07
474—Letter from PJ to Institute of National Legal Medicine regarding evidence collected 
475 to 476—Confirmation via fax above letter sent
477— Letter from PJ to Institute of National legal Medicine regarding evidence collected at Murano Quinta dos Figos
478—Confirmation via fax above letter sent
479—Fax requesting information on grey Renault, model 207 
480—Confirmation above fax sent
481—Fax regarding anonymous denouncement made by Patricia 
482—Conformation above fax sent
483 to 484—Information from Silvia Batista regarding the names of tennis coaches
485—Copy of page 460
486- Emails to DIC Portimao 
487 to 488—Emails from DIC Portimao received/sent 
489 to 490—Fax regarding release of Yellow Alert 2007.05.08 
491 to 492—Confirmation above fax sent
493—Letter requesting translation of documents
494 to 505—Statement and sketch provided by Jeremy Wilkins (in English) 2007.05.07
506—Confirmation above fax sent
507—External diligence carried out re: Nuno Manuel Lourenco de Jesus 2007.05.07
508 to 509—Communication dispatch 
510 to 512—Letter from Dr. Amaral regarding possible questions for Jeremy Wilkins 2007.05.07
513—Conformation above letter sent
514—Map of Ocean Club resort
515—Conformation via fax above map sent
516—Fax regarding Yellow Alert 2007.05.08 
517- Details of missing child
518- Note re Interpreters 
519—Confirmation above fax sent
520—Closing of volume II, 2007.05.07

Volume III TOC, pgs. 521 to 831  - 


May 7th - 9th  2007

521 to 522—Opening of volume III, 7th of May, 2007
523—PJ correspondence regarding service information
524—Letter from Inspector Figueiredo regarding possible sighting in Lisbon airport
525—Letter from Inspector Figueiredo regarding possible sighting in Lisbon
526—Letter from Inspector Figueiredo regarding possible sighting in Pingo Doce supermarket
527—Letter from Inspector Figueiredo regarding possible sighting of missing girl in Miraflores
528—License plate search for vehicle owned by Peter John Morris
529—Service information regarding call received from the UK re: disappearance
530—Details regarding above call received
531—Service information regarding call received from Portugal re: disappearance
532 to 534 –Witness statement of Mario Domingos Moreira 2007.05.08
535 to 538—Witness statement of Jacqueli ne Mary Williams 2007.05.08
539—Copy of Jacqueline Mary Williams’ passport
540 to 542—Witness statement of Joao Carlos Silva Batista 2007.05.08
543 to 544—Witness statement of Jose Manuel Ferreira da Costa Rodrigues 2007.05.08
545 to 546—Witness statement of Jaime Manuel Gonçalves Graça 2007.05.08
547 to 548–Witness statement of Manuel Viegas Estevão 2007.05.08
549 to 550—Witness statement of Sergio Manuel Guerreiro Conceição 2007.05.08
551 to 552—Witness statement of Maria Dulce Pereira Mauricio Espirito Santo 2007.05.08
553 to 554—Witness statement of Carlos Alberto Gouveia do Nascimento 2007.05.08
555 to 557—Witness statement of Mario Fernando Madeira Fernandes 2007.05.08
558 to 559—Witness statement of Isaura Romao Fernandes 2007.05.08
560 to 561—Witness statement of Vera Maria Mestre Fernandes Arez 2007.05.08
562 to 563—Witness statement of Nazaré Conceição Silva Vicente 2007.05.08 
564 to 566—Witness statement of Sílvia Isabel Cunha Azevedo Cravinho 2007.05.08
567 to 568—Witness statement of Marta Manuela Leal Russo Rodrigues 2007.05.08
569 to 571—Witness statement of Luisa Ana de Noronha de Azevedo Coutinho 2007.05.08
572 to 573—Witness statement of Steven Marcos Rodrigues Cova 2007.05.08
574 to 575—Witness statement of Maria Amelia Furtdao Pinheiro Gordinho 2007.05.08
576 to 578—Witness statement of Luis Miguel Pinguinha Mendes Furtdao 2007.05.08
579 to 581—Witness statement of Rita Cristina Rosa dos Santos Silva 2007.05.08
582 to 583—Witness statement of Luis Miguel da Conceição Duarte 2007.05.08
584 to 585—Witness statement of Luisa Maria Camara Todorov 2007.05.08
586 to 589—Witness statement of Luis Miguel de Sousa Barros 2007.05.08
590 to 592—Witness statement of Luis Filipe de Castro Cabral Machado 2007.05.08
593—Copy of Luis F. de Castro Cabral Machado’s identity card
594 to 595—Witness statement of Catia Sofia da Costa 2007.05.08
596 to 597—Witness statement of Ecaterina Dobrioglo 2007.05.08
598 to 599—Witness statement of Marja José dos Santos Rosa 2007.05.08
600 to 601—Witness statement of Joan Brenda Smith de Azevedo Coutinho 2007.05.08
602 to 604—Witness statement of Tiago Rochas Barreiros 2007.05.08
605—Tapas restaurant worker hours/schedule
606 to 610—Tapas restaurant reservations from 2007.05.01 to 2007.05.06 
611 to 612—Ocean Club check-in list
613—Water slide park bookings 
614—Dinner reservations 2007.05.06 
615 to 638— OC Check-in lists used by Tapas restaurant 
639 to 640—Witness statement of Vasco Sales Portas, tennis instructor, 2007.05.08
641—Jonathan Markson Tennis Bookings List
642 to 643—Witness statement of David Miguel Marino Barroso 2007.05.08
644 to 645—Witness statement of Aritson Henrique Soares Santos Lúcio 2007.05.08
646 to 647—Witness statement of Antonio Manuel Ginjeira 2007.05.08
648 to 649—Witness statement of David José Araújo Veloso dos Santos 2007.05.08
650 to 652—Witness statement of Válter Manuel de Freitas Mendes 2007.05.08
653 to 655—Witness statement of Georgina Louise Jackson, tennis instructor, 2007.05.08
656 to 658—Mark Warner Daily Tennis Court Bookings list
659 to 660—Witness statement of Antonio Joaquim da Conceicao 2007.05.08
661 to 662—Witness statement of Jaime Pedro Oliveira Graça 2007.05.08
663 to 664—Witness statement of Eliseu Jose Craveios Viana 2007.05.07 
665 to 666—Witness statement of Alexandra Nicole de Sousa 2007.05.08
667 to 669—Witness statement of Gustavo Cesar Cabral Campos 2007.05.08
670 to 672—Witness statement of Svetlana Starikova Vitorino 2007.05.08
673 to 674—Witness statement of Tiffany Carol Horner 2007.05.08
675 to 678—Witness statement of Fátima Maria Serafim da Silva Espada 2007.05.08
679 to 680—Witness statement of José Carlos Fernandes da Silva 2007.05.08
681 to 683—Witness statement of Auzela Tanta Damiao Andre Bingui 2007.05.08
684—Witness statement of Pedro Miguel Goncalves Albino da Silva Bandarra 2007.05.08
685 to 686—Witness statement of Joleson Fabio Soares Santos Lucio 2007.05.08
687—Copy of Joselon Fabio Saoares Santos Lucio’s identity card
688—Witness Statement of Maria de Jesus R. Almeida 2007.05.08
689 to 690—Witness statement of Jorge M. Trindade Cintra 2007.05.08
691 to 693—Witness statement of John Sholto Young 2007.05.08
694 to 696—Witness statement of Daniel James Stuk, tennis instructor, 2007.05.08
697 to 699—Witness statement of Sandra Maria dos Santos Lourenco Murtinheira 2007.05.08
700 to 701—Witness statement of Monica Azevedo Coutinho Marques 207.05.08
702 to 703—Witness statement of Sofia Bento Barbosa 2007.05.08
704 to 708—Witness statement of Barrington Godfrey Norton 2007.05.08
709 to 710—Legal documents pertaining to Barrington Godfrey Norton
711—Further information regarding Barrington Godfrey Norton
712 to 713–Witness statement of Nelson Luis Da Silva Rodrigues 2007.05.08
714 to 715—Witness statement of Alayn Hernandez Fundora 2007.05.08
716 to 719—Witness statement of Lynne Rhiannon Fretter 2007.05.08
720—Copy of Lynne Rhiannon Fretter’s passport
721 to 722—Witness statement of Miguel Salcedos Coelho 2007.05.07
723 to 725—Witness statement of Stefan Kotsev Todorov 2007.05.07
726 to 727—External diligence carried out Ford Escort van 2007.05.08
728—Email requesting urgent translation of Portuguese documents
729 to 736—Translation of Leicestershire police constabulary documents with Wilkins’ statement

737 to 738—External diligence carried out in Ocean Club with tennis instructors 2007.05.08
739—Cover letter to Dr. Amaral from Elisio Costa, PJ Porto, regarding information on possible leads (below)
740 to 741—Service information regarding van with Spanish license plates
742 to 743—Service information regarding possible sighting on Porto beach
744—License plate search re: possible sighting on Porto beach
745 to 746—Service information regarding possible internet lead
747—Detail of anonymous call re: possible sighting 20007.05.07
748 to 759—Service information re: possible sighting 2007.05.03 at 11H00 in Baixa de Faro 
750 to 751—External diligence re: CEPSA, A22, Lagoa on 2007.05.08
752—Cover letter regarding Lyon Interpol Secretary General
754—Missing page
755 to 757—Missing pages????
758 to 759—Witness statement of Catia Cristina dos Reis Galvao 2007.05.09
760 to 761—Witness statement of Piedade Costa Mendes 2007.05.09
762 to 765—Witness statement of António Freitas Silva, GNR officer, 2007.05.09
766 to 767—Witness statement of Maria de Fatima Rodrigues Bernardo 2007.05.09
768 to 770—Witness statement of Natália da Glória Soares Camacho 2007.05.09
771 to 772—Witness statement of Maria Guiomar Mestre Fernandes 2007.05.09
773 to 774—Witness statement of Maria Noélia de Jesus do Nascimento 2007.05.09
775 to 777—Witness statement of Dora Isabel Serafím da Silva 2007.05.09
778 to 779—Witness statement of Monica da Luz Louzeiro Dias Roma 2007.05.09
780—Witness statement of Maria de Fatima Nunes Antonio 2007.05.09
781 to 782—Witness statement of Deolinda Maria da Silva Cristino Norte 2007.05.09
783 to 784—Witness statement of Maria de Lurdes da Silva Santos Luz 2007.05.009
785 to 788—Witness statement of Pedro Miguel Esteves Fernandes, GNR officer, 2007.05.09
789 to 791—Witness statement of Elisa Angela Dias Romao 2007.05.09792 to 793—Witness statement of Maria da Piedade dos Reis João Batista 2007.05.09
794 to 795—Witness statement of Paula Cristina da Costa Vieira 2007.05.09
796 to 797—Witness statement of Helder Jorge Sampaio Luis 2007.05.09
798 to 799—Witness statement of Najoua Chekaya 2007.05.09
800 to 805—Witness statement of Tasmin Milburn Silence 2007.05.09
806—Map of Lagos
807 to 808—Taxi driver statement 2007.05.04 regarding sighting 
809—Service information from Porto PJ re: Porto taxi driver and possible sighting 2007.05.04
810—Map of train stops
811—Information regarding drivers of trains on 2007.05.04
812—Cover letter from the Public Ministry of Portimao
813—Blank page
814—815 Draft of page 823
816 —Information regarding interpreters 
817 —List of deponents and interpreters
818 to 819—External diligence carried out with taxi drivers in PdL on 2007.05.09 
820 to 822—Letter from Ministry of National Defence regarding diligences carried out on the beach 
823 to 824—Service information re: telephone (including roaming) traffic in various PdL locations 
825 to 828—Service information re: GNR sniffer dog searches
829 to 830—Aerial map of PdL
831—Closing of volume III, 9th of May, 2007

Processos Volume IV, pgs. 833 to 1118  


May 8th - 14th 2007

First page—Opening of volume IV
833 to 834—Diligence carried out on residence of Derek Flack and Barrington Norton 2007.05.09 
835—External diligence carried out in Lagos 2007.05.05
836—Preliminary directions for lab analysis 2007.05.09
838 to 844—Translation of Jeremy Wilkins’ statement 2007.05.07 (p. 844 = map)
845—Reservation Refugio Restaurant Polish couple.
846 to 847—Witness statement of Celeste Libania Dos Santos 2007.05.09 
848 to 849—Service information regarding number of people (resort employees) questioned
850 to 853— List of witness statements taken
854 to 855 —External diligence carried out re: Simon Russell with Eureka Services 2007.05.09
856 to 858—Service information regarding informal conversation with various Ocean club functionaries 2007.05.09 
859 to 867—Copies of passports from various Ocean club staff
868 to 869—Diligence carried out on couple in Edificio Pedras Brancas, Luz, Lagos 2007.05.09
870 to 872—Diligence carried out with Catriona Baker regarding Madeleine’s outing to the beach 2007.05.10
873—Weekly recreation activities of the Lobster (Madeleine’s group) activities
874—Aerial map of Praia da Luz
875 to 883—Picture account of Madeleine’s outing to the beach with the Kid’s Club
884 to 885—Lofoscopic Report/Information regarding fingerprint found in 5A 2007.05.04
886 to 890—Letter from PJ regarding written TAPAS timeline (English)
891 to 903—Witness statement of Gerry McCann 2007.05.10
904—Gerald McCann consent for mouth swab 2007.05.10 
905 to 917—Witness statement of Matthew David Oldfield 2007.05.10
918—Consent for mouth swab for Matthew David Oldfield
919 to 931—Witness statement of Jane M. Tanner 2007.05.10
932—Consent for mouth swab for Jane M. Tanner 2007.05.10
933—External diligence carried out on blocks 4 & 5 of the OC 2005.05.10
934 to 941—Witness statement of Russell J. O'Brien 2007.05.11
942—Consent for mouth swab of Russell J. O'Brien 2007.05.11
943 to 947—Witness statement of Rachel M. J. Oldfield 2007.05.11 
948—Consent for mouth swab of Rachel M. J. Oldfield 2007.05.11 
949 to 954— Witness statement of Dianne Webster 2007.05.11
955—Consent for moth swab of Dianne Webster 2007.05.11 
957 to 959—External diligence carried out in the OC 2007.05.11 (p. 959 = map)
960 to 961—Results of informal conversation with Robert Murat 2007.05.11
962—Email regarding results of vestiges collected (cover letter) 2007.05.11
963 to 964—Letter from PJ regarding fingerprints 2007.05.22
965—Information regarding interpreter
966—Request for payment of interpreter
967 to 972—Results of lofoscopic inspection 2007.05.04
973 to 977—Witness testimony of George Williams Jones (OC gardener) 2007.05.11 (page 973 - 975)
978—Consent for mouth swab of George Williams Jones
979 to 981—Search warrant for George Williams Jones' automobile
982—Fax to Strong re: CCTV images 2007.05.13 
983 to 984—External diligence in Lagos 2007.05.12 
985—Further background information on Robert Murat 
986 to 992—External diligence in Lagos regarding Robert Murat 2007.05.12
993 to 994—External diligence re: Robert Murat rental vehicle 2007.05.13
995 to 1002—Further information on Robert Murat
1006 to 1008—Letter to judicial tribunal regarding Murat's possible involvement in the crime 2007.05.13 
1009 to 1014—Request for trace-back information and IMEIS interception on Murat's phones
1015 to 1019—Judicial requests for interception and recording of various phone numbers
1020 to 1021—Telephone interception information re: R. Murat 
1022 to 1043—Further request for interception and recording on phone numbers
1044 to 1062—Letter from Vodafone re: calls received/made on lines owned by Robert Murat and Jennifer Murat 
1063 to 1069—Letter from TMN regarding call traffic for mobile phone 
1070 to 1100—Internal correspondence re: telephone traces
1101—Letter from the internal ministry 2007.05.13
1102 to 1104—Information about possible Madeleine near Cap Falcone 2007.05.13 
1105—English translation of above documents regarding possible sighting
1106—Letter indicating cap Falcone sighting false 
1107—Copy of pages 1102 to 1104 with fax confirmation stamp
1108 to 1110—Message received from IP Madrid regarding possible sighting in Trujillo 2007.05.11 
1111 to 1112—Letter from IP Wellington, France and Dublin regarding finger prints found 2007.05.11 
1113—Information regarding Irish citizen who noticed stranger in PdL around the time of disappearance 
1114—Reported sighting of Madeleine in Eden Quay, Dublin 2007.05.07 
1115 to 1116—Information from Rotterdam citizen
1117—Letter from Weisbaden and Lyon IP indicating fingerprint not found in their database 
1118—Closing of volume IV on 2007.05.14

Processos Volume V, pgs 1119 to 1384 -


 May 14 - 18th 2007

1119 to 1120—Opening of Volume V, 2007.05.14
1121 to 1123—External diligence carried out on Casa Liliana 2007.05.14
1124—Search Warrant for Casa Liliana
1125 to 1129—Results of search inside Casa Liliana and items apprehended
1130—Copies of Romigen business cards
1131—Copy of ATM receipt/withdrawal made 2007.05.03
1132—Support page with letter for J. Murat welcoming her to UZO
1133—List of telephone numbers apprehended from R. Murat
1134—Copy of page from the Telegraph Review with evidence of paedophilia 
1135—Search warrant for Hyundai Getz
1136 to 1137—Results of search re: Hyundai Getz
1138—Search warrant for Peugeot 205
1139 to 1140—Results of search re: Peugeot 205
1141—Search warrant for VW Transport van
1142 to 1143—Results of search re: VW transport van
1144—Support page with piece of ticket for the 2007 Home Show
1145—Copy of embarkation note dated 2007.05.01
1146—Results of examination on Micro SD card
1147—Results of examination on Murat’s laptop 2007.05.14
1148—Results of exam on SMC router with voice ADSL and mac address
1149 to 1166—Analysis of SMC 
1167—Results of exam on LG laptop belonging to Murat
1168—Results of exam on Fujifilm 128 Mb memory card
1169—Official notice declaring Robert Murat an arguido 2007.05.14
1170 to 1178—Interrogation of arguido = Robert Murat 2007.05.14
1179—Terms of Identity and Residence for Robert Murat 2007.05.14
1180 to 1185—Witness statement of Michaela Walzuch 2007.05.14
1186 to 1191–Witness statement of Luis Filipe Duarte Antonio 2007.05.14
1192—Fax to National Institute of Legal Medicine regarding collected vestiges 
1193—Confirmation above fax sent
1194—Fax to the Director of the Scientific Police re: search in Casa Liliana and in the rental car
1195—Confirmation above fax sent
1196— Fax to the Director of the Scientific Police re: Aparthotel Sol e Mar, 2, Apart C, Burgau
1197—Confirmation above fax sent
1198 to 1199—External diligence carried out on Rua Adelina de Gloria Berger (Walzuch’s residence) 2007.05.14
1200—Search warrant for residence of Michaela Walzuch
1201 to 1204—Results of search re: residence of Michaela Walzuch
1205—Copy of Michaela’s identity card
1206—Copy of Luis Antonio’s identity card

1207—Vehicle registration information for Luis Antonio’s Nissan patrol
1208—Terms of consent re: Luis Antonio
1209—Search warrant for Luis Antonio’s vehicle Renault Kangoo and SD memory cards 2007.05.14
1210—Results of search on above vehicle 2007.05.14
1211—Blank page
1212—End/summary of search on vehicle???
1213—Vehicle registration regarding a Volkswagen Passat GT
1214 to 1216—Witness testimony of Joao Crisostomo Vieira Olim Junior 2007.05.14
1217—Consent to search above witness’ car—a Volkswagen Passat
1218—Search warrant to search Volkswagen Passat
1219—Direct examination of SD card and IMEIS
1220—Direct examination of IBM desktop system
1221—Direct examination of MP3 Unimade
1222—Direct examination of micro SD card
1223—Direct examination of 32 Mb SD Integral card
1224—Direct examination of Quantum disc
1225—Direct examination of Hitachi 6 Gb disk related to Dell Latitude CPX 
1226—Direct examination of 100Gb Seagate Momentus drive
1227—Blank page
1228—Direct examination of 128 Mb Vodafone SC card
1229—External diligence carried out on Remax Estate Agency, Lagos, 2007.05.14
1230—Search warrant for Rua Garret, no. 19, Lagos 
1231—Copy of above
1232—Results of search carried out in Rua Garret, no. 19, 2007.05.14
1234—External diligence carried out in Rua D. Joao. Moniz Nogueira, lot B, 3A, 2007.05.14
1235—Report that above residence belongs to a friend of Robert Murat
1236—Search warrant for Rua D. Joao. Moniz Nogueira, lot B, 3A,
1237—Search warrant forRua D. Joao Moniz Nogueira, lot B, 3
1238 to 1240—Tribunal documentation re: Murat and his residences/property with requests for search warrants 2007.05.13
1241 to 1242—Search results for Rua D. Joao Moniz Nogeuira 2007.05.14
1243 to 1254—Search warrant for Rua Lima Leitao, no. 9 rlc, Lagos, 2007.05.13
1255 to 1265—Letter to Amaral regarding investigation thus far on Robert Murat 2007.05.15
1265 to 1268—Request for interception and call detail of phones owned by M. Walzuch and R. Murat
1269 to 1271—Search warrant for S. Malinka’s residence, Rus 25 de Abril, apartment J, Block C, no, 4
1272 to 1281—External diligence carried out on Robert Murat
1282 to 1285—Service information re: computer program characteristics
1286 to 1288—Witness statement of Carlos Manuel Matos Costa 2007.05.15 also here
1289 to 1290—Witness statement of Silvia Maria Correio Ramos Batista 2007.05.15
1291—Consent for mouth swab by SMCRB
1292 to 1297—Witness statement of Rachel Mariamma Jean Mampilly 2007.05.17
1298 to 1304—Witness statement of Jennifer Ann Murat 2007.05.15
1305—External diligence carried out on garage on Rua Manuel Joao Paulo Rocha, Lagos, 2007.05.15
1306—Search warrant re: above garage
1307 to 1308—External diligence carried out on places visited in Lagos by Robert Murat 2007.05.15
1309—Information regarding Luis Antonio handover of PDA and Sharp mobile 2007.05.15
1310—Information regarding M. Walzuch handover of Nokia and Sony Eriksson mobiles
1311—Letter re: tap on telephone no. ****** 2007.05.15
1312—Letter re: tap on telephone no. ******** 2007.05.15
1313—Letter re: tap on telephone no. ******* 2007.05.15
1314—Letter re: tap on telephone no. ******* 2007.05.15
1315 to 1317—Witness statement of António Henrique da Conceição Duarte, GNR officer, 2007.05.16
1318 to 1319— Witness statement of Paulo Jorge Fernandes Neto, GNR officer, 2007.05.16 
1320 to 1322—Witness statement of Russell James O’Brien 2007.05.15
1323 to 1325—Witness statement of Fiona Elaine Payne 2007.05.16
1326—Consent for mouth swab from Fiona Payne
1327—Consent for mouth swab of David Anthony Payne

1328 to 1329—Witness statement of June Olwyn Wright 2007.05.16
1330 to 1332—Witness statement of Barendjan Jacob Weijdom 2007.05.16
1333 to 1334—Witness statement of Armando Augusto Morais, GNR officer, 2007.05.16
1335 to 1337—Witness statement of Carlos Manuel Carvalho Lacão, GNR officer, 2007.05.16
1338 to 1339—Witness statement of Paul Raymond Wright 2007.05.16
1340 to 1341—Witness statement of Nelson Filipe Pacheco da Costa, GNR officer, 2007.05.16 
1342 to 1343—Witness statement of Rui Ségio Lopes Silva, GNR officer, 2007.05.16
1344 to 1345—Witness statement of Paulo Jorge Carvaihosa da Costa, GNR officer, 2007.05.16 
1346 to 1347—Witness statement of José Carlos Leal Pimentel, GNR officer, 2007.05.16 
1348 to 1349—Witness statement of José Maria Batista Roque, GNR officer, 2007.05.16 
1350 to 1352—Witness statement of João Vasco da Silva Casimiro, GNR officer, 2007.05.16 
1352 to 1355—Witness statement of Jorge Manuel Rocha da Silva, businessman 2007.05.16
1356 to 1357—Emails to Romigen re: business cards
1358 to 1360—Witness statement of Michaela Walzuch 2007.05.16
1361—Fax re: questions to ask Robert Murat
1362—Confirmation above fax sent
1363—Fax re: questions to ask Jennifer Murat
1364—Confirmation above fax sent
1365 to 1366—Service information Jennifer and Robert Murat and their doctors
1367 to 1383—Urgent request and information received regarding Jennifer and Robert Murat’s health records
1384—Closing of volume V, 2007.05.18

Processos Volume VI, pgs. 1385 to 1709

1385 to 1386—Volume 6 opened 13 May 2007
1387 to 1397—Photographic report of items confiscated from Casa Liliana from the Technical Police
1398 to 1399—Request for CCTV images from Lagos petrol kiosk
1400—Fax to Strong
1401—Fax from Strong to the PJ
1402—Information about technical devices owned by Robert Murat
1402 to 1405–-Search warrant and apprehension of items
1406—Search warrant for Sergey Malinka’s home 
N/A—Written note from PJ official regarding search
1407—Copy of page 1406
N/A—Written note from PJ official regarding search
1408—Document of examination re: Items from S. Malinka’s residence
1409 to 1412—Witness Statement of Marina Paulo Raposo Batista Castela
1413—Letter fro PJ official regarding Vodafone requests
1414—Letter from Vodafone regarding request
N/A—Specific List of calls made on Vodafone mobile
1415—Letter from PJ official regarding TMN requests
1416 to 14216—Letter from TMN regarding request with response from PJ
1417 to 1427—Letters back and forth between Vodafone and PJ re: requests
1428 to 1429—Witness testimony of Michaela Walzuch
1430—Pictures of Walzuch’s automobile
1431 to 1432—Search documents regarding Malinka
1432 to 1433—Witness testimony of Olivia Maria Teixeira Vieira Gouveia
1434—Letter to Dr. Amaral re: Jenny Murat
1435—Letter from Vodafone
1436 to 1452—List of calls made on a Vodafone number
1453 to 1458—Witness testimony of Sergey Malinka 2007.05.16
1459—Picture and further information about Malinka
1460—Search warrant re: Malinka’s Audi A4
1461—Results of findings in Malinka’s Audi
1462--List of further confiscated items from Malinka
1463 to 1465—Fax cover sheet with copy of Malinka’s passport
1466—Confirmation of above fax
1467—fax requesting information on flights taken by Robert Murat
1468—Flight passenger itinerary check
1469—Letter from PJ regarding mouth swabs of seven individuals
1470—Interpol document to PJ regarding messages sent from across Europe
1471—Letter from Vienna indicating digital imprint not matched on their database
1472—Letter from Reykjavik indicating digital imprint not matched on their database
1473—Letter from Dublin indicating digital imprint not matched on their database
1474—Letter from Haia indicating digital imprint not matched on their database
1475—Letter from Rabat indicating digital imprint not matched on their database
1476—Letter from Weisbaden indicating digital imprint not matched in their database and likely made by a woman
1477—Email from Interpol Spain indicating digital imprint not matched in their database
1478—fax regarding validation of apprehended items
1479—Confirmation fax sent
1480—Fax to Amaral indicating person who left fingerprint at scene
1481—Confirmation of fax
1482—Remit of List of Vodafone IMEIS
1482 to 1483—Letter from Vodafone re: IMEIS with list
1484 to 1487—Letter to Amaral re: Luis Antonio
1488 to 1492—Further information regarding Luisa Antonio with request for diligences
1493 to 14979—Official PJ request for diligences on Luis Antonio
1498—Letter from Wellington indicating digital imprint not matched in their database
1499 to 1502—Results of Informal Conversation with Kelsie Harris (wife of M. Fazackerlay)
1503—TMN letter regarding mobile phone usage request
1504 1508—Information about search procedures carried out at Casa Liliana
1509 to 1516—Photographic Report of Search at Casa Liliana
1517—Letter from PTregarding interception of mobile calls 
[curl=]1518Letter from Vodafone regarding receipt of calls to defined mobile numbers [/url]
1519 to 1524—Lofoscopic Investigation (fingerprints collected) 
1525—Letter from PJ regarding interception of calls received from mobile phone
1526—Letter from PJ re: TMN mobile phone results
1527—TMN letter to PJ
1528 to 1529—Witness testimony of Joao Goncalves Viegas Jacinto
1531—Confirmation of above fax
1532—PJ request for further information on identified telephone numbers
1533 to 1535 —Vodafone letter to PJ re: Jennifer Murat’s SIM with list of calls made/received post179407.html#p179407
1536—Letter from PJ regarding telephone number post179412.html#p179412
1537 to 1539—Correspondence to/from PJ and TMN post179413.html#p179413
1540 to 1544—Witness testimony of Michaela Walzuch post115388.html#p115388
1545 to 1555—Documentation between PJ and TMN, Vodafone
1556—1575—Further documentation regarding mobile phone usage
1576 to 1580—Legal information documents 
1581 to 1584—Witness testimony of Maria Cecilia Pereria Pires
1585 to 1589—Luis Filipe Antonio Duarte
1590—Copy of money order
1591—Copy of cheques
1592 to 1596—PJ informational documents
1597 to 1602—Information from Portugal Telecom regarding phone number
1603—External Diligence 20067/05/25 post109618.html#p109618
1604 to 1605—Letter regarding IMEI information and interception
1606 to 1610—Witness testimony of Martin Smith taken 2007/05/26
1611 to 1614—Witness testimony of Aoife Smith taken 2007/05/26
1615 to 1618—Witness Testimony of Peter Daniel Smith taken 2007/05/26
1619 to 1624— maps of Smith sighting
1625 to 1626—PJ/Vodafone correspondence
1627 to 1628—PJ/PT Telecom correspondence
1629 to 1630—PJ mobile phone analysis relation document post115465.html#p115465
1631 to 1649—Internal PJ letter & correspondence regarding trace-back of mobile phone(s)
1650 to 1651—Witness Testimony of Fabio Alexandre Rodrigues Marques
1652 to 1653—Witness Statement of Carlos Manuel Figueiredo Pereira
1654—PJ correspondence
1655 to 1658—Information about Luisa Antonio and Michaela Walzuch
1659 to 1663—Authorisation for hair samples from various OC staff
1664 to 1667—Various PJ faxes and conformation receipts
1668 to 1708—Transcriptions of traced calls with unidentified woman and S. Malinka, Robert and Michaela, Sally and Jen Murat, and Robert and various other familiars:
1675 to 1680 - transcript of phone call between Robert Murat and Martin Brunt (Sky) also pages 1692 - 1694
1683 - 1689 - Transcript phonecall RM and Officer Phil topic6045.html 
1709—Closing of volume 6, 6th of June , 2007.

Processos Volume VII, pgs. 1710 to 1943

First page to 1711—Opening of volume VII, 2007.06.06
1712—Letter to the National Institute for Legal Medicine re: 2 mouth swabs taken Murat 2007.06.01
1713—Letter requesting analysis of Marks & Spencer pyjamas, 2-3 year old, 87 cm
1714—Consent from Michaela Walzuch for DNA analysis of mouth swab
1715—As above
1716—Consent from Luis Duarte Antonio for DNA analysis of mouth swab
1717—As above

1718 to 1719—Cover letter and response from TMN regarding interception of calls made/received re: IMEI *********
1719 to 1722—Cover letter and response from Vodafone regarding interception of calls made/received from number *********
1723 - letter from Scientific Police Laboratory
1724- letter to Scientific Police Laboratory re: sending of pyama's
1725—Examinations carried out (handwritten)
1726—Stoppage of interception for telephone no. ******* on 2007.06.13
1727—Stoppage of interception for telephone no. ******* on 2007.06.13 post182777.html#p182777
1728—Stoppage of interception for telephone no. ******** on 2007.06.13 post182778.html#p182778
1729—Stoppage of interception for telephone no. ******* on 2007.06.13 post182779.html#p182779
1730—Stoppage of interception for telephone no. ******* on 2007.05.29 post182780.html#p182780
1731—Stoppage of interception for telephone no. ******* post182782.html#p182782
1732—Stoppage of interception for telephone with IMEI no. ****** 2007.05.29 post182871.html#p182871
1733—Stoppage of interception for telephone no. no ******* 2007.06.12 post182896.html#p182896
1734—Stoppage of interception for telephone with IMEI no. ****** 2007.06.13 post182911.html#p182911
1735—Stoppage of interception for telephone no. ******* 2007.06.13 post182912.html#p182912
1736—Stoppage of interception for telephone no. ****** 2007.06.13 post182913.html#p182913
1737—Stoppage of interception for telephone with IMEI no. ******* 2007.06.13 post182914.html#p182914
1738—Stoppage of interception for telephone no. ******* 2007.06.13 post182916.html#p182916
1739—Stoppage of interception for telephone no. ****** 2007.06.14 post182917.html#p182917
1740—Stoppage of interception for telephone no. no ******* 2007.06.14 post182918.html#p182918
1741—Stoppage of interception for telephone no. ******* 2007.06.14 post182919.html#p182919
1742—Stoppage of interception for telephone no. IMEI no. ******** 2007.06.14 post182920.html#p182920
1743—Stoppage of interception for telephone no. ******* 2007.06.14 post182921.html#p182921
1744—Stoppage of interception for IMEI no. ******** 2007.06.17 post182922.html#p182922
1745—Stoppage of interception for telephone no. ******* 2007.06.17 post182924.html#p182924
1746—Stoppage of interception for telephone no. no ******* 2007.06.18 post182925.html#p182925
1747 to 1749—Letter to Dr. Amaral informing him of interception of calls from 2007.05.06 to 2007.06.17
1750 to 1751—Letter regarding mobile phone given to Gerry by the PJ 2007.06.20 post102699.html#p102699
1752 to 1765-Further information regarding telephones of R. Murat, J. Murat, Walzuch and Malinka with letters from the tribunal regarding applicable laws for interception
1766—Search warrant for Quinta Salsalito, Estrada Nacional 537 (Estrada da Luz - Burgau), rooms, annexes and immediate spaces topic8569.html
1767—Copy of above
1768 to 1769—Results of searches carried out re: above post133755.html#p133755
1770 to 1771—Copy of above with different sign-off signatures
1772—Copy of Sally and Robert Eveleigh passports
1773 to 1783—Photographic report from the Technical Police regarding search of the Eveleigh property post133772.html#p133772
1784 to 1785—Cover letter with response from Vodafone
1786 to 1787—Cover letter with response from TMN
1788—Letter re: interception of IMEI 35640401964109
1789—Response from TMN
1790 to 1791—Cover letter with response from TMN
1792 to 1793—Cover letter with response from Portugal Telecom
1794 to 1795—Cover letter with response from TMN
1796 to 1797—Cover letter with response from TMN
1798 to 1799—Cover letter with response from TMN
1800 to 1801—Cover letter with response from TMN
1802 to 1803—Cover letter with response from TMN
1804—Consent from Kate McCann for DNA analysis of swab 2007.05.10 
1805 to 1809—Cover letter and further information re: Murat details including copy of passport
1810 to 1816—Police Scientific Laboratory Report re: Quinta dos Figos search 2007.05.06 post131248.html#p131248
1817- Delivery note post131252.html#p131252
1818—Term of embedment regarding collected vestige 2007.06.12 post131300.html#p131300
1819 to 1826—Cover letter regarding expert exam of three pieces of blue sofa with info on vestiges collected
1827—Cover email regarding sample analysis 
1828—Report/List of mitochondrial DNA profiles re: disappearance (191 samples)
1828—Consent of Maria Irene Trovao Ferro for DNA analysis of mouth swab/hair sample
1829—Consent of Joao Francisco Pascoa Luis Trigo Barreiras for DNA analysis of mouth swab/hair sample
1830—Consent of Vitor Manuel Martins for DNA analysis of mouth swab/hair sample
1831—Consent of José Maria Batista for DNA analysis of mouth swab/hair sample
1832—Consent of José Carlos Leal Pimentel for DNA analysis of mouth swab/hair sample
1833—Consent of António Henrique Conceiçáo Duarte for DNA analysis of mouth swab/hair sample
1834—Consent of Nelson Filipe Pacheco da Costa for DNA analysis of mouth swab/hair sample

1835 to 1837—Witness statement of George Robin Crossland 2007. 06.20
1838 to 1840—Witness statement of John Eliot Hill 2007.06.20 
1841 to 1842—Witness statement of Najoua Chekaya 2007.06.20
1843 to 1844—Witness statement of Svetlana Malinka 2007.06.20
1845 to 1849—Letter regarding Holland (Eindhoven) ransom email to Gerry
1850—Email message from Eindhoven to the McCann family (English) 2007.06.14
1851 to 1860—Reponses to and analysis of email profile
1861 to 1869—Further information regarding the Eindhovan email sender
1870—Rogatory letter regarding eindhovan email topic6195-10.html
1871—Cover letter for rogatory letter re; Eindhovan
1872 to 1895—Letters re: Information of Dutch translation of rogatory letter with invoices and Dutch translations of documents 
1896—Letter from TMN
1897 to 1899—Witness statement of Antonio Toscano Marques 2007.06.27
1900—Information re: cybercafés in Praia da Luz topic67-80.html 
1901—Information about anonymous phone call received by OC employee 2007.06.24 and topic6195.html
1902—Information re: msg in voice mail and topic6195.html
1903—Information re: receiver of anonymous phone call pg. 1901 and topic6195.html
1904—Fax re above phone call topic6195.htmland 
1905—Declaration above phone call received by functionary 2007.05.25
1906-1908 - List of phone numbers intercepted and traced topic6195.html and topic6195.html
1909 to 1918—List of phone numbers traced and internet profiles traced (repeated pages)
1919 to 1920—List of possible suspects with mouth and hair samples indicated 
1921—Letter regarding hair sample of Walzuch and Antonio
1922—Information re: emails received by Gerry and Kate McCann from Holland post93900.html#p93900 
1923—Interpreter Invoice
1924—List of suspect telephone numbers intercepted (repeat of pages 1906 - 1908)
1925—Interpreter information
1926 to 1927—Interpreter invoice1928—Letter
1928 to 1929—Letter from Francisco Pagarete
1930—Translation of letter from Holland to the PJ re register of g*****@*** address
1931 to 1934—Further correspondence regarding tracing of telephones 
1935—Interpreter’s invoice
1936 to 1938—Letters from/to PJ regarding process
1939—Request of examination of materials collected from VW Passat
1940—Request of examination of materials collected from Renault Kangoo
1941—Request of examination of materials collected from Audi A4
1942—Term of Receipt of 1938 pages
1943—Closing of volume VII, June 24, 2007

Processos VOLUME VIII, TOC pgs. 1944 to 2222

1944—Opening of volume VIII, 24th July, 2007
1945 to 1946—Witness statement of Russell James O’Brien 2007.07.11
1947 to 1956—Interrogation of arguido Robert Murat 2007.07.10
1957 to 1958—Confrontation Diligence (re: Murat)
1959 to 1964—Interrogation of arguido Robert Murat 207.07.10
1965 to1966—Service Information re: contacts on Murat’s telephone 2007.07.11 post109884.html#p109884
1967 to 1968—Witness statement of Lyndon James Pollard 2007.07.11
1969 to 1974— Witness statement of Philip Norman Allen 2007.07.11
1975 to 1977—Witness statement of Silvia Maria Correia Ramos Batista, 2007.07.26
1978—Stoppage of interception of telephone no. IMEI ****** 2007.07.20 post182927.html#p182927
1979—Stoppage of interception of telephone no. 1L771PM (*****) 2007.07.20 post182928.html#p182928
1980—Stoppage of interception of telephone 1L772PIE (IMU ***** 2007.07.20 post182929.html#p182929
1981—Stoppage of interception of telephone lL772PY (******) 2007.07.20 post182931.html#p182931
1982—Stoppage of interception of telephone 11804IE (IMEI
*******) 2007.07.20 post182932.html#p182932
1983—Stoppage of interception of telephone 1L804M (******) 2007.07.20 post182933.html#p182933
1984—Stoppage of interception of telephone 11827 (*****) 2007.07.20 post182934.html#p182934
1985—Stoppage of interception of telephone no. 1L829IE (IMEI
*****) 2007.07.20 post182935.html#p182935
1986—Stoppage of interception of telephone no. lL829M (*****). post182936.html#p182936
1987—Stoppage of interception of telephone no. 33365IE (IMEI
******) 2007.07.20 post182937.html#p182937
1988—Stoppage of interception of telephone no. 33365M ((*****
2007.07.20 post182938.html#p182938
1989 to 2001—Letter from Mark Harrison, National Policing Improvement Agency (translated in Portuguese) 
2002 to 2005—Letter re: investigation summary to Dr. Amaral 2007.07.31
2006 —Cover Letter regarding Danilo Chemello and Aurora Pereira Vaz (French) 
2007- 2008 Letter regarding Danilo Chemello and Aurora Pereira Vaz (French) 2007.07.27 topic7659.html
2009- 2022 Further information on Danilo Chemello
2023 to 2027—Letter regarding cars searched and IMEIS traced/First INML report 9.7.07[/url]
2028—Search warrant for VW Transporter (Murat) 
2029—Search warrant for Peugeot 205 (Murat) 
2030—Search warrant for Hyundai Getz (car rented by Murat) 
2031—Search warrant for VW Passat (Luis Antonio) 
2032—Search warrant for Renault Kangoo (Luis Antonio)
2033—Search warrant for Nissan Patrol (Luis Antonio)
2034—Search warrant for Audi A4 (Sergey Malinka)
2035—Search warrant for Skoda Fabia (Micahaela Walzuch)
2036—Search warrant for Fiat Punto (Ralph Eveleigh)
2037 to 2047—Letter from the Public Service Ministry regarding recording of telephone conversations
2048—Search warrant for Casa Liliana 2007.08.01
2049 to 2053—Letter from the tribunal for Minors (Portimao) 
2054 to 2057—Letters regarding inspection sites in PdL 2007.07.31 and findings
2058 to 2067—Map and photos of inspection sites in PdL 2007.07.31 post94178.html#p94178
2068 to 2070—Letter to Dr. Amaral re: possibility Madeleine may have died in the apartment with request for search warrant for McCann rental residence and car 2007.08.01post94190.html#p94190
2071 to 2074—Letter regarding use of intercepted telephones 
2075—Search warrant for Renault Scenic 2007.08.01 post244030.html#p244030
2076 to 2079—Letter to Dr. Amaral requesting interception of McCann telephones
2080—Copy of computer screen
2081—Letter from the Judicial tribunal of Lagos
2082 to 2084—Documentation regarding request to search McCann rental villa and car
2085 to 2086—Search warrant for McCann rental villa 2007.08.02 post106696.html#p106696
2087 to 2089—Process information
2090 to 2091—Letter regarding inspection sites 2007.07.01 post104805.html#p104805
2092 to 2093—Copy of pgs. 2085 to 2086
2094 to 2096—Letter from the Justice tribunal of Lagos with redacted sections
2097 to 2098—Result of search at McCann rental villa 2007.08.02 topic6328.html
2099 to 2109—Information regarding various inspection sites with photographic report post102705.html#p102705
2110 to 2124—Examination result regarding items taken from McCann rental villa 2007.03.08 post102707.html#p102707
2125—Term of Delivery regarding items taken from the McCann rental villa post106561.html#p1065612007.08.03
2126—Search warrant for Murat’s villa 2007.08.01
2127—Copy of above
2128 to 2130—Result of search on Murat villa
2131—Letter regarding technical inspection of Murat villa topic35-10.html
2132 to 2133—Letter to Dr. Amaral regarding O’Brien’s friend rental car topic223.html
2134—Search warrant on OPEL Corsa with plate no. 75-AG-62
2135—Search warrant Renault Scenic post244030.html#p244030
2136—Request for seizure of items from Renault Scenic 59-DA-27 topic6328.html
2137—Search warrant for Renault Scenic 59-DA-27 2007.08.01 post244030.html#p244030
2138—Copy of page 2136 topic6328.html
2139—Search warrant for Renault Scenic 59-DA-27 2007.08.06
2140—Search warrant for Audi A4 (Malinka) 2007.07.31
2141 to 2143—List of cars searched
2144—Search warrant for Audi A4 2007.08.06
2145—Copy of search warrant for Skoda Fabia (Walzuch’s car)
2146—Copy of 2141 to 2143
2147—Copy of pg. 2145

2148 to 2185—Request for search of nine cars 2007.07.31 (copy) with copy of search warrants for nine cars
2186 to 2188—List of cars searched in subterranean garage with results of dogs post94445.html#p94445
2189—Results of Eddie’s search in zones near apartment 5A
2190—Results of Eddie’s search in 5A 2007.08.03
2191 to 2203—Service information regarding collected vestiges in 5A with photographs
2204 to 2210—Delivery documents of all vestiges collected (English) sent to Birmingham 2007.08.07
2211—Fax to the Police Scientific Laboratory regarding vestiges found
2212—Confirmation above fax sent
2213 to 2214—Fax to Police Scientific Laboratory regarding other vestiges
2215—Confirmation above fax sent
2216 to 2217—Portuguese list from of vestiges collected from pgs. 2204 to 2210
2218 to 2221—Declaration from PJ regarding return of keys to Silvia Batista 2007.07.31
2222—Closing of volume VIII, 2007.08.22

Processos VOLUME IX, TOC pgs. 2223 to 2499

2223—Opening of volume IX, 2007.08.22
2224 to 2234— Madeleine McCann Search Decision Support Document (in English) by Mark Harrison 2007.07.23
2235 to 2254—Above document in Portuguese
2256 to 2261— Madeleine McCann Search Decision Support Document PD Luz Beach & Marine Assessment (in English) by Mark Harrison 2007.07.31 post408.html#p408
2262 to 2268— Martin Grime personal profile
2269 to 2279—Above document in Portuguese
2280 to 2281-FSS Forensic Report re G & K McCann DNA samples 2007.07.28
2282—FSS Document regarding sample destruction 2007.08.21
2283 to 2284—Portuguese translation of 2280 to 2281
2285 to 2286—Portuguese translation of pg. 2282

2287 to 2288— Forensic Report re – Amelia & Sean DNA samples 2007.07.18
2289—Letter from FSS regarding sample destruction 2007.07.19 post273.html#p273
2290 to 2293—Portuguese translation of pgs. 2287 to 2288
2294 to 2297—GNR delivery letter with information regarding photos of Madeleine 
2298—Declaration of Mario Domingos Moreiera 2007.06.18 re mouth swab
2299—Declaration of Luis Filipe Monteiro Ferro 2007.06.18 re mouth swab
2300—Declaration of Dina Maria Dos Reis Rocha 2007.06.18 re mouth swab
2301—Declaration of Marina Paula Raposo Batista Castelo 2007.06.18 re mouth swab
2302—Declaration of Maria Julia Serafim da Silva2007.06.18 re mouth swab

2303 to 2304—List of OC employees /PJ/GNR officers who have been asked for mouth swab and hair sample post170620.html#p170620
2305 to 2306 - Report Cover letter and blank page
2307 to 2322—Report with images of forensic exams carried out in PdL post106888.html#p106888
2323—Delivery report of items collected from 5A
2324 to 2345—Cover page of Police Scientific Report of exams and vestiges collected at Casa Lilian and Murat’s vehicle
2346 to 2356—Cover page of Police Scientific report and exams and vestiges collected from Malinka’s Audi A4
2357 to 2368—Cover page of Police Scientific report/exams and vestiges collected from a Renault Kangoo
2367 to 2379—Cover page of Police Scientific report/exams and vestiges collected from a Volkswagen 
2380—Blank page
2381— Cover page of Police Scientific report/exams and vestiges collected from an apartment in Burgau 
2395 to 2396—Report Cover letter and page
2396 to 2399—Official document for the Public Security Police/PJ
2400 to 2406—Document between Tribunal and PJ 
2407 to 2410—Fax to Dr. Amaral with selected copies from pgs. 2396 onwards
2411—Confirmation above fax sent
2412 to 2145—Witness Statement of Pamela Isobel Fenn 2007.08.20
2416 to 2424—Letter from the National Institute for Legal Medicine with mitochondrial test results from vestiges collected and various other letters 2007.08.12(p. 2416-2417 and 2419
2425 to 2439—Letter from the National Institute for Legal Medicine with come copies of above document and further analysis
2440 to 2441—Letter to Dr. Amaral re: TMN’s reponse post182975.html#p182975
2442—Stoppage of telephone interception for no. IMEI com o no ******** (1L772PIE) 2007.08.18 post182939.html#p182939
2443—Stoppage of telephone interception for no. ******* (lL827) 2007.08.18 post182940.html#p182940
2444—Stoppage of telephone interception for ****** (33822M) 2007.08.18 post182941.html#p182941
2445—Stoppage of telephone interception for ********* (33823E) 2007.08.18 post182950.html#p182950
2446—Stoppage of telephone interception for ******** (33824E) 2007.08.18 post182951.html#p182951
2447 to 2450—Letter to Dr. Amaral re: phone interceptions with other documents
2451 to 2454—Letter from the Secretary General’s Office with other documents
2455—Service information regarding phone interception
2456—Letter re beginning of trace for telephone no. *******2007.08.03
2457—Blank page
2458—Letter re beginning of trace for telephone no. ******* 2007.08.03
2459—Letter re beginning of trace for telephone no. ******* 2007.08.03
2460—Letter re beginning of trace for telephone no. ******* 2007.08.13
2461—Inclusion document re: Eddie and Keela search/results 2007.08.23
2461—Analysis of the cadaver & blood dog searches in 5A and in the vehicles (in Portuguese) 
2462 - 2465 - Transcription dog video post127814.html#p127814
2466- Transcrition dog video post127949.html#p127949
2473—Martin Grimes’ Canine Search Report (English) 2007.08[/url] 
2484 to 2498—Portuguese translation of above document
2499—Closing of volume IX, 2007.08.29

Processos Volume X, pgs. 2500 to 2724

2500—Opening of Volume X, 2007.08.29
2501—Document explaining that all witness statements have been joined 2007.08.29
2502—Letter to Dr. Amaral from Carlos Pinto de Abreu
2503— Copies of Kate and Gerry’s passports 
2504 to 2505—Statement re: payment of judicial costs
2506—Letter from Gerry granting power of attorney to Carlos Pinto de Abreu (in English) 2007.08.23
2507—Online registration of attorneys
2508—Portuguese translation of 2506
2509-Online registration of attorneys
2510—Copy of page 2502
2511 to 2517—various duplicates of above documents
2518 to 2519—Documents from the Judicial Tribunal of Portimao
2520— Letter indicating McCanns asking change of status to Assistentes 2007.08.29 
2521 to 2522— Correspondence 
2523—Letter to Murat informing him McCanns want change of status to assistants
2527—Term of Receipt
2528— Letter to the Director of the Police Scientific Laboratory 
2529 to 2530— Photographic Report form the Technical Police
2531--Confirmation McCanns advised of Sept 05, 2007 questioning in Portimao on 09.03
2532—Letter changing the date of the questioning to 09.06 and indication of attorney name
2533 to 2534—Service Information from Ricardo Paiva and his observations of the McCanns
2536—Confirmation of fax
2537 to 2538—Communication Dispatches
2539 to 2551—Interrogation of Kate Marie Healy 2007.09.06 with pictures of 5 A, Tapas table and layout of 5A
2552—Information about interpreter post232517.html#p232517
2553 to 2554—Constitution of Arguido for Kate Healy McCann with rights in English and Portuguese
2555 to 2556- Statement of identity and residence for Kate Healy McCann
2557 to 2560—List of questions to which Kate did not respond
2561 to 2564—Pictures of 5A 
2565 to 2566—Constitution of Arguido for Gerald McCann with rights in English and Portuguese
2567 to 2568—Statement of identity and residence for Gerald McCann
2569 to 2578—Interrogation of Gerald McCann 2007.09.07 with written timeline on Sainsbury’s sticker book. 
2577 Joining of Terms post128604.html#p128604
2579—Support page with written timeline and cover of sticker book
2580—Opening of appendix I
2581 to 2584—Copy of page from Kate’s bible in English and Portuguese
2585—Copy of news article regarding grandmother’s statement of the use of Calpol
2586—Copy of news article re: Brian Kennedy & Pact of Silence surrounding Kate
2587 to 2602— Letter of facts surrounding the investigation, report by Chief Inspector Tavares de Almeida
2604 to 2608—Results of various diligences topic34.html
2609—Letter regarding Rogatory request
2611—Letter re: interpreter request post128602.html#p128602
2612—Communication Dispatch
2613 to 2614—Documentation
2615 to 2616—Letter from PJ regarding FSS results of vestiges collected topic10-20.html
2617 to 2623—Email to Stuart Prior from John Lowe re: FSS analysis (English) and translation into Portuguese) (p. 2617-2618)
2624 to 2625-Apprehension of two diaries and a notebook
2626 to 2631—Documentation post220725.html#p220725
2632—Term of Delivery
2633 to 2635—Documentation
2636—Letter from Pagarete re: Murat
2637 to 2638—Tribunal document re: M. Walzuch with copy of identity card
2639 to 2640 - Tribunal document re: Luis Antonio with copy of identity card
2641 - Service Information dated 14 September 2007 re: forensic analysis and FSS report by Ricardo Paiva 
2642 to 2652 - FSS report 6 Sept 2007 by John Lowe Info re UK A.C.P.O Cadaver dogs (Portugese translation) 
2653 to 2660 - FSS report 6 Sept 2007 by John Lowe Info re UK A.C.P.O Cadaver dogs (Original English) topic10.html
2661 - Request for BBC journalists re: access to files post117059.html#p117059
2662 to 2666 - Documentation including extension of secrecy of justice rule post117063.html#p117063
2667 - 2668 - Letter from journalist to Public Prosecutor topic7777.html
2670— Service information re: Gerry’s laptop
2671 to 2673 - Service information 17 Sept 2007 re: McCann and Tapas group telephone traffic post102685.html#p102685
2674 to 2677 - Service Information 13 & 19 September re: interpreter and payment details
2678 - Request from Portuguese journalist post232485.html#p232485
2679 to 2682-Letter re possibility of changing McCann restraining orders and other details topic7773.html
2684—Request from PortugalDiario journalist post232485.html#p232485
2685—Press Card
2686 to 2687—Documentation
2688 to 2701—Request for telephone traffic of identified mobile numbers and supporting documentation
2702 to 2704—Letter regarding new penal code and status of Kate and Gerry from Pinto Abreu post307.html#p307
2705—Media Notes in Portuguese
2706—Letter from Pagarete re: Murat topic852-20.html
2707 to 2717—Documentation, Dispatches and Notes
2718 to 2722—Certification
2723—Term of Receipt
2724—Closing of volume X, 2007.10.04

Processos Volume XI TOC, pgs. 2725 to 3057

First (not numbered)–opens volume X1
2725—volume 11 opened 04 October 2007
2726 to 2737—letter regarding a diligence re: rental car of James Gorrod, along with copy of vehicle rental contract
2738—Carta Precatoria-instrument used by a judge regarding individuals in other districts
2739—Carta Precatoria re: Manuel Paulo Ventura de Pimental Vaz Pereira
2740—Fax from Amaral to Luis Neves re: above
2741 to 2746—Further information regarding Vaz Pereira
2747 to 2751—Witness testimony of Marco Paulo Ventura de Pimental Vaz Pereira
2752 to 2769—Missing pages???
2770—Service information regarding a box containing articles and other clothing from the McCanns villa
2771 to 2812—Portuguese version of the OP Task Madeleine McCann Searches Conducted 1 to 8th August 2007
2813 to 2835—Martin Grimes Personal Profile post425.html#p425
2836 to 2858—English version of pages 2771 through 2812
2859 to 2869— English version of pages 2813 through 2835 [/color]
2870—Opening of Appendix II, 24/09/07
2871 to 2875—Smith Family Memorandum regarding contact with PJ after McCanns return home
2875 Note phone call with Smith post128585.html#p128585
2876 to 2937—PJ information regarding the Crematorium in Monchique along with information on Hoos Evert Hendrik (page 2876 -2878)
2897-2998 External Inquiry report post128587.html#p128587
2938 to 2940—Fax to car rental agency
2941 to 2944—Witness testimony of Ricardo Alexandre da Luz Oliveira (bar worker who served McCanns)
2945 to 2952—Letter to Amaral from his inspectors re: investigation DCCB report.
2953 to 2954— Winkworth contract of McCann villa rental details
2955 to 2959— Budget rental contract for Scenic, rental inspection and list of previous renters ... ml#p161192 
2960—Information (Portuguese) re: Fernando Joaquim sighting Gerry McCann in july twice near Vila d'Arte
2961 to 2962—Fax detailing return flights of Tapas group
2963 to 2968—Fax re: Renault Scenic, contract and further information about lessees post232484.html#p232484
2969 to 2970—Fax to Police Scientific Lab
2971—confirmation of above fax
2972—Fax to Director of National Institute of Legal Medicine
2973—Confirmation of above fax
2974—Fax to Police Scientific Lab
2975—Fax to National Institute of Legal Medicine
2976—Confirmation of above fax
2977—Fax to Biologic & Genetic Services
2978—Fax to Director of the National Institute of Legal Medicine
2979—Confirmation of above fax
2980—Fax to Director of the Police Scientific Lab
2981—Confirmation of above fax
2982—Information re: Madeleine’s DNA
2983 to 2997—Email from Jose Freitas, New Scotland Yard re: Madeleine’s DNA with results from the FSS
also here ([url=]p. 2983)
2998 to 2999—Witness testimony of Fernando Adolfo de Vasconcelos Pereira (secondary school instructor, and lessee of Renault Scenic used by the McCann couple)[/url]
3000 to 3002— Email from Stuart Prior re. Request for investigation of the Camerons and Wrights 
3003—Email from Stuart Prior

3004-Summary of Michael Wright Enquiries- topic79.html 
3005—Letter indicating the joining of documents to the file
3006—Francesco Pagarete request for documents post109500.html#p109500
3007—Interpreter Information post232518.html#p232518
3008—Notification of interpreter post232517.html#p232517
3011—TMN letter to the tribunal
3012—Optimus letter to the tribunal
3013—TMN letter to the tribunal
3014—Certification re interpreter
3015 to 3017—Documentation
3018—Letter from the tribunal to TMN
3019—Letter from the tribunal to Vodafone
3020—Letter from the tribunal to Portugal Telecom
3021 to 3022—Tribunal documentation
3023 to 3027—Results of analysis on Toshiba rigid disk topic5289.html 
3029—Term of delivery
3030 to 3034—Letter regarding rogatory content from Carlos Abreu topic170.html
3035—Letter of delegation
3036 to 2040—Letter regarding rogatory content from Carlos Abreu topic170.html
3041—Letter of delegation
3042 to 3046—Documentation
3047 to 3056—Letter from Portugal Telecom with calls received/made list topic7753.html
3057—Closing of volume XI-a on 2007.10.24

Processos Volume XII TOC, pgs. 3057 to 3291 (or 3891)

First page—09/05/07 Document re: inquiry naming three arguidos (Kate, Gerry, and Robert) and their legal counsel
3057—Volume 12 opened 24-10-2007
3058 to 3062—Correspondence from the Public Ministry of Portimao regarding the process
3062—Letter to Criminal Instructional Judge
3063 to 3067—Letter from Judge not allowing access to SMS and MMS
3068—Letter of Certification
3069 to 3072—Letter from the Portimao Public Ministry regarding tracing of mobile phone numbers of Tapas group
3073 to 3076—Letter from the Family and Minor Tribunal of Portimao regarding the call traces topic5289.html 
3077 to 3078—Screen shots of PJ computer file information
3079—Envelope with registered mail stamp
3080 to 3084—Documents prepared by the Family and Minor tribunal of Portimao
3085 to 3095—Letter with possible questions to ask Tapas Group (in English and Portuguese) post111332.html#p111332
3086 to 3095—Copy of Letter with possible questions to ask Tapas Group (in English and Portuguese)
3096 to 3105—Copy Letter with possible questions to ask Tapas Group (in English and Portuguese)
3106—Letter from TMN to R. Juiz
3107 to 3135—Further paperwork and correspondence between various PT bodies regarding the rogatory letters
3136 to 3137—Request to pay interpreter
3138—Letter from Kate’s lawyer (Rogerio Alves) asking for testimony from Peter Neil Patterson of Leicester (Peter apparently gave Kate the bible)
3139—Copy of page 3138
3140—Letter asking for case process numbers to be joined
3141 to 3142—Letter with invoice from the National Institute for Legal Medicine regarding analysis carried out
3143 to 3145—Further requests and correspondence regarding mobile phone usage
3146 to 3150—Letter and appendix of testimony from two Golfinho Restaurant employees
3150 to 3153—Witness Testimony of Adriann Jacobus Van Marais on 2007/11/16
3154 to 3157—Witness testimony of Lizelle Joubert Marais on 2007/11/16 with faceless picture of bagman
3158 to 3169—Letter from PT Communications with documents detailing calls topic5494.html 
3170 to 3173—Request to Portugal Telecom asking for a list of calls made from no. 282 789 210
3175 to 3178—Page replaced per order 
3179 to 3182—Further correspondence between PJ and others
3183— Service information regarding re-examination of rubbish bins and here
3184 to 3185—PJ Diligence of Ford Escort van belonging to Barrington Godfrey Norton
3186 to 3187—Pictures of Ford Escort Van
3188 to 3189—List of contents owned by S. Malinka and examined by the PJ
3190 to 3191—Letter from the PJ to the Criminal Investigation Coordinator with information regarding collection of CCTV images from 3 petrol stations
3192 to 3193—Letters from the PJ regarding an exam/analysis
3194—Blank page
3195 to 3204—Letter documenting analysis and observations of exam carried out in 5A on 01 August 2007 at 20H00 (pictures included of spots found)3205 to 3206—List of evidence (items) found in 5a (in English)—partial translation in English of above
3207—Cover letter sent with fibres for analysis post45154.html#p45154
3208—Cover letter sent with hair follicles for analysis
3209—Blank page
3210—Cover letter regarding examination/analysis
3211 to 3223—Evidence report from the Police Scientific Laboratory 2007.08.04 with pictures of where evidence found post106907.html#p106907
3224 to 3226—List of stains/evidence collected from 5A (English)
3227—Blank page
3228—Cover letter regarding examination/analysis
3229 to 3241—Report from Police Scientific Laboratory on Renault Scenic 2007.06.08 post106932.html#p106932
3241 to 3243—List of items found in Renault Scenic (English)
3244 to 3246— Report from Police Scientific Laboratory re: 10 x 15 photographs of Madeleine 
3247—GNR statement of delivery of four 10x15 photographs (copy of page 2294 with handwritten notes)
3248 to 3249— External diligence carried out re: 10 x 15 photographs 
3250—Fax to the National Institute of Legal Medicine
3251—Confirmation of fax
3252 to 3253—Letter from the National Institute of Legal Medicine re: 3 DNA non-identified profiles
3254—Information regarding Renault Scenic
3255 to 3258—External diligence carried out at Dolphin Restaurant 2007.10.02 topic116-40.html 
3259 to 3263—External diligence carried out with OC Maintenance Services and photocopies in the OC 2007.10.02 
3264—Blank page
3265—Fax cover page re: delivery of DNA profiles post131243.html#p131243
3266 to 3273—Letter regarding CCTV images taken in the Paraiso restaurant on 2007.05.03 topic7739.html
3274 to 3275—Letter regarding previous renters of the Renault Scenic post109207.html#p109207
3276 to 3280–External diligence carried out in Kelly’s Bar 2007.10.02
3281 to 3884—Witness statement of José Maria Batista Roque 2007.10.17
3885 to 3888—Witness statement of Nelson Filipe Pacheco da Costa 2007.10.17 
3889—Fax to Institute of Meteorology regarding weather conditions on May 3 and 4 of 2007 post150418.html#p150418
3890—Confirmation above fax sent
3891—Closing of volume XII, 2007.12.05

Processos Volume XIII TOC, pgs. 3892 to 3601

3892—Opening of volume XIII, 2007.12.05
3893—Service information from Ricardo Paiva
3894 to 3895—Portuguese translation of John Brown statement 
3896—Email from Michael Marshall to R. Paiva re: John Brown statement 
3897 to 3900—Witness statement of John Brown 2007.10.05
3901 to 3903—Translation of pages 2897 to 3900 
3904—Translation of email into Portuguese re: photo-sketch

3905—English version of email page 3904 re: artist impression topic1169-10.html
3906 to 3908—Artist impressions of ‘abductor’ carrying child topic1169-10.html
3909 to 3910—Portuguese translation of cover letter from Leicestershire re: Gaspar statements
3911 to 3915—Witness statement of Katherina Zacharias Gaspar 2007.05.16
3916 to 3920—Witness statement of Arul Savio Gaspar 2007.05.16 
3921— Financial summary of the Tapas 9 
3922 to 3923—Above document in Portuguese
3924 to 3926—Witness statement of Jose Manuel da Conceicao Calado Pacheco, priest, 2007.10.30
3927 —Service information re: interpreter
3928 to 3932—Sequence of events the night of May.03.2008 as told by the Tapas (Portuguese)
3933—Email from Paiva to Stuart Prior re: questions to ask the FSS 2007.10.31
3934 to 3939—Portuguese summary of the facts with list of items collected by Paul Rebelo
3940 to 3948–English version of pages 3934 to 3939 
3949—Letter from Rebelo re: analysis of pyjamas
3950 to 3953—Letters re: analysis of fibres/hair samples see also here
3954 to 3959—Letters of delivery to the National Institute for Legal Medicine with samples
3960 to 3961—Fax re: request for exams
3962—Confirmation above fax sent
3963—Fax re: request for expert analysis
3964—Confirmation above fax sent
3965—Fax re: request for delivery of vestiges
3966—Confirmation above fax sent
3967—Fax re: request for delivery of vestiges
3968—Confirmation above fax sent
3969—Fax re: request for delivery of vestiges
3970—Confirmation above fax sent
3971—Fax re: request for delivery of vestiges
3972—Confirmation above fax sent
3973—Fax re: request for delivery of vestiges
3974—Confirmation above fax sent
3975—Fax re: request for delivery of vestiges
3976—Confirmation above fax sent
3976—Documentation re: cancellation of exam
3978—Documentation re: cancellation of exam
3979—Documentation re: cancellation of exam
3980—Documentation re: cancellation of exam
3981—Information document
3982—Letter from Commercial Division re: climate conditions on the 3rd and 4th of May 2007 post150703.html#p150703
3983 to 3987—External diligence carried out re: ditches in Praia da Luz 2007.11.08 with pics
3988 to 3990—Witness statement of Antonio Henrique da Conceicao Duarte 2007.11.08 
3991—Martin Smith information regarding Gerry McCann on television 2007.11.08
3992—Email regarding Smith statement 2007.11.07
3993 to 3994 —Portuguese translation of email from Prior re: Smith statement 2007.09.20
3995 to 3997—English email re: Smith sighting sent from Stuart Prior also here
3998 to 3400—External diligence carried out in Bar Pacifico 2007.11.08
----------for some reason page number changes here-----------
3401 to 3404—Email from Pat Perkins (McCann family friend) re: finding Madeleine 2007.11.09 with pic of Madeleine on the tennis court
3405—Cover letter re: Wilkins and O’Donnell statements 2007.11.08
3406—Email from S. Prior regarding report of visit to Wilkins 2007.11.08
3407 to 3409—Officer’s report re: 2007.11.05 visit to Wilkins and O’Donnell 
3410 to 3415—Portuguese translation of pages 3047 to 34093416—Information regarding Renault Scenic
3417—List of previous renters of Renault Scenic with addresses/contact information
3418 to 3420—Witness statement of Susan Hubbard 2007.11.13
3421—Service information re: Ivonne Warren Martin 
3422 to 3224—Collection of information re: Yvonne Warren Martin see also here
3425 to 3428—Witness statement of Yvonne Warren Martin 2007.06.13 see also here
3429—Photographic Recognition by Y.W.Martin re: David Payne
3430— List of place where Yvonne W. Martin has worked
3431 to 3433—Witness statement of Yvonne Warren Martin 2007.11.14 see also here
3434 to 3436—Service information re: McCann contract with Metodo 3 & Kennedy backing 2007.11.14 topic5655.html 
3437 to 3438—Confidential report re: Margaret Hall
3439 - 3430 Pages from Método 3 book post115405.html#p115405
3441 to 3444—Portuguese translation of pages 3437 to 3440
3445 to 3454—External diligence carried out re: Metodo 3, 2007.11.21 topic5655.html 
3455—Fax topic9982.html
3456—Confirmation above fax sent
3457—Fax post153790.html#p153790
3458—Confirmation above fax sent
3459 to 3461—Witness statement of Aurelio Mendes Guerreiro (owner/Pacific Bar) 2007.11.16
3462—Fax post153800.html#p153800
3463—Confirmation above fax sent
3464—Fax to PJ from EuroScut post159387.html#p159387
3465 to 3466—FSS Items for Return
3467—Fax regarding vestige post153807.html#p153807
3468 to 3470—Ministry of Justice analysis of blanket piece
3471—Confirmation fax sent
3472—Letter (in English) to Director of the FSS regarding fibres
3473—Portuguese version of page. 3472
3474—Delivery Term
3476 to 3478—List of material for forensic examination
3480 to 3481—List of material for examination post159372.html#p159372
3482—Cover letter with additional list of material for examination
3483 to 3487—Request for forensic examination with pics of Eeyore pyjamas
3488 to 3490—pages 3483 to 3487 in English
3491—Cover letter re: searches in Praia da Luz
3492 to 3516—Report on the searches carried out in P da L under the coordination of the GNR with appendices 
3517to 3524—Report of Technical/Scientific Search and Rescue Group (Sniffer Dog Search and Rescue Team)
3525 to 3526—Documentation
3528 to 3577—Request to commence rogatory process with detailed report on suggested questions
3578 to 3582—List of vestiges collected from 5A and examined by FSS 
3583 to 3590—report of events and evidence collected (English)
3591—Translated cover letter re: Eeyore pyjamas for testing
3592—Artist’s impression of a suspect
3593 to 3594—Report with questions about McCann/group telephone usage
3595 to 3597—Documentation
3598 to 3599—Letter from Portugal Telecom with copy of envelope and list of calls topic5494.html 
3600— Documentation
3601—Closing of Volume XIII on 2007.12.12

Processos Volume XIV TOC, pgs. 3602 to 3844

3602—Opening of volume VIX on 2007.12.12
3603 to 3618—Letter of facts re: rogatory letter
3620 to 3621—Statement of items collected from Walzuch’s residence
3622 to 3624—Documentation
3625 to to 3692—Penal Grievance Document
3694 to 3695—Tribunal documentation
3696—Request from journalist at Correio da Manha for document access
3697—Request from journalist at Correio da Manha for document access
3698— Request from journalist at Correio da Manha for document access
3699—Request from journalist at Correio da Manha for document access

3700 to 3702—Tribunal documentation
3703 to 3704—Cover letter with Vodafone correspondence 
3705 to 3794—Rogatory letter 2007.12.19
3795 to 3824—Rogatory letter 2007.12.19
3825—Service information re phone traffic topic5494.html 
3826—List of calls received/made with Optimus topic5494.html 
3827—Correction note regarding missed pages in volume XIII
3828 to 3825—Public Ministry of Portimao documents
3836 to 3843—Tribunal documentation
3844—Closing of volume XIV 2008.01.23

Processos Volume XV TOC, pgs. 3845 to 4127

3845—Opening of volume XV on 2008.01.23
3846—Translation invoice
3847 to 3855—Tribunal documentation re: rogatory letters
3856 to 3859—Witness statement of Joao Francisco Pascoa Luis Trigo Barreiras 2007.11.20
3860 to 3861—Manuel Joaquim Pessoa de Lencastre Queiroz 2007.11.20
3862 to 3865—Witness statement of Vito Manuel Martins 2007.12.04
3866—Term of delivery
3867 to 3886—Report of Searches in Praia da Luz 2007.11.15
3887 to 3888—Letter from Kate McCann to Paulo Rebelo 2007.12.04 topic5246.html 
3889 to 3890—Portuguese translation of 3887 to 3888
3891—Returned fibres found in Renault Scenic from the FSS
3892—Request for forensic exam of spot found on mattress in 5A
3893 to 3897—Guide regarding further examinations
3898 to 3900—Witness statement of Ricardo Manuel Goncalves de Paiva 2007.12.14
3901—Guide regarding further examinations
3902—Service information re: depositions of Graham McKenzie and Carolyn Kish
3903 to 3906— Crimestoppers report from Graham McKenzie and emails
3907 to 3908—Witness statement of Graham McKenzie 2007.12.06 (in English)
3909— Emails re: Carolyn Kish statement
3916 to 3917—CV of Carolyn Kish post139098.html#p139098
3918 to 3923—Further info re: Carolyn Kish post139098.html#p139098
3924 to 3927—Witness statement of Carolyn Kish 2007.11.21
3928 to 3931—Portuguese translation of pages 3907 to 3908
3932 to 3937—Portuguese translation of pages 3924 to 3927

3938 to 3939—Letter re: DNA matches not found in Interpol database
3940 to 3941—University of Texas Missing Persons DNA Database Report post122087.html#p122087
3942—FBI Analysis of Madeleine and Baby G***e DNA report– no match post122089.html#p122089
3943 to 3944—Portuguese translation of page 3942
3945 to 3947—Portuguese translation of pages 3940 to 3941

3948 to 3964—Intercalary Report by Inspector Joao Carlos 31-01-2008
3965 to 3972—Service information re: Gail Cooper & artist impression also p. 3966 
3973—Sketch of possible abductor (Tanner’s account)
3974 to 3976—Further information on Melissa Little, sketch artist, and on Gail Cooper sighting
3977 to 3981—Sketches of possible abductors (Cooper’s account and Jane’s) along with further documentation
3982 to 3983—Witness statement of Gail Cooper 2007.05.21 (in English)
3984 to 3986—Witness statement of Paul Antony Gordon 2007.05.06 with artist impression (English) post139053.html#p139053
3987 to 3989–Witness statement of Trudy Jane Dawkin 2007.05.27 (English)
3990—Information about artist impressions post108987.html#p108987
3991—Photo of possible abductor post108987.html#p108987
3992 to 3995—Summary of Second Statement of Jane Tanner (English) topic6174.html 
3996—Email re: Gail Cooper’s latest statement (English)
3997 to 4002—Witness Statement of Gail Cooper 2007.01.16 (in English)
4003 to 4004—Email from Stuart Prior to the PJ (in English) and here
4005 to 4006—Further information re: Gail Cooper (in English)
4007—Letter from the Leicestershire Constabulary (in English) re: Morgan statements
4008 to 4010—Copy of pages 3997 to 4002
4011 to 4012—Witness statement of Iris Morgan 2007.01.17 with picture (in English)
4013 to 4014—Witness statement of Rex Morgan
4015—Email from Leciesterhire to the PJ cover page
4016 to 4017—Statement for Jonathan Stanley Cooper topic176-10.html
4018 to 4023—Operation Task -- Incoming Calls
4024—Email from R. Paiva to Stuart Prior re: re-interviews
4025—Translation of 4024
4026 to 4028—Translation of email from Stuart Prior on 2008.01.164029 to 4041—Portuguese translation of part of pages 4018 to 4023
4042 to 4045—Portuguese translation of 3982 to 3983
4046 to 4054--Portuguese translation of 3997 to 4002
4055 to 4056—Portuguese translation of 3984 to 3986
4057 to 4061—Portuguese translation of 3897 to 3989
4061 to 4066—Portuguese translation of 3992 to 3995
4067 to 4069—Portuguese translation of Johnathan Stanley Cooper’s declaration

4070 to 4071—Emails from B. Ashton/S. Prior to Ricardo Paiva post109136.html#p109136
4072 to 4073—Email Prior to Paiva post109141.html#p109141
4075 to 4084—Portuguese translation of 4011 to 4012 
4085 to Missing page
4101—Artist impression of possible abductor
4111—Service information re: Mary Stonely topic67-80.html 
4112 to 4113—Service information re: Paula Baltazar post119866.html#p119866
4114 to 4115—Witness statement of Bernardino Abreu Pereira da Silva 2008.02.06 
4116 to 4127—Missing pages???
4128—Closing of volume XV, 2008.02.12

Processos Volume XVI, pgs. 4129 to 4414

4129—Opening of volume XVI on 2008.02.12
4130 to 4132—Missing pages
4133—Letter re: return of keys to S. Batista post109451.html#p109451
4134—Cover of fax re: Dublin correspondence (English)
4135 to 4139—Additional statement from Martin Smith 2008.01.30 (English) 
4141 to 4145—Portuguese translation of pages 4134 to 4139
4146—Correction of page numbers in volume XII
4147—Fax cover page re: translations post175394.html#p175394
4148 to 4149—Sighting from Fabregues post175395.html#p175395
4150—Sighting in Barcelona Train Station post174023.html#p174023
4151—Public Ministry document re appendix
4152—Letter from F. Pagarete re Murat post109635.html#p109635
4153—Letter from Attorney General 
4154—Letter re: return of Murat’s confiscated possessions post175425.html#p175425
4155—Cover page re examination report 
4156 to 4159—Report of expert examination 4 photographs
4160 to 4162—Term of delivery
4163 to 4165—Letter re: Mari Luz Cortes abduction 2008.04.03 post171156.html#p171156
4166—Cover page re: expert examination
4167 to 4182—Report of expert examination post17152.html#p17152
4183—Communication Dispatch
4184—Letter from S. Malinka requesting return of items confiscated post175429.html#p175429
4185—Conclusion post119499.html#p119499
4186—Letter re information from Stuart Prior re: reconstruction post119505.html#p119505
4187—Email to Stuart Prior re reconstruction questions from Tapas 9 topic24.html
4188 to 4189—Letter from PJ regarding details of proposed reconstruction
4190 to 4192—Letter from PJ regarding details of proposed reconstruction (English) topic24.html
4193 to 4196—Witness statement of Amy Tierney 2008.04.17 with info on Kodak camera/printer (page 4193 - 4194)
4197—Information re 10 x 15 photographs of Madeleine
4198—Email cover page from Stuart Prior 
4199— Synopsis of Michael Terrence Wright’s statement 2008.04.16 topic24.html
4200—Portuguese translation of last paragraph in Wright’s statement re: suspect
4201 to 4202—Service information re: Wright’s suspect statement
4203—Return of laptops
4202—Cover page
4205—Diligences carried out post175439.html#p175439
4206—Notification document post175442.html#p175442
4207—Vehicle report/search post175443.html#p175443
4208—Email re CCTV images from GALP Station EN117 2008.03.13 post175486.html#p175486
4209—Sketch of Galp station post175700.html#p175700
4210—Analysis of CCTV images 2008.04.28 post175489.html#p175489
4211 to 4212—Summary document re: GALP CCTV images—nothing found, 2008.04.28 post175507.html#p175507
4213—Service information re emails and reconstruction post119514.html#p119514
4214—Email from Graham Michael (Leicestershire) to Ricardo Paiva 2008.03.19 with questions from the Holiday Group (English) topic24.html
4215—Portuguese translation of page 4214
4216—Letter from the PJ answering questions from Tapas group topic24.html
4217—Portuguese translation of page 4216
4218—Email to Paiva indicating Tapas group still undecided about reconstruction 2008.03.28 (English) topic24.html
4219—Note post119518.html#p119518
4220 to 4224—Portuguese translation of emails
4224 to 4226—Email from R. Oldfield asking more questions re reconstruction (English) 2008.04.23 topic24-10.html
4227 to 4228—PT Translation of pages 4224 to 4226
4229 to 4230— Email re: Jes Wilkin’s reply to reconstruction 2008.04.28 topic24-10.html
4231 to 4233— Email from Fiona Webster (Payne) 2008.04.28 topic24-10.html
4234—PT Translation of pages 4231 to 4233
4235 to 4236— Email from Stuart Prior to Ricardo Paiva 2008.04.28 topic24-10.html
4237— Letter from O’Brien and Tanner re.reconstruction 2008.04.23 (English) topic24.html
4238 to 4240—Portuguese translation of pages 4235 to 4237
4241—Email from Rebelo to Stuart Prior re details of reconstruction 2008.04.29 (English) topic24.html
4242—Portuguese translation of page 4241
4243—Email from Stuart Prior re: Tanner and O’Brien response 2008.04.30 topic24-10.html
4244—Translation of page 4243
4245 to 4246—Email from Rachel and Matthew Oldfield 2008.04.30 topic24-10.html
4247—Portuguese translation of pages 4245 to 4246
4248 to 4250—Email from Fiona and David Payne re reconstruction 2008.04.30 topic24-10.html
4251—Portuguese translation of pages 4248 to 42504252 to 4254—Email from Jes Wilkins re reconstruction 2008.04.30 topic24-10.html
4255—Portuguese translation of pages 4252 to 4254
4256 Letter reconstruction post119527.html#p119527
4257to 4259—Conclusion Public Prosecutor post119588.html#p119588
4260 - Despatch from Public Ministry post119597.html#p1195974261 
4261 - Despatch from Public Ministry GM post119601.html#p119601
4262- 4265—Further information re: reconstruction details and operation
4266—New dates reconstruction post119619.html#p119619
4267 to 4279—Cover letter re: witness rights to Tapas 7 and Wilkins
4271 - Request from Pagarete re- RM Interpreter compromise post119840.html#p119840
4272 to 4279- Notifications from Public Ministry post119643.html#p119643
4280—Letter re: Gerald McCann procedural rights post111149.html#p111149
4281—Letter re G. McCann and reconstruction topic24-30.html 
4282—Letter to Carlos Pinto de Abreu
4283—Confirmation above letter sent
4284—Request for Correio Da Manha journalist re access to files post232485.html#p232485
4285—Letter from Abreu re: G. McCann post111149.html#p111149
4286—Letter re: Steve Bruce Kingston post175421.html#p175421
4287—Missing page? ? ?
4288—Letter indicating rogatory requests sent
4289 to 4293—Home office letter re: legal request 2008.05.08 with supporting documents (English) post104787.html#p104787
4295—Term of information RM post119840.html#p119840
4296 to 4297—Dispatches post119846.html#p119846
4298—Letter re translator
4300—Term of Delivery
4301—Letter from Rebelo to Stuart Prior 2006.05.08 (English) topic24-10.html
4302—Portuguese translation of page 4301
4303 to 4305—Legal details re reconstruction and Portuguese law (English)
4306—Confirmation fax sent 
4307—Letter to Stuart Prior
4308—Term of delivery
4309—Service information re reconstruction emails
4310—Emails to/from Prior and PJ re tapas response topic24-20.html
4311—Portuguese translation of page 4310
4312—Email from Rachel and Matthew deciding not to take part in reenactment 2008.05.10 (English) topic24-20.html
4313—Portuguese translation of page 4312
4314 to 4315—Email from Wilkins, Diane, David, Fiona deciding not to take part in reenactment 2008.05.10 (English) topic24-20.html
4316—Portuguese translation of pages 4314 to 4315
4317—Further email from Fiona and David (English)[/url]
4318- topic24-20.html
4319—Portuguese translation of page 4318
4320 to 4321—Fax re: hapoltype of Jane Tanner
4322 to 4324—Expert Examination Report
4325—Haplotype analysis
4326 to 4328—Report re profile 
4329 to 4337—Service information re reconstruction with emails and translations
4336 - Conclusion reconstruction post119850.html#p119850
4334 to 4335 Email post119164.html#p119164
4338—Devolution of rogatory letter
4339 to 4343—Letter from Home Office re rogatory request with report and post104787.html#p104787
4344—Copy of certified envelope
4345—Letter from Matthew Oldfield indicating he will not attend 2008.05.23 topic24-20.html
4346—Email from Rachel Oldfield 2008.05.23 topic24-20.html
4347—Copy of page 4346 topic24-20.html
4348—Letter from Rachel Oldfield she will not attend 2008.05.23 topic24-20.html
4350 to 4351—Notification of registered document dispatch
4353—Portuguese translation of letter from Rebelo to Stuart Prior
4354—Email from Rebelo to Prior re: Prosecutor Decision
4355—Documentation re reconstruction post119858.html#p119858
4356—Portuguese translation of page 4345
4357—Portuguese translation of page 4356
4358 to 4361—Information re Haplotype-S with rest results[/url]
4362 to 4363—Service information re: strange individual near 5A
4364 to 4372—Delivery Guide of collected vestiges
4373 to 4374—Anonymous phone call received 2008.06.11 and (p. 4374)
4375—Service information regarding sighting in Venezuela post119876.html#p119876
4376 to 4379—Email from Stuart Prior to PJ re: possible sighting in Sussex
4380 to 4383—Witness statement of Trevor Francis (English)
4384—Fax re: Venezuela sighting
4385 to 4386—Confirmation above fax sent
4387—Home Office Correspondence re rogatory letter (English) 
4388 to 4390—Confidential document to Fancis Kennah
4391 to 4394—English version of pages 4388 to 4390 post104787.html#p104787
4395 to 4397—Documentation re: 2nd rogatory letter
4398 to 4400—Documentation re: rogatory letters 2008.05.23 (English) and post104787.html#p104787
4401 to 4402—Letter regarding translation of documents
4403 to 4411—Letter re document translation (p. 4405 - 4408)
4412 to 4413—Interpreter invoice
4414—Closing of volume XVI on 2008.06.23

Processos Volume XVII, pgs. 4415 to 4713 

4415—Opening of volume XVII on 2008.06.23
4416—Cover letter re: statements
4417—Letter re: joining of statements
4418—Registered envelope to Jane Tanner
4419— Letter from Paynes re: non-attendance at reconstruction
4420—Correspondence re: Tapas answers to reconstruction
4421—Cover letter re: DNA analysis post111539.html#p111539
4422 to 4467—Invoices re: DNA analysis post111539.html#p111539
4468—Letter re: carta rogatoria delivered to UK authorities
4469 to 4474—Letter from Kate’s lawyer re: her procedural rights
4475—Letter from Journalist P. Marcelino requesting access to files post232485.html#p232485
4476—Letter from Journalist E. Damaso requesting access to files post232485.html#p232485
4477—Letter from journalist Ana Maria R.C. de Paloma requesting access to files post232485.html#p232485
4478—Letter re: extension of secrecy for three months 2008.06.19
4479—Duplicate dispatch
4480—Confirmation of fax
4481—Duplicate dispatch

4482—Cover letter with missives from Home Office
4483 to 4484—Letter from the Home Office (in Portuguese)4485 to 4486— Home Office Letter (English)
4486 to 4488—Dispatches
4489 to 4492—Interpreter information and invoice post220713.html#p220713
4493 to 4495—Tribunal documentation
4496 - Return of diary post221923.html#p221923
4497 - Return of diary post221925.html#p221925
4498—Home Office letter re: legal assistance 2008.05.28 (Portuguese)
4499—Page 4498 in English
4500—Confidential document re: first rogatory letter
4501 to 4502—Page 4500 in English post111542.html#p111542
4503—Home Office letter re: rogatory request 2008.05.09 (Portuguese)
4502 to 4506—Home Office correspondence re: 1st rogatory request (Portuguese)[url=]
4507 to 4524—Index of files[/url] see also p. 4515-4516 list of buccal swabs taken
4525—Documentation re: arguidos topic7755.html
4526 to 4583—Final report 
4584 to 4585—Documentation from the Attorney General topic2740.html 
4586—Letter to Dr. Magalhaes e Menezes
4587 to 4590—Letter from Journalist Cecilia Malheiro requesting access to the files 2008.07.14 topic5920.html
4591—Letter from Daily Mail journalist requesting access to the files 2008.07.11 topic5920.html 
4592 to 4649—Letter to the Attorney General regarding investigation details ("Legal summary")
4650 to 4653—Letter from the Chief Police Officers of England, Wales & Northern Ireland (Portuguese)
4654 to 4658—Tribunal/PJ documentation
4659 to 4661—Request from Journalist Maria A.F.F. da Silva Serodio (JN) re access to the files post232485.html#p232485
4662 to 4663—Tribunal documentation
4664 to 4666—Request from RTP journalist re access to files post232485.html#p232485
4667 to 4669—Request from JN journalist re access to files post232485.html#p232485
4670—Request from RTP journalist re access to files post232485.html#p232485
4671 to 4674—Attorney General documentation
4675 to 4689—Letter from lawyers to the Tribunal 
4690—Tribunal documentation
4691 to 4705—Letter from lawyers to the Tribunal
4706 to 4713—Tribunal documentation

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From: USA
Time spent: 46092 hours

RE:Portuguese Police Files - An EXTRAORDINARY response to SEARCH FOR MADELEINE!
(Date Posted:04/04/2015 11:53 AM)


(FILE 1)

3 to 6—Service information re anonymous call from Eindhoven to McCanns
7 to 17—Anonymous email to Gerry McCann
18 to 26—Tribunal documentation re anonymous email
27—Rogatory letter to Eindhoven 2007.06.21 post94158.html#p94158 
28—Tribunal documentation
29 to 31—Information re Dutch translation of rogatory letter
32—Cover letter re rogatory document
33 to 37—Rogatory letter to Eindhoven
38 to 43—Pages 33 to 37 translated into Dutch
44 to 45—Interpreter invoices

46 to 52—Copy of pages 38 to 4353 to 57—Faxes
58—Email regarding Swiss abduction by Urs Hans Von Aesch topic7659.html
59 to 60—Interpol documentation re Urs Hans Von Aesch topic7659.html
61- 66 Interpol letter and documents notifying of Urs Hans Von Aesch’s suicide topic7659.html
67 - 69 Copies of pages 58, 59, 60

1 to 55—Rogatory letter to the UK (Portuguese)56 to 142—Above letter (English) 2007.12.12 (link to page 66-142) see also page 122 - questions for FSS
143 to 232—Rogatory letter to the UK (Portuguese) 2007.12.19
233 to 264—Rogatory letter to the UK (Portuguese) with suggested changes 2007.12.19

1 to 3— Witness Statement of Philip Hussey (McCann family doctor) 2008.05.15
3— Witness statement of Ian Richard Schofield (Dr. at Alpine Practice) 2008.05.14
4 to 5— Witness statement of Karen Lamena Elaine McCalman (family friend) 2008.05.14
6 to 10—Witness statement of Janet Kennedy (relative) 2008.04.14
11—Additional witness statement of Janet Kennedy (relative) 2008.05.16
12 to 13— Witness statement of Alan Robert Pike (crisis counsellor) 2008.05.07
14 to 18—Witness statement of Patricia Cameron 2008.04.15
19 to 20—Witness statement of Mark Harrison 2008.05.02
21 to 25—Witness statement of Martin Grimes 2008.05.14
26—Leicestershire police background check and information on Kate McCann
27—Leicestershire police background check and information on Gerald McCann
28 to 29—Rogatory Reference XXI re identification of telephone numbers topic6114-10.html
30—Witness statement of Sophie Victoria Ferguson (police officer) 2008.05.17 post138812.html#p138812
31 to 56— Transcription of witness statement of Stephen Carpenter (holidayer at the same resort as the Tapas group) 2008.04.21

1 to 2—Witness statement of Amanda Jane Coxon (friend, used to work for McCanns) 2008.05.02 also here
3 to 6—Witness statement of Emma Louise Knight (crèche worker, hotel manager) 2008.04.30 also here
7 to 9— Witness statement of Linda Ruth McQueen (family friend) 2008.05.07
10 to 12— Witness statement of Michelle Thomson (Kate’s friend) 2008.05.01
13 to 15— Witness statement of Nicky Toni Gill (Kate’s friend) 2008.05.07
16 to 17— Witness statement of Michael George Wright (previous Renault Scenic lessee) 2008.05.01
18 to 20—Witness statement of Peter Neal Patterson (family friend, gave bible to Kate) 2008.05.08
21 to 22— Witness statement of Justine McGuiness 2008.05.12
23 to 24—Witness statement of Kenneth Walkden (previous Renault Scenic lessee) 2008.04.29 post138818.html#p138818
25— Witness statement of Ivor Messiah (police officer interrogating C. Tranmer) 2008.05.15. post2834.html#p2834
26—Witness statement of Carole Tranmer (Pamela Fenn’s niece) 2008.04.22 post2834.html#p2834
27 to 72— Transcription of witness statement of Carole Tranmer 2008.04.22

1 to 2— Witness statement of Clarence Eden Mitchell 2008.04.28
3 to 6—Witness statement of Catriona Treasa Sisile Baker 2008.04.18
7—Witness statement of Eleanor Johnson 2008.04.22, UK police liaison officer
8—Witness statement of Caroline Burrows 2008.04.22, UK police liaison officer
9 to 10—Witness statement of Stephen Markley, UK police liaison officer 2008.04.25
11—Witness statement of Jim McGarvey, UK police liaison officer 2008.04.25
12—Statement of Neil Holden (Police Inspector) 2008.04.25
13—Statement of Michael James Graham (Police Inspector) 2008.04.21
14 to 17— Witness statement of Paul Seddon (McCann Priest) 2008.04.16
18 to 19—Witness statement of Hayley Jane Plummer (Laurels Nursery School Worker) 2008.05.06
20 to 21—Witness statement of Sharon Lewin (Laurels Nursery School Worker) 2008.04.21
22 to 24—Witness statement of Jeronimo Tomas Rodigues Salcedo (former Ocean Club worker) 2008.04.23
25 to 29—Witness statement of Jeremy Wilkins 2008.04.08 
30 to 32— Witness statement of Neil Berry (Holidayer at Ocean Club) 2008.04.23
33 to 35— Witness statement of Saleigh Louise Gordon (former holidayer in Apartment 5 A) 2008.04.24
36 to 38— Witness statement of Paul Anthony Gordon (former holidayer in Apartment 5 A) 2008.04.24 post139072.html#p139072 
—Witness statement of Paul Anthony Gordon (former holidayer in Apartment 5A) 2008.05.01 post139072.html#p139072 
40 to 41—Witness statement of June Hughes (former holidayer in Apartment 5 A) 2008.04.29
42 to 43—Witness statement of Carlo Francesco D’Ambrosio (former holidayer in Apartment 5 A) 2008.04.29.
44 to 46—Witness statement of Claire Louise Fawkes (former Ocean Club holidayer) 2008.04.22)
47 to 48—Witness statement of Simon Andrew Fawkes (former Ocean Club holidayer) 2008.04.22
49 to 50—Witness statement of Duncan Raymond Smith (former Renault Scenic lessee) 2008.04.30 post138822.html#p138822
51 to 52—Witness statement of Simon Halder (former PdL holidayer on golf vacation) 2008.04.30 post138831.html#p138831
53 to 54—Witness statement of George Jeremy Thomson (former PdL holidayer) 2008.04.29 post138841.html#p138841
55 to 56—Witness statement of John Gray Patterson (former PdL holidayer & Renault Scenic lessee/user) 2008.04.29 post138842.html#p138842
57 to 58—Witness statement of Amanda Ruth Lowes (former Renault Scenic lessee) 2008.05.06 post138849.html#p138849
59 to 60—Witness statement of Adrian Robert Lowes (former Renault Scenic lessee) 2008.05.06 post139007.html#p139007
61 to 63—Witness statement of John Sands Brown (friend of Michael Wright) 2008.04.24 post139008.html#p139008
64 to 65—Witness statement of Alexander James Cameron 2008.04.15 
66 to 69— Witness statement of Michael Terence Wright 2008.04.16

1 to 4—Letter from Home Office re rogatory letters and people questioned translated into Portuguese

1 to 4—Letter from Home Office re rogatory letter and people questioned translated into Portuguese 2008.05.16

1 to 2—Letters to Home Office re rogatory letters 2008.05.28
3 to 4— Witness statement of Rajinder Singh Balu 2008.05.28
5 to 7—FSS examination report from John Lowe 2008.05.22 

1 to 3—Letter from UK authorities re rogatory letters and people questioned 
2008.05.23 post104787.html#p104787
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RE:Portuguese Police Files - An EXTRAORDINARY response to SEARCH FOR MADELEINE!
(Date Posted:04/04/2015 12:31 PM)

APENSOS V, Volume I, Supposed Sightings and Locations (FILE 01)

1 to 2 - Overview of apenso
3 – Leicestershire Constabulary continuation of witness statement
4—Information about George Burke sighting of child near marina topic5913.html 
5—Logo of Lite Bites Sandwich Shoppe, Lagos Marina post88831.html#p88831
6—Copy of George Brookes’ passport post88831.html#p88831
7—External diligence re marina de Lagos sighting 2007.12.04 topic5913.html 
8—Missing page
9 to 10—Service information re Repsol service station in Albufeira post153583.html#p153583
11—Confirmation of fax
12 to 13—Confirmation registered document sent
14—Missing page
15—Handwritten note re sightings in Greece
16 to 17—Email from Greek organization re sightings of Madeleine
18—Email from DC John Hughes
19—Missing page
20—Service information re sighting in Viseu topic67-80.html
22—Confirmation of fax
23 to 27—Service information re sighting in Intermarche & Lidl in Codeixa-a-Nova post153751.html#p153751
28—Service information re Lidl, Condeixa-a-Nova, sighting post153757.html#p153757
29 to 35—Service information re sighting in Adju Sambu, Villamoura post153751.html#p153751
36—Service information re sighting of Madeleine in shoe store in Odemira post159407.html#p159407
37—Missing page
38—Service information re sighting on Coimbra street post159414.html#p159414
39—Email re supposed sighting in Coruche post159418.html#p159418
40 to 45—Missing pages
46—Cover letter re delivery of service information
47—Service information re sighting by taxi driver in Coimbra post1034.html#p1034
48—Confirmation of fax
49—Urgent notice cover page
50—Missing page
51—Service information re sighting in camping site in Alvor-Dourada post108943.html#p108943
52—Cover page re service information
53 to 54—Service information re sighting in Alcochete commercial centre
55 to 60—Fax cover sheet from Politie, Amsterdam (Dutch)
61—Fax re translation of Dutch document
62 to 66—Document re: party shop sighting in Amsterdam
67—Service information re sighting in shoe store in Baixa em Lisboa post159456.html#p159456
68—Handwritten note re Malcolm Stewart Smith sighting 
69 to 73—Requests for interview of Malcolm Stewart Smith
74—Leicestershire Constabulary enquiry officer checklist
75—Statement from Malcolm Stewart Smith re sighting in Weymouth (English)
76—Request for CCTV images from Dorset establishment related to Smith statement
77 to 81—Statement from Malcolm Stewart Smith (English)
82 to 83—Service information re sighting in Vodafone shoppe in Plaza Colombo, Lisboa post159463.html#p159463
85 to 90—Statement re Vodafone shoppe sighting in Lisbon with CCTV images post159463.html#p159463
91—Service information re sighting near Worten shoppe in Plaza Colombo, Lisbon post154924.html#p154924
92—Email re Vodafone shoppe sighting (see page 82 to 83 above) post154926.html#p154926
93—Cover letter re delivery of service information
94—Service information re sighting in Praca do Comercio, Lisboa post159544.html#p159544
96 to 97—Statement of sighting in Worten shoppe (see page 91)
99—Missing page
100—Incident message re sighting at check-in desk during flight to Gatwick
101—Missing page
102—Cover letter re submission of documents
104—GNR document re declarations taken in Lagos post235510.html#p235510
105 to 106—Transcriptions of declarations post235511.html#p235511
107—Missing page
108—Cover page re submission of document
109—Service information re sighting in Leiria, Portugal post159661.html#p159661
110—Service information re sighting in Quarteira post159669.html#p159669
111—Service information re sighting in Ourique post159640.html#p159640
112—Cover letter re submission of service information
113—Service information re sighting in Alvor post159488.html#p159488
114—Blank page
115—Handwritten information re sighting in Alvor
117—Statement re sighting in Campanha-Porto post235514.html#p235514
118—PSP report Alberto Almeida post235515.html#p235515
119—Email from DC Hughes
120—Missing page
121 to 123—External diligence re Snack-bar in Albufeira/Lagos 2007.05.07
124 to 126—Service information re individual claiming to know Madeleine’s whereabouts
127 to 128—Statement of Richard McCluskey sighting 2007.05.09
129 to 130—Statement of Susan McCluskey sighting 2007.05.09 (English)
131—Additional statement of Richard McCluskey 2007.05.09 (English) viewtopic.php?f=39&t=32492&p=1033613#p1033613
132—Missing page
133 to 135—Fax from Northumbria police re McCluskey statements
136— Email re McCluskey statement 2007.09.13
137—Handwritten Richard McCluskey statement
138 to 139—Missing pages
140 to 141—Email with McCluskey statement 2007.09.28 (English) ***
142 to 143—Service information re sighting in Lidl in Povoa de Lanhoso
144 to 150—External diligence re Lidl sighting in Povoa de Lanhoso
151 to 152—Witness statement of Celine Fernandes da Silva 2007.05.10 re Lidl sighting
153 to 156—Letter to investigation director re Lidl sighting and collection of CCTV images
157—Email from DC J. Hughes
158 to 161—Service information re sighting in 3 Lagos locations post153432.html#p153432
162—Service information re sighting in Portuguese pastry shop post154927.html#p154927
163—External diligence re Marinha Grande sighting post154928.html#p154928
164—Service information re Marinha Grande sighting post154930.html#p154930
165—Letter to inspector chief re sightings
166—Handwritten information partially blacked out
167 to 168—Missing pages
169—SOCA international enquiry form re Spanish sightings
170 to 172—Missing pages
173—Cover letter re submission of service information
174 to 175—Service information re sighting in Pingo Doce in Viseu
176—Email re possible sighting with two Russians post210681.html#p210681
177 to 178—Service information re 3 holidayers to the Algarve post211949.html#p211949
179—Service information re sighting in Tavira with vehicle plate check 
[color=#FF0000]180—Service information re sighting in KFC at plaza Colombo[/color], Lisboa post236039.html#p236039
182 to 185—Metropolitan Police report re sighting by British traveler to Portugal
186—Email re information received from Norway
187 to 188—Informal translation of Norway statement (Spanish)
189—Email re sighting in Bairro Alto, Lisbon post235530.html#p235530
190—Email from IP Madrid
191 to 196—Various emails to/from UK/PJ authorities re sightings
197—Service information re sighting in Rio de Mouro post211951.html#p211951
198—GNR letter re information received via post
199 to 200—Statement re Roio de Mouro sighting
202—Email re submission of documents
203—Service information (poor quality copy)
204—Missing page
205—Service information from page 203 continued?? (poor quality copy)
206 to 207—Letter re sighting of Antonio Brandao (poor quality copy)
208—Letter re sighting by Antonio Brandao in Super Color, Beloura Shopping Center, Sintra
209—Request for CCTV images from Beloura Shopping Center
210—Vehicle registration check
211 to 212—Service information re possible sighting by journalist in Lisbon post245450.html#p245450
213—Confirmation of fax
214—Email re sighting in Lisbon underground station (English)
215 to 219—Service information re sighting in INtermarche and Lidl in Condeixa-a-Nova (duplicate)
220—Service information re Condeixa-a-Nova sighting
221—Missing page
222 to 225— Statement of Andrea Griffin re sighting in Alcateia, Algarve 
226 to 227—Service information re sighting on the Arrifana beach
228 to 229—Service information re sighting in coffee shop in Milharado, Venda do Pinheiro
230—Vehicle registration search
232—Service information re sighting at Fatima shrine post108951.html#p108951
233—Service information re sighting in Caldas da Rainha post236040.html#p236040
234—Service information re anonymous call topic6195-10.html
235 to 241—Missing pages
242—Crimestoppers Bureau information report re Sky News/BBC interview & sighting
243—SOCA international enquiry form request to investigate possible Spain sightings (duplicate)
244—Missing page

245—Service information re sighting in Peniche post236031.html#p236031
246 to 247—Service information re sighting in Amoreiras, Lisbon
249 to 250—Service information re sighting in Seixal
251—Setubal Police cover page
252—Service information re Seixal sighting (see page 249 to 250)

APENSOS V, Volume II, Supposed Sightings and Locations (FILE 02)

253—Letter re addendum and CD
254 to 255—Service information re sighting at hypermarket in Feira Nova post222000.html#p222000
256—GNR information re sighting at Hypermarket in Feira Nova post222001.html#p222001
257—Missing page258—Handwritten note
259—Cover of envelope sent to PJ from Spain
260—Handwritten letter (envelope content) re sighting in Spain
261—Cover of Envelope to PJ from Spain
262 to 266—Service information re fax sent re sighting in Rua Dom Gasapr Leao, Lagos
267—Fax cover page re information received
268—Service information re sighting in Rua Dom Gaspar Leao
269—Redacted page
270—Service information re sighting in metro station in Quinta das Conchas post210684.html#p210684
271—Service information re sighting in Nazare post232526.html#p232526
272—Service information re sighting in Valencia, Spain
273—Sighting Valencia post245447.html#p245447
274 to 276—Missing pages[url=]
277 to 279—Email to PJ from Leicestershire constabulary with details of sighting in Alicante, Spain[/url]
280—Handwritten note re sighting on Island of Rhodes
281—Officer’s report Island of Rhodes sighting (English)
282—Information re sighting in Alicante airport
283 to 284—Service information re sighting in the Azores
285—Handwritten cover page (?)
287 to 289—SOCA correspondence re Spanish sightings (duplicate)
290—Missing page
291—Service information re sighting in Valencia, Spain post232528.html#p232528
293—Letter from German Embassy in Portugal re sighting in Tunisia
294 to 298—Details of Tunisia sighting by German tourist
299—Details of sighting on Broadstairs High Street, Margate
300 to 301—Statement of sighting on Broadstairs High Street, Margate
302 to 303—Service information re sighting at Feira do Relogio, Lisbon
304—Conformation of fax
305 to 306—Service information re sighting at Feira do Relogio, Lisbon
307—Service information re sighting near Evora
308 to 309—Service information re sighting at Palma aeroport
311—Blank page
312 to 313—South Wales Police information re sighting in Majorca
314—Service information re sighting in Loule
315 to 318—GNR information re sighting re Loule sighting
319 to 321—Statement re Loule sighting
322—Service information re sighting in Train station in Ferreiras post222007.html#p222007
323 to 327—Missing pages
328 to 331—SOCA correspondence re sighting in Barcelona
332 to 333—Service information re sighting in Continente supermarket in Lourel
334—Cover page re service information
335 to 339—Service information re Valencia train station sighting
340—Service information re another Valencia sighting post245447.html#p245447
341 to 345—Blank pages
346—Email to Task Portugal
347 to 348—Leicestershire constabulary document re UK CCTV sightings and officer’s checklist (English)
349 to 350—Statement request for Broadstairs, Margate sighting351—Letter re sighting near Marques de Pombal, downtown Lisbon
352 to 354—Email re sighting on P & O Troon/Larne Ferry line (English)
355—Missing page
356 to 358—Service information re sighting in train stations near Vila Franca da Xira
360—Letter re sighting in metro station in Areiro
361—Service information re sighting in Jeep Cherokee near Faro post210683.html#p210683
362—Email re sighting near Viseu
363 to 365—Emails re sighting in Parana, Brasil
366—Email re report of duty officer in Berlin related to Palma airport sighting (English)367 to 368—Service information (illegible copy)
369—Service information re sighting on Miramar beach in Vila Nova de Gaia
370 to 374—Vehicle registration search and other details re Miramar sighting
375 to 376—Further service information re Miramar beach sighting
377—Vehicle registration search
378—Information re individual tied to Miramar beach sighting
379—Service information re sightings near pools in Vouzela post232523.html#p232523
380—Details of sighting in Portimao (English)
381 to 382—Service information re sighting in BP service station in Alto do Quintao
384 to 385—Service information re CESPA sighting in S. Pedro da Cova
386—Email re sighting at Golf Course near St. Andrews
387—Service information re possible location on Madeleine in Luz topic6195-10.html
389 to 391—Email re sighting in supermarket in Parana, Brasil
392—Leicestershire Constabulary fax cover sheet re sighting in vehicle in Clitheroe
393 to 394—Detail of sighting in vehicle in Clitheroe (English)
395—Lancashire constabulary re sighting diligence/closure of log
396 to 397—Incident log print
398 to 399—Missing pages
400—Written statement re sighting in Finland
401 to 402—Missing pages
403—SOCA documentation re Spain sightings
404—Email re request for Spanish authorities for diligence
405 to 409—Missing pages
410—Email re Morocco and Spanish ferry to Morocco sightings
411—Missing page
412—Incident report re sighting on ferry from Tangier to Tarefa (English)
413—Email from DC Hughes re Spain to Morocco CCTV sighting (English)
414 to 418—Missing page
419 to 420—Incident message re sighting in coffee bar in Majorca (English)
421—SOCA correspondence re Majorca sighting
421 to 423—Missing pages
424—Email from DC Hughes re Majorca sightings (English)

APENSOS V, Volume III, Supposed Sightings and Locations (FILE 03)

First page—Blank
432—Statement re: Miraparque hotel (Lisbon) sighting
433—Incident Message re sighting at Whalebone North, Romford
434—Incident message re sighting at Whaleborn North with handwritten note
435—Missing page
436—Incident report re sighting at Whaleborn North with further handwritten note
437—Missing page
438—Cover page re external diligences
439—External diligence report re diligences
440 to 443—Missing pages
444 to 445—Statement of sighting in Albufeira
446 to 450—Missing pages
451—Service information re Intermarche parking lot in Estarreja post169331.html#p169331
452—GNR service information re sighting near Badajoz/Madrid post248542.html#p248542
453 to 454—Poorly copied handwritten note
455—Statement of sighting at Gatwick airport (English)
456 to 457—External diligence re sighting at Guia Shopping Center, Albufeira
458—Letter re information from Sacavem squad
459—Statement re Sacavem sighting
461 to 462—Statement re sighting in Porto
463—Cover page re sighting
464 to 465—Statement re sighting in the Beja Hospital, Portugal
466—Service information re sighting in Intermarche in Nelas467—Fax
468—Email re sighting in Pingo Doce (supermarket) in Nelas
469 to 471—Service information re Pingo Doce, Nelas sighting
472—Cover letter re sighting 
473 to 474—Sighting in Salou, Spain
475 to 479—Missing pages
480—SOCA information re Spanish sightings (duplicate)
481—Email from DC Hughes re Spanish sightings
482 to 492—Missing pages
493—Statement re sighting in Ecomarche park, Nelas post248545.html#p248545
494—Service information re John Michael Paul Hogan post146205.html#p146205
495—External diligence re Hogan sighting in Sao bras de Alportel post146206.html#p146206
496—Confirmation of fax
497—Service information re Hogan sighting post146207.html#p146207
498 to 504—Missing pages
505—Email re Marie Olli sighting in Marrakesh(2007.05.23)
506—Missing pages
507—Marie Olli written statement re sighting post170619.html#p170619
508 to 514—Email from Denmark re sighting with pictures
515—Printout re Marrakech sighting
516—Email re another sighting in Marrakesh
517 to 518—Email from Leicestershire police re Olli sighting
519—Statement re sighting in Sevilla service station (Spanish)
520—Email re submission of information
521—Spanish Civil Guard cover page
522—Statement re Sevilla service station sighting
523—Statement re sighting in Leicester post209649.html#p209649
524—Officer’s statement re Leicester sighting (English)
525—Missing page
526—Statement re sighting in Fueteventura
527—Missing page
528—Statement re sighting in Maldon, Essex
529 to 531—Missing pages
532—Page unreadable (poor quality copy)
533—Email re crimestoppers information
534—Statement re sighting in Via Nazionale, Rome
535—Cover page re sighting
536 to 537—Statement re possible sighting in New South Wales
538 to 540—Email re sighting in Jersey
541—Report on Visualisation and Analysis of Photographs
542—South Wales police statement re sighting
543—Service information re sighting in Tui post248547.html#p248547
544—Statement of sighting in Barragem do Beliche, Castro post248560.html#p248560
545—Coverpage re submission of information
546 to 547—Service information re sighting in cooperative supermarket in Vieira do Minho post248576.html#p248576
548—Email re sighting in Murcia, Spain
549—Missing page
550—Missing page
551—SOCA report re Spanish sightings (duplicate)
552—Email from DC Hughes re Spanish sightings (duplicate)
553—Email with attachment
554—Poor quality copy
555 to 557—Service information re anonymous letter (poor quality copy)
558—Email with attachment
559 to 560—Service information (poor quality copy)
561 to 563—Information re Marie Olli sighting 2007.06.06 post170979.html#p170979
564—Marie Olli statement re sighting in Marrakesh
565—Email re Olli sighting post171006.html#p171006
566—Email re Fiat Marea
568—Missing page
569—Email from Paulo Reis re Mari Olli's reported sighting
570—Missing page
571—Email from Marie Olli
572 to 573—Copy of page 571 with email forward
574 to 576—Service information re Opel Corsa post169353.html#p169353
577 to 578—Cover letter re information submission
579 to 580—Statement of sighting near Alcantara, Portugal
581 to 583—Emails from UK re Olli sighting (duplicate)
584—Missing page
585—Email re Spain sighting
586—Olli sighting information

APENSOS V, Volume IV, Supposed Sightings and Locations (FILE 04)

661—Service information re sighting in Almadena 
662—Confirmation of fax
663 to 664—Statement re sighting in Marrakesh Care de Spice market
665—Missing page
666—Email from DC Hughes re Brasil sighting
667—SOCA information re Brasil sighting
668—Email re sighting in sighting in Saskatchewan, Canada
669 to 670—Missing pages
671—Incident message re sighting in Charlesroi airport
672-Missing page
673—Email re sighting in Switzerland post234011.html#p234011
674—Cover letter re Weisbaden document post234012.html#p234012
675 to 677—Statement re sighting in Zurich airport post234013.html#p234013
678—Service information re sighting near/on Guadiana post234020.html#p234020
679—Missing page
680 to 683—Statement re sighting in Hertfordshire
684—Missing page
685—Statement re sighting in Corseaux post234021.html#p234021
686—Email re photos taken in Valencia airport post234022.html#p234022
687 to 688—Valenica photos (poor quality) post234022.html#p234022
689—SIRENE cover page
690—French translation of missing bulletin
691—Cover page re sighting
692 to 693—Service information re sighting in Funchal post234010.html#p234010
694 to 695—GNR statement re sighting in Dublin post234008.html#p234008
696—Missing page
697—Missing page
698—Service information re sighting in Albuferia camping park post234009.html#p234009
699—Confirmation of fax
700—Service information re sighting in camping park in Quarteira post234023.html#p234023
701—Confirmation of fax
702—Service information re sighting in Lobios-Geres post234054.html#p234054
703—Email re sighting in Madeira post234055.html#p234055
704—Statement (handwritten) of Samantha Elizabeth Preston
705—Statement of Samantha Elizabeth Preston (English)
706—Missing page
707—Continuation of Preston’s statement
708—Officer’s report re Samantha Elizabeth Preston
709—Statement of sighting by Gail Ward in Tenerife
710 to 714—Email re result of negative sighting
715—Statement (hand written) of William Frazer Leitch re sighting in France
716—Statement of William Frazer Leitch re France sighting
717—Missing page
719 to 720—Statement of sighting in Porto
721 to 723—Statement detail pages re Porto Sighting
724—Email re results of German enquiries
725—SOCA information re German sightings
726—Statement re anonymous call received by Scottish Crimestoppers
727 to 728—External diligence re sighting in Lagos post209653.html#p209653
729 to 731—Email from DC Hughes re negative sightings
732—Email fro Goncalo re Greek sighting
733—Missing page
734 to 735—Email re negative sighting in Guatemala City
736—Missing page
737—Statement re sighting in Costa De Sol
738—SOC form re Spanish sightings
739—Leicestershire constabulary request for Spanish assistance
740 to 741—Missing pages
742 to 743—Email re sighting outside Seville bull ring
744—Email re sighting in Caldas da Rainha post234057.html#p234057
745—Email re sighting in Warsaw
746—External diligence re sighting in Aljezur garden post234059.html#p234059
748 to 749—Service information re sighting in Amares
750—Cover letter
752 to 753—Service information re Amares sighting
754 to 755—Service information re sighting on Rua Conselheiro Frederico Ramirez 
756 to 757—Vehicle registration information
759 to 760—Poor quality copy
761 to 762—Service information (poor quality copy)
763—Service information (poor quality copy)
764—Missing page
765 to 767—Statement re sighting in Quinta da Marinha
768—Vehicle registration information
769—Email re sighting in Elvas
770—Statement re sighting in Malaga airport
771—Missing page
772—Service information re sighting in Sabugal post235195.html#p235195
773—Service information re sighting near pool in Vilamoura post235201.html#p235201
774—Confirmation of fax
775 to 776—Statement re sighting in Vila Nova de Gaia
777—Missing page
778—Statement re sighting in Vale de Lobo
779 to 780—Police checklist
781—Service information re sighting in Faro
782 to 783—Email re sighting in Faro
784—Cover letter
785—Service information re sighting in Turlock, California
786 to 787—Turlock, California church bulletin
788—Confirmation of fax
789—Emails re sighting
790 to 792—Statement re sighting in Graz-Strassgang
793—Email re crimestoppers information log
794—Missing page
795—Cover letter
796—Hand written notes
797—Missing page
798—Statement re sighting in Ermelo
799—Service information re sighting in Montechouro, Albufeira post235213.html#p235213
800—Missing page
801—SOCA information re Spain sighting
802—Email re Spanish sighting in Almeria
803—Missing page
804—Missing page
805—Statement re sighting in Rua Jornal do Algarve
806—Service information re sighting in Parque da Cidade
807—Missing page
808—Service information re sighting at Campo de Futebol de Anadia
809—Confirmation of fax
810—Statement of sighting near Luz Bay Hotel
811—Missing page
812—Missing page
813 to 814—Service information re sighting in Setubal
815—Service information re sighting in supermarket in Lagos
816—Missing page
817 to 821—Statement re sighting in Lagos
822—Statement re sighting in Viseu
823 - Sirene document Viseu post209680.html#p209680
824 - Sirene document Spain post209684.html#p209684
825 - Cover page
826-827 - Sirene document Visions Sagres post209700.html#p209700
828 - Sirene document sighting Styria post209703.html#p209703
829 - Cover page
830 - Sirene document sighting Colmar post209762.html#p209762
831 – 837 Sirene documents

838—Email re sighting in Costa Del Sol
839—Cover letter
840—GNR statement re sighting in Monchique
841—Service information re sighting in Viseu
842 to 845—Correspondence re vehicle search
846—Email re sighting in Bangalore, India
847—Service information re sighting in Monchique post179418.html#p179418
848—Service information re sighting in Lyon, France
849—Missing page
850—Vehicle registration search
851 to 852—Service information re suspicious vehicle
853—Missing page
854—Email re sighting in Aylesbury, England
855 to 865—Statement re sighting in Aylesbury
866 to 869—Missing pages
870—Statement re sighting in Hawaii
871 to 873—Missing pages
874-Incident Message regarding another sighting in Marrakesh
875 to 876-Incident Message regarding another sighting in Albufeira, Portugal
877—SOCA document re USA sightings
878—Missing page
879—Statement re sighting in Marbella post235193.html#p235193
875 to 876—(Page numbers mixed up) Statement re sighting in Albufeira
877—Blank page
879—Email re sighting in Marbella shopping center
880—SOCA document re Spanish sightings
881—Email from DC Hughes re Spanish sightings
882 to 883—Statement re sighting in Australia
884—Statement re sighting in Margareta
885—SOCA document re Spanish sightings
886—Missing page
887 to 888—Service information re suspicious vehicle
889 to 890—Service information re suspicious vehicle 
891 to 894—Vehicle registration searches
895 to 899—Service information re vehicle in Quinta da Vareza

APENSOS V, Volume V, Supposed Sightings and Locations (FILE 05)

900—Email re sighting in Delhi, India
901—Email re sighting in Florida
902 to 904—Request for CCTV re Florida sighting
905 to 906—Further details re Florida sighting
907 to 908—Service information re sighting in Aljubarrota post238338.html#p238338
909 to 912—Missing pages
913—Confidential document with address in Cadiz
914 to 916—Missing pages
917—SOCA international enquiry form re sightings in Spain
918—Email re Spanish sightings
919 to 923—Letter and statement from Brussels Authorities re sighting
924—Email In Italian re sighting in Malaga
925 to 926—Missing pages
927 to 928—Letter from the Portuguese Consulate in Geneva re sighting
929 to 931—Report from the Spanish authorities re sighting in Huelva post170617.html#p170617
932 to 933—Fax re vehicle registration search
934—Rental car invoice
935 to 937—Statement re sighting in Gibraltar
938 to 939—Service information re sighting in/near S. Bras de Alportel
940 to 942—Service information re sighting in France to airport post209644.html#p209644
943—Statement re sighting in Malta
944 to 945—Email re Sighting in Delhi, India (copy of page 900)
946 to 947—Missing pages
948—Statement re sighting in Fuerengola
949—Statement re sighting in Bengalbon, Spain
950 to 952—Missing pages
953—Email re sighting in Funchal, Madeira
954 to 957—Missing pages
958—Email re sighting in Loule
959—Missing page
960—Cover page re information received from Interpol
961 to 962—Statement re sighting in Southern France post210709.html#p210709
963 to 964—Statement re sighting in Horta, Faial and Malaga
965—Email re sighting in Vallodolid airport
966—Statement re sighting in France
967—Missing page
968—Statement re sighting in Switzerland store
969—SOCA International enquiry form re German suspect
970—Email from DC Hughes
971 to 972—Missing pages
973—Service information re sighting in Mallorca
974—Fax confirmation
975—Statement re sighting in Mexico City
976—Email re sighting in Mexico City
977—Blank page
978—Statement re suspicious grey Fiat vehicle 
979—Statement re sighting in Costa Blanca, Spain
980—Statement re suspect vehicles
981—FAX re E-mail from SOCA re Michael Shrimpton
982—E-mail re Michael Shrimpton
983—Missing page
984 to 985—Statement re information of boat headed for Holland
986—Redacted page
987—Email re ships entering Gibraltar
988—Statement re sighting in Vallodolid
989—Missing page
990—Email from DC Hughes re 3 different USA sightings
991—Missing page
992—Statement re sighting in Spain, California, and Waterbury, Connecticut
993—Service information re sighting in Olhao, Portugal post209218.html#p209218
994—Fax confirmation
995—Blank page
996 to 997—Statement re sighting in Benidorm
998—Email re Benidrom sighting
999 to 1002—Missing Pages
1003— Statement re sighting in Burger King in Munich
1004—Email re action re sighting at Munich airport
1005—Statement re sighting in Loure
1006 to 1007—Missing pages
1008 to 1009—Statement re sighting in Gozo, Malta
1010 to 1011—Statement re sighting in Medina Market, Algadir, Morocco
1012 to 1013—Missing pages
1014—Officer’s Report (poorly copied page)
1015 to 1016—Statement re sighting in Huddersfield
1017 to 1018—Statement re sighting in Spain
1019—Email re Spanish sightings
1020 to 1021—Statement re sighting in Spain
1022—Email from DC Hughes re Spanish sightings (duplicate)
1023—Email re Dutch vehicle enquiry
1024—SOCA International enquiry form re Lidisfarne, Holy Island, England
1025—Blank page
1027—Email re sighting in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil post209224.html#p209224
1028 to 1029—Email re sighting in Udine, Italy
1030 to 1031—Missing pages
1032 to 1033—Statement re sighting in Edinburgh
1034 to 1039—Missing pages
1040 to 1041—Letter from Central Scotland Police re sighting
1042—Missing page
1044— Statement re sighting in Switzerland
1045—Missing page
1046 to 1053—Information re sighting in Caravan Park, Monkton, Ramsgate
1054—Service information re sighting in southern Morocco post98679.html#p98679
1056—Email re sighting at Zurich train station
1057 to 1061—Missing pages
1062—SOCA International enquiry form re sightings in Italy
1063 to 1064—Missing pages
1065—Portuguese translation of pages 1066 - 1067
1066 to 1067—Email re sighting in Morocco
1068—Email re sighting in Jackson Airport, Atlanta, USA
1069—Service information re sighting in Luxembourg post248534.html#p248534
1070—Service information re sighting in Sotogrande, Malaga post248535.html#p248535
1071—Statement re sighting in Udine, Italy post248536.html#p248536
1072—Statement re sighting in Ventimiglia post248539.html#p248539
1073 to 1074—Email re sighting in Costa del Sol
1075 to 1077—Missing pages
1078—Service information re sighting in southern Morocco (copy of page 1054)
1079—Email re sighting in Home Depot, Upland, California
1080—Statement re sighting in/near Nice, France
1081—Statement re sighting in Morocco (Portuguese version of pages 1083-1085)
1082—Officer’s report (poor quality copy)
1083 to 1084—Statement re sighting in Morocco
1085—Service information re sighting in Pediatric office post209638.html#p209638
1086—Email re Oslo sightings
1087 to 1090—Emails re sightings in Malta
1091—SOCA International enquiry form re sightings in Malta
1092 to 1093—Statement re sighting in Northwick PK Hospital, Harrow
1094—Missing page
1095—Statement re eliminated suspect, Spain
1096—Blank report/cover page
1097—Email re Murcia, Spain sightings
1098—Email re request for help from Spanish police re sightings
1099 to 1105—SOCA International enquiry form re sightings in Murcia, Spain
1106—Email re sighting in Toulouse, France
1107 to 1108—Statement of sighting in suburbs of Rome, Italy
1109—Missing page
1110—Statement re sighting in Spinaceta, Italy post248540.html#p248540
1111 to 1113—Statement re sighting in Rio Maior
1114—Cover page re email from Denmark
1115 to 1118—Email re sighting in hotel in Mountauban, France
1118 to 1120—"Letter sent to Kate and Gerry re psychic vision of Cok Vanderlee, Netherlands
1121—Service information re sighting in Praia da Gale
1122—Statement re sighting in Paris Beauvais airport
1123 to 1125—Service information re Ukrainian couple ruled out topic67-80.html 
1126—Email re sighting
1127 to 1129—Handwritten statement re sighting on Torsedillas road
1130—Information page
1131—Poor quality copy
1132—Vehicle registration search
1133—Email re sighting in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil post209224.html#p209224
1134—Service information re sighting in Lagos post153371.html#p153371
1136 to 1137—Service information re sighting in Campanho, Porto
1138 to 1139—Copy of identity card
1140 to 1141—Copy of passport
1143 to 1144—Detail re Porto sighting
1145 to 1149—Email re negative result of German sighting
1150—SOCA International enquiry form re Egyptian sightings
1151—Missing page
1152—Email re Greek/Cypriot cooperation re sightings
1153—SOCA International enquiry form re sighting in Cyprus
1154—Statement re sighting from GNR Porceirao
1155 to 1156—Statement re sighting at German service station
1157—Email from DC Hughes re German sighting
1158—Service information re sighting in Faro post153376.html#p153376
1159—External diligence re sighting in Faro post153379.html#p153379
1160—Fax confirmation

APENSOS V, Volume VI, Supposed Sightings and Locations (FILE 06) 

1161 to 1163—Interpol letter with pictures re sighting in Rhodes
1164—Statement re sighting in Albufeira
1165 to 1168—Statement re sighting in Sevilla Cathedral
1169 to 1170—Statement re sighting in Egypt
1171—Missing page
1172—Email from DC Hughes re Egyptian sighting
1173 to 1775—Email and statement re sighting on beach in Mallorca
1176—Statement re sighting in Vilamoura
1177—Blank page
1178 to 1187—Statement re sighting in Vilamoura
1188—Missing page
1189 to 1190—Statement re sighting in Braga, Portugal
1191 to 1192—Correspondence
1193—Statement re sighting in Nelas
1195—Letter re telephone call
1196—Statement re sighting on Cascais train line
1197—Service information re sighting on AI towards Coimbra Norte
1198—Email re sighting at petrol station
1199—Email with attachment re sightings near Scottish borders
1200—Information re Scottish border sightings
1201 to 1206—Statements and details re Scottish border sightings
1207 to 1208—Statement re sighting in Colwyn Bay, Clywyd
1209 to 1210—Email re sighting Dublin
1211 to 1215—Statement re sighting in Spain
1217 to 1218—Service information re lighting in Tarragona, Spain
1219—Email re sighting in France
1220—Missing page
1222 to 1227—Statements re multiple sightings in Spain link to page 1224 only
1228—Missing page
1229 to 1230—Statement re sighting in Marrakesh
1231 to 1234—Statement re sighting in Gale
1235—Missing page
1236 to 1237—Email re Malta sighting
1238—Missing page
1239 to 1240—Email re tip from Toronto Crimestoppers
1241—Missing page
1242 to 1243—Leicestershire constabulary re Jane Tanner’s mobile phone usage
1244 to 1245—Email re sighting in Turkey1246—Missing page
1247 to 1254—Statement re sighting in East Midlands
1255 to 1256—Email re sighting in Spain
1257—Note re sighting in Maputo, Mocambiqupost239239.html#p239239
1258—Email re Mocambique sighting
1259 to 1260—Missing pages
1261—Email re Bulgarian sightings
1262—SOCA International enquiry form re Bulgaria sighting
1263—Email re sighting in Nice
1264—SOCA International enquiry form re hotel sighting in Nice
1265—Service information re sighting in Luxemburg
1266—Email re sighting in Jerez, Spain
1267 to 1273—Email re SOCA information re sighting in Jerez, Spain
1274—Email re Malta sighting
1275 to 1276—Email from Weisbaden IP
1277—Blank page
1278 to 1279—Correspondence re sighting in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain
1280 to 1281—Statement re suspicious car in PdL post153393.html#p153393
1282 to 1284—Missing pages
1285—Service information re sighting in Maputo, Mocambiqupost239118.html#p239118
1286—Service information re sighting in Swiss hotel post239257.html#p239257
1287—Confirmation of fax
1288—Service information re sighting in Pingo Doce, Ourique
1289—Confirmation of fax
1290—Missing page
1291 to 1292—Statement re sighting in Offenburg, Germany
1293—Missing pages
1294 to 1295—Statement re sighting in children’s playground
1296 to 1298—Missing pages
1299 to 1300—SOCA International enquiry form re US sightings
1301—Email from DC Hughes re US sightings
1302—Email from DC Hughes re Belgian sightings
1303—SOCA International enquiry form re Brussels sighting
1304—SOCA International enquiry form re Spanish sighting
1305 to 1307—Missing pages
1308—SOCA International enquiry form re Spanish sightings
1309—Email from DC Hughes re Spanish sighting
1310 to 1312—Missing pages
1312—Statement re sighting in Italy
1313—Missing page
1314—Service information re sighting in Massachusetts
1315—Missing page
1316 to 1318—Email re sighting in Spain
1319—Swedish/Scandinavian document re Sighting? 
1320—Fax cover sheet (Swedish)
1321—Blank page
1322 to 1323—Email re Stockholm Interpol information
1324—Cover sheet from Stockholm Interpol
1325—Email re Spanish sighting
1326—Statement re sighting in English pub in Mil Palmeras, Spain
1327—SOCA International enquiry form re Mil Palmeras sighting
1328 to 1330—Swedish documents re sighting
1331—Service information re sighting in Olhao
1332—Confirmation of fax
1333—Missing page
1334 to 1335—Email/statement re sighting in Porto
1335—Continuation of page 1333
1336 to 1338—Missing pages
1339 to 1340—Email re Crimestoppers log re possible sighting in Amsterdam
1341—Statement from South Wales Police re sighting at Schiphol Airport Amsterdam
1342 to 1343—Missing pages
1344—Statement re sighting in Siena, Italy
1345 to 1346—External diligence re sighting in Bara S. Miguel
1347 to 1348—Statement re sighting in Alcocebre, Spain
1349—SOCA International enquiry form re Alcocebre, Spain sighting
1350—Email from DC Hughes re sighting in Spain
1351 to 1352—partially lank document/report re: Spain sighting
1353—Copy of page 1349
1354—Copy of page 1350
1355—Statement re Alcocebre, Spain sighting
1356—Blank report
1357—Copy of page 1349
1358—Email from DC Hughes (copy)
1359 to 1360—Service information re sighting in hotel in Andorra
1361—Fax re Andorra sighting
1362—Confirmation of fax
1363—Fax re Andorra sighting
1364—Copy of child’s passport
1365 to 1366—Copy of adult passports
1367—Statement re sighting in Alagoa-Altura
1368 to 1373—Document re diligence carried out in Spain
1374—Missing page
1375 to 1377—Service information re Benny Marshall sighting in Torremelinos
1378 to 1379—Service information re sighting in Nazare
1380—Vehicle registration search
1381—Service information re Benny Marshall sighting in Torremelinos
1382 to 1383—Service information re anonymous tip re whereabouts
1384—Fax from Secol Tour Operator
1385—Email from psychic re vision of Madeleine on cargo of ship?
1386 to 1389—M/V nationality Breakdown (Oporto) 2007.05.29
1390—Missing page
1391—NIL list from from MS Andrea, Ship Log
1392—Confirmation of fax
1393—Service information re ‘Andrea’ ship/vessel
1394—Confirmation of fax
1395—Copy of page 1393
1396 to 1397—Further service information re Andrea ship/vessel
1398—Fax from Secol Tour Operator
1399—Copy of page 1385
1400 to 1405—Copy of pages 1386 to 1389 and page 1391
1406 to 1407—Email re Marrakesh lead
1408 to 1409—Statement re sighting in Torremelinos, Spain
1410—Missing page
1411—Statement re sighting in Aylesbury
1412—Statement re sighting in Malta
1413 to 1414—Statement re sighting in Malta
1415—Missing page
1416 to 1417—Statement re sighting in Exmouth Road
1418—Missing page
1419 to 1421—Statement re sighting in Suffolk
1422—Missing page
1423 to 1425—Statement re sighting in Bari, Italy
1426—Statement re sighting in Vila Nova de Gaia

APENSOS V, Volume VII, Supposed Sightings and Locations (FILE 07) 

1427—Blank page
1428—Email re sighting in Aylesford, Kent
1429 to 1431—Kent Police Report
1432—Servcie information re restaurant in Leiria 
1433 to 1434—GNR/PJ information re sighting in Batalha 
1435 to 1436—Letter re sighting in Rexford, Ireland
1437—Translated Crimestoppers document re sighting
1438—Letter re sighting on ferry boat
1439 to 1444—Missign pages
1445—SOC International Enquiry Form re sighting in Florence train station
1446—Email re Florence sighting
1447—Missing page
1448—Email re sighting in Epsom, Surrey
1449 to 1452—Event Chronology/Report re Epsom, Surrey, sighting
1453 to 1459—Missing pages
1460—Servcie information re sighting in car near/on highway to Lisbon
1461—Vehicle registration/plate search
1462—Fax verification of page 1460
1463—Cover letter re sighting
1464 to 1466—Missing pages
1467 to 1468—Cover letter re sighting 
1469—Information re sighting in Caminha
1470—service information re sighting in London post153401.html#p153401
1471 to 1472—Service information re abandoned vehicle in Sta. Catarina da Fonte do Bispo post153403.html#p153403
1473—Cover letter re translation of document(s)
1475 to 1479—Swedish/Danish/Dutch documents re sighting? 
1480 to 1490—Child Focus document in Swedish/Danish/Dutch? 
1491 to 1496—Translated document re Spanish sighting by Brussels citizen
1497—Note re possible sighting in Greenwich
1498—Email from Caroline Burrows
1499 to 1501—Greenwich Police Report
1502 to 1503 reported sighting by a Sandra Joyce Nicholson, on the 31st May 2007 at 08.55hrs
link to page 1508 only
1510—Email re sighting at Spanish border
1511 to 1514—Missing pages
1515 to 1519—Emails re sighting in Spain
1520 to 1523—Missing pages
1524 to 1525—SOCA International Enquiry Form re sighting in the US
1526—Email from DC Hughes re 4 US sightings
1527 to 1528—Statement re sighting in the Alentejo
1529—Missing page
1530 to 1532—Statement re sighting in Arezzo, Italy
1532—Email re sighting
1533 to 1535—Translated statement re sighting in the Algarve
1536 to 1537—Pages 1533 to 1535 in original language link to page 1533 only
1538—Email from Paulo Reis to the PJ re Antonio Toscano
1539—Cover letter re sighting by Belgian citizen
1540—Document re translation
1541 to 1542—Correspondence
1543 to 1550—Details/report/translations re sightings in Brussels
1551 to 1553—Correpondence/cover letters
1554 to 1588—Belgian police statements (includes copies from pages 1543 to 1550)
1589—Correpondence cover page
1590 to 1592—Statement re sighting in Tiperrary, Ireland
1593—Missing page
1594—Missing page
1595—Email re sighting in Tenerife
1596—Police event chronology (re Tenerife sighting)
1597—Missing page
1598—Service information re sighting in Torremelinos post170331.html#p170331
1599 to 1600—Statement re sighting in Oeiras Parque
1601—Report cover page 
1602—Servcei information re sighting in Geneva, Switzerland
1603 to 1604—Email re sighting in Crawley, West Sussex
1605—Cover page from SIRENE
1606—Chronology of events in French
1607—Email re sighting in Monaco
1608—Copy of page 1604 to 1604
1609—Police statement re sighting in Crawley, West Sussex
1610—Missing page
1611 to 1615—Email to Leicestershire police re poster (Dozeymare) on
1616 to 1619—Missing pages
1620—Email re DC Hughes
1621 to 1622—Crimestoppers statement re sighting in Huelva
1623 to 1624—Email re sighting in Ayamonte
1625—Crimestoppers cover page
1626—Email re sighting in Ibiza
1627—Blank page
1628 to 1637—Email re reply from Spanish sighting
1638 to 1639—Statement re sighting in retail park in Faro
1640—Vehicle registration search
1641 to 1643—Email re sighting in Meliella, Malta
1644—Missing page1645—Polcie incident message re sighting in North Yorkshire
1646—Missing page
1647 to 1649—Information received from SIRENE
1650—Fax confirmation
1651 to 1652—Translation of French documents
1654—Fax confirmation
1655—Chronology of events/sighting
1656—Email re sighting in Dusseldorf
1657 to 1660—Foreign Office correspondence re Berlin documents/sighting
1662—Document re sighting in Germany
1663—Missing page
1664 to 1666—Intelligence report re sighting in the UK
1667—Service information re sighting in Lisbon airport
1668—Missing page
1669 to 1670—Copy of page 1667 with notes
1672—Service information re sighting in Moleanos
1673—Statement re sighting near Leiria
1674—Missing page
1675 to 1676—Email re sighting in Spain
1677—Service information re sighting in Hotel Cervantes, Torremelinos post170331.html#p170331
1678—Missing page
1679—Email re sighting in Berlin airport post248388.html#p248388

Apensos V vol VII Number unknown - Sighting in Lagos, Portugal

APENSOS V, Volume VIII, Supposed Sightings and Locations (FILE 08) 

1680—Service Information re sighting on highway linking Silves/S. Bartolomeu de Messines
1681—Vehicle registration search
1682—Email re Malta sighting
1683 to 1684—Email re sighting in Ipanema, Brasil
1685 to 1695—Email re sighting in Gale resort
1696 to 1699—Documentation from Belgium re sighting
1700 to 1701—Email re Malta sightings
1702—Service information re sighting in McDonalds in Braga
1703 to 1704—Service information from third party re sighting in Portugal
1705—Email with pdf attachment
1706 to 1714—Statements and findings re sighting in Preston
1715—Missing page
1716 to 1717—Email re sighting near Marbella golf resort
1718 to 1719—Email and details re sighting in Cape Town, South Africa
1720—Information about little boy seen with two South African men
1721—“Men Flee With Child” news story from Table Mountain, Cape Town
1722—“Missing Child Search Resumes” from Table Mountain, Cape Town
1723—Service information re sighting on Calle Alexander Sacher post248389.html#p248389
1725—Service information re sighting in Toulouse e Bourdeaux post248390.html#p248390
1726—Fax cover page
1727—Confirmation of fax
1728 to 1730—Sighting of Madeleine on bus in Albufeira
1731—Interpol document re sighting in Malta post210891.html#p210891
1732—Interpol document re sighting in Oslo post210894.html#p210894
1733—Missing page
1734—Statement of sighting in Costa del Sol
1735—Missing page
1736—Email re sighting in Cape Town, South Africa
1737—Crimestoppers document re sighting in Italy
1738 to 1740—Missing pages
1741—Email re sighting in Kenya
1742—SOCA document re sighting in Tanzania
1743—Missing page
1744—Report re sighting at Water Park/Lizard House, in Malta
1745 to 1748—Missing pages
1749—Email re Malta sighting
1750 to 1754—Missing pages
1755 to 1757—Service information with sighting details (Sintra, Portugal)
1758 to 1759—Email re sighting on
1760—Missing page
1761—Statement re sighting at Heathrow Airport
1762 to 1764—Metropolitan Police Intelligence Report
1765 to 1766—Email re sighting in Gatwick Airport
1767—Missing page
1768—Statement re sighting in Malta
1769 to 1777—Missing pages
1778—Email re sighting in Spain
1779 to 1784—Leicestershire constabulary detail sheet re Peterborough sighting
1785—Officer’s report re sighting in Torrevieca, Spain
1786 to 1787—re: Pages badly copied and hard to read
1788 to 1789—Officer’s report re sighting in Bugibba
1790—Email re verifications of sighting in Spain
1791 to 1792—Crimestoppers report re sighting in Almancil
1793 to 1795—Email re sighting in Mil Palmeras, Spain
1796 to 1798—Email from Interpol Spain re Mil Palmeras sighting
1799 to 1801—Mising pages
1802—Email re sighting on Rhodes
1803—SOCA report re sighting on Island of Rhodes
1804 to 1805—Email re sighting if two males with child in South Africa
1806—Fax cover sheet
1807—Statement re sighting in Portugal post248392.html#p248392
1808—Service information re sighting in Morocco
1809—Email re sighting in Malta
1810 to 1811—Kent Police report
1812 to 1813—Missing pages
1814—Reported sighting in the Grill cafe, Broadstairs High Street, Margate, Kent.
1815—Kent Police Restricted Officer’s Report re previously reported sighting in Cafe Grill, Broadstairs, Margate, Kent
1816—Document regarding correspondence from IP Roma post210896.html#p210896
1817—Document re sighting in Italy post210898.html#p210898
1818—Email re sighting in Cleveland, Ohio
1819 to 1820—Police Incident Message re sighting
1821—Missing page
1822—Email re crimestoppers message
1823 to 1824—Missing pages
1825 to 1826—Email re sighting in Palermo, Italy
1827 to 1829—Service Information re sighting near Hotel Monumental Lido
1830—Missing page
1831—Email re sighting in Messines
1832—Missing page
1833 to 1834—Incident report re sighting in Spain
1835—Missing page
1836—Leicestershire Constabulary Officer’s Report re reported sighting in Javea, Spain
1837 to 1838—Email re third-party sighting in Budva, Montenegro, Eastern Europe
1839—Missing page
1840 to 1843—Email re sighting in Spain
1844 to 1845—Email re sighting in Madeira
1846—Fax cover page
1847 to 1849—Email re sighting in Madeira
1850—PJ biographical file/sketch
1851—Missing page
1852—Fax cover page
1853—Email with attachment
1854 to 1855—Missing pages
1856—Correspondence re IP Madrid post210900.html#p210900
1857 to 1858—Email re Interpol RABAT post210905.html#p210905
1860 to 1861—Statement re sighting in Morocco topic6598.html
1862 to 1863—Missing pages
1864—Servce information re sighting in Setes, France
1865—SIRENE document re Setes sighting
1866 to 1868—Statement re sighting on Scheveningen beach with pictures
1869—Email re sighting in Malta
1870—Missing page
1871 to 1872—Email re Malta sighting
1873 to 1876—Missing pages
1877 to 1892—Malta Information Exchange Documents
1893—Fax cover page
1894—Fax confirmation
1895 to 1902—Emails re sightings in Marrakech
1903—Missing page
1904—Request to obtain witness statement at McDonalds in Billing, Northampton
1905 to 1909—Police details re Northampton sighting
1910 to 1914—Missing pages
1915 to 1916—Report on incident report re Northampton
1917—Email re sighting in Brasipost239241.html#p239241
1918—Email re sighting in car from Europol
1919 to 1922—Malta Information Exchange documents

APENSOS V, Volume IX, Supposed Sightings and Locations (FILE 09)

1923 to 1924—Sighting document from South Wales Police
1925 to 1926—Email and statement re sighting in Santa Ponsa, Mallorca
1927 to 1932—Missing pages
1933—Cover letter
1934 to 1935—Document re sighting in Lisboa
1936 to 1937—Emails re sighting in Guernsey/Weymouth
1938—Email re sighting in Croatia
1939 to 1941—Kent Police Report re sighting in Croatia
1942-1943 - Missing pages
1944 to 1945—Email re sighting in Fuerteventura
1946—Email re sighting in Malta
1947—Missing page
1948—Servcie information re sighting in Argentina post239113.html#p239113
1949—Servcie information re sighting in Edmonton, Canada post239114.html#p239114
1950 to 1951—Email re sighting in Morocco
1952 to 1957—Servcie information re Madeleine’s whereabouts from the USA
1958—Email re sighting in Malta
1959—Email re yellow notice (bad copy)
1960 to 1961—Email re sighting in Hamburg
1962—Email re sighting in Italy
1963 to 1968—Missing pages
1969—Service information re sighting in Singapore post239115.html#p239115
1970 to 1972—Email re sighting of suspected sex offender
1973 to 1975—Letter re sighting in Sete Bicas Shopping Center, Portugal
1976—Cover letter
1977—Interpol cover letter
1978 to 1981—Letter re two possible sightings in Malta
1981 to 1985—Letter and pics re sighting in Irish bank
1986 to 1987—Email re sighting in Las Palmas
1988—Missing page
1989—Email re sighting in Madrid
1990 to 1993—Missing pages
1994—Message to Crime stoppers re Madrid sighting
1995—Cover letter 
1996 to 1997—Letter from Dutch police re sighting in beach with picture
1998—Missing page
1999 to 2002—Email re sighting in North Ibiza
2003 to 2005—Email re sighting in Madeira
2006—Missing page
2007—Email re sighting in beach in Portugal
2008 to 2009—Missing pages
2010 to 2012—Statement re sighting in Cyprus
2013 to 2018—Emai with attachments/pics
2019 to 2020—Service information re sighting in Geneva
2021 to 2025—Statement re sighting in Cadiz
2026—Missing page
2027—Servcie information re sighting in France
2028—Cover letter
2029 to 2030—Service information re sighting in Coimbra
2031 to 2032—Email re sighting in Mexico
2033 to 2034—Servcie information re sighting in Lisboa
2035—Missing page
2036 to 2037—Email re sighting in Malta
2038 to 2039—Email re sighting in Mallorca
2040—Statement re sighting in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
2041 to 2045—Missing pages
2046—Email re sighting in Corfu
2047—Missing page
2048 to 2049—Servcie information re sighting in Karlsbad
2050 to 2055—Missing pages
2056 to 2057—Email re sighting in Menorca
2058 to 2060—Missing pages
2061—Email re sighting in Italy
2062—SOCA statement re sighting in Positano, Italy
2063—Email re sighting on flight to Brussels
2064 to 2067—Missing pages
2068—Dutch document
2069—Photo fit of Dutch suspect
2070 to 2071—Dutch document
2072 to 2076—Portuguese translation of Dutch documents
2077—Email re DNA taken from straw in Dutch snack bar/restaurant
2078 to 2080—Missing pages
2081—Email with cover information re crime stoppers information
2082 to 2085—Email re sighting in Cadiz
2084—Written correspondence re Dutch sightings
2085—Missing page
2086 to 2087—Fax cover page
2088 to 2099—Dutch document
2100 to 2101—Email re sighting in McDonalds in California
2102—Missing page
2103 to 2106—Further info re California McDonald’s sighting

APENSOS V, Volume X, Supposed Sightings and Locations (FILE 10) 

2107—Note re sighting in Malta
2108—Email with pdf attachment
2110—Email re Malta sighting
2111 to 2112—Missing pages
2113 to 2115—Emails re sighting in Riga Old Town, Latvia
2116—Picture from Riga Old town sighting
2117—Service information re sighting in Oeiras, Portugal
2118—Vehicle registration search
2119—Cover letter
2120—Email re sighting at Tapei airport
2121—Letter re sighting in Riga Old town, Finland
2122—Copy of page 2716
2123—Letter re sighting in Padua, Italy
2124 to 2130—Pictures from Padua sighting
2131—Email and handwritten note re sighting in Italy
2132a—Partialy obscured Email from John Hughes re Italian sighting, near Lake Como
2132b—Full Email from John Hughes re Italian sighting, near Lake Como
2133—SOCA enquiry form re sighting in Lake Como
2134 to 2136—Missing pages2137—Footnote for document page 2733
2138 to 2140—Email re sighting in US with picture
2141 to 2143—Email re information received from France
2144 to 2145—Email re sighting in the Netherlands
2146—Missing page
2147 to 2161—Email re reported sighting on a bus between Salerno and Cava de' Tirreni, Italy, 19th July 2007
2162 to 2164—Missing pages
2165—Email from DC John Hughes re reported sighting on Isle of Gozo, Malta, (E-mail dated 21st July 2007)
2166—Incident report re sighting on Isle of Gozo, Malta
2167 to 2170—Missing pages
2171—Letter re sighting in vehicle in Italy
2172 to 2173—Missing pages
2174 to 2175—Email and event chronology report re reported sighting in Koroni, Messenia, Greece, on the 7th & 8th July 2007
2176—Email re sighting in Spain
2177 to 2179—Police report re reported sighting at "Alcer Seera"(sic) Resort, Spain, 1st July 2007
2180 to 2182—Mising documents
2183 to 2185—Emails re reported sighting in the Gardenia Park Hotel, Torre Blanco, Spain, (8th July 2007)
2186—Missing page
2187—Email re sighting in Jerusalem
2188—Report re sighting in Jerusalem
2189—Missing page
2190—Letter re sighting in Italy
2191—Letter re sighting in Florence, Italy
2192 to 2193—Letter re sighting in Italy
2194—Handwritten note re sighting in vehicle in Israel
2195 to 2198—Email re sighting in Israel and Essex Police Incident Report re that reported sighting
2199—Missing page
****page number change ****
2200—Cover letter re sighting document received from PT Ambassador in Pretoria
2201—Letter re sighting in Millenezza Pizzeria, Centro City, Johannesburg, South Africa
2202—Missing page
2203 to 2205—Cover letters
2206 to 2210—Documents from Brussels
2211 to 2212—Copy of yellow pages
2213 to 2214—Translation of Dutch documents (pages 2206 to 2210)
2215 to 2217—Child focus fax
2219 to 2252—Duth documents with Portuguese translations re investigation leads
2253—Cover letter
2254—Information page
2255—Email re sighting in Renault Kangoo in Portugal
2256—Sussex Police Information report re Renault Kangoo
2257 to 2259—Missing pages
2260—Handwritten note re sighting in Bordogne
2261 to 2266—Missing pages
2267—SOCA enquiry form re reported sighting in Perigueux, France
2268 to 2269—Emails re French sighting
2270 to 2772—Missing pages
2273—Officer’s report re sighting in Cornwall
2274—Email with jpg attachments
2275 to 2280—jpg pictures
2281—Copy of page 2274
2283 to 2285—Missing pages
2286 to 2287—Documents re sighting in Marseille airport
2288—Service information re sighting in Rock’s Bar in Albufeira
2289—Email re French national’s sighting of Madeleine
2290 to 2297—Police report re French national’s sighting
2298 to 2299—Missing pages
2300—Email re sighting in France
2301 to 2302—Missing pages
2303—SOCA enquiry form re sighting in Perigueux, France
2304—Missing page
2305—Email re sighting in Johannesburg, SA
2306—SOCA enquiry form re sighting in Johannesburg
2307—Email re South African sighting
2308—Copy of page 2306
2309—Missing page
2310 to 2311—Police report re reported sighting in Nador, Morocco, near the Moroccan/ Spanish Border
2312—Missing page
2313 to 2214—Email re reported sighting in La Caleta,Tenerife, Spain, (4th July 2007)
2315—Cover letter
2316 to 2317—Service information re suspicious vehicle in Amares
2318—Service information regarding anonymous tip in Moroccpost245444.html#p245444
2319 to 2321—Missing pages
2322 to 2325—Email re follow up re reported sighting in Torrevieja, Spain, (12th July 2007)
2326 to 2328—Further Email re Susan Haynes' reported sighting in Torrevieja, Spain, (12th July 2007)
2329-2333 (PDF Pages 191-195) handwritten letter, in English, by Mrs McCombes regarding a reported sighting in Seville, Spain, (13th July 2007)
2334-2335 (PDF Pages 196-197), handwritten letter in English, by Mr McCombes also referring to a reported sighting in Seville, Spain, (13th July 2007)
2336 (PDF Page 198), Map of San Juan, Argentina with hand-written message saying “Here is Madeleine”.
2337 (PDF Page 199), Sighting in a restaurant in Braga..
2338 (PDF Page 200), sketch of restaurant.
2339 (PDF Page 201), continuation Braga restaurant sighting.
2340 missing page.
2341 (PDF Page 202), Info received from Crimestoppers re – sighting in Macao airport.
2342—Email re sighting in Macau
2343—SOCA enquiry form re sighting in Macau airport
2344 to 2347—Email re sighting in Greece
2348—Email re sightings in Buenos Aires
2349—Emails re reported sighting in Den Haag, The Hague, The Netherlands, by a Femmigie van Den Bosch, (16th June 2007)
2350—Email re reported sighting in Holland by a Linda Baines, (Actual date of the reported sighting is not indicated within this Report)
2351—Missing page 
2352 to 2353—Report re sighting in France

APENSOS V, Volume XI, Supposed Sightings and Locations (FILE 11) 

2251—SIRENE document 
****page numbers change here****
2358—Police report re reported sighting at the Florence Highway Toll Station, Italy, (Mid-July 2007)
2359—Servcie information re sighting in Chaves
2360—Missing page
2361—Fax cover page re reported sighting in Croydon, Surrey, England, (17th July 2007)
2362 to 2369—Police Incident Report of reported sighting near Croydon, Surrey, England, 17th July 2007
2370—Cover page
2371—Letter re sighting in Attalya Park Hotel, Southern Spain
2372 to 2373—Cover Letter re possible Irish sexual predator in Portugal topic117.html 
2374 to 2375—Missing page
2377—Fax confirmation
2378—Fax cover page
2379 to 2380—report re sighting in playground in the UK
2381—handwritten note re sighting in Albufeira
2382—Email re reported location near Tarra Gona(sic), Spain, (18th July 2007)
2383 to 2386—Pictures
2387 to 2398—Emails re reported locations, by Koos van Rensburg (from South Africa), in Spain and off Spanish Coast, (On various dates during early-mid July 2007)
2399—Email re reported sighting at a Farm Camping Site in Holland, (19th July 2007)
2400—SOCA Enquiry Form re reported sighting at a Farm Camping Site in Holland, (19th July 2007)
2401 to 2402—Missing pages
2403—Statement by Mrs. Melanie Winfield re reported sighting at De Boderie Farm Camp Site in Holl