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  • Topic Various hand-held laser pen of blue gree... 08/31/2017 05:49 AM

    The blue laser pointer has three different power levels, and you can choose which one you want. The minimum power level is 700 milliwatts, the middle point power level to 1.4 watts, with a high level of 2 watts. Many countries have restricted the sale of these powerful blue lasers, limiting the power consumption of the largest unit level of 5 milliwatts and Spyder 3.

    The high power laser pointer with four blue laser parameters. You can adjust the light beam is constant, this makes a light as the battery, or you can from the temporary Settings to choose from. Other three parameters including stroboscopic, bypass, flipping on the framework and lasts only a second. Each set light to the person with the tools of different feelings, so you can adjust your laser pointer to complete the task on the basis of performance.


    The laser pointer is the use of laser as astronomy instruction tool. Length can be specified in the distance, can replace the pointer tool, such as the instruction, you can also use powerpoint slides, etc., by the indicated. At present, most of the red laser pointer, green and blue is relatively low, and the price is expensive.

    Teachers and professors have been used during the laser pointer in the visual presentation of the outstanding chart and key areas of the screen. In recent years, with the reduction of manufacturing cost consumers now have a variety of functions to choose, including the color and style. Within the scope of visible green laser handheld pointercan have very different dependent on wavelengths, the output power and environmental factors such as lighting and air quality.

    There are a lot of things to do, is safe, but with the laser pointer. As goes the, "safety first! Because no one wants to be hurt, but don't let it stop him from creativity and laser pointer.

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