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Title:Self-introduction of IROCHEM
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  • Registered: 05/17/2018
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Founded in 2003, IRO is a globalgroup specializing in organic chemical products. Since established, IROCHEM hasbeen developing sharply. IRO's business scope has been expanding for more thana decade. It started with water treatment chemicals. Now includes watertreatment chemicals, biocides, surfactants, chelating agents, solvents, oildrilling chemicals, textile auxiliaries, paper additives and food additives. In2011, the total turnover achieves USD 120 million.

In 2015,Shandong IRO Water Treatment Co., Ltd established a new business entity in theUnited States. Based in Richmond, VA, IRO USA is well positioned to providequality products at a very attractive investment from customers across NorthAmerica. Customers who seek a true competitive edge are engaging with IRO USAto improve the technical performance of their products and at the same timeenhance their bottom line.

IRO'sother businesses have also been recognized by customers and markets. Our pilotand bench test apparatuses enable us to offer customer-tailored products afterconducting extensive performance evaluation tests, which can be designedaccording to exact customer specifications. Based on our wide product range,IRO can produce custom blends that can be produced according to the customer’sformulation.

Date Posted: 05/17/2018 00:26 AM
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