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Posted on 04-15-2013 9:32 PM

thats cool about the cam but when was it ever ready for paint

Posted on 03-11-2013 11:28 PM

roy had paint for you when you wasnt working at the time, could have painted it then, plus it was free paint, cant do any better than that," boy i tell you what"-roy

Posted on 03-09-2013 10:56 PM

that rusty paint job on your car looks weird

Posted on 02-21-2013 4:34 PM

lil richy finaly got his z paid off and new wheels on it, so it should be at the next meet.... maybe

Posted on 05-03-2012 3:57 PM

my uncles dog that is almost like her is named dixie

Posted on 05-01-2012 3:21 PM

looks like the r/c dog, could call her R-C

Posted on 04-19-2012 10:08 AM

I say go with magnaflow cat back or do the x pipe  with magnaflow bullet mufflers and dump it at the rear, cuz i think you are set for the x pipe anyways

Posted on 04-07-2012 10:13 AM

This is the Dual Catch Can im thinking about using, alot of people recommend this one

Posted on 03-20-2012 4:42 PM

damn thats the thing i was talking about, but for $200, i dont think 2-5 more hp would be worth getting

Posted on 03-16-2012 7:35 PM

hahaha aint that the dude that was braggin about how fast his car was

Posted on 02-20-2012 8:45 AM

hell naw, i dont want any flames on my car, we should paint them on joeys forhead i think would look better

Posted on 02-12-2012 1:28 PM

yea i probly would do some shit like that

Posted on 02-09-2012 1:41 PM

we need to go shootin man, i need some new sights on the gun, if you get the xd maybe it will come with the trijicon tririum night sights, thats the kind il probly get, seem like the best.

Posted on 02-07-2012 8:26 PM

your gay ass has the job, dont worry about it. get ready to sit on the computer at dunbar for a hour or two taking a dumbass test and filling out all kinds of shit. we can go up to greentop if you want to look at some guns. If i was you i would get the xd-45 Tactical it has the 5" barral and is very accurate on the guns side as long as you can shoot

Posted on 02-02-2012 10:31 AM

well i guess that means roy is out

Posted on 02-01-2012 7:32 PM

that just depends on what your definition of street legal is, A valid inspection sticker or all stock car, which none of us has except for cherry

Posted on 01-31-2012 6:52 PM

well lil richy is going to look at the center section of the 9" to see if its ok and to see if its ok, He might have that thing on the track sometime soon, maybe with the pro charger, who knows, but we will find out.

Posted on 01-21-2012 8:31 AM

BLOWJOBS hahahahahahahahaaaha, I knew you would walk into it

Posted on 01-20-2012 9:32 PM

Im not the one trying to do something, so i have no intention. You want a job i am just saying i know of one for you

Posted on 01-20-2012 5:32 PM

I can think of job i know you would be good at, and i know its something you always thought about doing

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