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Title: Assorted Fonts
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(Date Posted:01/11/2018 4:31 PM)
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1. Creampuff 26. Lansbury
2. lucinda Handwriting27. Bradley hand itc
3.Curlz mt 28. Vivaldi
4. Madisonia font29. Arial
5. Bradley hand itc 30. Ariel Rounded MT Bold
6. Verdana 31. Aftermath Brick
7. Bauhaus 93 32. Tekton Pro Ext.                   
8. Stencil 33. Rockwell
9. PC Antique34. Vanished Brk
10. Old English Text35.Matura MT Script 
11. Lucida Handwriting  36.Lithos Pro ReG
12.Kunstler Script

37.Kristen ITC 

13. Jokerman38. Imprint MT Shadow 
14. Harrington39. Harlow Solid Italic 
15. Giddyup Std40. French Script
16. Forte 41. Elephant 
17. Copperplate42. Claw 1 Brick  
18. Century Gothic 43. Candy Stripe Brick 
19. Comic Sans 44. Broadway
20. BradleyHand ITC45. Blox BRIcK
21. Blackadder ITC 46. Bandwidth BRK 
22. Freestyle Script47. Algerian 
23. It Lives in the Swamp   
24. Magneto49. Ravie

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RE:Assorted Fonts
(Date Posted:01/11/2018 4:35 PM)

WOW mate top job I think I will use these
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Re:Assorted Fonts
(Date Posted:01/12/2018 6:40 AM)

Thank you! They came out a little small but you should be able to make them bigger. I just might fix the sizes when I am up to it. I'm so glad it is here. This is the first font (Creampuff).

I just increased the size of two of the Fonts. It is easy to change them with the font size changer. That's the icon that is the 6th from the left on the top line where it starts with B (for bold). I'll leave them the way that they are because the user can change them anyway they want by using any of the icons. You can even use more than one at a time.

Example: Rockwell -> Rockwell (24 pt font size) -> Rockwell (Dark Red) -> Rockwell (Black, Bold 18 pt.) 

Have Fun playing with it.

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