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Title: Locations of Goodie Caves
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(Date Posted:06/06/2010 4:49 PM)
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In this section, I'll explain where to find the various Goodie Caves in the game. What exactly IS a Goodie, you might ask? A Goodie in the case of Aveyond is one of several special areas built into the landscape (or downloadable from, in the case of Aveyond 1: Rhen's Quest) meant to make the game easier, or meant to be used as a last resort if you're in a lot of trouble. The standard Goodies in Aveyond are Weapons, Armor, Gold, Spells, and Levels; The Lost Orb features an additional cave awarding all the Recipes as well. 
 As a word of advice though, I would encourage you to play through the game normally first, THEN try to locate the caves, unless you're truly too stuck to continue. Like I mentioned, Goodie Caves make gameplay easier, and can take away from the richness of gameplay that can come from trying to figure things out on your own. 
The following are locations to get to the various Goodie Caves in Aveyond: The Lost Orb:
Note: I am only posting locations of the Goodie Caves and general directions; if you would like a picture of where the goodies are located, please visit>community-->AV 3-3: The Lost Orb-->Maps, Guides, Etc. All Goodies are marked with great subtlety on the maps corresponding to the Goodie locations listed below. More specifically: (Highlight for Spoiler): Goodies are marked by a small dot, in this case either black, white, or a pinkish color.

Gold Goodie:
Gives 600,000 GP

Location: (Highlight for Spoilers): Peliad (The forest right of the cemetery and in the upper left-hand corner, by the city walls).

Weapons Goodie:
Gives all the best weapons in the game

Location: (Highlight for Spoilers): Bristle Woods East (From Peliad, Northeast and in the area near the broken bridge to Tyobi)

Levels Goodie:
Gives level gains up to level 99

Location: (Highlight for Spoilers): Bristle Woods West (From the Ferry Station, go north, then east at the first turn, passed the signpost. Goodie Cave is in one of the trees.)

Armor Goodie:
Gives the best armors in the game

Location: (Highlight for Spoilers): Blueleaf Forest (From Harakauna, go down the stairs immediately south and check all around this area.)

Spells Goodie:
Gives the best spells in the game

Location: (Highlight for Spoilers): Wyrmbone Desert (From Tyobi, travel partway towards the Root System [which is accessed via the Great Tree]. Once you pass the waterfall to the west [as you are heading south], head west over the bridge and keep heading west until you come to an alcove in the cliffs.)

Recipes Goodie
Gives all recipes in the game

Location: (Highlight for Spoilers): Worm Tunnels (From Tyobi, go south and northeast up two staircases to exit 1. Go up the stairs to exit 2. Go south, west, and north into the tunnel. Go west and northwest, then check along the wall leading west.)

Those are all the goodies available in Aveyond: The Lost Orb! Again, as a warning, using these goodies will make gameplay drastically shorter, so if you want to get the most of your gameplay experience, I advise you to not use goodies until your next play through. 

Till next time, folks!



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