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Title: Aveyond: Gates of Night Walkthrough
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Status: I'm going insane! Oh wait...I'm already there.
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(Date Posted:12/23/2009 11:17 PM)
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Welcome to Aveyond: Orbs of Magic Series II: Gates of Night! In this walkthrough, we'll explore how to solve the main quest and include a list of side quests, all the spells available in the game, and a section for goodies and newcomers to RPGs. Also at the end of the walkthrough is miscellaneous information to help you keep track of what you've found and what you haven't, as well as the World Map (from Amaranth Games, shaz, and tiniponi). Those playing Build A, please see the Game Patches section of the walkthrough for support with a few bugs. For FAQs, maps, and additional gameplay or technical support, please visit
When you enter the site, click the Community tab at the top of the page, then click Village Square. In the Aveyond section, click Gates of Night (AV3-2), then click the MAPS, GUIDES, WALKTHROUGHS, ETC. link.

**Note: To find things quickly, press Cntrl+F (Mac users: Command+F). In the search box, type keywords, such as "attraction points" or "Thais" to find all instances of these keywords in the text.

This Post: Getting Started
           A: Goodies, Newcomer Tips, and General Tips
           B: Attraction Points, Magic Mirror Express, and Luck
           C: Party Members and Additional Comments
     Post I: The Main Quest: Starting Off: The First Quarter Key
    Post II: The Main Quest: Traversing the Wastelands: The Second Quarter Key
   Post III: The Main Quest: Into the Fire: The Third Quarter Key
                Beyond the Golden Gate: The Fourth Quarter Key

   Post IV:  The Main Quest: The Road Less Traveled: Journeying to Naylith
                Shadowy Foretelling: The Oracle and the Abduction

     Post V: Belly of the Beast: The Rescue and the Final Battle
    Post VI: Aveyond: Gates of Night: Side Quests(contains spoilers)
   Post VII: Complete List of Spells for Lydia and Stella
  Post VIII: Miscellaneous Information (contains spoilers)
     Post IX: Game Patches for Build A users
and Credits

Goodie Caves:
  Throughout the forests and wildernesses of Aveyond: Gates of Night, there are goodie caves hidden. These caves contain items to make gameplay easier or faster.
Armor Cave: Provides the best armor available in the game
Weapons Cave: Provides the best weapons available in the game
Gold Cave: Provides about 100,000 gold
Spells Cave: Provides all spells available in the game
   Finding these caves takes quite a bit of exploration. If you must know the location of any or all of them, please

Newcomers to RPGs:
  Aveyond: Gates of Night (referred to hereafter as Gates of Night) is a turn-based strategy RPG. In battles, the player is able to think as long as he or she wants on how to proceed. I recommend playing the in-game tutorial, which goes over gameplay basics; however, if you wish to delve right in, i'll provide a sort of tutorial here:

Difficulty Levels:
Easy: If you leave an area and come back, enemies are more likely not to respawn (reappear); enemies are 20% weaker than your party at the start of the game.
  Medium: There is a 50/50 chance of enemies respawning; enemies are at a level equal level to your party at the start of the game

  Hard: Enemies are more likely to respawn; enemies are 20% stronger than your party at the start of the game.
    For newcomers to RPGs, I recommend Easy mode; Easy mode is also nice for players who simply like to explore without a lot of difficult random battles.
  Note: Unlike other games, the difficulty setting you choose does not affect the ending of Gates of Night. Only certain events you choose to do or not to do can affect the ending.

General Tips:

--Save often and in multiple slots. With multiple saves, at various points in the game, you can prevent losing progress due to unforseen computer crashes, etc.

--Talk to everyone, even if they do not look like they could offer anything useful. Some characters can provide side quests, helpful clues as to what to do next, or items to help you in gameplay

--Bookshelves are your friends. Make full use of them

--If you're in need of rest, or are low on restoratives(items that restore health or mana, or remove ailments), you can sleep at an Inn to replenish all health and mana for all party members (even those who are inactive)

--Keep yourself stocked up on restoratives, just in case

--If you aren't sure where to go next, check your journal and talk to the townspeople in the newest town you've seen.

--Don't just focus on getting to the next town or the next quest. Chests in the wilderness can provide useful items that you would otherwise have to purchase. Others contain items not found in shops.

--To get the full experience of the game, I recommend playing through once without using goodies and with completing all side quests. However, the main goal is to have fun, so I more encourage you to play in the way that will provide the most enjoyment.

--**Special note on Mugwort, Mandrake, and Level Eggs: Mandrake permanently increases a mage's mana capacity, so I recommend using it on the mage you use the most (Lydia, if you prefer offensive magic and Stella if you prefer defensive magic). Mugwort increases a character's strength by 5, so I recommend using it on Mel or the fighter you use the most. Level Eggs increase every party member's level by one. Therefore, I recommend using it only when all party members are present. These items do not need to be saved, as you get no bonuses for holding on to them longer.

Attraction Points, Magic Mirror Express, and Luck:

   In Gates of Night, there are two gameplay elements that will affect either gameplay or the ending, and one element that you may choose to use or not. Here, I will list these elements and their purposes:

   Attraction Points: Throughout the game, you will notice vendors selling flowers or poems. These, plus other items, are attraction points, used to get Edward to marry a girl of the player's choice: Mel, Stella, Lydia, or none of the above (or, rather, the person Ed's parents picked for him). There are 7 positive points and 2 negative ones:

Positive Points: Gheledon, Stormbend, Witchwood, Tar Vedron, Venwood, Faiara, and Naylith
Negative Points: Orc Empire
    Mel requires all 7 positive points, Stella requires 4, and Lydia requires 0. Once you have all the points for the desired girl, you must have Ed propose to her.

   Magic Mirror Express: Referred to hereafter as MME. In every town, there is a MME which will, for a fee, transport you to a nearby town. You must activate all the MME switches in all the towns in order to travel among them.

   Goddess Statues: In almost every town, there is a goddess statue. Donating to the statue will increase your luck, which yields better spoils in battle. Stealing from the donation box will decrease your luck and give you 10 coins. The decision is yours, but once the decision is made, it is final.

Your Party Members:
   Throughout Lord of Twilight and Gates of Night, you can obtain 7 party members:
   Mel: A street thief who is a descendant of the sorcerer Mordred Darkthrop. She is weak physically, but is strong in cunning
   Edward: Prince of Thais, who dreams of being a chicken farmer. His strength is in swordsmanship, particularly with Excalibur
   Stella: A sweet girl of unknown origins. She has an affinity for healing magic, and is possibly another descendant of Mordred Darkthrop.
   Te'ijal: A vampress with a wicked sense of humor, Te'ijal is skilled with a bow and possesses a few other excellent vampiric skills.
   Galahad: Te'ijal's unfortunate husband, who was once a knight in Sedona. His skills also lie in swordsmanship
    Lydia: A snobby noble who has her sights on Edward; a powerful offensive magic user.
    Ulf: A kindly Orc, whose only desire is to teach people about Orcs. His skills fall in clubs and brute strength.

A Few Final Notes:

    In the "Main Quest" section of the walkthrough, any side quests will be mentioned when we first explore a new area. For detailed explanations of how to solve side quests, please see the "Side Quests" portion of the walkthrough.
    Lastly, this walkthrough assumes a basic party of Mel, Edward, Te'ijal, and Lydia throughout most of the game. I do this because there are areas in the game where altering the active party is necessary; with a set party through the majority of the game, it should be easier to determine where these points are listed in the walkthrough. Also, the party I mentioned is the one I used to complete the game, although it is possible to have many different parties to complete Gates of Night.




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Status: I'm going insane! Oh wait...I'm already there.
From: USA

RE:Aveyond: Gates of Night Walkthrough
(Date Posted:12/24/2009 10:56 PM)

The Main Quest
  **Note: If you are not continuing your game from Lord of Twilight, you can simply follow the walkthrough as it appears. The only difference is, you will receive some items from King William (Ed's father) once you speak to him. Also, this walkthrough assumes that the player is continuing their game from Lord of Twilight. However, if it is required that those without this save purchase or otherwise obtain an object in Gates of Night, clues as to where to find such objects will be placed in the text.
      Navigation: I will attempt to explain how to travel from area to area in the walkthrough. If you get stu
ck or need more help in finding your way, please consult the maps at
      Party: I mentioned that I assume a party of Mel, Edward, Te'ijal, and Lydia throughout most of the game. However, since Lydia is not an available character at the moment, I am assuming a party of Mel, Edward, Te'ijal, and Galahad at the beginning of the game.

Starting Out: The First Quarter Key

      Side Quest: Deliver Wine for Chateau Lenore. For instructions for both completing and beginning this quest in Gates of Night, please see this quest in the "Side Quests" section of the walkthrough.

      We last left our heroes after the wicked witch Heptitus had stolen the first of four quarter keys required to enter Naylith. All that's left to do is speak to Edward's father and figure out how to outsmart ol' Heppy. What the King says will be important later. Oh, and we might want to see about finding Ed a wife along the way...if we're not too busy, well, saving the world from evil. For now, though, we can just set out for that key--and speak to Prof. Gray before we leave. We don't want to start nuclear warfare with Gray thinking Mel has been kidnapped or something.
     If you would like to see how things have progressed since Lord of Twilight, now would be a good time to do so. Also, if you failed to purchase Mel's Chicken Dance skill in Lord of Twilight, you can do so at the Thais Tavern.
     Side Quest: Find Artifacts for the Museum of Thais
     Luck: If you did not donate to/steal from the statue in Lord of Twilight, do so now.
     MME: If you did not activate the MME in Lord of Twilight, do so now.
     The first quarter key is in Witchwood, but unfortunately, those nasty pirates in Stormbend have rendered the MME to Witchwood out of order, naturally. We'll have to take the long way. Head into Brightwood Forest, then west and north over the second bridge. Keep moving north and west until you come to a cave--Red Rock Pass. If you spoke to a particular girl near the shops in Thais, you'll know that "someone" (hm, wonder who?) left a Merchant's Card in the card reader for the Merchant's Pass. That's where we need to go. Keep following the paths until you come to a cave with a card reader. Once outside (Sinoa Plains), go south and into the Mire Woods. Once in the Woods, go east and south until you reach a village--Witchwood.
     A logical player might expect that, to get the quarter key, there must be another battle with Heptitus, and that we must therefore find her house. But no! Ack! She cursed us! Now what? I guess we'll have to give up on that key for now...let's see what's going on in the meeting house--the building with the open book on the sign. What's this? The witches are in trouble! What horrendous incident could have placed them in such peril? missing? And, erm...children you if you don't get it back? Uh, ok, we can find some candy right? How hard could it be? Guess we should head to Stormbend to find Harriet.
     Luck: If you did not donate to/steal from the statue in Lord of Twilight, do so now.
     MME: If you did not activate the MME in Lord of Twilight, do so now.
     Backtrack to the Sinoa Plains, then head north, west, and north again (you'll pass over a bridge and come to a cliff with two stairways). Now go west into Stormbend. Wait...there's someone...oh. Lydia. Looks like there's no getting around her...guess we have no choice but to talk to her. Well, I suppose maybe her powers may prove useful sometime. (Note: I will not be assuming a party with Lydia until a little later. For now, continue with the configuration for the beginning of the game.)
     Now, about Harriet...think she'll come out if we yell her name really loud? Hm, probably not. But where would a witch hide in a seaside town? Maybe we should ask the townsfolk...hey! That guy looks upset about something! Oh? There's a witch staying at your inn? Could this be our witch? Yes, it appears so! Kindly enough, Harriet gives us both the location of the candy AND a shovel to dig it up with! However, before we go, let's talk to Gepetto, the toymaker (he's in one of the Item shops). Seems poor Gepetto has run out of glue! Now where could we find some glue in these parts? Oh, well, we have more important things to worry about--like finding candy.
     Attraction Point: If you did not buy the flowers in Stormbend, do so now (for the girl of your choice); if you are going to leave Ed unengaged, simply buy the flowers for Ed himself, or do not buy them at all.
     Luck: If you did not donate to/steal from the statue in Lord of Twilight, do so now.
     MME: If you did not activate the MME in Lord of Twilight, do so now.
     The portion of the map Harriet marked requires that you return to the canoe you purchased from the Stormbend merchant in Lord of Twilight. Take the canoe to the second island available to you (the one at the bottom left of the screen as you enter the canoe). Go south and dig in the area she marked. Aha! Now we can backtrack to Witchwood and hand over the candy. Our reward? A...faux map? Uh, thanks...maybe. Oh well, I guess we can't expect much more from witches. Now that the witches are "distributing the candy" we need to leave, then immediately reenter (exit the Witchwood screen, then reenter it).
     Attraction Point: IMPORTANT: If you want to have Edward marry Mel, you MUST give her a piece of candy now, before it gets eaten! This is the only point in the game where you can obtain this attraction point; however, if you are having him marry Stella, Lydia, or the person Ed's parents picked, this attraction point is not necessary.
     Uh-oh...looks like the children have, erm, "infiltrated" Witchwood! But what about that quarter key? Remember what King William said about Heppy? She needs to be distracted before we can take the key. Well, see that crazed witch over there? The one in the *suspicious red shoes? Looks like she's distracted! All we need to do is enter her house and take the key!
     *For those of you who have played Aveyond I: Rhen's Quest and completed all the Halloween Hills quests, you might recognize these shoes ;)
      Fun thing to do: You can get a small amount of satisfaction from Heppy by exiting Witchwood, reentering, then talking to her in her house after taking the key (and after the children leave).
      Now...wasn't there something else we needed to do? Oh, yeah...we need glue for Gepetto...luckily, these witches seem to have a sick fascination with sticky white substances...or at least with anything that could be used as a torture device. Once we have the glue, we can return to Stormbend. Give Gepetto the glue, and take the toy to little Fin, who lives in one of the houses to the west of the dress shop. Now we've got this neat little music box thing...wonder what we can do with it. Anyway, we need a ship, but the pirates stole them all. Looks like we need to,as King William says, "give them something else to fight about." All we need to do is engage in conversation and let Ed--and that faux map--take care of the rest. Yes! Buy a ship from the merchant, and make sure you pay close attention to his explanation of the compass.
      Fun thing to do: Talk to the old man northwest of the merchant--he'll give you a "very important" piece of information.
      Side Quest: Pirates in Gheledon

Some Light Traveling:
   Before we can continue in our quest, we need to gather a few items and skills. With our new ship--complete with awesome pirate sails!--we can now access the many continents east of the mainland. At this point, we can go to Tar Vedron, Dragkthor, or Venwood. We will be visiting both Tar Vedron and Venwood in this section of the walkthrough; it does not matter which area you visit first, but in this walkthrough, we will be entering Tar Vedron then Venwood. However, before moving to Venwood, we need to make a pitstop in the Phyree Jungle. Move west, north, and east until you find a wooden chest. Inside, there should be a treasure chest key--used for opening blue treasure chests. We also need a few things in Tar Vedron, but we will not explore it thoroughly just yet. There is some armor for Mel available here, which Venwood does not have if I recall correctly. Also, underneath the striped tarp is another "tree building" which allows Mel to learn tightrope walking.
    This puzzle can be annoying. The object is to find a path on the floor by having Mel walk along the colors in a pattern corresponding to the list on the left. I found that it is easier to first trace the correct path with your finger, then guide Mel across. It is easier to use the mouse for this, but if you decide to use the keyboard, just be careful not to hold the arrow keys down too long, or Mel will walk too far and you will have to start the puzzle over. Now, do not cross over the board again, and talk to the test-giver to learn how to walk a tightrope. Now, before we leave, there are some things we can do:
    Side Quest: Find Ryda's Bracelet (necessary to complete the Find Artifacts for the Museum of Thais side quest.)
    Side Quest:
    Attraction Point: If you want an attraction point for Mel or Stella, look around for a lady selling flowers.
    MME: If you want, activate the MME in the cave. This MME location only goes to Dragkthor, however, and if you are following this walkthrough, it will be unnecessary to travel between these two locations.
    There isn't much left to do in Tar Vedron now. Let's use our compass and head for Venwood.
    **Warning!** Tough monsters ahead! For these battles, you may want to have Lydia use Quake or make use of Te'ijal's Paralyze or Drain skills.
    Once in Venwood, purchase armor for all active party members plus Galahad, as well as some sleep amulets for the same characters. Now let's check out the library...hey! What's this? Book of Storms huh? Lydia could certainly use this! But the librarian thinks she has an overdue naturally, we'll need to  find said book in order to retrieve the Book of Storms. Hey...isn't that...Lydia? But...she'*sigh* looks like Lydia has a clone. Worse, the clone hid the book somewhere--and tells us the location in the form of a riddle! Argh! Luckily, we're smart! All we need to do is look under the statue of Lionel near the entrance to Venwood. Aha! Take that, clone! Aww...she's just a fairy! And she flew away before we had a chance to show off our victory dance! Actually, hold the victory dance...the librarian demands a late fee of...10,000 coins? Yikes! Oh well, better pay up Ed!
     Now that we have the Book of Storms, it's time for a party change, if you haven't done so already. Switch out Lydia for Galahad and equip the book on her in the Shield slot. With the book equipped, Lydia will periodically learn spells from the book, which are far more powerful than the ones she begins the game with. With Lydia set up, we need to enter the tree building to learn the Orc language.
     The trick to this puzzle is to just walk around and try different paths, pressing Enter or Space whenever you approach a butterfly. Note: After collecting all five butterflies, be very careful not to leave the room before speaking to the test-giver. If you do, you'll be forced to release the butterflies and redo the puzzle.
     With all our errands in town done, let's explore Fedir Forest. There's Waterworks Tower to the southeast, and a strange golden gate to the northwest. Hm, maybe the queen knows something about this gate. Ah! She does, but she will not open it for us unless we prove to her that we mean no harm to the fairy folk. One last thing, take the oilcan from the blue treasure chest in the queen's chambers before leaving. Don't worry about solving this puzzle just yet--we'll come back here much later to get the fourth and final Quarter Key.
     **Break Time: Sail back (or use the MME) to Chateau Lenore (Moo Hatchery, if using the MME) and, in Moo Hatchery, check to see if any of your eggs have hatched yet (and hatch the Ice Bird egg, if you completed the Mother-In-Law side quest). Collect plenty of Spider Eggs, as they will become handy later on.

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Status: I'm going insane! Oh wait...I'm already there.
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RE:Aveyond: Gates of Night Walkthrough
(Date Posted:12/25/2009 9:35 PM)

Traversing the Wastelands: The Second Quarter Key:

      Next, we need to head for the dismal, sandy continent beyond the grouping of rocks to the northwest. Since we know the Orc language, we can go to the Orc Kingdom to retrieve the second quarter key. **Warning! Tough Monsters Ahead! Lydia's spells will be extremely effective on the stone toads in the Wastelands. If you are fighting these toads, have Lydia use her strongest spells (her strongest multiple-target spells if there are multiple toads), Mel use Trip or Chicken Dance, and everyone else use scrolls, rings, or eggs. Scorpions are the opposite, requiring physical attacks to defeat them. It may also be a good idea to switch one character for Stella, just in case the toads use Stone on your party.
       Lovely place, the Orc Empire. There are several things we can do here, but the elven armor will do fine for now, so there's no need to purchase more armor.
       Attraction Points: The points in the Orc Kingdom cause negative attraction. Unless you aren't planning on engaging Ed to one of the girls, the points here are worthless (except to see the reaction on one of the other two girls' faces). If you are trying to get Ed engaged to Mel, you cannot give her one of these points.
       Side Quest: Judge the Orc Beauty Contest (necessary for completing the Find Artifacts for the Museum of Thais side quest).
       In the southwestern part of the Orc village, there's another tree building. Here, we can learn how to swim. Timing is everything in this puzzle; I found if you wait until the spider is in the middle of the left column (separator between the next "boulder channel" and the current "boulder channel"), you can easily kill more than five spiders. Once you kill five, talk to the test-giver.
      Now that we know how to swim, we can do one of several things. We can go back to Waterworks Tower, we can continue to explore the Orc Empire, or we can get Lydia's second spellbook. The latter of these should be our next goal, as Lydia has likely learned all of the spells in the Book of Storms. Note: you can tell when Lydia has learned all spells in a book by a notice saying she has "tossed the [book] aside." When she does this, simply equip her with a new book in her Shield slot.
      To find the second spellbook, we need to go back to the Phyree Jungle, go west, south, and a little east until we come to a series of bridges. Follow the bridges, and we'll come to Mount Drake. For now, we only want to scour the mountainside for the Book of Wyrm. These caverns are extremely twisty, so for exact directions on how to find the book, please see the maps at Once we have the book, we can equip it on Lydia (if she has learned all spells in the Book of Storms) and return to the Orc village. Now we can go about getting our second key.
      Side Quest: Rescue Hercules
      If we were to ask around town about a quarter key, we would no doubt--hey! What's that in that item shop? Is that a quarter key? Could it be that easy? Unfortunately, no. But oddly enough, we can't sell this "faux key" back--or even to another dealer. Oh well...the king and his daughter aren't much help either, so let's check out that little island to the northeast. Hey, that Orc looks like a fun guy! He's dressed more cheerfully than his cellmates! But it seems Ulf here is imprisoned for a murder he didn't commit! Looks like we'll need to right this injustice!
      Head back to the village and to the southern part of town, where the inspector is examining a chalk outline and some muddy footprints. If we inspect the footprints, we learn that it was apparently raining on the night of the murder, and look! Ulf's house is right behind us! Let's head inside and look for evidence! (Talking to Ulf's brother is not mandatory for completing this quest). Hm...seems these big boots are covered in mud, and these small ones are squeaky clean...better take them to the head honcho--the Investigator. But he refuses to let Ulf go! Arg! Looks like we'll need to get thrown into prison too! Luckily Mel knows her way around dungeons, and those guards by the castle doors look pretty irritated shouldn't take much to talk them into arresting us...
      Great! Now all we need to do is find a way out...go to the top right corner and press Space or Enter. We're free! And we have our last party member! But now our ship's on the opposite shore! Good thing we have a compass. With Ulf on our side, we can go back to the castle and enter the side door. Hm, that guard might be a problem...wait! What's that Ulf? Orcs are susceptible to lullabies? Well, good thing we have this handy music box! That old Orc is fast asleep! But our troubles aren't over yet--there's guards all over the place inside!
       This puzzle is difficult in the first room. You have to remain out of the guards' sight, but luckily their line of vision only extends in front of them. In the first room, walk into the hallway and get caught (I don't know why, but this always works for me to get the guards to come to the first hallway). Now go back in and walk up to the edge of the right wall--just enough to where you can't be seen by the first guard. Once he comes to the end of the hall and turns around, follow him, and stay behind or out of the sight of the rest of them in order to get to the door. This first room is tricky to explain, but the guards have definite patterns. I've found that utilizing the two middle hallways can be helpful. Once you get to the last two rooms, the guards are easier to avoid. Be sure to save after completing each room--especially the first one! Once you exit the last room, there will be a guard to the right and a hallway to the south. Enter the hallway, and there's our real key! But it looks like that guard noticed us come in! Luckily we picked up that faux key! Now we get kicked out with the real second quarter key, and we can leave the Orc Kingdom for the rest of the game.
       Side Quest: Find Ralph's Family Memoirs (I'm injecting this here because you can find an item in the Catacombs required to complete the Find Artifacts for the Museum of Thais side quest. This side quest can be accomplished at other times, but I feel it is easier to complete it after Lydia has learned a few spells and before it gets too late in the game for the reward from the Thais sidequest to be of any use.
       **Break Time: head back to Moo Hatchery to see if any eggs hatched

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Status: I'm going insane! Oh wait...I'm already there.
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RE:Aveyond: Gates of Night Walkthrough
(Date Posted:12/26/2009 5:00 PM)

Into the Fire: The Third Quarter Key:

      Now that we're done with the dreary Orc Kingdom, we can make our way to Dragkthor. To get here, we need to backtrack to Mount Drake (again, for help in navigating these caverns, view the maps at Once we reach Dragkthor, all we need to do is collect our third key (and do a few side quests, if you want). The weapons and armors in this area are far weaker than the ones we have from Venwood, so it isn't necessary to purchase anything new here. However, if you didn't find a Dragon Staff, purchase one for Lydia, as it enhances her Book of Wyrm spells.
       Side Quest: Find a Sapphire for Hakkar
       Side Quest: Find Baal's Missing Scale (necessary for completing the Find Artifacts for the Museum of Thais side quest.)
       MME: If you want to activate the MME, do so now; again, it isn't necessary, as this MME only travels between Dragkthor and Tar Vedron. Only if you plan on traveling to either of these two places again should you activate the MME.
       Once you've completed all the side quests and opened all the chests in Dragkthor, it's time to obtain the third quarter key! The key keeper is in the wide-mouthed cave with the fancy embellishments outside. But the key keeper won't just give us the key; naturally, we need to fight him for it. You can either equip Lydia with the Sea Staff and have her use spells from the Book of Storms or you can equip her with the Dragon Staff and use spells from the Book of Wyrm. Have Mel use Trip, Te'ijal and Ed attack physically, and Te'ijal use Drain if her health runs low.
        That's it! We've got our third quarter key! All that's left is to return to the golden gate and find the fourth!

**Excalibur Fire: If you completed the Find a Sapphire for Hakkar side quest, you take Excalibur the the fountain in Aveyond to get Excalibur Fire, or just leave it as Excalibur Ice (if you didn't use the sapphire in Excalibur to complete the side quest).
**Break Time: Return to Moo Hatchery and see if any eggs have hatched
    Side Quest: If you've been working on the quests necessary to complete the Find Artifacts for the Museum of Thais side quest, return to the Museum of Thais now and get the the third spellbook for Lydia, the Ancient Book. If Lydia has learned all spells from the Book of Wyrm, equip the Ancient Book as a new shield.
**Note: By now, you should have at least 10,000 coins. If you plan on getting Ed engaged to Mel, Stella, or Lydia, go back to Thais and talk to the renting facility. The renter will offer to upgrade your apartment to Pemberly Keep for 10,000 coins. Pemberly Keep is necessary for getting Edward engaged, so unless you want to do this, or unless you just want the Keep, this purchase is unnecessary.

Beyond the Golden Gate: The Final Quarter Key:
      The golden gate is still closed off, but the elf queen did imply that she would allow us to open it if we proved that we meant the fairies no harm. To prove this, we need to accomplish a good deed of sorts; if you talked to Hal's mom, you'll remember that she said that Hal went out to Waterworks Tower. If we were to talk to her again, we'd see that Hal has yet to return home, even after all our other adventures. So why don't we see about finding him?
      Now that we have the oilcan from the queen's chambers and now that we know how to swim, we can loosen up those gears and start exploring the tower. This area is very linear, so getting lost should not be a problem. Make sure you open all the chests in this area as you can get, among other things, an Aegis Robe for Lydia. Once you've opened all the treasures in the big room with all the islands in it, head to the west to get to the final mini-boss room. Look! It's Hal! And he's being attacked by a...giant octopus? Ok, then. Have Mel use Trip, and Ed and Te'ijal attack physically. Equip Lydia with the Dragon Staff and use her strongest Wyrm spells. The giant octopus isn't a particularly difficult boss at this point; once he's defeated, Hal runs off and we're free to do as we please. Of course, now that we've done our good deed, we can go back to Venwood and receive our reward(s). Using the compass and walking back through the woods is the fastest way to Venwood from this point. When we get back, we can talk to Hal and his mom for a nice reward of 1,000 gold. But the nicer reward comes from the queen. Apparently, she's heard of our good deed and as a reward, she gives us--drum roll please--the key to the golden gate!
      Finally, we can return to the gate and enter the Whisper Woods outside the fairy village, Faiara. **Warning! Tough Monsters Ahead! The Glitters in Whisper Woods are tough to beat--especially when they're casting Clumsy or Sleep. If Lydia has not learned Snowbringer or Mortmal's Swarm from the Ancient Book, you may want to level her up--through any remaining Level Eggs or through fighting monsters in Fedir Forest. If you don't want to level up, equip Lydia with the Dragon Staff and use her most powerful Wyrm magic. Have Mel use Chicken Dance first. If all but one of the Glitters are affected, use Trip on the remaining one; if only a few are affected, use Chicken Dance again. Have Ed attack physically and have Te'ijal attack and use Drain when necessary. Note: Save often and in multiple slots in this area! If you find you are having difficulty beating enemies, I suggest swapping Galahad for Ed, since Galahad has more health. If Lydia has at least learned Snowbringer, equip her with the Sea Staff and use Snowbringer on the Glitters. If she has learned Mortmal's Swarm, this is a good spell to use against the Glitters.
      Once we fight our way to the west, we can enter Faiara and purchase some armor, weapons, and amulets to protect from clumsiness. The armor and weapons are in the cave to the northwest of town and the amulets are in one of the houses. If you had to switch Ed with Galahad, make sure to purchase an extra amulet for him; otherwise, save this extra amulet for Galahad, just in case. Unless you're using him, however, it isn't necessary to buy better armor or a better weapon for him just yet. While we're here, we might as well pay a visit to the Fairy Queen. She should be able to help us get the last quarter key, right? Hm, what's this this the throne room? Red carpet? Check! Guards? Check! Yep, this is the throne room alright! But why is there a frog sitting on the throne? It explains the guards, but...wait, you're the frog king? But I thought Faiara belonged to the Fairy Queen? Well, goodness, you're rude! Guess we'll need to see what's up with this "frog king" business...*Geez, what is it with frogs and fairies?
      *Those who have played Aveyond: Rhen's quest might know what I'm referring to here ;)
       Hey, let's see what those little kids are doing down there! Hi kids! What's with the hexagram? A secret huh? Well, it's not like you're going to...I mean you wouldn't hurt anyone...right? Ok, then...wait, you need a mushroom for your little, erm, secret? I'm not even going to ask what that's for...just so you don't ask for a shrunken head or anything, ok? Weirdoes...fairies are such interesting folk...
      Attraction Point: Look in one of the houses for a fairy who will offer to charm one of the girls. If you have been following the walkthrough, and have been giving attraction points to Mel throughout the rest of the game, this is the second-to-last point you need to get. Including this Faiara point, there should be 6 points listed in the Attraction section of Mel's profile (accessed from the game menu).
      Side Quest: Find Butterfly Wings for Dioni
      Looks like we need to find both a mushroom and the Fairy Queen if we want that quarter key, and neither are in Faiara, so we need to go back into the woods. For now though, we also need to find our fourth and final spellbook for Lydia--the Book of Faery.** If Lydia has completed the Ancient Book, equip the Book of Faery as a new shield for her. If she has not learned everything in the Ancient Book, you can either let her learn the rest of the spells in her current book, or you can switch to the Book of Faery. Personally, I feel the spells in the Book of Faery are the best spells in the game, but the choice is yours. Head further east, and we'll come to a fairy in the middle of a clearing. **Edit: The Book of Faery is actually in an alcove west of where you find Glenda, not in the area I previously mentioned. (Thanks, Xchain!)
       Side Quest: Find Glenda's Wand
       I think we need a good rest at the Inn in Faiara after all those Glitters...but we need to go to the area just outside the village first...I thought I heard something suspicious...aha! It sounds like someone's...crying? And is that a purple frog? Weird...why exactly are you crying? Oh, you're the...Fairy Queen? Well, I mean, it makes sense that the Frog King would turn you into a frog...just a, I guess you're really upset about this because apparently you and the other fairies are really vain. What? You need fairy dust? Um, sure, ok, well find some for you. I guess this is a bad time for us to ask you about the quarter key, huh? Yes? Ok...we'll get right on that fairy dust then. First take a rest at the Inn. Then, remember that cave you might have seen at the left side of the screen when we first entered the golden portal? We need to go there! Unfortunately, even I get lost still when trying to go to this cave; if you get stuck and need help navigating, please refer to the maps at
       Here we are--Mirror Caverns. **Warning! Tough Monsters Ahead! If you had Lydia continue to use the Ancient Book, have her use Starshine or Mortmal's Swarm on multiple enemies, and Web of Lore or Lore on single enemies. If you switched to the Book of Faery, keep this book equipped through the remainder of this area. If Lydia learned Banshee and Pixie, use those on single and multiple enemies respectively. Have Mel use Trip or Chicken Dance, Ed attack physically, and have Te'ijal attack or use Drain when necessary.
       Deep in these caverns are helpful items, such as a Frog Bow for Te'ijal, as well as a quest item and a devious mini-boss. Side Quest: If you want to complete the Find Glenda's Wand side quest, the wand is hidden in the caverns. Otherwise, however, our goal is to find Medusa, a mini-boss guarding a mushroom and a level egg--both items we need, the evil fiend! Take the time to explore and find some nice items from the chests here. then, we can battle Medusa. **IMPORTANT! Before battling Medusa, there are a few things to do first. One, we need to swap out Galahad for Ed. Two, we need to make sure Galahad is properly equipped with armor and weaponry, and three, we need to save here. This last step is extremely important for Build A users, as the game can crash immediately after the battle. If this happens, see the "Game Patches" section at the end of the walkthrough. For this battle, it is extremely important that Edward is out of the party as an active member. Why? Well, because of what happens next...
       Ed, stop trying to sweet talk your way into getting her to cooperate...hey, wait! What're, Ed, her tail is not lovely! Ed! Argh...Mel, Galahad, c'mon, let's get her...and try not to hit Ed, ok? Lydia, she seems to like you...why don't you act as bait? No? Ok, fine! If you insist! For this battle, have Lydia use her strongest spells from either the Book of Faery or the Ancient Book. If you've leveled up to the point where Lydia has learned Pooka or Siren, try using Siren on both enemies for or Pooka on Ed. Siren does decent damage to Medusa, but both have a chance of reversing the spell Medusa placed on Ed, in which case, he'll fight for us again. If Lydia hasn't learned these spells, simply use the strongest ones she has from either of those two books. Have Mel use Trip on Medusa, otherwise she'll pummel you with nasty spells. Have Galahad use a Spider Egg, and have Te'ijal use physical attacks and Drain when necessary.
      Finally! We've defeated one of the final bosses in the game! Remember to swap Ed back into your active party, then save here, BEFORE looting Medusa's corpse. There is a great item you can get for Galahad--the Medusa Sword--by looting the corpse. If you have enough patience, you can keep reloading your save file and loot the corpse until you get the sword. This item will become handy in the final battle, but only Galahad can equip it.
      Once you're satisfied with the item you've obtained, grab the mushroom and the level egg from the blue chest, and exit the caves. If you want to get some extra leveling in, you can exit by backtracking through the caves; otherwise, use the compass and walk back through the forests.
      Side Quest: If you found Glenda's wand for the Find Glenda's Wand side quest, return it to her now. For a price, she'll also heal you if you visit her at her house.
      Now we can go back to Faiara. Heal up at the Inn, then go back to those fairies again. Hi again kids! Here's your agent of destruction, er, I mean, mushroom. So...what're you gonna do with it? Oh, you're...just gonna...disappear into that portal? Hey! Wait for us! Wow, this is a big place...where'd those kids go? They couldn't have gone too far...oh well, at least that "secret" only made them invisible and not something worse...
      Anyway, all that we need to get here is the fairy dust we've been looking for for so long. And naturally, it's in the corner of the area farthest away from where we currently are. Just make your way to the east and north, and...Ah! Purple dust in a land of green! I think we've found our fairy dust! Let's head back through the portal and give this to the Fairy Queen!
      Here you go! Now, about the key...yes, yes, you're lovely...oh, um, sure, we'll come see you. I guess. Once Mel and Ed are done talking, go back to the cave where the rightful ruler of Faiara sits once again. All we need to do is talk to her again and...voila! Last quarter key! Yes! Time for a short victory dance, then...ah...wait...what exactly were we supposed to do now? It's been sooo long since we received the initial quest...ah, yes, now I remember! We need to use the keys to open Naylith Summit. Let's head back to the ship and sail back to Thais.
**Fun thing to do: If you haven't explored Pemberly Keep (if you even bought it) go back there now. See that mirror? Switch your leader to each of the different party members, then have them each look in the mirror, ending with Ulf. Once you do, repeat the process.
**Break Time: Go back to Moo Hatchery and see if any eggs hatched

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RE:Aveyond: Gates of Night Walkthrough
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The Road Less Traveled: Journeying to Naylith:

      Once we return to Thais, we need to take the MME to Gheledon. In Gheledon, we can take a shortcut through the town to get to Naylith Summit. Finally! Put all four keys into the wall and...a...Rachio...egg? Hm, guess we should hatch it, as our intrepid heroes suggest. Back to Moo Hatchery! Put the egg on the nest, press the handle, and...oops! Sorry Professor! I'm not sure how the bird didn't put a hole in your roof, but sorry anyway! More backtracking to Naylith Summit later, and the Rachio is perched atop that birdcage. Aha! So this is how we get to Naylith! Might want to bring some reading material...this ride is extremely long! When we finally reach the end, we find ourselves in Rose Forest. **Warning! Tough Monsters Ahead! The Blossoms in this forest can be tough if you engage in combat with them. If you explore the forest, you will have to battle them. You'll also need to battle them for a diamond. By now, Lydia should have Siren. If she does, use that on the Blossoms; if not, use her next strongest spell from either the Book of Faery or the Ancient Book. Have Mel use Chicken Dance or Trip, and have Ed and Te'ijal use physical attacks, or have Te'ijal use Drain if her health is low. Once you have a diamond, keep it handy. We'll use this later. Excalibur Fire (if you completed the Find a Sapphire for Hakkar side quest) or Excalibur Ice (if you did not complete this side quest) will do fine for now).
      Follow the dirt path to the north and west, and you'll happen upon a...cutscene? Wait...Stella! Come back! We have things to do, and vampires to stake! Let's go! Wait...did you just say someone cut So, you really are Naylithian? Then technically, Mel didn't lie to Ed! Ok, she did, but maybe she just knew somehow! What do you have to say now Ed? And you doubted her! Huh? Right, distressed girl sitting dangerously close to the edge of a really high it. Well, looks like Stella's ready to fight...let's see about this cave here. What? Hercules? What're you doing here? Weren't you stuck on...that island...over...that...way? Nevermind...yeah, sure, we'll take care of the big, bad giant for you. You'd better pay up this time though! Keep making your way through the Seer's Cave and...Agh! Big, no. No, he's not really scary. He just likes to eat Naylithians and decorate his lair with their wings...just...kinda creepy and disgusting. But hey! You have better speaking skills than the *last giant we met! Nice job buddy! Sorry we have to kill you though...maybe if you captured a priestess like that other guy...
       *Those who played Aveyond: Rhen's Quest will know what I'm referring to here. ;)
       Time for battle! Have Lydia first use Succubus, then have her use Siren throughout the rest of the battle. Have Mel keep Tripping every turn, Ed attack physically, and have Te'ijal attack and use Drain when necessary. After several rounds, the monster is for the final bl---Hercules? Again? But what about your twisted ankle...oh,, thanks for slaying the monster--certainly with no help at all from us...see you later...grr...
      Anyway, you're going to want to save here, BEFORE looting the corpse. Just like with Medusa, there are different spoils you can get--Winged Shoes, Magic Shoes, or Dung Shoes. Winged Shoes simply make you walk faster on the screen. Magic Shoes provide 100 magic defense, and Dung Shoes drive away monsters. It depends on what you want, but I've found that the Winged Shoes are basically useless. The Magic Shoes are very useful for Mel during the final battle, and the Dung Shoes drive away monsters so you can avoid random battles. The choice is yours; just keep reloading the save (just like for the Medusa battle) until you get the spoil you want.
      In the next room is what we've all been looking for...the Orb of Light! Ok, Mel, obviously it's going to keep glowing while you hold it. Now let Stella try and let's get--Stella! What're you doing?! We needed that! Curse you Gyendal! Using poor, innocent Stella like that! *Sigh* Guess we'll need to just try to stop Gyendal the hard way...what? Aww, Stella! You're coming too? How nice of you! You're such a trooper! We'd better get to Naylith! We need some armor and rest! Just keep going east and north, and voila! Naylith! The town we've been waiting one and 3/4 of a game to reach! Isn't it just the most beautiful day ever? Oh...hi Hercules...yes it is a beautiful day...I think I just said that...fiend, er, friend...**Note: I'm not sure how this is triggered, but my first play through, I got a different conversation from Hercules. He ended up paying 500 coins to keep us quiet about who really killed the giant, then turned to his "beautiful day" conversation. I thought it had something to do with doing every side quest involving him and talking to him every time you see him, but I did that each time and only got the coins once. Therefore, I pose this as a challenge to you! Good luck!
      You can buy armor here, but there'll be a chance to buy armor of basically the same stuff later in Ghed'are. The difference is, the Ghed'are armor is dark and the Naylith armor is light. Neither set poses an advantage or disadvantage. However, I usually buy armor for Ed and Lydia in Naylith and armor for Mel, Te'ijal, and Galahad in Ghed'are (for Mel, there is no armor in Naylith).
      Attraction Point: The final attraction point available in the game is in the observatory at the farthest building in the northwestern part of Naylith. Here, you can dedicate a star to one of the girls (if you want Mel and Ed to be engaged, this is the last point Mel should need if you're following the walkthrough). For the Mel+Ed engagement, if you give Mel this point, you should see a 7 in the Attraction section of Mel's profile.
      Luck: If you want to donate to/ steal from the statue, do so now.
      Side Quest: Find a Harp String for Pia (recommended).
      We've come a long way. Let's get some rest in the Inn, then it's back to Thais and Brightwood Forest.

Shadowy Foretelling: The Oracle and The Abduction:

      **Note: IMPORTANT! In this section, we see the Oracle of Aveyond! If you have been collecting attraction points for Mel to be engaged to Edward, go back to Pemberly Keep, switch the leader to Edward, and propose to Mel now! If you don't propose to her at this time, you will not be able to do so later! Also, when you propose to her (or any of the girls) go talk to the king for a nice gift.
      We need to get to the Aveyond portal in Istir forest. But it's so dark here! We can't see anything! And once we get close to the portal, the storm gets worse! The only thing left to do is watch another cutscene and wait for morning. The good news is, your health and mana are restored during this time as well. Once you can move again, go west and south to the portal... wait. Where's Stella? Great, she ran off somewhere! No, Ed, now is not the best time to go looking for her! We need to see the Oracle now! The whole world is more important than one person! Before we see the Oracle though, attach the diamond to Excalibur and dip it in the fountain. Now we have Excalibur Sun, Ed's most powerful weapon in the game. To the west of the fountain, we can find an Easter Egg, which can randomly do one of five things:
1. Heal the party
2. Heal the party and replenish mana
3. Cure the party of all ailments
4. Heal the party, replenish mana, and cure the party of all ailments
5. Curse the party
       Now that we have Excalibur Sun and the Easter Egg, go back up and follow the path to Aveyond.

        **Fun thing to do: Talk to Harriet, the priestess-in-training and let her test her healing spell on your party. Keep letting her try it, even if something...else...happens.
       Go into one of the last buildings and talk to the Oracle. Ooh! You're going to read us a story? Darkthrop was an evil sorcerer...had a son...son killed him...both died. We heard that one already, tell us another! An Orb of Life? That sounds like fun! Wait...did you say Orb of...Death? What's wrong with you lady? You tell scary stories about death! Tell us the one about the witch and the talking lion and the kid with all the truffles and then Santa showed up don't have that one? Well what about the one with the guy and the ring and the other guy and the guy who used to be a guy and now he's not and...not that one either? What kind of place are you running here? All you have are stories about death! You're worse than those fairy kids! Oh, great, and now Stella might die too? If she does, are you going to write a story about it? Huh? Oh, right, Stella, evil vampires, and all that stuff. We'd better get going! Stella is in the cave to the west and south. Aww! How sweet of Lydia to save Stella's life! C'mon Stella! We need to avenge the loss of your wings! What? Gyendal! How dare you interrupt us when we're about to come find and kill you! Hey! No! let Mel go! We need her tripping prowess! Unhand her fiend! No! How will we ever trip anyone ever again? Guess we'll need to find her now! But what's this? A ticket? Like in Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? Is Gyendal really Willie Wonka? No...just a musty old death certificate...I don't think we'll be getting any chocolate. But we will be getting Mel back! Mark our words, Gyendal!
       We need to put Galahad in place of Mel now, and have Ed as our leader for awhile (unless you prefer Te'ijal or one of the others in which case you can simply switch the leader from the menu). Now that we've got this death certificate, we can go to the Underworld and rescue Mel!
       **Note: Until you get Mel back in your party, DO NOT use any Level Eggs! You will need them to get Mel's levels similar to everyone elses!
       Side Quest: If you bought butterfly wings in Naylith, go back to Faiara and give them to Dioni.
       Side Quest: If you found the harp string for Pia, take it back to her now.
       **Break Time: Check in at the Moo Hatchery to see if any eggs hatched and to deposit our Easter Egg.


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RE:Aveyond: Gates of Night Walkthrough
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Belly of the Beast: The Rescue and the Final Battle

       **Note: If you want to have Ed propose to Stella or Lydia, and haven't done so yet, go back to Pemberly Keep now, switch the leader to Ed, and propose to the desired girl. If you propose to Stella, be sure to speak to her after proposing.     
If you haven't already, it's time to put your game face on! There's no turning back now! Use the MME in Thais to get to Harburg.
       Side Quest: Find Ralph's Family Memoirs (If you didn't complete this quest when I mentioned it before, now is your last chance to do so).
       **Fun thing to do: Somewhere in Harburg is a person who will steal 50 gold from you each time you speak. See if you can find the person--it's not someone you would expect!
       If you've completed everything you've wanted to complete, it's time to move into the Underworld. Through the south exit of Harburg, go south, west, and a little north into the cave leading to the Catacombs. **Warning! Tough Monsters Ahead! Make sure you save often here, as the Reapers' Death spell kills in one hit--no matter what level your party is. A good strategy is to have Lydia use Siren, and have everyone else attack physically. Also, have Te'ijal use Drain when necessary.
      The goal is to find and activate all the switches in the Catacombs in order to open the passage to the Underworld. For a map of the Catacombs, visit Once you show the guard Gyendal's death certificate, he'll let you into the Underworld. **Note: If you are working on the Find Ralph's Family Memoirs side quest, I recommend you complete this quest now. Once you enter the Underworld, there's a time at which you will no longer be able to exit the Underworld. I recommend you save when prompted.
      In the Underworld, go west until you reach Ghed'are. If you only purchased armor for certain people (or no armor at all) in Naylith, you can purchase armor here. Make sure to buy the Shadow Uniform for Mel and 5 Death Scrolls from the magic shop.
      Side Quest: Marcello's Game (recommended).
      When you're finished exploring Ghed'are, go to the west exit and follow the path to the Caves of Remembrance. **Warning! Tough Monsters Ahead! Have Lydia use Siren and everyone else use physical attacks (plus Drain, in Te'ijal's case). The Caves are largely linear, so just follow the path around until you find the Orb of Light. **Note: If you found the Treasure Key in Naylith's Sky Garden, you can find great items, such as the Crusher for Te'ijal and the Istorm for Ulf. If you did not complete this quest yet, this is your last chance to do so! Once you touch the Orb of Light, you cannot leave the Underworld!
      The Orb of Life is working nicely, and Stella's going to stay here to keep Gyendal from breathing down our necks. While he's thinking we're with Stella, we need to go to the church and rescue Mel! Save your game before entering the church. As soon as we walk in, those vampire thugs attack us--and they're so strong! Even with our new skills, they're still murdering us! Good thing we bought those Death scrolls! Have each party member use one, and those thugs are dead! Yes! Mel! We missed you! We missed your Trip skill! But more importantly, we missed you! We need to get back to Stella and the Orb of Light before Gyendal shows up!
      Before we talk to Stella again, save the game. If you obtained the Medusa Sword, you may want to keep Galahad in place of Ed or Te'ijal. If you didn't get the sword, keep the original party. Below, I'll post the two strategies, depending on if you have the original party (Mel, Ed, Te'ijal, and Lydia) or the new party (Mel, Galahad, Lydia, and Ed/Te'ijal):

Original Party Strategy: Have Lydia use Siren, Ed use Excalibur, and Mel keep using Trip. For the first turn, have Te'ijal throw a Spider Egg, which does virtually no damage at first, but does 9,000-10,000 damage each consecutive turn. If the poison wears off, use another Spider Egg. Otherwise, have Te'ijal attack and use Drain on Gyendal when necessary

New Party Strategy: Lydia and Mel's strategy remains the same (Siren/Trip). If using Ed, have him throw the egg first turn, then keep using Excalibur. If using Te'ijal, keep with the same strategy listed above. Have Galahad keep using the Medusa Sword, which has a chance of inflicting stone on whomever he attacks--even Stella. Since Mel will be using Trip, have Galahad use the sword on Stella first, then Gyendal.

**Note: Those who haven't played Lord of Twilight, Lydia's Succubus spell works the same as a spider egg.

       The New Party Strategy is quicker, since the stone status will render Stella and Gyendal unable to move. The poison alone will take its toll without Stella able to heal him every turn. If you're having trouble keeping Mel alive, reload the save, make sure you use all the level eggs you haven't used yet and maybe try to level off the monsters in Wyrm forest.
       Wait...revive....Stella, no! Don't! Ah, phew! Cutscene! Ah! Orb...glowing...too...brightly...can't...see! Oh, there we go. Wow...everybody's on the floor! it just me or do Gyendal and Te'ijal look...Yikes! It's not just me! The vampires are human again! Sorry Te'ijal! And poor Stella! After all she's done for us...:( At least she'll receive a proper burial. Time to go back to Thais...good thing we can magically teleport now! Poor Mel! Forced into a life with nobles!
       And so, we conclude our exploration of the main quest of Aveyond: Gates of Night! What's in store for our heroes next time? Check out the news at, or wait to see in
Aveyond: Orbs of Magic Series Quest III: The Lost Orb

I hope you've enjoyed both the game and this walkthrough as much as I enjoyed playing/writing it!

See below for spells, patches, side quests and more (Under Construction)

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RE:Aveyond: Gates of Night Walkthrough
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Aveyond: Gates of Night: Side Quests:

      If you've been following the walkthrough, you've only achieved one of four possible endings to the game. While you're out getting the other ones, here's a handy reference for all the side quests in the game:
**Warning! Spoilers Ahead!**
    Chateau Lenore:

      Deliver Wine for Chateau Lenore:
      Solution: All that's required is a bit of traveling. Once you pick up a delivery, talk to the person who ordered it, then return to Chateau Lenore to receive your payment. Below is a list of all deliveries, with the recipient, their location, and the reward for the delivery:
      1. Lord Rupert--Thais--10 gold
      2. Petra--Gheledon--100 gold
      3. Fritz--Harburg--200 gold
      4. Drew--Stormbend--400 gold
      5. Alazne--Tar Vedron--800 gold
      6. Tyrus--Bazaar--1, 600 gold
      7. Arcadia--Ghed'are--4,000 gold
      Reward: All the rewards listed above--7,110 gold total


      Find Artifacts for the Museum of Thais:
      Solution: In order to get the artifacts, you need to complete the following side quests:
      1. Find Ryda's Bracelet (Tar Vedron)
      2. Judge the Orc Beauty Contest (Orc Kingdom)
      3. Find Baal's Missing Scale (Dragkthor)
      4. Find Ralph's Family Memoirs (Harburg)
      While it isn't necessary to complete side quest #4, I find that it is easier to take care of both quests at once. While in the Catacombs working on quest #4, go south, east through the hallway, and north into the middle room. What you are looking for is in the blue chest in this room.
      Reward: Ancient Book (spellbook for Lydia).


      Pirates in Gheledon:
      Solution: This isn't necessarily a side quest, per se; it is a way to obtain the Golden Goose Egg. You need to roam the Dwarven Mines until you find those pesky Stormbend pirates. It seems there actually is a treasure here, so when they walk in, follow them. There's a bag of gold or two lying around, and you can speak to the pirates if you want (Are they fighting over a...? Nevermind...). When you're finished, talk to Wert, the dwarf with the golden egg. Once you tell him about the mine, he'll go stake his claim, and you can take the egg.
      Reward: Golden Goose Egg, if you decide to steal it. (500 gold each time you sell one)

      Tar Vedron:

      Find Ryda's Bracelet:
      Solution: From Tar Vedron, go north to the beach, east to the next path, and down the path until you find a sparkling object on the ground. Press Enter or Space to pick up the bracelet.
      Reward: Treasure Map:
                   Follow the map and dig where the X indicates. Make sure you're healed up and ready to fight the ghost guardian inside. Once you defeat it, you can obtain the Golden Frog necessary for completing the Find Artifacts for the Museum of Thais side quest.

      Solution: When Naomi gives you the love letters, deliver one to her brother, Harris, and the other to his love interest, Tylin. Go talk to them outside the fountain, then talk to Naomi first, and then Mother-in-Law.
      Reward: Ice Bird Egg; the slightly humorous conversation by the fountain afterwords.

      Orc Empire:
      Judge the Orc Beauty Contest:
      Solution: Sign the sheet to become a judge, then enter the room. Talk to the three contestants' mothers to find out the contestants' names and what the mothers will give you if you vote for their daughter:
      1. Newarp--Level Egg
      2. Porba--Elixir
      3. Bargh--Broken Wand (necessary for the Find Artifacts for the Museum of Thais side quest).
      Reward: Depends on which Orc you vote for. If you aren't working on the museum quest, I recommend the voting for Newarp, since you can easily purchase an Elixir in certain shops.

      Rescue Hercules:
      Solution: You need to distract the slave keeper by causing a fight at the Tavern across the street. Talk to Zop and Lur, and Mel will begin instigating based on what they say. Once they start fighting, the slave keeper will rush over to watch. When he does, return to the quarters, take the key from the chest, and open the cell.
      Reward: Arrogance, ingratitude, and, er...uh...the...satisfaction...of...knowing that you just completed a side quest! But not much else. Sorry.


      Find Ralph's Family Memoirs:
      Solution: The memoirs can be in one of several different locations in the Catacombs. To find these locations, use the following directions:
      1. Go south down the stairs and west into the door; then go north, west, and into the first room.
      2. Go south down the stairs and west into the door; then go north, west, and into the middle room.
      3. Go south, west into the hallway, south down the stairs, and into the first doorway; then go north.
      4. Go south, east into the hallway, south down the stairs, and into the first doorway; then go north and into the first room.
      The memoirs will look like a yellowish-colored, opened book. Those of you who are working on the museum side quest, please see the Find Artifacts for the Museum of Thais section above for directions on how to find the fourth artifact in the Catacombs.
      Reward: 1,000 gold


      Find a Sapphire for Hakkar:
      Solution: There are two ways of solving this quest, depending on your preferences:
      1. If you have Excalibur Ice, Hakkar will comment that you have a sapphire and ask if you will give it to him. If you trade him your sapphire, he'll give you a Ruby that you can equip on Excalibur. When you equip it, you can take the weapon to the fountain in Aveyond to make Excalibur Fire.
      2. You can wait until you get to Rose Forest and fight the Blossoms for a sapphire. You will still get the Ruby from Hakkar, but if you don't wish to form Excalibur Fire (or if you wish to change it back to Excalibur Ice) you do not have to fight for another sapphire later.
      Reward: A Ruby

      Find Baal's Missing Scale:
      Solution: Follow these directions to locate the scale:
      1. Exit Dragkthor via the glass pathway directly across from the Inn (bottom-right of the town)
      2. Go east, down the pathway, and east into the cave.
      3. Go south down two stairways and exit the cave.
      4. Go west over the tightrope; then go north and west over the series of glass pathways.
      5. Go northwest, up the first stairway, east over the tightrope, and south down the second stairway.
      6. The scale should be visible to the south
      Reward: Ancient Crown (necessary for the Find Artifacts for the Museum of Thais side quest)


      Find Butterfly Wings for Dioni:
      Solution: Unfortunately, the wings in the Seer's Cavern are apparently not suitable for Dioni. You'll have to purchase a pair for her at one of the shops in Naylith.
      Reward: Fairy Toad Egg

      Find Glenda's Wand:
      Solution: From the beginning of the Mirror Caverns, follow these directions to find the wand:
      1. Enter the first cave to the south and east.
      2. Follow the path to a fork; enter the east passage, follow it to the end, and enter the cave.
      3. Go east and pick up the wand.
      Reward: Healing (500 gold)

      Find a Harp String for Pia:
      Solution: If you explored each area thoroughly, you'll remember a young girl who was being forced to play the harp. Well, she tried to sabotage that harp, and it now lies forlorn and deformed in the corner of her room while she is now forced to play the flute. Go back to Chateau Lenore and inspect the discarded harp; return the one remaining string to Pia.
      Reward: Soothing music; Sky Garden Key
      Sky Garden contains: Magic Treasure key (opens red chests), armor, and a Level Egg


      Marcello's Game:
      Solution: **Important! Save your game before beginning this side quest, or you will lose all your gold!** All the answers to this game can be found across the world on various bookshelves. The answers are in a book called "Barnaby's Book of Misquotations." These are all the quotes needed to win the game (answers in blue):
        1. To lose weight, eat lots of cheese.
        2. To prevail in combat, use a stick.
        3. Kittens are the root of all evil.
        4. To learn good manners, study a pirate.
        5. The world was created by chickens.
        6. The fastest land animal is the turtle.
        7. Although the sky looks blue, it is actually red.
        8. To cure sleepiness, drink milk.
        9. To impress a woman, give her a rat.
      10. To win a battle, play dead.
      Reward: Thor (powerful sword for Galahad)



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From: USA

RE:Aveyond: Gates of Night Walkthrough
(Date Posted:12/27/2009 1:22 PM)

Complete List of Spells for Stella and Lydia:

     Below are two lists of spells, one for Stella and one for Lydia. The list follows a format of Spell--Description--MP Cost:

Stella's Spells:

Sleep--Cause an enemy to fall asleep--10 mp
Awaken--Cure sleepiness for one ally--20 mp
Cure--Remove poison from one party member--20 mp
Earth Shield--Protects one ally from earth attacks--20 mp
Heal Minor--Perform minor healing on one ally--25 mp
Earth Shield Extora--Protects all allies from earth attacks--30 mp
Bless--Remove a curse from one party member--30 mp
Silence--Silence an enemy from casting spells--30 mp
Shield--Protect one ally from physical attacks--35 mp
Heal Party Minor--Perform minor healing on all allies--40 mp
Fire Shield--Protects one ally from fire attacks--40 mp
Fire Shield Extora--Protects all allies from fire attacks--50 mp
Revive--Revive one ally--50 mp
Water Shield--Protects one ally from water attacks--60 mp
Healing--Perform healing on one ally--60 mp
Water Shield Extora--Protect all allies from water attacks--70 mp
Revive Extora--Revive one ally and replenish some hp--75 mp
Cleanse--Remove toxins and some ailments--80 mp
Spirit Shield--Protect one ally from spirit attacks--80 mp
Spirit Shield Extora--Protect all allies from spirit attacks--90 mp
Heal Party--Perform healing on all allies--90 mp
Shield Extora--Protect all allies from physical attacks--100 mp
Heal Major--Perform major healing on one ally--120 mp
Revive Party--Revive all allies--120 mp
Revive Party Extora--Revive all allies and restore some hp--180 mp
Magic Shield--Protects one ally from magic attacks--180 mp
Heal Party Major--Perform major healing on all allies--210 mp
Magic Shield Extora--Protects all allies from magic attacks--240 mp

Lydia's Spells:

Spells at the start of the game:
Fireball--Conjure a fireball against an enemy--25 mp
Icicle--Conjure an icicle against an enemy--25 mp
Quake--Conjure an earthquake against the enemy party--25 mp

Book of Storms:

Gust--Summon a gust of wind against an enemy--20 mp
Wind Whip--Summon a stronger gust of wind against an enemy--26 mp
Tornado--Summon a tornado against an enemy--32 mp
Lightning Storm--Summon a lightning storm against the enemy party--40 mp
Tempest--Summon a ferocious storm against the enemy party--47 mp

Book of Wyrm:

Flame Breath--Breathe fire on an enemy--50 mp
Dragon Snort--Snort flames on an enemy--60 mp
Explode--Cause an explosion on an enemy--70 mp
Dragon Fury--Crush the enemy party--80 mp
Brimstone--Breathe molten lava on the enemy party--90 mp

Ancient Book:

Snowbringer--Summon a snowstorm against the enemy party--70 mp
Mortmal's Swarm--Summon bugs against the enemy party--80 mp--Status Effect: Bugs/HP Drain
Lore--Make an enemy age--90 mp
Web of Lore--Bespell an enemy with ancient stories--100 mp
Starshine--Blind the enemy party with starlight--110 mp

Book of Faery:

Succubus--Drain an enemy's spirit--90 mp--Status Effect: HP Drain (learned from defeating Medusa)
Banshee--Paralyze an enemy--100 mp--Status Effect: Paralysis
Pixie--Make the enemy party clumsy--110 mp--Status Effect: Clumsiness/Reduced Attack
Pooka--Charm an enemy--120 mp--Status Effect: Charm (an enemy fights itself or its allies)
Siren--Make the enemy party fall in love with you--130 mp--Status Effect: Charm

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From: USA

RE:Aveyond: Gates of Night Walkthrough
(Date Posted:12/27/2009 2:02 PM)

Miscellaneous Information:

     The gameplay of Gates of Night can, at times, become so intertwined with side quests, attraction points, and items that it's easy to forget what you've done. Since your in-game Journal only keeps track of which parts of the main quest and which side quests you still need to do, use the following lists to keep track of attraction points, MME locations (and prices), eggs, and more: **Warning! Spoilers Ahead!**
Attraction Points:

1. Gheledon--by Junk Shop--love sonnet
2. Stormbend--by Gepetto's toy shop (Items)--flowers
3. Witchwood--by one of the houses--candy in bucket (must get before children leave)
4. Tar Vedron--by entry--flowers
5. Venwood--by entry--flowers
6. Faiara--one of the mushroom houses--charm spell
7. Naylith--Observatory--star dedication

Two in Orc Kingdom(negative attraction:  1) passed shops--horrible love sonnet
                                                             2) stairway leading to Tavern--wilted flowers

Mel=7 points (all positive points and 0 Orc Kingdom points) + proposal in Pemberly Keep
Stella=4 points +proposal in Pemberly Keep+ receive item from her after engagement
Lydia=0 points +proposal in Pemberly Keep
*Secret Bride*=no proposal to Mel, Lydia, or Stella

MME Locations and Prices:

1. Thais:
    Harburg--50 gold
    Gheledon--100 gold
    Stormbend--200 gold

2. Gheledon:
    Thais--100 gold

3. Harburg:
    Thais--50 gold

4. Moo Hatchery:
    Thais--100 gold
    Stormbend--200 gold

5. Witchwood:
    Stormbend--200 gold

6. Stormbend:
    Thais--100 gold
    Witchwood--200 gold
    Moo Hatchery--300 gold
7. Tar Vedron/Dragkthor:
    Free, between these two locations only.

Locations of Eggs:

1. Bomber Bird Egg--Sinoa Plains (used to open boarded-up caves)
2. Spider Egg--Witchwood (from Gretchen)--Available ONLY in Lord of Twilight
3. Easter Egg--Aveyond
4. Golden Goose Egg--Gheledon (from Wert)
5. Fire Bird Egg--Mount Drake Caves
6. Ice Bird Egg--Tar Vedron (from Naomi)
7. Fairy Toad Egg--Faiara (from Dioni)

Uses for the Easter Egg:

      This list is also listed in the "The Main Quest" section of the walkthrough, but for your convenience, I'll repeat it here:

1. Refill the party's hp (health)
2. Refill the party's mp (mana)
3. Remove all ailments
4. Refill the party's hp and mp, and remove all ailments
5. Curse the party

List of Eggs Available for Purchase at Moo Hatchery:
      This is another feature of the game I didn't mention in the walkthrough, namely because they aren't necessary for completing the game and because I never found the need to use them myself. But for the sake of being thorough, here is a list of the eggs at Moo Hatchery and what they do:

1. Red Warp Egg--Warp to Moo Hatchery--500 gold
2. Green Warp Egg--Escape Battle--500 gold
3. Blue Warp Egg--Warp to Dungeon Entrance--500 gold
4. Shrieking Egg--Cures silence--40 gold
5. Snap Dragon Egg--Cures Sleepiness and Paralysis--40 gold
Locations for "Tree Buildings":

1. Climbing--Gheledon
2. Ice Skating--Stormbend
3. Tightrope Walking--Tar Vedron
4. Speaking Orc--Venwood
5. Swimming--Orc Empire

Locations for Boarded-Up Caves:
      I didn't mention these in the walkthrough because they aren't necessary for completing the game. These caves provide a little extra treasure (armor, gold, etc.) that are otherwise sealed off to you. In order to open all of them, you need to hatch the Bomber Bird Egg. If you use the egg outright, you will only be able to open one cave, so decide wisely.

1. Istir Forest
2. Mount Drake
3. Waterworks Tower--Below Ground
4. Mirror Caverns
5. Caves of Remembrance

List of Excalibur Forms (In Order of Weakest to Strongest):

1. Excalibur Topaz
2. Excalibur Sapphire
3. Excalibur Ice--formed by dipping Excalibur Sapphire in the fountain at Aveyond
4. Excalibur Ruby
5. Excalibur Fire--formed by dipping Excalibur Ruby in the fountain at Aveyond
6. Excalibur Pearl
7. Excalibur Emerald
8. Excalibur Diamond
9. Excalibur Sun--formed by dipping Excalibur Diamond in the fountain at Aveyond

Locations of Artifacts for the Museum of Thais:

1. Golden Frog--Cave on the Unnamed Islands (Follow Treasure Map received from Ryda)
2. Broken Wand--Orc Empire (received from voting for Bargh in the Orc Beauty Contest)
3. Ancient Crown--Dragkthor (received from Baal after returning his scale)
4. Ancient Symbol--Catacombs (can be found before starting the Find Ralph's Family Memoirs side quest)

Locations of Dress Shops:

       Again, another feature I rarely use. I've bought a few dresses for Lydia, but never liked them more than her standard dress. Each shop has two dresses to choose from, and unless you have the golden amulet, you can only purchase one dress from each shop. Even then, you are limited by how much room you have left in Pemberly (I think the limit is three or four dresses). But again, for the sake of being thorough, here's a guide to the Gates of Night dress shops:

1. Stormbend--800 gold; 1,600 gold for both (silk with gold embroidery)
2. Aveyond--500 gold; 1,000 gold for both (white priestess gowns)
3. Tar Vedron--1,200 gold 2,400 gold for both (colorful silk)
4. Faiara--1,500 gold; 3,000 gold for both (lace edging)
5. Ghed'are--1,800 gold; 3,600 for both (silk with colorful trimming)

Locations of Junk Shops:

      During the game, you will need to visit two junk shops, but sometimes these shops have items you can use during the game. The following is a list of Junk Shop locations and what each location has to offer:

 1. Gheledon:
     Level Egg--All characters gain a level--95 gold
     Beast Repellent--Repels monsters for a limited duration--78 gold

2. Witchwood: (I recommend purchasing all items from this shop)
    Glue--Used to stick things together--100 gold (needed for Gepetto)
    Mandrake--Adds 100 mana to mana meter for one character (permanent)--65 gold
    Tinctura Hypericum--Refills all health and all mana for all heroes--150 gold
    Mugwort--Adds 5 strength to one character's skills (permanent)--95 gold
    Level Egg--All characters gain one level--130 gold

3. Orc Empire:
    Faux Key--A false copy of a real quarter key--*1,000 or 2,000 gold (needed to get real key)
    Emerald--A precious gem for Excalibur or resale--20,000 gold
    Beast Repellent--Repels monsters for a limited duration--8,000 gold
    *I seem to remember the Faux Key being 2,000 gold, but I also found that others list it being 1,000 gold. Therefore, I listed both prices.

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RE:Aveyond: Gates of Night Walkthrough
(Date Posted:12/27/2009 2:25 PM)

World Map:

Game Patches for Build A Players:

      Players with Build A, please see the patches below for fixes to a few common bugs in Aveyond: Gates of Night (Build A). To see if you have Build A, change your game's display to Windowed mode (via the in-game settings menu) and look at the top-left corner of the window. If your problem is not listed below, check the FAQs at in the Technical Support section of the Village Square.

     To  download these patches, open this link >>
This is a link to a post by shaz at Amaranth. The post contains a link to a page where you can download the patches.

Patch #1: Orc Prison Glitch--If you used the Compass to get out of the Orc Prison instead of using the passageway, download the file entitled "Gates of Night--Prison"

Patch #2: Aveyond Portal Glitch--If you spent the night in Istir Forest, then, realizing you weren't allowed to leave, used the Compass or Red Warp Egg to get back out, download the file entitled "Gates of Night--Aveyond"

Patch #3: Medusa Crash--If your game crashed after battling Medusa, download the file entitled, "Gates of Night--Medusa"

      The Aveyond series(Aveyond I: Rhen's Quest, Aveyond II: Ean's Quest, Aveyond: Lord of Twilight, and Aveyond: Gates of Night) was created by Amanda Fitch (Amaranth Games, LLC). All the information in this walkthrough can be found both within the game and at However, the actual walkthrough formatting and writing is the sole work of me, Padme_Amidala; I would appreciate proper credits (both for the game's creators and myself) if anyone wishes to reproduce this walkthrough. This walkthrough is based upon Aveyond: Gates of Night (Build A). Different builds may influence some changes in gameplay. All credits for the World Map are listed on the map--amaranth, shaz, and tiniponi.
      If you notice any incorrect information, or if you think something should be added, please PM me by clicking the envelope icon below my username and avatar.

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RE:Aveyond: Gates of Night Walkthrough
(Date Posted:04/14/2010 5:26 PM)

Yay! I replayed GON and used your walkthrough (and an item checklist) smiley6 

I have Mel's ending now and Stella's, I'll still need Lydia's and the "chosen for him" bride for Edward to complete my set.

2 things I noticed:

The book of Faery for Lydia was not in the chest you mention. It's in the alcove west of where you find Glenda at the opposite end of the forest from Faiara.


I figured out your Hercules challenge!

To get him to pay up, you need to speak with 2 of the Naylithians first after you beat the giant. The one by the sky garden and the one by the goddess statue.

for writing this, I enjoyed using it!


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Re:Aveyond: Gates of Night Walkthrough
(Date Posted:05/23/2010 8:22 AM)

 Thanks for the correction Xchain! I'm surprised I gave all the other directions so well! Sorry it's about a month late, but I went back and edited the part where I explain how to get the Book of Faery. 

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