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Title: Ave Flo Walkthrough
Game Players' Circle   Avenue Flo
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(Date Posted:10/08/2009 9:07 AM)
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Welcome to Avenue Flo. In this walkthrough, we've tried to provide the most efficient route through the game.

Flo's Diner
Here we discover that Grandma Florence has accidentally programmed the coffee maker to refill every 20 seconds.  Cleaning the spill teaches us how to find objects which go in our inventory and how to pull them from the inventory for use.
Click on the mop to add it to the inventory. Now, click again to pick it up, and click the coffee spill to clean the mess.  The mop goes back in the diner, letting us know we don't need it anymore.

Next, Flo needs to find her cell phone which is ringing in the background. After opening the drawer, you have to sort through the contents of Flo's purse to find the phone.

After opening the drawer, you have to sort through the contents of Flo's purse to find the phone.  We missed a call from Quinn. Push 1 to call her back.

The wedding of the year, Miss Big and Tony, is in big trouble. Flo agrees to help Quinn save the day. Flo gets our task list going on a handy napkin. The first tasks involve repairing the wedding dress, finding Miss Big's dog, Snookums, and catching 33 butterflies.

Flo's ready to head out. To save a trip back to the diner later, go ahead and grab a cup of coffee to take with you.

Follow the tutorial instructions to get a bag to hold all the butterflies you'll collect along your journey. Just click on one of Greg and Herb's (the twins in front of the dress shop) laundry bags to ask to borrow one.
Start collecting bottles for recycling as well. While you're here, knock on Diane's door and talk to her about the mysterious bottle in the tree outside her window. You'll learn she needs oil to get the window open.
On the right side of your inventory bar, you have a neighborhood map, task list, and collections counter.

Bobbi's Dress Shop

Collect all the butterflies and bottles outside Bobbi's Dress Shop. You should be up to 11 butterflies and 5 bottles at this point. Then click the door to head inside.

Bobbi needs Flo to find all the beads the Bead-o-Matic has scattered around the shop. You also need to find the code to reset the machine, and the screwdriver will come in handy for fixing it. The beads and screwdriver will go into your inventory. You have to remember the code yourself (102030).
After you repair the machine and complete the beading, click on the garment pole to ask about borrowing it. Flo will need it later at Betty's Beauty Salon. Bobbi will ask you to arrange some clothing displays before she gives you the garment pole.
If you ask for it before you fix the bead machine, you can complete the garment arranging puzzles first. Player's preference here.

Gather all the beads, use the screwdriver (click from inventory) to open the panel, use your cursor to push the buttons and enter the code.

Now click the beads in your inventory and click the machine to add them there.
Flo needs to complete all 5 bead designs to continue. Below, you will see what the final patterns look like. Watch the beads coming in the tube to plan your next move. If you get stuck, use the hint button. If you make a wrong turn, simply hit the reset button and give it another try.

Here are the solutions to the display arrangements. Just remember Bobbi's instructions: No 2 items of the same pattern or color directly beside, below, or above each other.

Flo now needs to find more beads for Bobbi and work on her other tasks.
Grab the garment pole if you haven't done so already, and continue (exit and head to the right of the screen) to the intersection of Florida Street and Spend-A-Lot Avenue.

Pet Spa and Beauty Salon

Here we have the intersection of Florida Street (lower left) and Spend-A-Lot Avenue. Collect 4 more butterflies and 3 more bottles before heading off to the right

In front of Walter's Pet Spa, collect 5 butterflies and 3 bottles and notice that Derek has some oil. Derek needs some caffeine to perk him up, and you need the oil to help Diane with her window. Give Derek the cup of coffee from your inventory, and then ask him for the oil. Now head right one more screen.

Flo spots Snookums in the park. You can try to call the dog, but it will not come yet.
Collect the 5 butterflies and 3 bottles before going back and entering Walter's Pet Spa.

Flo and Walter have lots to discuss. Notice the treats. Snookums prefers fresh baked, gourmet treats. Hmmm...where can we get those?

Before you leave, click on the couch cushion, and you will find some wire cutters. Flo will return them to their owner a little later. Leave Walter, and go back where you began on Florida Street. (screen left 2 times and down 2 times from the intersection)

Remember Diane's Door is at the start of the game !!
Knock on Diane's door again. Click on the oil from your inventory and click again to give it to Diane. She'll go up, fix her window, and grab the bottle from the tree.
Red hair dye? Let's go see if this belongs in the beauty salon. Right screen twice. The salon is on the left when Flo is standing at the intersection.

After Diane's go the beauty saloon.
Betty needs just the right shade of red dye for the bridesmaids' hair, and Flo needs some dye remover for Walter. Give Betty the bottle from your inventory, and she will let Flo have a look around. Look in the little drawer as indicated below.

Shuffle items in the drawer until you find the small bottle with the blue label. Click to add it to your inventory.

Before you leave, notice Betty's lace curtains. Flo thinks these might come in handy. Convince Betty (click for conversation) that they are out of style. Then collect them with the garment pole you got back at Bobbi's.

When Flo leaves the salon, send her up Spend-A-Lot Avenue to the left.

Visiting Ethel and Cassie

Here you will find 4 butterflies and 3 bottles to add to your collections. Also notice the subway entrance on the left and the recycling machine on the right. Now, go to the left one more time.

Flo notices Ethel making beaded necklaces. Give Ethel the wire cutters from your inventory, so you can get the beads Bobbi needs to finish the wedding dress.
Grab 3 bottles and 5 butterflies to complete collecting in this neighborhood.
Send Flo into the Pet Shop to talk to Cassie.

Alright! Cassie will bake some treats to lure Snookums with if we help her pack some pet supplies. Below are the four solutions to the packing problems. Everything must be packed precisely: no empty spaces, no overlapping. Now get that treat, and go back to Bobbi and Walter. Look at your map if you're unsure of their locations.

Box One

Box Two

Box Three

Box Four

Revisiting Bobbi and Walter

In Bobbi's Dress Shop again you must load the beads into the Bead-o-Matic and complete four more challenging patterns. Remember to plan ahead by checking the next color in the tube. You can always use the hint button if you're unsure of the next move.

With the beading complete, the wedding dress is almost done. Bobbi forgot the train. Give her the lace curtains you picked up at Betty's Beauty Salon. Job done!
All you need to do now is get Snookums and give the dog and the dye remover to Walter.

Back at the park, place the Peanut Butter Poodle Pop in the street to lure Snookums in your direction. Catch her and take her next door to Walter's Pet Spa. Give the dog and dye remover to Walter. Neighborhood 1 is complete. Exit the spa and head up to the subway, so Flo can get started on Neighborhood 2.

Once you're near the subway, click the recycling machine. Deposit the bottles from your inventory and collect the subway token that is dispensed. The token and remaining bottles will be in your inventory. Now go down into the subway station.

Here, Flo can check out the subway route map. The remaining neighborhoods are to the east. Deposit the token in the turnstile and enter the train. You need to visit Stella at the Yum Yum Bakery.

Neighborhood 2
Stella's Bakery

In front of the bakery, collect 6 more butterflies and 6 bottles. Then go inside and talk to Stella.

Though it's plainly visible, Stella can't find her recipe box. Click it to reveal the puzzle inside. Flo must unlock the puzzle to get the recipe for the perfect wedding cake.

You must rotate the outer and inner wheels to make the triangles on the right match those on the left. Click the hubs (circles) to rotate. They always rotate clockwise. It is much easier towork on the outside and then work in.

The tutorial directs you to the refrigerator. You must move objects around to completely uncover the milk Flo needs for the cake. Notice the shelf heights: 4 and 3 squares high. You need to get the taller items off the top shelf. Don't forget that you can stack smaller items and temporarily place things in front of the desired ingredient if you have to. You can never stack anything on top of the ingredient you are trying to uncover. Once and item is completely visible, click to add it to the mixing machine.
Next, look in the freezer and the 6 cabinets that will open (mouse over the doors) to fill the rest of the recipe.
*Stacking puzzles have multiple solutions. Here is one way I reached the ingredients.





Baking Soda

Oyster Sauce


Click to magnify the shopping list on the frig. We're missing two ingredients.

Also search the second drawer to the right of the refrigerator for the video instructions for the mixer. Slide the contents around until you uncover the tape. Pick it up to add it to your inventory.

You need to find some place with a VCR, so you can watch the instructional video.
Stella also says to go to the Smith farm for the double yolk eggs.


on your way to the Farm you will see the Fire Engine Station.  Here you will find more butterflies and bottles .

On your way to go collect Eggs you need to take the bus to Smith's Farm.  You will run into Ernie and he has a flat tire.  You will need to find 10 lugnuts to fix the tire

While you are here dont forget to collect your Butterflies and bottles

Ernie will take you out to Smith's Farm. When you get there talk to Mr. Smith. He will tell you that he is sold out of double yolk eggs so you have to go find the red chicken. But, before you do that collect your butterflies and bottles.

After you collect the bottles and butterflies you will go into the barn and talk to the Red Hen.  She will tell you to go out on the field and find her eight singing chickens.

Each time they will bring a picture up and you have to find the chicken that matches . This will happen eight times and the higher you get in the numbers the more chickens you get.

Once you get all eight chickens you go back to the barn and the mother will ask you to pay attention toh her chorus and you have to follow it.

The first two songs was very simple so I forgot to write them down but here is the 3-6 the order that you need to click on the chickens to get your egg.

3.  Gold, yellow, red *infront* blue red*infront* yellow gold
4. Twinkle Twinkle
red in back x 2, blue x 2, yellow x2, blue, light blue x2 , green x2, purple x2, red in back.

5. Old McDonald
blue x 3, purple , green x2 , purple, red up front x2 , yellow x2 blue

6. America the Beautiful
blue x2, green x2, blue x2, purple x 2, green , light blue, blue, yellow, red in front, blue

After you get done clicking to get your eggs head back to town on the bus.  Once Ernie drops you off go back to the bakery and drop your eggs in the mixer.  Stella will tell you to find a videotape. I have the drawer here circled.  Move things around and find the videotape.

Now head back out of the kitchen and we are going to find Mint Chocolate Cookies and a VCR.

Before we do anything else you will come to Jo's Fitness Center. Collect all your bottles and butterflies while you are there.

Go into Jo's Fitness Center and she will ask you to teach a class for her. This is actually very easy.Teach a few classes for Jo so you can watch the video tape.  As you can see by the picture when the icons at the top get into that circle on the right hand side click on the color that matches in the wheel.  The further you go the faster it gets.

After you get done with that continue on down to the Sprouts Girls . Collect the bottles and butterflies there

After you collect the bottles and butterflies talk to the girl there and she will sell your Mints you need for the cake.  You need to pay her 10 dollars so you will go searching through Flo's bag and find 2 five dollar bills.  Just move things around its easy to spot.

After you pay her and open the box up to put the money in a wind storm happens and blows the money around you need to collect all the dollar bills .  You need to collect 300.00 dollars before you can get your Mint cookies.

After you get the cookies go back to the Yum Yum bakery and bake your cake. The code for the cake machine is

After that you will be done with this section of the game.


After you take the subway you will run into Hal and you need a permit to continue on.  Go ahead and grab the bottles and butterflies here.

continue on down the street and you will run into Bernie.  Just general chit chat. collect your butterflies and bottles while you are there.

Make a left after you get done talking to Bernie and you will arrive at Marco's Flowershop. Outside the shop collect the butterflies there.

YOu will enter Marco's and somebody destroyed the flower shop. You will need to pick up the red roses and tulips.

After you get done with that , you will be asked to make six flower arrangements.
Flower One

Flower Two

Flower Three

Flower Four

Flower Five

Flower Six

after you do all that, Marco tells you go talk to Bernie at the newstand.  He is out to lunch so go and get you another token you should have plenty of bottles and you will receive a gold token now you can ride the subway anytime.  Go to Flo's Diner to confront Bernie.

Flo confrots Bernie, rings fall out of his pocket and Grandma puts rings in the safe and now Flo cant remember the code.

Get back on the subway and go to the neighborhood you was just at doing the Flowers.  Go to the Big Corp so you can get a permission to go through the contruction.  While you are there pick up your butterflies and bottles.

After you enter the Big Corp. You will be asked to get a Birthday Card signed for Mr. Big by five people.
YOu will go through the glass doors on the right hand side and  you will come to like a office maze.
Walk around and get five signatures.  The maze is very simple and easy to find the people to sign. Once you get the card signed go back to Tina.

She will give you the KeyCard and you must go up and answer some trivia questions
Answers are
Dinertown Daily
Gravey Boat Way
Hospital Blues
and I forgot the last one but its the middle one

After that you have to go to the 50th floor to get the permit signed.  Business woman needs cups so you will need to go back where you got the Birthday Card signed and go collect 10 coffee cups.

Once you do that go use the Blue Key card for the elevator.  You will talk to Collin but Collin ignores you. Grab the cellphone out of flos bag . Move some things around and you will find it.
Flo then calls Collin but you will need a Orange Pen.

If you look right where  the computer wire comes down at the corner of the desk you will find it right there.

Stay on the floor and go back into the Office Maze.  You will find the secretary in there .  she will ask you to find ten pieces of ripped up paper.  Walk around the maze and find them.  Its quite easy to find them. Then make a copy and give back to the Secertary.  She stamps it and then you are outside the Big Corp building.

Go give the stamp to Hal now.

Once you collect all the butterflies. Flo will come up and say all butterflies collected in this neighborhood. You should have 99 Butterflies now !!

You will once again dig through Flo's bag and find her apartment key to get in the house.

You will need to find the piece of paper that Flo wrote the code on . You can find that here

You will need a key to open that door. If you look closely at the pic above sitting right there on the corner of the tv you will see a gold key.  Take that key and open the drawer up.

You find the paper but now you need the invisiable Ink revealer so you can see what you wrote. Right where the drawer is you need to get into , you will find that pen in the cup sitting right beside the phone.

Grab the pen and then rub the pen all over the paper and then you will need to find the clues in order to get the code.

The code for the safe is ::

Go back to Flo's Diner to get the rings now.

Go the diner and open the safe up and grab the rings.  Go to where the wedding is held at the Cruise ship.
You will met up with Bernie and some chit chat between the two.

After Flo delivers the rings you find out it was Miss.Big that was trying to ruin the wedding.  Now  you have to solve a secert messge that Tony made for her.

You need to rearrange tiles on the pizza to say Tony loves Vicky.  Once you have a tile in the right place it will not move again.

After some chatter you will have to direct a doughball around the decks to hit the green spot.
This is very simple and should breeze right through it.

After you solve them puzzles Vicky jumps into a huge pile of dough and the Wedding is on .

The End !!!

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From: USA

Re:Ave Flo Walkthrough
(Date Posted:10/13/2009 10:43 PM)

thanks so much Steeler for doing this, it's a ton of work I'm sure and it is very much appreciated!!!
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From: USA

RE:Ave Flo Walkthrough
(Date Posted:10/13/2009 10:47 PM)

oh gosh you are welcome MV, if I didnt make things clear enough or anybody has problems just give me a shout on here .

I was hoping to get it done tonight but Im getting sleepy so its beddy bye time for me lol
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Status: Have a great day everyone :)
From: USA

Re:Ave Flo Walkthrough
(Date Posted:11/13/2009 5:07 PM)

 Wow!! Thank you SO much!!!!! I had played it on the trial and had fun but got stuck lol just within the first hour so I hadn't bought it yet but Im thinking about it...hmm anyway thank you for sharing :)
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Hugs, Lisa

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From: USA

Re:Ave Flo Walkthrough
(Date Posted:11/13/2009 6:01 PM)

your welcome Lisa if you get stuck let me know and I will see if I can help you out some
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Status: Have a great day everyone :)
From: USA

Re:Ave Flo Walkthrough
(Date Posted:11/13/2009 6:07 PM)

 Hey there, ok thanks...Im sure I will get stuck again!! LOL.. I absolutely LOVE the diner dash type games getting
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Hugs, Lisa

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