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Title: B-Movie fans out there?
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(Date Posted:04/06/2011 08:25)
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I admit it, I'm a fan of horror B-movies (in other words: cheap horror movies), especially the ones from the 1970s and 1980s, far before CGI was even a topic. The effects might sometimes be more ridiculous than scary (quite often, in fact), but you have to admire the ideas they came up with to make up for having little money to spend.

Currently, I'm going through the four 'Blind Dead' movies. (They're called 'Reitende Leichen' - Riding Corpses or Riding Dead - in Germany, but as they're blind, that works as well.) I have the first and second and have just ordered the third and fourth (they're cheap, they're old and not well-known, after all). I'm considering writing something along those lines myself, so I'm currently taking notes and adding up my own ideas with the 'facts' of the movies. I also just found out that I never saw the first one before, only number 2 to 4.

I have to admit that they never really scared me, but I like the stories and I like the design of the dead - even though they're not all that 'realistic' for wandering corpses. They have a heart-warming stubborness about them - they're just walking around, listening for stupid people (read: 90% of the cast) screaming and then go and kill them. You just have to like those guys for being so easy to read...

So, if you're fans of horror B-movies as well, which are your favourites and why?


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RE:B-Movie fans out there?
(Date Posted:04/06/2011 08:35)

Though not strictly a fan of B horror movies, I do have a soft spot for lots of B movies in general. I love things like "Plan Nine from Outer Space" or the original BW version of "Little Shop of Horrors".  I also grew up watching Godzilla movies every Saturday afternoon after Looney Tunes. The Smog Monster is a personal fave.

I find them sort of sweetly naive and usually pretty hilarious.

On a related note, I was always a huge fan of MST3K and have slowly been introducing them to DH who is really enjoying them too.

Last night we watched "Cave Dwellers" and the night before it was "The Unearthly" with the hilarious Tor Johnson.

Our new catchphrase around the house is "Time for go to bed!" which is one of Tor's greatest hits! smiley51


Forgot to mention that I'm also a huge fan of the Evil Dead movies with Bruce Campbell. Now that is some fine, B movie action!

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