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Title: Just Bein' Mom by Genkicoll (Happy Mother's Day!)
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From: USA

(Date Posted:05/06/2011 16:15)
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Mother's Day is this weekend, Sunday, May 8th.

In honor of the day, I'd like to share this poem that I wrote about 13 years ago. It started out as a letter to my eldest daughter to read when she got older, and turned into a tribute to all mothers.

Just Bein' Mom, by Genkicoll

Awake at six
Every day
I want to sleep
You want to play

I do the laundry
Fold and sort
You throw it all
Out on the floor

Time for dishes
Clean and dry
The dishwasher's open
You climb inside

Let's scrub the floor
Away with the crud
And here you come
Feet caked with mud

It's time for lunch
What a feast!
I can't believe it!
How much can you eat?

It's naptime now
I like it best
When you actually sleep
So I can rest

Not today!
You just sit and cry
For an hour or more
You want outside

If I lay down with you
Will you please go to sleep?
Oh, sure Mommy!
But you won't let it be

You just lay there and talk
And bounce on my head
Please leave me alone
Can't you see that I'm dead?

Being a mother
Can really be trying
I need some ice cream
Guess what, Dad, you're buying

Daddy will watch
Baby and you, both
While I get out of the house
The store's pretty close

I feel better now
I needed a break
The baby is hungry (of course!)
My timing is great

The baby will sleep now
I'd like to, too
I shouldn't even think it
Not in this zoo

A zoo with one monkey
One baby, and me
Of course, then there's Daddy
Big happy family

I actually mean that
though I get tired and cross
I love my little family
But it's tough being boss

You have so much energy
It never desists
But your big, joyful smile
I just can't resist

Let's play for now
While my energy lasts
You're getting hard to pick up
You're growing so fast!

I chase you down the hall
You jump on my back
We wrestle, we tickle
We laugh 'till we can't

Come on, Mommy!
Let's do A-B-C's
OK, are you ready?
Mommy, let's read!

What an odd child
You're smart for just three
But, you know, that's OK
'Cause you take after me

Hey, I've already read
This book twice!
Let's read it again, Mommy
That would be nice

The same book six times
I'm tired of this
Time for bed now
Come give me a kiss

I don't wanna go to bed
No, Mommy, no!
Get off of the floor, dear
I said, time to go

I lay down beside you
It helps get you to sleep
It only takes half an hour
It feels like a week

It's been a long day
I'm about to collapse
But before I do that
Baby wants a snack

The house finally quiet
Everybody asleep
Well, really, not quite
Everybody but me

I just sit in the dark
A rare moment alone
I think about tomorrow
and stifle a groan

Today was Sunday
My weekend is gone!
But I'll survive tomorrow
Because I am Mom

Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning the devil says~~

"Oh Crap, She's up!"

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From: USA

RE:Just Bein' Mom by Genkicoll (Happy Mother's Day!)
(Date Posted:05/06/2011 16:24)

Sounds like my house too Genki, lol. Thanks for posting.
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"Be kind to dragons, for thou art crunchy when roasted and taste good with ketchup." - Dragonswan

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From: Germany

RE:Just Bein' Mom by Genkicoll (Happy Mother's Day!)
(Date Posted:05/06/2011 16:44)

This is beautiful and touching and true, Genki, thanks! smiley78
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Status: I used to think I had mellowed in my old age. Tur
From: USA

RE:Just Bein' Mom by Genkicoll (Happy Mother's Day!)
(Date Posted:05/06/2011 17:54)

Just beautiful Genki, and sums it up nicely!  (I'm not so old I forgot!!  Your daughter will treasure this some day.
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I used to think I had mellowed in my old age. Turns out I just don't give a shit.

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Status: Life is great - if you don't weaken!
From: Canada

RE:Just Bein' Mom by Genkicoll (Happy Mother's Day!)
(Date Posted:05/06/2011 18:29)

Well done Genki! It brings back a lot of memories, lol....
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