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Title: Under the Dome
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(Date Posted:04/17/2011 10:02)
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Okay..... my first venture into reviewing a book.

Under The Dome by Stephen king

1074 Pages including a map of Chester's Mill and a list of characters (both for reader reference)

This book isn't Stephen King's classic fare of horror. It's more of a sci-fi novel. It's about a small town suddenly finding themselves trapped by an invisible barrier a.k.a. 'the Dome'. The book explores the human behaviors of the people inside the Dome and how a civilized society can become unhinged if left to their own devices. Overall I loved the book. I thought it was written very well. 'The Dome' appeared within the first few pages of the book and the rest of the book flowed in such a way that it was hard to put down. Although the cast of characters is well over forty each person is explored in depth. You feel as if you know each and every one of them (or relate them to someone you know). I loved the addition of the map and list of characters at the beginning. I thought the map could have been more detailed but the one provided did help a lot as a reference.

With that said, and all due respect to Stephen King, I did have a few minor problems with the book. First, the time line. I thought the story would have been more believable if the events had taken place over the span of a few weeks, or even two or three months as opposed to a few days. At least then it would have been more conceivable that the people under 'the Dome' would have behaved the way they did. Secondly, some of the sub-stories. The envelope was the biggest for me. I enjoyed following it around, hoping the right person would finally find it. That said, I kept asking myself why the person hadn't made more than one copy. I was thinking a second copy would finally pop up in the right hands but that never happend. I didn't like the Sammy Bushey story line, or rather how King wrapped it up. He could have, and in my opinion, should have done much more with her. King is known for his graphic storys and I don't think anyone would faulted him for letting Sammy do more to her attackers than she did. Another story line that went nowhere was Chef. At one point one of the characters mentions how he (Chef) changed after what happend that summer implying that something pivital had occurred which might have explained his behavior. Then we never find out what happend.

With all that said I would definately recommend people to read the book. I know I will definately re-read the book before the HBO mini-series comes out.    

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From: USA

RE:Under the Dome
(Date Posted:04/17/2011 10:46)

VERY nice review sinsaint.  I have to agree with just about all your comments.  While this was definitely not my favorite SK book, it was well worth the read.   (I have always said even a "bad" SK is still better than most authors out there.)

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I used to think I had mellowed in my old age. Turns out I just don't give a shit.

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From: Australia

RE:Under the Dome
(Date Posted:04/17/2011 11:33)

yep, i agree with oregonpanda, that was a really good review sinsaint!
i really loved this book when i read it, i found it to be another of those 'un-put-downables', but sooo different from duma key, which i read previous to this one..
i do agree with your issues... i didn't actually think of them at the time, but i agree now lol!! i think i was so consumed with hate for big jim, that i was unable to see beyond the red in my eyes lol!!!
btw, i was happy with what happened to sammy's kid, nice touch i thoght.
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From: USA

RE:Under the Dome
(Date Posted:04/17/2011 18:37)

Thank you both for your kind remarks. I was a bit hesitant about second guessing King's work but thought honesty might be the best policy. 'It' will probably always rank among the best in my heart for King's classic horror. That could be because my parents considered it 'taboo reading material' or it could be that 'It' was just that good. I didn't hold 'Under the Dome' up to that standard since 'It' was more classic horror as oppossed to 'Under the Dome' which was more a sci-fi based novel. Aside from the 'problem areas' I noted before I did find it interesting. I found myself thinking of my town govenment and what they might do (or try to get away with) in this situation. While I didn't find it factual (as stated before I thought it would take much longer for individual human nature to kick in) I did find it thought provoking.

After reading 'Under the Dome' I did a Google search. As you may or may not be aware Google and I are joined at the hip (we have our problems but try to stay on friendly terms). Google and I know each other so well He can finish my sentences. I did a Google search for 'Under the Dome' and found out HBO is planning to make this book into a mini-series event. I started thinking of the cast as I saw them. Before I go through them (keeping in mind that my imagination didn't have budgetary constraints, egos or conflicts) I saw them, for the most part, as King described them. Here's my 'Under the Dome' cast as I saw them.....

Dale "Barbie" Barbara: Jake Gyllenhaal, Sam Worthington

James "Big Jim" Rennie: John Goodman, Vincent D'Onofrio, Paul Sorvino, James Gandolfini

Julia Shumway: Janeane Garofalo, Julianne Moore, Tina Fey

Junior Rennie: Shane West, Shia LaBeouf

Eric "Rusty" Everett: Hugh Laurie (Couldn't help it. I Imagimed him that way before the 'House' comment... from a production standpoint it could be pretty humorous).

Andy Sanders: William H. Macy, Kevin Spacey

Joe McClatchey: Liam Aiken

Norrie Calvert: AnnaSophia Robb, Abigail Breslin, Saoirse Ronan, Chloe Moretz

Benny Drake: Spencer Breslin, Brent R. (My neighbor..... couldn't help it. He seemed to fit more than perfetctly).

Rose Twitchell: Lisa Edelstein, Sigourney Weaver, Kyra Sedgwick

Dougie "Twitch" Twitchell:

Andrea Grinnell: Rosanne Barr

Duke Perkins: David Morse, Ed Harris

Brenda Perkins: Emma Thompson, Annette Bening

Romeo "Rommie" Burpee: John Turturro, Steve Buscemi

Thurston Marshall: Ted Danson

Peter Randolph: Ray Liotta

Carter Thibodeau: Mark Selling

Phil "Chef" Bushey: Edward Norton

Samantha "Sammy" Bushey: Ellen Page, Mila Kunis (assuming they do more with the part... otherwise anyone an play it)

Sloppy sam Verdreaux:

Piper Libby:

Lester Coggins: Joel Osteen (I know he'd never but that's who I saw.)

Dogs of note: Audrey Everett (Golden Retriever), Horace Shumway (Corgi), Clover Libby (German Shepard) 

Like I said my mind had no budget so I cast them as I saw fit. Some of the characters are blank because I had no particular face for the part. For others I thought of more than one person. As for the dogs I take exception with Audrey. I happen to have owned both a Border Collie and Golden Retriever (two of each so far). The Border Collie is far more receptive to human behavior than the Retriever is. The retriever would sooner lick her crotch than alert you to danger. The Border Collie wouldn't let you sleep unless you humored his whines. In a movie setting I would be hard pressed to believe a Retriever did more than bark upon the owner's entry. Shoots.... my pitt mix would be more inclinded to notice a change in my children's behavior before my retriever would. 

In any event, my picks are how/who I imagined them to be. Some may seem far fetched but I have faith in the acting ability of all the actors mentioned. Rosanne Barr could pull off a trying to get sobber addict as well as Tina Fey could pull off a Replican newspaper owner. I'd be happy to hear who you guys imagined the characters were as you read. 


(Message edited by Sinsaint On 04/17/2011 18:44)
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Status: I used to think I had mellowed in my old age. Tur
From: USA

RE:Under the Dome
(Date Posted:04/17/2011 19:29)

I bought this the day it came out in hardback so it has been awhile since I read it.   However, the characters
that I  do remember you have matched to a T with the actors who would be perfect.  Of course, I have never heard of some of the actors you name, lol. 

We went and saw Hanna a couple days ago (excellent movie if you like thrillers)  and I can't even remember the actors names in that!
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I used to think I had mellowed in my old age. Turns out I just don't give a shit.

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