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Title: The Green Eyes of Bâst - Sax Rohmer
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(Date Posted:03/09/2011 08:35)
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Book Title: The Green Eyes of Bâst

Author: Sax Rohmer

Series (if part of one): not as far as I know

Year of first publishing (if known): 1920

Binding/Availability: I got it as a free e-book from Feedbooks

ISBN Number: none, as I have it as an e-book

Genre (fiction, non-fiction, etc.): fiction

Sub-Genre: Crime & Mystery / Fantasy

Where/How did you come to find this book? I was looking for more books by Sax Rohmer and found it at Feedbooks

Is this an author you read frequently? by now, yes

Is this a genre you read frequently? yes

Short Synopsis:
A word of warning at the beginning: as with the last novely by Sax Rohmer I put in here, The Green Eyes of Bâst is not politically correct, in any way. Sax Rohmer often works with stereotypes when it comes to all non-white, non-European characters. If you're sensitive to such racial stereotypes or predjudices, the books are not for you.

I recommend The Green Eyes of Bâst to everyone who likes the mixture of mystery story, fantasy and a nice dose of horror. Even though nominally the book is a mystery novel, the green eyes which seem to follow the main character around (plus the strange being they belong to), make it more than a mere crime story.

Sax Rohmer was a pretty prolific writer and it shows in his books, he's extremely good at sketching up scenes and characters (even the stereotyped ones) and knows how to keep a story going.

For me, The Green Eyes of Bâst was a page-turner of sorts. The early appearance of the green eyes kept me glued to the book - I wanted to know more about a woman with glowing green eyes and the ability to jump over a six-foot-hedge in high heels.

Sometimes, the stereotypes brought me down a little, but on the whole I could deal with it. A few passages of the book are a tad unrealistic, but that's what the 'fantasy' sub-genre is for, I guess.

I have read various novels by Sax Rohmer by now and am still working my way through some of them (2 more Fu-Manchu novels, one that also features the detective from Bat Wing and another supernatural tale named Brood of the Witch-Queen).

Despite the age and the racial stereotypes, I really enjoyed reading The Green Eyes of Bâst and can recommend it to other readers who are immune to the political incorrect characters and like the mix between mystery, horror and fantasy. There's worse ways to spent your spare time than reading this book. So my verdict is five out of five pints.

smiley27smiley27smiley27smiley27smiley27 (oops, I drank half of the last pint...)


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