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Title: Echoes of Sorrow
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(Date Posted:03/20/2011 21:32)
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I have been playing Echoes of Sorrow off and on most of the day.   It is not a bad game at all, not great but entertaining.    I was getting close to the end, finished all four portals and back to the train station when I came to an abrupt halt.  Somehow I had gotten the clock hands back in inventory (the first task in the game)  And the scene was frozen.  I could see where I needed to go next, but couldn't get there.  Tried everything, still stuck.

So, I am replaying the game very disgruntled!  Hopefully I will make it through this time.   As near as I can tell. everything is in same place so should go pretty fast.    Any one else play and have problems?

Edited to add:  Finished game this a.m.   No problems this time through.

I used to think I had mellowed in my old age. Turns out I just don't give a shit.

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