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Title:FTU OK To Use Artists ~A - C~
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Please read the TOU of each artist before using the artwork or tubes..each one has different terms.


Ace Animation - http://photoimpactpixels1.com
Adam Braun - http://adambraunart.com
Adiene Art - http://morbidmystic.com
Aika6 - http://6aika6.deviantart.com
Alan Ayers - http://alanayers.com
Alan Daniels - http://heavenlyhussys.com
Alan Rabinowitz - http://fantasy-illustration.com
Alan Stevens - http://bwcreek.com
Alpio - http://alpio.deviantart.com
Amanda Penrose - http://amanda.dd.au
Angel Curioso - http://angelcurioso.deviantart.com
Angela T - http://angela-t.deviantart.com
Angstorm - http://angstorm.com
Anna Rigby *Miscellaneous Section ONLY* - http://annarigby.com
Anna Ignatavia *NO USE OF FAIRIES* - http://magnetica.ru
Ann Pagoda *Only use images at this link* - http://azurelle.deviantart.com/gallery/7308339
Anne Stokes - http://annestokes.com
Artmam - http://artmam.com
Arwen Bush - http://arwenart.com
Ausposers - http://ausposers.com
Ayumi K - http://aymk.net

Brita Seifert - http://britaseifert.nl
(Artistic Adult Content)
Barb Kermis - http://barbkermisdesigns.com
Bea Gonzalez - http://beagonzalez.com
Ben Krefta - http://organicmetal.co.uk
Bill Corbett - http://billcorbett.co.uk
Brooke Gillette (aka: ShadowBrooke) - http://shadowbrook.yolasite.com
*Only fairy art can be tubed*

Candra - http://candra.deviantart.com
Carol Heyer - http://carolheyer.com
Carol Moore - http://mooresartgallery.com
CatLucker (aka: Cathy Hubbard) - http://catlucker.deviantart.com
*Not to be used in nude/erotic way*
Cathy Martin - http://flashparade.deviantart.com
Cheri Roberts - http://cheriroberts.deviantart.com
CherryBomb-81 - http://cherrybomb-81.deviantart.com
Chester Ocampo - http://elpinoy.deviantart.com
Christy Grandjean (Goldenwolf) - http://goldenwolfen.com
Collin Bogle - http://collinbogle.com
CoolTShuck - http://cooltshuck.deviantart.com
Chris Ortega - http://chrisortega.com
*Do NOT use: Butterflies Lake, Hope Pandoras Box, or Steffana Sorciere*
Crafty Kid - http://craftykid.deviantart.com


If you have a request for an artist please leave a request thread on the Artist Request board.
We will contact the artist if necessary to get permission for use
And will either add it to the list if approval is granted or add it to the NoNo list if denied.


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Date Posted: 01/19/2012 6:29 PM
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