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Topic :   Cargo Elevator goods & special requirements

Dazenelevator Cargo (goods) elevator cabins are fully customized and designed to handle any load up to 15.000kg. Our flexible design and manufacturing process, allows us to adjust the specs of the lift cabin according to any project requirements.

Cargo Elevator cabin walls are covered with carefully selected metal that provides additional durability and ensures long life span. Hundreds of projects worldwide are a tangible proof of the sturdiness and durability of our elevator cabins.

These easy-to-install, heavy-duty cabins form the perfect solution for industrial use, such as supermarkets, parking centres, etc. When you need a Cargo Elevator cabin, then think of Dazenelevator, the expert in special constructions.

We can help solve the complex transportation requirements with simple, flexible, durable, cost-effective products.

Hydraulic Cargo Elevator is widely used in warehouse. And the main Cargo Elevator include stationary scissor lift and lead rail lift. Because the lead rail lift do not need depth pit, and it is popular than the scissor Cargo Elevator.

Buy any elevators on Residential Elevator Manufacturer.

11/13/2017 23:53 PM

Topic :   Residential Elevator Manufacturer product lines combine high productivity

DAZEN service/Cargo Elevator are distinguished by wider doors and larger platform sizes to allow faster, more secure transport of people and equipment.

Suzhou Dazen Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. Asia leverages its talented team and proven experience in global markets to bring you high-quality innovations, reliable technologies and efficient production processes. We strive to conserve resources, preserve ecosystems and prevent global warming to do our part to save the earth.

All Dazenelevator product lines combine high productivity and flexibility, so they are also suitable for any batch size.

Our punching machines and our wide range of press brakes are the basic and most common equipment in this sector, in particular for small and medium sized companies, and provide high flexibility at excellent cost/efficiency ratio.

Our bending systems grant productivity with very high bending quality.

Our combined punch-laser solutions offer the capability to form and laser cut components within one system for enhanced part quality in combination with high manufacturing flexibility and productivity.

Our combined punch-shear machines can boost productivity, especially in case of elevator manufacturing.

Our professional services complement our advanced Residential Elevator Manufacturer technology and are the key to better productivity and higher profits.

11/08/2017 03:28 AM

Topic :   Suzhou Dazen range of Panoramic Elevator / Panoramic Lift

Suzhou Dazen Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. offer Panoramic Elevator / Panoramic Lift which are widely used in shopping malls and other modern buildings. They are used at residences, office buildings and villas. They have types with 3-sided glass, external glass construction. Our range of Panoramic Elevator / Panoramic Lift is fabricated using transparent materials to provide a view of the outer side of the lift. Due to the unlimited design flexibility and the wide selection of materials, Panoramic Elevator / Panoramic Lifts are tailor made to meet the individual requirements of each project and ensure harmony with the building’s architecture.

Dazen  Panoramic Elevator is installed on the inside or outside of the building and always revalued them and make them more significant. Its design comes open towards standardised models or any IMAGINATIVE new design innovation. Its application is aimed towards hotels, shopping centers, offices, or private buildings.

Dazen have  Panoramic Elevator throughout Europe with travels up to 170 metres at a speed of 2,5 metres per second. Let our experience help you in planning your future project.

Panoramic Elevator is combined with the study achievement of adaptability between Stairs Free Elevator system and architecture. It is completely integrated with building and entirely enhances architecture aesthetics and value. Panoramic Elevator is just like the eyes of building, which let the architecture character to out-pour completely. If you have taken the Panoramic Elevator, you could have viewed flourishing city from 270 angles and also yourself had become the part of whole scenery. Panoramic Elevator has a unique ventilation system, which can pump outside fresh air into the elevator, so makes passengers feel fresh and relaxation. Gulf Tech Elevators regards city, architecture and passenger as the core of the solution of building carry system. Panoramic Elevator is a unification of architectural function and visual aesthetics sense, which adds the building more attractive from inside to outside.

11/02/2017 21:37 PM

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