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Title:Entrust In Him Who Judges Fairly
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1 Peter 2:23 Amp. Bible

23. While being reviled and insulted, He did not revile or insult in return; while suffering, He made no threats [of vengeance], but kept entrusting Himself to Him who judges fairly.

"What Would Jesus Do," is something I like to follow in my life, but there are times that I miss the boat.  

As we read the gospels we see that Jesus was reviled and insulted. And He did not revile or insult in return. In today's world we see a different way of handling disputes. When people are attacked by someone they do not follow WWJD but throw back insults and sometime physically attack the person that has said things that were said to them.

Wouldn't this be a better world today if everyone would follow the Christ and how He handled insults?  Wouldn't it be better if when someone says something you do not like that first you would think WWJD, instead of trying to get even with the person. We should entrust ourselves to Him who judges fairly and not take things into our own hands.

We have read or heard stories of people abusing their pets or other people's pets.  It gets me to think if that's how they treat their pets, how do they treat humans especially loved one.  There is a 90 year-old woman who lives in Florida that knits small blankets for cats at a animal shelters. She does it so the small blankets can be put in the cages so the cats will have a safe place to lay on while they are in the cages until they get adopted. So she is showing love for those cats that have gone astray, or people got rid of.

It gets me to think wouldn't it be a good idea with we all would put the love of Christ in our hearts, and before we act on something that troubles us think what WWJD, instead of immediately react and probably do or say something we shouldn't say or do.

Oh, Well, That's Life!

Have a good day, 
Have a good day,
John T. Begin
Date Posted: 04/06/2018 07:10 AM
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