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Title:Carefully Scrutinize Your Own Work
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Galatians 6:3-8 Amp. Bible

3. But if anyone thinks he is something [special] when [in fact] he is noting [special except in his own eyes], he deceives himself.
4. But each one must careful scrutinize his own work [examining his actions, attitudes, and behavior], and the he can have the personal satisfaction and inner joy of doing something commendable without comparing himself to another.
5. For every person will have to bear [with patience] his own burden [of faults and shortcomings for which he alone is responsible].
6. The one who is taught the word [of God] is to share all good things with his teacher [contributing to his spiritual and material support].
7. Do not be deceived, God is not mocked [He will not allow Himself to be ridiculed, nor treated with contempt nor allow His precepts to be scornfully set aside]; for whatever a man sows, this and this only is what he will reap.
8. For the one who sows to his flesh [his sinful capacity, his worldliness, his disgraceful impulses] will reap from the flesh ruin and destruction, but the one who sows to the Spirit will from the Spirit reap eternal life.

The problem with political parties that each believes that they are right.  Where in reality they are not.  Each party has it's faults, and if they do not scrutinize them selves they then deceive themselves.  

We are seeing it from this last election that we went through and is still going on today.  We have seen that really neither candidate was up to par in what should be done in making America run smoothly.  We saw the faults of Sec. Clinton with her email server.  We have found out that it was her that had dealings with Russia, than Pres. Trump.  And after she lost she said that she would take the blame for the lost.  But what we are seeing that she is blaming others more than herself.  She even said that some women voted for Trump because their husbands or boy friends told them to vote for him.  In the past that could be true, but I see that women are thinking different.  That they can make up their own minds for who they want to vote for.

As for Pres. Trump, well it has been a fact that he was a womanizer so it didn't need to be brought up in the campaign.  It was well known that Pres. Trump was not always political correct in his speaking, he says what on his mind, when at times he should keep his mouth shut.  

We are seeing the Democrats do things with the idea of bringing down Pres. Trump, and not pay any attention to what's good for America.  We are seeing that the Republicans are doing the same thing by not supporting the President issues that he present in his campaign.  And proceeded to allow a $1.3 trillion federal spending plan, which we can not really afford.  Just because they didn't want to deal with another government shutdown.

What about us as individuals?  We need to scrutinize ourselves by examining our actions, attitudes, and behavior, and find out if we are living a christian life.  Are we taking responsibly for our faults and do our best to correct them?  Are we sowing to our flesh or to the spirit?  

John 13:34 Amp. Bible

34. I am giving you a new commandment, that you love one another. Just as I have loved you, so you too are to love another.

That is the new commandment that Jesus gave us. Wouldn't it be nice that we practice that instead of what is going on today?

God Bless,
Have a good day,
John T. Begin
Date Posted: 03/25/2018 09:11 AM
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