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Title:God is Blameless
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Psalm 18:30 Amp. Bible

30. As for God, His way is blameless. The word of the Lord is tested [it is perfect, it is faultless]; He is a shield to all who take refuge in Him. 

If we really want to have a good day, we need the Lord in our lives. And He will shield us through the day if we just put our faith and trust in Him.

We can not have faith or trust in the news or social media.  William Shatner is slamming Facebook because they allowed a false story got out that said he was dead.  Where in fact he is much alive. We see news agency publicist  out negative things about the President but will not publicist any of the good that He has accomplished, or try to twist the good to make it look bad.

The Federal government is in charge of Immigration policies, but the State of California has declared itself has a Sanctuary State, and will not abide in Federal Law.  Now there is a city in California that is rejecting the state's sanctuary laws, and some other cities and counties are thinking of falling suit with that city.

All of this is happening because the Government is allowing the Atheist to take out God in out of schools and government property.  So we are seeing that humans just cannot govern in a fair and reasonable way. They have to play the blame game and attack each other on what needs to be done, for America. We need the Lord's moral principles in our lives and in government.  For the Lord is perfect, and is faultless and is a shield to all of us that take refuge in Him.

Oh, Well, That's Life!

Have a good day,
Have a good day,
John T. Begin
Date Posted: 03/22/2018 06:58 AM
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