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Title: CFCMI and Jonestown
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Could CFCMI End Up Like Jonestown?

On November 18, 1978, one of the most bone-chilling mass suicides took place in Jonestown, Guyana.  Rev. Jim Jones, founder of the People’s Temple, and over 900 of his followers drank cyanide-laced grape Flavor-Aid (erroneously referred to as Kool-Aid by the media) and went to their reward.  L.R. Davis openly denounced Jim Jones as a cult leader and a deceiver who led many unsuspecting souls to face judgment.  However, one must wonder: was Davis really that much different from Jones?

In the mid-1990s, Davis told some visitors at the Dixon Correctional Center "I wish I could just take a group of men with me to some remote location and start over".  (Message forwarded by a former staffer who wishes to remain anonymous.) This sounds a lot like the despondency of Jones as the People’s Temple came under harsh scrutiny over clergy abuse and control tactics on his followers.  CFCMI went through the same thing though on a smaller scale; nonetheless Davis was being closely watched and his behavior, though maybe not as well-known, closely matched the man he strongly criticized.  Prison definitely broke the CFCMI founder; while he gave an impressive facade when preaching via telephone, in private visits he confided how the trials of being a convicted felon had worn him down physically, mentally, and emotionally.  He longed to come home, but the state of Illinois in its good wisdom refused to grant clemency or parole.  Since the CFCMI structure was powerless in holding Davis to task for his sins, the state intervened.  The possibility of Davis committing a similar tragedy like Jonestown had been averted; many families never knew how close they were to losing loved ones to the CFCMI founder.

Nine years have passed since Davis’ death, and there are things taking place in the CFCMI camp that should cause one to question their final motive.  First, a power shift is slowly occurring between Ed Thomas and Pete Paine.  Second, all of the congregations are gathering in one central spot, leaving a small few scattered at the former locations.  Third, there is a reversal to some earlier policies enforced by L.R. Davis, indicating more that Ed Thomas is running the organization.  Fourth, an increased emphasis on recruiting single men is taking place; while this was for gathering potential sex partners during Davis’ tenure, the goal now is to continue using the men to finance the lifestyles of those in charge.

While nobody is currently mentioning a "white night", there are sufficient warning signs that something may be brewing and family members, local authorities, and military commanders need to be aware of the similarities.  One Jonestown was enough; let there never be another.

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