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Title:Happy Birthday, Short Bussees !!!!
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  • Registered: 17/09/2008
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[quote="Beekeeper"][quote="Beekeeper"] :)  I'm putting together my own Birthday Wishes for the "Short bus" crew, to be posted over to "CC" later... [size=18]My Second draft ~[/size] 

[quote][color=darkred][size=24]Happy Birthdays to the 'Short Bus' Crew[/size][/color]

 :D  As the actual birth dates are largely unknown to the wider online population around here, I would like to take this opportunity to add my birthday greetings contribution:

[color=blue][size=18]"Moron's Big 5-0" [/size][/color]

Well now, MeltDown ~ you've nearly made it to [color=green][size=18]FIFTY !!![/size][/color] without drowning yourself in self-pity and cheap whiskey before now ~ congratulations will soon be in order...

You've made so much fun of others as they passed fifty ~ soon it will be your turn, "Old Boy" !!! ~ and I can't wait..  :P 

[color=blue][size=18]"A 69er for Our Sixty-Niner !!!"[/size][/color]

The 69-year old 'Tennessee Bag Lady' has always kept her age a closely-held secret, but now "the cat is out of the bag". Not only has Sharia's birthday been 69 for the last 2 or 3 years, but as we all know she is a proud ARIES ~ so we can figure that the bag lady's b'day is only a few weeks after Moron's..

:bop:  So for [color=green][size=18]Zia's Big Day Out[/size][/color], I reckon we should give her:
69 grams Columbian Nose Powder, courtesy myron's personal stash;
69 oz's of the finest Canadian Hydro', fresh from Piggy's crops;
69 bottles of cheap Chardonnay from the "CC" private cellars;
69 cartons "Red Bull" cans ~ Gia herself knows those SOC goons need a break...

[color=blue][size=18]"Pig Pen ~ Zia and myron's Own Pet Troll ~ "[/size][/color]

Can't leave their little pet troll out now, can we ? Actually I could, quite easily ~ but I won't...

Piggy didn't want anyone to know old he really is ~ but three years ago he blew away all his previous lies, by bragging that he is, in fact "30 years younger.." than us ~ so we know that he is only around 23-25 years old.. AND far too young for the Uni' studies he previously claimed. I doubt that that he's ever been to a uni' in his life ~ apart from on his garbage truck rounds...
[color=brown][size=18]So here's to Piggy ~  :baby1:  that misbegotten Son that myron and Zia never had !!![/size][/color]

[/quote]   :clown: [/quote]   AND, now here's a special treat for the Colonel and Cam' ~ Zia the hag eggs on Myron:

"You can take the boy out of the bush, but you can't take the bush out of the boy.."
Date Posted: 20/02/2012 02:59:41
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