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Belly Lovers
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Topic :   chat or rp?

Hi everyone. I'm new to the forum and looking for people to chat or rp with. I'm interested in belly noises and stuffing so if anyone wants to chat or rp just pm me. Doesn't matter if your male or female the only thing I ask for is fairness during an rp. If I send you a few sentences or paragraph I would like more than just a few words back please. Other than that I hope to hear from you all :)

09/28/2015 1:04 PM

Topic :   Chinese Food Belly

New member here! Not sure how active this board is anymore, but I figured I'd post something here since I can. I mostly like tummy noises, but this one's for anyone into gas and bloating too:

Sometimes when I eat a lot of greasy food, it kicks my belly into high gear. This happened to me the other day, I ate some Chinese food and whatever was in my intestines before (some mac and cheese, I think) started moving around A LOT. My lower belly squirmed and gurgled and I could feel it bloating up with gas. I was with other people so I couldn't even relieve myself. Every few minutes I would feel a wave of pressure run through my belly, and then my lower intestines would groan and moan and rumble as I held in all that gas. It sounded like I had a monster in my tummy! Thankfully either the other people didn't notice (we were watching a movie, it was kinda loud) or didn't want to bring attention to my very vocal lower torso.

Finally I was able to get some alone time (and bathroom time) and let some of the "monster" out. But my belly was so stretched out that it started to hurt! I was still getting waves of pressure but now they felt like little jabs on the underside of my belly. Also by that time, the Chinese food had worked its way down, but it wasn't nearly as active as whatever it pushed down to get in there. I kneaded my poor aching belly for a bit, working out the last bits of gas and trying to soothe it. Eventually it stopped making noise but it was sore until I went to bed that night. I rubbed it on and off until I fell asleep.

09/06/2015 1:51 AM


08/04/2015 4:55 PM

Topic :   Active belly

This cute guy stayed over last night and I told him about my belly fetish. Here's what happened:
"Do you mind if I listen a bit?"
"Sure", he said, rolling onto his back. I placed my ear on his shirt right over his belly button. I could hear soft bubbling from deep within. 
"Is this too weird for you?" I asked. 
He didn't say anything, but instead pulled his shirt up in approval, exposing his belly. It was tan with a thin layer of softness on it and a triangle of a happy trail, widening as it reached his underwear. His belly button was big shallow innie, the size of a nickel. Just then a little GLORP came from his stomach. 
"It's kind of noisy", I said. "But mostly up here in your stomach." I could hear liquid being sloshed around his upper GI tract, half-hunger and half his stomach emptying its last. We had been drinking earlier in the evening and he didn't eat anything on the way home, so any food in his belly was far along in his system by now.
"I did some special yoga today so my bowels should be, well, active." He replied, circling with his finger below his navel. 
Intrigued, I moved my ear further down. Sure enough, my ear was against a center of activity, soft but purposeful digestive rumbles bubbling in his lower belly. I lifted my head and watched his belly, cupping my large hand across it from hip to hip. I could feel the soft pulses of air with each squirt as whatever he ate earlier snaked through him. I placed a finger in his navel and feel little rumbles beneath it, too. We drifted off to sleep for a couple hours, and I woke to different sounds. His lower belly seemed a little bloated, and longer moans were sounding from it. I placed my ear beneath his navel and could hear pressure building. Not distinct bubbles but a steady buildup of digested food reaching the end of his small intestine. I could hear it segmenting and squeezing the liquefied food back and forth with more power than it needed. The yoga must have really worked, and his guts were working overtime when they didn't need to be. A few minutes later, a quick pulse of peristalsis arced across his lower belly, followed by a moan deep in his bowels. Things were getting ready, making room further along. A loud hollow moan came from his right hip, the first squirt of over-digested food entering his large intestine. There was a definite rhythm to the peristalsis, one type of sound followed by another as his eager digestive system worked extra hard to squeeze and squirt the meal into oblivion. I never asked him what he ate, unfortunately. 

07/22/2015 5:42 AM

Topic :   Episodes from My Past: #1B Carlie

A few minutes after Miranda left, she brought Carlie in.

"Hi, Lilly," she said with a quiet voice.

"Hi, Carlie. How are you?"

"I'm good. I'm a little nervous about what you're going to do. Can you tell me?"

"Sure! I'm just going to look at your belly to judge how good it is and I'm going to listen to it. That's all. I won't do anything more unless you ask."

"Okay. That's what Miranda told me. I'm okay with that."

"Yeah, I'm not going to do anything weird. Trust me."

"I'm sorry, it's just that I don't really know you."

"That's okay! It's always good to ask if you can. That's very smart of you."

She smiled shyly.

"So, what do you have for me, Carlie?"

"Well, I think I have a cute tummy for you."

She laid herself onto the bed and lifted her shirt up to chest level.

"Hmmm," I said, "you're right. It looks pretty flat. That's always cute."

Carlie giggled.

"And you have this really tiny belly button. I can barely fit my pinky into it. It's like a perfect circle."

She giggled some more.

"And it's really shallow."

I started messing with her belly button.

"Does this tickle?"

"No, not really. I mean, I feel it, but it doesn't really bother me."

"Oh that's interesting. You're a lot different than Miranda. A little something about her: she's so ticklish that if you barely touch her belly she squeaks."


"Yeah, it's really funny."

She smiled.

"I can't wait to try that haha."

After a few more seconds of rubbing her belly in silence, I moved on.

"Okay, ready for me to listen to your belly now?"


"How noisy do you think your belly is?"

"Oh I don't know. But when my tummy is hungry it rumbles really loud."

"It does?"

"Yeah, it sounds like a lion! What does your tummy sound like?"

"Well, actually, my belly doesn't make noises much."

"Really? That's weird."

"Yeah, here come listen."

We switched places and she laid her head onto my belly. After staying quiet for a few seconds, I break the silence.

"Well? What do you hear?"

"Wow, you're right. I don't hear anything."

She moved her head up a little onto my chest.

"Oh, I think I'm too far. That's definitely not your tummy!"

"Haha. That's my heart. You're a little too far. Here, come back down."

"Wow, your heart beat is really strong."

She moved back down to my belly and started moving her head around.

"Yeah, I don't think your tummy is saying anything to me."

"Well, should I listen to your belly now, Carlie?"

"But....your tummy is so warm...."

I laughed as I let her lay on my belly for a little longer. I stroked her hair for a few minutes before finally being firm.

"Okay, Carlie, I really have to finish my judging if you want a high score."

"All right," she said, sighing and switching with me.

I put my ear on her belly and was immediately greeted by constant bubbling punctuated by a louder growl every few seconds or so. Definitely something digesting.

"Well," said Carlie after a few seconds, "what does my tummy sound like?"

"Hmm, it sounds like it's digesting something."

"Well, I just ate, so maybe that's it."

"It sounds really funny. Like if you put your ear inside of a soda can."

I pulled my head off of her belly and sat back in my chair.

"So, what do you think?"

"Ummm.....definitely cute," I said, poking where her belly button is.

Carlie giggled as I pushed a little deeper.

"But, I'm not sure if it's the best I've seen."

"Oh well, that's okay. I had fun, Lilly."

"I think a 6 is reasonable in this case."

"I'll take that," she said, standing up. "Who would you like to see next, Lilly?"

I paused to think for a second, picking a name at random.

"Why don't you send Whitney in here for me, Carlie?"

"Sure. See you soon."

06/20/2015 8:09 PM

Topic :   Episodes from My Past-#1A Miranda

From the time I was about 6 to when I was 14, I was part of an extracurricular girls basketball team. We were really good, and we traveled a lot of great places together. Every year we would always have the teams rearranged, but we generally had 4 teams filled with the same people, with A team being the best and D team being usually for the younger division (ages 6-8). The year I was 12, three of the teams (A, B, and C) made nationals and we traveled to Boston for the national tournament, which lasted 4 weeks during the summer.

A few weeks prior, my belly fetish had been revealed to the girls, even though our coaches didn't know about it, and it had been the subject of jokes for a week or so. But eventually the jokes mellowed out and I learned to embrace the heckling, as it did provide good opportunities to mess with my teammates and friends by having fun with their bellies to satisfy my fetish. It was kind of fun to, as sometimes my teammates would do weird things like pretend to listen to my belly or innocently poke my belly and belly button. I had earned a reputation as a belly whisperer (jokingly of course) and my friends and teammates would come to me whenever they wanted someone to rub their belly because apparently I was the best at it and I always traveled on the road with them. That week we arrived about 5 days early to competition and had planned to tour the city, but unfortunately the weather was really bad and it would not stop raining. We all agreed that it would be better if we just stayed in our rooms to enjoy ourselves and relax for a few days before we started practicing for the games. The coaches in particular felt that we had earned a break considering entering the state level we were ranked as an 8th seed (out of 8).

The first day we were bored, and talk turned to our desire to go take a swim in the pool but that we didn't have our swimsuits. Then suddenly one of my friends I was talking with poked the belly of another one of my friends and then they decided that wanted me to decide who has the best belly out of each team. I jumped at the opportunity, and everyone on the team was bored enough that they thought it would be fun. So, with my reputation as a belly whisperer, I became the "judge". Best of all, none of the chaperones with us knew about it because everyone kept it a secret and we managed to convince them that we were just visiting each others room. I went to my room and waited for the first person.

Miranda was the first one to walk in. She was 14, about 5'3", pale white skin with a skinny build, bright blue eyes and brown hair. She was on A team with me.

"Hey, Miranda."

"Hey, Lilly. This should be fun."

"Yeah, I know. So what do you have for me?"


She took off her T-shirt to reveal her white tank top underneath. It was cut off on the bottom about halfway between her belly button and the top of her hip bone. She laid down on the bed in my room and rolled up the tank top to the bottom of her bra, revealing her toned, flat belly.

"Oh wow, you have abs."

"You don't?"

"No I don't."

I pulled up my shirt to reveal my belly, which was flat but was not as toned as hers.

"Oh yeah, that's weird," she said as she was lightly poking my belly.

"Yeah, I mean, it's not squishy or anything, it's just not toned."

"I can see that.'s not I try to have abs or anything. I just do."

I paused as she kept poking my belly. I eventually ended the silence.

"Okay, so I'll begin now."

"Be my guest."

I barely put my finger on her belly before she squeaked quietly.

"Are you ticklish?" I asked.

"Yeah. It's pretty bad. Any time someone touches my tummy I feel it and it's really weird."

"What do you do during games?"

"Oh , during games I really don't feel it so much. I guess it's just because I don't really think about it. But when I'm with my friend like you and all we're focused on is each other, then it's a lot worse."

"Oh, that makes sense, I guess."

"Yeah , don't worry about it though. Don't let it sway your test."

"Are you sure? I can make sure I'm more gentle so it's not as bad."

"No, don't. One of the things they asked me to do was tell them what you do because I'm the first one you're seeing."

"Oh, okay. It's all right then?"

"Oh yeah, it's cool with me."

"All right then."

I started stroking her belly lightly with my hand and I could tell that she was trying to hold back laughter because her abs were tightening up.

"I'm trying so hard not to laugh right now. My tummy is tingling so badly."

"Oh come on, I'm barely stroking." I said jokingly.

"I know. It's that sensitive."

"Wow, look at your ribs."

"Haha, I know, they're so boney."

I stroked her belly from her bra strap to the top of her pants.

"Hm, what will happen when I really start trying to tickle you?"

"NO, please don't, I..."

"Too late."

I plunge my finger into her deep, circular belly button and she let out a yelp.

"No, please, not my belly button. PLEASE."

I was now fully fingering her belly button, and she was laughing a lot.

"Oh my God, I...can't...stop....laughing. Stop stop STOP ahahahha."

I pull my finger out and stop and let her lay there, breathing heavily.

"How do you feel now?" I asked.

"Really....weird. I feel really happy right now."

"That's because you were laughing so much. Your brain released your feel-good chemicals."

"It feels....good. Maybe you should tickle me more often."

"Maybe next year. You'll have one more year right?"

"Yeah, I just turned 14."


"Anything else you're going to do, Lilly?"

"Yeah, I'm going to listen to your belly now."

"Hmm....I don't think you're going to hear much. My tummy doesn't even rumble when I'm hungry."

"Yours and mine both."

"Really? I've asked a few of my close girl friends and they say that their tummies all growl loud when they're hungry. I'm like the only one whose is quiet."

"Yep. Mine doesn't do much."

I could tell she was thinking as she paused.

"Can I listen to your tummy really quick?"

"Um...sure. Here, switch."

I laid down on the bed and pointed to a spot to the upper right of my deep innie.

"Right here is where my stomach is."

"I know what the digestive system looks like. I go to school too you know..."

"Sorry. I forgot," I said, smiling.

She stroked my belly lightly.

"Hm, I like your belly button. It's cute."


"It's a little less deep than mine, and you can see the pattern at the bottom. It's really cool. It's like a starfish."


"And yours is a perfect circle like mine. I've never seen that before."

After stroking her finger around my belly she settled into my belly button.

"Ever thought about getting it pierced?"

"Getting a ring in it?"


"Um...not really....I don't think about my belly as much as others."

"I don't know, I'd really like to pierce mine, but my parents won't let me until I'm 16."

"You could always do it yourself, you know."

"Nah, I'm too lazy for that. I'll just wait. But I will say that I think your belly button would look cute with a ring."

"Yeah I guess so. Miranda, are you going to listen to my belly or not?"

"Oh! Right."

She put her head down onto the spot that I pointed at.

"Have you eaten recently?" (It was about 8 in the morning)

"Yeah, I just ate."

"Weird. I can't hear much. You weren't lying. There's some bubbling but barely anything else."

"Try going around my belly. Maybe there's something going on in my intestines or something."

She moved her head lower right next to my belly button.

"No, not really. There's still some bubbling but that's about it."

She moved all around my belly until her ear was on my belly button. Then she took her head off.

"Yeah I don't hear anything really." she said as we switched.

"Yeah, I know. My friend Sierra told me its always been that way."

"Okay, wanna listen to my tummy now?"

"Sure. So, when did you eat?"

"I haven't yet. I was going to wait after you're done with me."

"Did you eat dinner last night?"

"Yeah, but only a little bit."

"So, are you hungry?"

"Uhhh, not really, I mean I feel a little weaker than normal but I expect that I guess. But I don't really feel hungry hungry."

"Hm, well let's see."

I put my ear on her stomach and was immediately greeted by a quiet growl. Apparently she felt it.

"Oh. Did you hear that?"

"Yeah, what was that?"

"I think an air bubble popped inside . It kinda tickled."

When she said air bubble it gave me an idea.

"Here drink some soda. I wanna see what happens."

"Okay, this should be interesting!"

She drank about half of a small bottle of Coke that I had on my bedside table.

"Oh, that feels weird haha."


"It's like bubbling inside my tummy. It feels funny. Here, listen to it now."

I put my ear onto a spot near her belly button.

"Oh, it's really gurgling now." I said, smiling.


"Yeah, it sounds..."

Just then a loud growl emitted from her belly.

"Oh wow, it's really rumbly now. It's not usually like that."

I listened to her belly growl and gurgle for a good 5 minutes.

"Are you done, Lilly?"

"Yeah, I think I've heard enough."

"So, what do you think?"

I paused to think.

"So let's see. Your belly is cute and is toned. Your belly button is cute as well. You're really ticklish."

"Hehe stop," she said as I grabbed her side.

"And your belly is somewhat noisy, huh?"

"So, what do you think?"

"Definitely a high score. 7 out of 10."

"Awesome! Who do you want to see next?"

"Uhh....why don't you get Carlie?"

"From D team?"

"Yeah, I don't want to seem like I'm just choosing my teammates."

"Oh! Right. That makes sense."

"Okay, so I'll write your score. Tell everyone I will text them when I'm ready to see them. I'm sure it will be every 30 minutes."

"Okay cool! I'll let them know!"

She put on her t-shirt and left the room with a click.

06/20/2015 11:09 AM

Re :   Our First Belly Encounter

I remember when we first found out that we had a mutual liking for bellies.

It was a hot summer Friday in August and it was around 3:00. Time to go home.
My parents would typically come first and give Sierra and me a ride home, but usually around 7 after work. We were fine with the arrangement, as we had friends and ourselves to pass the time.

This particular afternoon, Sierra and I found ourselves on the playground after everyone, including the staff, went home. We were laying down on a piece of equipment that had two levels, one underneath the other. As we settled onto the bottom tier, we started talking. By now, we were becoming good friends. That day I had on a T-shirt that was a little bit shorter than normal: it covered my belly when my arms were down, but if I stretched up a good six inches of belly got exposed, with the shirt coming up to the bottom of my ribcage. Sierra was wearing a T-shirt too, but her shirt exposed a little bit of skin just above the top of her pants because she was a little taller than me.

It all started when I moved my hands up to stretch. I could feel the air pass over my skin as my belly got exposed but I didn't think anything of it. That was until I felt a strong tingle on my belly and couldn't help but giggle.

"Hey, stop that," I said to her.
"No, it's fun," she replied back.

We began a back and forth war of poking each other in the belly, trying to gain the upper hand. Eventually, because Sierra is more ticklish than me, she eventually stopped.

"Okay, okay, okay! You win!"

We just laid there for a moment, me on my belly and her on her back next to me just taking a second to breathe, before Sierra finally spoke up.

"Do you like bellies?"

I was taken a little off guard by the question, so I asked the first thing that came to mind.

"What do you mean?"
"Turn over," she said.

As I did what she said, she lifted my shirt to the middle of my ribs and placed her hand on my skin.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

She started trying to tickle me, but I was immune.

"I'm not ticklish, Sierra."
"Aww, you're no fun."

We laid there some more before I finally asked again.

"What did you mean when you asked if I like bellies, Sierra?"
"'s hard to describe."
"Okay, know that feeling when you're having a lot of fun?"
"Yeah, I felt that way a second ago."
"Okay, well, I get that feeling a lot when I'm messing with other people's bellies."
"I talked to Momma and she said that it was called a fetish, and that I should learn to be okay with it."
"So, are you wondering whether I get that way too?"
"Yeah, I think I'm really weird."

Quite honestly at the time, I really didn't feel the same way that Sierra did about bellies, but the look of worry on her face made me want to lie.

"Yeah, I do, sometimes. Don't worry, you're not weird. Just. Different. I guess."

We both laughed a little.

"Yeah, I guess I'm just different, huh?" she asked. "Well to be fair, you've been showing me that belly of yours all day."
"'re one to talk. You can't even hide your belly even if you pulled your shirt down!"
"Nuh uh."

Sierra frantically tried to pull her shirt down to cover her bare skin, but there was always a little bit left showing.

"I guess you're right..." she said, defeated. She turned and laid onto her belly and then turned back to face my still-exposed skin.

"Well, honestly, your belly is really cute."
"Thank you, I guess," I said with a nervous smile.
"Do you mind if I mess around with it?"

At this point I was still a little nervous, but I wanted to make my friend happy, so I relented.

"Yeah, sure, if you want," I said.

She started rubbing and messing around with my belly and belly button with the most gentle touch. I just laid there quietly and let her do what she wanted to do. Honestly, it felt half okay.

"It feels really good," I told her.

She giggled before replying to me.

"See? I told you it wasn't so bad."

I let her continue to mess around with my belly until I noticed that she had stopped. It took me a few minutes to realize that she had stopped.

"Sierra, what's up?"

I looked down and saw her resting her head on my belly.

"Just listening to your tummy. It's not really noisy, is it?"
"Not really. Sometimes."
"I barely hear anything. You don't each much, do you?"

Note that I usually eat very little, but Sierra has always had a serious case of athlete's metabolism, even as a little girl.

"No," I said, giggling, "you ate four times what I did today! Fatty."
"Oh, shut up."

We laid there for a minute before Sierra spoke again.

"When was the last time you ate?"
"At snack time (about an hour before this)."
"What did you eat?"
"Some crackers."
"Hmm....I think I can hear them digesting a little, but not really."
"You ate an apple, right?"
"Yeah," she said, looking down and putting her hand on her belly.
"I'm surprised you didn't eat more than that."
"Yeah me too."

She rolled onto her back and pulled up her shirt to her ribs, exposing her belly to me for the first time.

"Here, come listen to it."

I was still hesitant and nervous, so I stayed put.

"Oh come on, my belly sounds really funny! Put your ear right here," she said, pointing at where her stomach would be.
"Oh fine, only for you."

I put my ear down and was immediately greeted by a gurgle that I probably could have heard without putting my ear on her skin.

"Whoa, did you hear that?" she asked, giggling.
"Yeah, what have you got in here?"
"Just some apple leftovers. It'll be empty soon."

I just laid on her stomach for a good five minutes, listening to her inner workings. Her stomach would growl every ten seconds or so, some soft and some a little louder, but none too loud.

"Wow," I said, "and you didn't hear any of this in my belly?"
"Nope. Maybe with a stethoscope, I would, but...."
"Wow, yours is really noisy and grumbly."

She giggled.

"You should listen to it when it's empty. It's a very noisy tummy."
"I'll bet."

Just as I said that, her stomach let loose a loud growl that lasted for a few seconds. She giggled more.

"Oh wow," I said.
"Hehe, it's probably getting empty. I don't feel hungry yet though."

I started rubbing her belly softly for a few minutes as her belly continued making soft rumbling, growling, and gurgling noises, just loud enough for me to hear with my ear to her belly.

"When I'm hungry, it really rumbles," she said.

Just as she said that, her belly growled loudly for a few seconds again.

"Like right now."
"Do you feel hungry?"
"A little."

We laid back down for a few seconds before her belly then lets loose the loudest growl it had made up to that point.

"Apparently a lot."
"Here, I have some grapes."
"Thanks," she said, popping the first grape into her mouth. "Hey, listen to my belly as I eat!"

I put my ear over the same spot as she ate and was exposed to so many different sounds as her stomach started going to work on the food she had just started eating.

"What's my tummy saying, Lilly?" she asked after eating half the bag of grapes.
"It sounds happy."

Her stomach had quieted down at that point and all that could be heard were the soft gurgles made by the digesting grapes.

"It feels better," said Sierra.

Just then we heard a shout coming from across the playground.

"Lilly! Sierra! Where are you?" my Mom was shouting.
"Over here!" we yelled in unison.
"Hey, you two. Ready to go home?"
"Yeah, I guess," Sierra said.
"Oh, Sierra. Your parents called. They want to go out of town for the weekend and they can't bring you. Want to stay over for a weekend?"
"Really?" I asked excitedly.
"Yeah, I knew you'd be fine with it, Lilly. But Sierra, is that okay?"
"I'd be happy to!" she said, turning to face me. "This is going to be awesome!"

That was the best weekend of my life up to that point and we had an awesome time, but that's a story for another time.
And that began my relationship with the best friend I could ever ask for.

04/20/2015 5:24 PM

Topic :   Introduction

This has been a long time coming, but I have been waiting for someone to get the ball rolling on restarting the forum and I guess I'm the one who probably needs to do that. I hope that the people who used to be here are still here.

Hi everyone! A little bit about me first and foremost:

My name is Lilly (it's really Lillian, but my friends and family usually just call me Lilly. You can call me whatever you want I don't really have a preference....) and I just turned 24 years old this week. I am 5'3" tall and usually weigh around 100 lbs. I have an athletic build, as I used to be an athlete actively involved in sports as well as cheer-leading. I am of German, English, Irish, and French ancestry and have slightly tanned white skin. I also have strawberry blonde to sometimes red hair and blue eyes that are the color of the sky most days.

I am dating my beautiful girlfriend Sierra (I am bisexual and taken. Sorry boys and girls!) and have been for 3 years now this past Valentine's Day. We have known each other since kindergarten though. I have a lot of good stories that pertain to her, as you'll see soon. She's 5'8" and also of the athletic type, is of French ancestry and has brown hair and green eyes. She's the funniest person in the entire world and I feel so lucky to be with her every day.

Now, down to the nitty gritty.

We both do have a belly fetish, but Sierra's is much stronger than mine. Hers is so strong that she acts like she has no sexual desire but rather has that desire for bellies. Mine is mild, but it's there. I think it's just that she rubbed off on me. I have known that we have liked bellies ever since we started really getting to become good friends in kindergarten. We would always hide in the playground after school (sometimes alone, sometimes with friends) and have fun, whether or not it involved bellies or not (most of the time it did though!).

I will include a story as a reply to get us started here. I'm sure you'll all appreciate that.

Now let me describe our bellies to you all:

Mine is flat, slightly muscular but not overly so. My belly button is oval-shaped and is about one-knuckle deep. It's not pierced, but I have had thoughts about piercing it, but probably will not. I am not ticklish at all, thankfully. The most you'll get out of me is if you stick your finger in my belly button and I'm not expecting it. At first it tickles a little, but then I get used to it and the sensation stops.
My stomach tends to be really quiet, even when I'm hungry or sick. Sierra says even if you put your ear on my belly you can barely hear what's going on inside sometimes.

Sierra's belly also is flat and slightly muscular. Her belly button is almost a perfect circle, and is really tight and deep. I've tried fitting my pinky into her belly button all the way down, but either my finger is too big or it's just too tight and I can never reach the bottom. Unlike mine, she had hers pierced on her 21st birthday. She's more ticklish than me, mostly on her belly and ribs, and on her belly button if you move her belly ring too much.
She's jokingly calls her belly Nala sometimes, after the lioness in the Lion King, which is her favorite movie. That should tell you a lot about how loud her stomach can be at times. I remember that she started doing that when we were in Elementary school together. Most of the time you don't even need to put your ear on her belly and you can hear the inner workings of her digestive system.

So there you are! If there's a person that's new in a story that I tell, I'll also include a description of that person as well.

Make sure you guys let me know if you want more!

04/19/2015 11:11 AM

Re :   Anyone still here?

 I am! :D Just been waiting for company, is all...

03/17/2015 9:49 PM

Re :   Anyone still here?

 I still check it from time to time...not sure where everyone went.

01/04/2015 10:00 AM

Topic :   Anyone still here?

I know I haven't been on in quite a while.  Does anyone still come here?  Even just to re-read stuff?  

10/05/2014 11:42 PM

Re :   My new site

 Already followed. XD

04/26/2013 6:31 PM

Topic :   My new site

Hi there! I hope it's OK for me to post this, please let me know if it isn't, I love this board and I don't want to break any rules :)

My name is Misty and my fetish for stomach noises goes back as far back as I can remember. Until last year I had never told anyone but over the past year I’ve come a long way, finally opened up about my fetish, started to embrace it and experiment more with it. I’ve also made a career change, after spending a decade working in a behind the scenes area connected to the adult industry I’m stepping in front of the camera to create a fetish (note, fetish, not porn, there's a big difference!!) site for stomach noises etc.

I’ve struggled for the last ten years to find a good site that caters for my 'thing', stomach noises, as well as all the stuff that goes with it - stuffing, bloating, stomach aches, hunger, gas, burping, farting, hiccups etc. so I have started to build a site focusing on all the fetish areas I enjoy, with both lots of free stuff everyone can enjoy as well as full length videos, large photo sets and long sound clips you can buy to download. I’m also open for commissions for videos, photos and sound clips and I've taken two definite commissions already which I'm so excited about! Pretty much the more things people buy the more time I'll have to put free stuff out there for everyone!

If stomach noises are your thing then please drop by. There are already some clips, sounds and pics up

Also my youtube channel has a few videos and I'm trying to add them several times a week:

Looking forward to talking with more of you! :)

03/30/2013 2:59 PM

Topic :   My boyfriend's noisy belly

I have been dating a guy for several month's now. I'll call him Joni here. I told him about my belly noise fetish very early in the relationship. I've realized that most people aren't bothered by it, though it's obviously somewhat emabarassing and easier to keep private- I'm sure most of you can relate. I insist that you all be more willing to take the risk and tell your partners though, you'll be surprised. I think people appreciate being told something intimate, especially when it's so harmless. From the beginning, Joni made it very clear that he didn't mind, and thought it was kinda cute. To be fair, he does not share the interest, but isn't bothered by it. We are both males in our 20s, and he is skinny and slightly tanned, boyish looks. He has an amazingly hot belly that I can cup with one hand. Basically, I have been able to experience the hottest belly-related moments without worrying what he thinks. I've also found that after being open about the fetish, it became less desirable for me. Knowing I could lay my ear on his belly at any point was such a relief, but sort of freed me up to experience a more traditional intimate relationship as well. In fact, most times we are intimate I don't even bother with his belly, though I still am thinking about how hot it is right there next to me. If our sleep schedules or moods are off though, I find myself laying my head and hands on his belly and listening/feeling what's going on. He lets me do this basically whenever, unless he really wants to lay the other way. The worst I've got is an eye roll and "not now", or a light-hearted "freak", but usually he doesn't mind. He acts kinda evil and wouldn't admit it, but often times I'm sure he's laying there patiently as a favor even though he'd rather change positions. I'm sharing this with the forum as an encouragement to people to have some faith, that you may indeed end up in a situation where this fetish is a non-issue and becomes part of a relatively healthy relationship. Yeats of lurking in the dark recesses of the internet looking for people with a common interest or related media may make some of us feel rather hopeless about the whole thing, but take a chance. Nobody is going to dump you or make you feel like shit about this. Then again, use discretion when sharing your most intimate details, and avoid telling people who aren't going to be directly complicit in letting you enjoy your unique fetish. If this relationship with Joni doesn't work out, it won't be because of this! Overall, I do feel pretty damn lucky though.

Now for a true story, as always:

I recently returned home from a long trip, and was very jetlagged after 25 hours of flying and layovers. For a few days, I could only sleep 4 hours at a time, and at the worst hours. I found myself laying awake next to Joni a lot while he slept. His coolness about the belly fetish has progressed to the point where if I say, "I'm wide awake, can I lay on your belly if I can't sleep?", he says "Sure, just don't wake me up." So one night in particular , we had this agreement. I watched TV for a while Joni drifted off, and was still wide awake. He was laying on his back next to me. I lifted up his shirt, exposing his little innie and slightly bloated lower belly. It was a few hours after we ate a bunch of spaghetti. He always eats way more than me, even though he is shorter and skinnier, and he eats super fast. I wonder if he even chews half of his food lol. Anyway, dinner was probably halfway digested by then, and his belly is usually pretty quiet at this point I've learned. Mostly light and constant bloops from the middle of his belly. His lower left side is always active though- I know I've written a lot about this area in other stories, but it's just coincidence that I get stuck with this area being loud, as it's not particularly my favorite. It can be fun, however. So, Joni's belly is doing its normal thing, working away on a couple pounds of pasta. I could hear some long, soft churns coming from way down by his right hip. It was the only noticeable activity, so I slipped my hand along the elastic of his underwear and rested my hand on the area. Every few seconds I could feel stuff moving under my fingers. Nothing specific, just a lot of vibrations and some quiet moans. I decided to try to stir things up a bit, and pushed in rather deeply. The whole area churned and sloshed, and seemed to send a tremor across his bowels. It felt like that whole part of his belly was full of digested food. Joni didn't stir, so I pushed in a few different areas. Then I got on top of him, straddling between his legs so my head was right above his belly. I propped up on my forearms and began massaging around his hips with my thumbs. I could feel gas bubbles on both sides, and could hear things groaning without having my ear on his skin. Joni rolled slightly onto his side, elevating his right hip, and I shifted with him. He still seemed asleep, so I gently cupped one hand on his back and one in the divot between his hip and belly button. I could feel bubbles moving around from the change in gravity, further filling the area under my hand. I squeezed my hands together, compressing the area moderately. A huge mass of food squished out of the way and caused a frenzy all over his intestines. Further up his insides wooshed with gas. I pressed my hand on his other hip, making bubbles go back and forth. Then I stopped, cupping his belly over his navel, along the slight curves of his abdomen. I felt everything resettle with long moans. Suddenly, Joni sat up in bed for a brief instant. When he sat up, a loud CHURN rumbled on his right side, then he rolled over and fell back asleep. I decided that was enough, and didn't want to wake him again.

A couple days later I was laying on his belly again, chatting. "My back hurts, I need to move," he said.
"Oh, come on, another few minutes?".
"You know I don't mind this, but sometimes it makes me uncomfortable. I'll come to resent it eventually if it, like, wakes me up all the time or something," he said.
"Did I wake you the other night? Sorry, I thought I might have," I said.
"I was awake the whole time," he said, rolling his eyes.
Oh my god, I though, he was awake for all of that? I was embarrassed, caught. Then I realized he had lay there awake trying to sleep through all of that squishing and poking and hadn't said a thing! Kind of awesome. Not wanting to ruin a good thing, I agreed not to do anything if he was sleeping for a while, and we blamed it more on our sleep schedules being off than the fetish itself.


Last night, after a dinner of pasta and meatballs, we lay in bed watching a movie. I was about to fall asleep, but moved my head onto his belly. I lay a hand across his navel and planted my ear right above it. His tummy was loud, digesting at full steam. My favorite kind of noises are uncommon from Joni's belly, but last night it was making them. Long, drawn out gurgles that started between the ribs and traveled deeper; the sound of his stomach emptying all the liquefied pasta further into his belly. His small intestine squirted along happily with the introduction of the meal, and it gradually grew quiet as it snaked into his system. Every fifteen seconds or so, another rush of fresh liquid, clearly felt as his stomach contracted and pumped it out. Fascinating.

This morning we layed in bed, Joni always unwilling to get intimate in the morning, and myself always ready when I wake up. "At least let me lay on your belly?" was my compromise, and he agreed. And what good timing. While he checked stuff on his phone, I straddled his legs and lifted up his shirt. I could already hear constant high pressure moans and squirts coming from his hip, as always, but there were other noises as well. His stomach was empty except for the cup of coffee he had just drank, which was now percolating loudly through his intestines. I could feel liquid tinkling around, between his ribs before hearing it gurgle and tumble out of his stomach. I cupped both hands over his belly and could feel activity all over. Then his stomach roared sharply with hunger, churning coffee along with it. It was all happening at once, every part of his digestive system dealing with something. He stopped and commented, "those are hungry noises". I smiled, "don't get those very often. Usually other noises. This is good, though, don't move for a while please." He brought his attention back to the phone while I explored with my hands. I slid my hands behind his back and held his entire torso in front of my face. From several inches away, I could hear gurgles and churns all over his tummy as his guts pushed everything along. Another hunger wave churned more coffee out of his stomach, and the domino effect could be felt all the way to the end of his intestines. All the pasta from the night before had mostly unloaded into his cecum and ascending colon, but the last bits were forcing their way through. Empty at the stomach, packing tight along his right side, I rubbed and pressed gently all along, feeling the coffee break its way through whatever else what left in there. Too bad it was time to get ready for work and we had to get up, but he knew I enjoyed it at least!

02/22/2013 5:18 AM

Re :   Stories, Compilation

 Holy crap, those descriptions were intense. If such an opportunity happens again, pleaseopleaseoplease-with-a-cherry-on-top write some more of these! XD
*sigh* If only I had some good stories like this. Or at least the memory to think of any right now. I am quite envious.

01/27/2013 3:09 PM

Re :   Stories, Compilation

I once had my head near my friend Paul's belly after he drunkenly ate a huge box of chicken wings. He was laying on his left side and hear his stomach churning and shifting all the food around. Because of all the pressure, and him being on his side, some loud long squirts erupted from his stomach and moved into his intestines. 
A different night, I was sleeping cuddled up to a guy named Daniel. We had been out drinking really late, and for some reason were awake again at 7am. Presumably, everything he'd eaten and drank the night before was already mostly digested. Suddenly, the loudest groans I'd ever heard started sounding off inside his right hip. I could feel a hollow rumbling as his gut squeezed everything into his large intestine. It sounded and felt like a lot of air. He was still awake, and the noises were so loud that one of us had to comment. I had my hand on his belly and he knew I could feel everything. "Your belly is really loud," I said. "Yeah... I drank a lot last night. I mean A LOT," he replied. The gurgles multiplied into themselves, his intestines interrupting previous squirts and groans with even louder ones. He had a smooth and slim-to-average belly, so I could literally feel airy beer sludge forcing its way into his large intestine. Its like neither the small or large bowel wanted anything to do with it, so both were putting up a fight right where they meet. 

01/13/2013 10:54 PM

Re :   My Belly Noises

I think you have some great videos! :) I saw your most recent one and you mentioned in the description that it might be you last one, is that true? I totally respect your choice if it is, it would just be a bummer...there's so few male belly growling videos on youtube and it would be a shame to lose another one. :(

09/29/2012 2:33 PM

Re :   Toldja so.

If I remember correctly, mostly my stomach, but there's some intestine crap going on, too. XD

09/28/2012 8:27 PM

Re :   Toldja so.

 Wow great recording!  Your guts really were going nuts in there!  Was it your stomach or intestines?  I bet it felt amazing!

09/26/2012 8:14 PM

Re :   Toldja so.

 Doesn't hurt at all. So, as you said in the last question...


09/22/2012 1:59 PM

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